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[Resolved]  Amazon Mktplace Pmts / Bill Wa — unauthorized charges

There are two charges on my credit card for merchandize I did not purchase attributed to the above referenced business. They are posted on my Visa: one posted on 9/28 in the amount of 9.98 and one on 9/29 in the amoount of 163.33. How do I have these charge reversed? Thanks, Margaret McKerley
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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I have 3 charges on my Discover card from Amazon that I would like clarified. All are for DVDs. They are $71.22, $ 50.28 and 65.76.all posted on October 25, 2010.
I ordered 6 copies of MURDER HE SAYS and received 6 copies.
I ordered 6 copies of AND THEN THERE WERE NONE and received 5 copies.
I ordered 6 copies of MURDER BY DEATH and received 3copies.
I didn't get a return Address on some of these packages so I don't know how to reach the companies directly.
PLease help me get this clarified.
Sincerely, Mary Benson ([protected]
I just received my visa bill and found that I was charged $20.94 to Amazon mktplace pmts wa ... to which I have no idea what this is and from what I have been reading there are quite a few other people getting charged also.
Please remove this from my bill ******4191
Please send me a 1-800 phone number so I can explain my complaint to a person.

I have been working on this computer for about 30 minutes to get a answer.
Hi, In my state we have use tax. So I need to know if my purchases include a sales tax or not. If so, what the percentage was, because I would still have to pay even the difference if it is less . If you need a transaction to see - I have one for example on 10/4 for $ 13.30 . I am not much of a computer person so It would be easier for me on the phone. My home phone is[protected] and we have an answering machine if no one is there to answer. E-mail : [protected] If you can advise me on my needed info it would be appreciated. thanks Joel Powell
i just received my bill visa and i found that i charged 4/28/2011 to 124.03 and 4/18/2011 they charge 37.98 to amazon mktplace pmts i which i have no idea what this is and from what !!! cam you please remove this from my bill ...9901 .thx my email [protected]
i was charged 288.72 on my credit card but i didnt order anything from amazon, i was shopping for x box online but i did not orders one. i need this charge erased jeanie.[protected]
I have two unauthorized charges on my VISA card dated 7/21/11 and 7/22/11 each for 16.99. I need those two amouts credited to my VISA account.
I have a charge of $6.99 on my credit card # ... ...
... 1243
I have a charge of $6.99 on my account which I don't know what it is for, please enlghten me.

card # ... ... ... 1243
my daughter bought a phone case and it was charged to my account...i would please like to know where it is PLEASE. [protected] or call[protected]
I have an unauthorized charge on my visa.
Please send me a phone number so I can discuss unauthorized charges. [protected]
My 90 year old mother-in-law purchased a Magnolia 7330 computerized sewing machine through around June 2. She got the machine ok, but didn't realize until recently that the automatic buttonhole foot was not included in with the other attachments. I was searching online to purchase one for her and finally found one for $16.99 plus shipping and another for $34.95 including shipping. Her concern is that the attachment should have been included in the package with the others and she should not have to pay for something that was supposed to be in the original purchase price of $399.00. The reference number on her credit card statement is HZX972YHXMU. Can you please let her know the seller's name so she can request this part be sent to her? Her name is Margie Hamilton from Bedford, Indiana 47421. Thank you for any help you can give us in this matter. - Rose Houston
I'm done with these visa gift cards. You cancel an order w/amazon and they split it up in all different ways, but even better, they'll take your money in the blink of an eye. Each the bank and Amazon keep playing footsie about whose fault it is. I don't care. I just can't believe they keep $280 of my money and no one knows where it is? Excuse me? So I had the orders cancelled 9 buisness days ago and yet I sit with my thumb up my butt with no way to resolve this with a real person IN PERSON. They hide behind the computer like a bully because then it is easier to steal people's money. If I walked out of a store with that much in merchandise I would go to jail for theft. Well I have received no goods and they have had my money for 9 days. Yeah, yeah the policies. Well depending on what hour of the day and who you speak with there is always a different answer for that to. This is money for my kid's Christmas and it is scary to be an American and have our own banks or retailers can rip us off to gain a little interest or a quick buck. Bet this wouldn't happen if they had to face customers whose money they 've kept. How is this not theft??????? I am not letting this go even if I need to report this to my local paper or news agency and let them know because now I see they seem to love doing this to everybody. Reminds me of Scrooge. I just don't see them changing.- Danielle Huntsville, Al
please send me a 1-800 number
I have a charge on my mastercard from Amazon marketplace for $35. What is this charge for and who do i correspond with to have it removed? I have never had any dealings with Amazon or none of it's affliates. I think that this is a way of stealing from people in the most sneakiest of ways. This should be against the LAW.
I have a charge on my Visa for 69.48 from AMAZON MKTPLACE PMTS/AMZN.COM BILLWA. What is this charge and how do I get it removed? Please send me an email either telling me how to get it removed or a number I can call. [protected]
I have a charge on VISA for $121.39 from AMAZON MKTPLACE PMTS AMZN.COM/BILL. I don't know what's this, i never buy anything from Amazon. How can I remove it? please send me an email [protected] or telling me a no. that I can contact.
I have a charge on my Mastercard for$22.92 from amazon mktplace pmts amzn.combill, I don't know what this is?
I never ordered any items.

How can I remove this charge? send email to [protected]
Sandy Casey
I have a charge of 65.96 on my Discover and don't know how to find out what it is for. It was on amazonmktplace

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