Ansal API Sushant City Kurukshetra — Charging Interest on EDC

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 mktrishu on Jan 22, 2011

This is to bring to your kind notice about the serious problem being faced by the buyers of plots in the Sushant City, Kurukshetra.

Just a few days back, M/s Ansal Housing and Infrastructure has sent a “News Letter” to almost all the buyers of Sushant City, Kurukshetra. The said “News Letter” has quoted the reference of Interest on EDC by the Government. The promoter has “suggested” the buyers to deposit this extra money in addition to the amount payable under the terms and conditions of the agreement executed between buyer and the promoter.

We, the buyers are failed to understand the logic in the demand of promoter that we have to pay the interest on EDC from the year license has been given to promoter. I have purchased the plot in the month of Aug 2010 yet I have been demanded to pay an amount of Rs. 1, 70,000(One lakh Seventy thousand) as an interest on EDC. This is simply beyond my understanding.

It is understood that M/s Ansal Properties and Infrastructure Limited has failed to comply with the terms and conditions of EDC payment to Government and thus panel interest has been charged by the Government from M/s Ansal Properties and Infrastructure Limited. Thus, it was an “oversight” at the end of promoter for which the buyer cannot be held responsible. It is totally unfair, illegal on the part of promoter to impose panel interest on buyers for the defaults which have been committed by the promoter himself

The hundreds of buyers are in dilemma and under the circumstances the Government of Haryana is the only hope.

I request your good self to kindly take note of this serious issue happening in the Kurukshetra and do the needful. I hope necessary protection must be included in the terms and conditions of license given to promoter.

Thanking you & with regards

Manoj Kumar
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ansal api edc intrest case win consumer court in favour of my self dated[protected].

Jindal Construction — Cheating customers and demanding extra money just before registration without receipt

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been cheated by promoter Mr Chetan Prakash Jindal of Jindal Constructions when I purchased a flat from them at Kundan Plaza, Teghoria. I along with some co-owners of the flat have purchased a covered parking area for which I had to pay an additional Rs 70, 000 apart from the cost of the flat. I have received possession of the flat in September, 2008 but till date neither has he marked the space for individual covered parking nor has he kept any space for that. On asking about it he asks us to park our cars in the open common spaces and has simply refused to mark individual car parking spaces. Forget about covered parking facilities he has not even demarcated any space within the premises for car parking. Some co-owners are complaining that Mr Jindal had shown them a common passage (which is not at all his property but is an extension of the road in front of the flat) as a car parking space while the construction was still on and have already lodged a complaint in the local police station & local municipal corporation urging them to look into the matter.

Till date none of the co-owners of the flat who has purchased a car parking space has received a porperly demarcated space to keep their cars and I request on behalf of them to provide a solution to this issue.

Apart from this, he uses several arm twisting techniques to wriggle out more money than the agreed price of the flat. Like, he asked me to shell out Rs 50, 000 just 3 days before the date of registration, failing which he would not register the flat. When I refused to give him the money he asked me to either cancel the agreement and get a refund of 80% of the booking money or he will do the registration after one month as he has kept a clause in the sale agreement that if the date of full payment exceeds that of 45 days from the agreement date the purchaser has to pay an extra 19% per annum penalty. He plays such cheap tricks to trap the purchaser and it is not only me but he has done the same to everyone who has purchased the flat from him. Someone (I cannot name him without his permission) even had to pay an extra Rs 1, 50, 000 to get the flat registered. He will and has not given it to anyone any receipt of this amount so that we cannot get any legal remedy in this matter even after registration. This is the way the promoter Mr Chetan Prakash Jindal robs his customers of the hard earned money. All the co-owners of the flat have now decided to take a legal course against the builder. Could you please let us know the steps that could be take under the law and in consumer forum against the builder?

Yours faithfully,
C Das
Hi Dear,

I purchased a plot in Ansal API - Karnal project in July 2010.I am paying the EMI in 2 year installment plan.
In Dec 2010, Ansal send one letter ( not on letter head) demanding some extra amount as intrest on the EDC that HUDA accepted fro Ansal in 2010 while it was supposed to be paid by Ansal in 2007 that was not mentioned in agreement letter
we sent a notice to Ansal through a advocate against that letter to which Ansal dint reply at all.
Now Can Ansal forfeit my plot if I donot pay this unjustified money that they are asking ? what should I do next? SHould I put a case in consumer court delhi ?
kindly guide.
Kindly share your suggestion with me at
even I have a plot in Ansal Kurukshetra, I was about to clear all dues this month and get it registered. but yesterday I got to know that they are demanding more EDC. originally it was 950 Rs per sq yd and now they are asking for 1550 or so. 63 % more than mentioned in agreement.

I had bought this plot in resale on downpayment plan. so I just had to pay EDC + 10 % of basic now. but this increased EDC is hurting a lot. and I understand its not legal.

pls join to unite your voices

Dear Sir,
I had also bought a Plot E 4303 in Aug 10 on down payment.
On Dec 10 in a News Letter ANSAL has asked to me pay Rs three lakhs as interest on EDC.
Even I am shocked.
How can they ask us to Pay when we have paid all as per agreement ?
I have also sent a legal notice to which Ansal has not responded.
This is ridiculous.
It was not Call letter but a news letter.
The amount also varies from person to person.
Why should we pay when the 'oversight ' was by Ansals.
There are so many questions which remain unanswered.

Dear ALL: Let us all join together & take it up.
My mail id
I totally agree with all of you I am also a victim of this .api is asking the payment on the basis of newsletter which shows that they are deceiving everybody including themselves. and on top of it they are not answering our letters and instead threating to cancel the deal.

kindly share your suggestions experience at e mail. malik. ashwani .kumar @ g mail .com

I purchased a plot in Ansal API - Karnal project in July 2010.I am paying the EMI in 18 months installment plan.
In Dec 2010, Ansal send one letter ( not on letter head) demanding some extra amount as intrest on the EDC that HUDA accepted fro Ansal in 2010 while it was supposed to be paid by Ansal in 2007 that was not mentioned in agreement letter
So what should we do kindly guide and contact me.
Kindly share your suggestion with me at ( (Lokesh-[protected])
Dear friends
Case is same with me in Ansal Karnal. They are demanding an extra amount of Rs 1.8 lakh now.Lets decide to collect on Sunday in Ansal office Karnal and give a written memo to Ansal and file a common case against Ansal.Also load your complaint at which is public grivience website and gives sure results within 4 months.

Amit Goyal

Dear Sir
I have purchased a plot in Ansal Karnal.Plot was taken in installment. All the installment of Rs 16 lakh total have been paid plus 1.8 lakh as development charges. There is nothing pending from my side. But they are sending new notice of ~ 1.5 lakh and saying that charges are increased by govt. Also they are sending additional notice of water charges for construction while noone is constructing house there.
This problem is with all the people who purchased plots in ansal Karnal and Kurukshetra.I have called Ansal and met them many time but there response is same to cheat customers.

Request you to take immediate acttion against Ansals and provide relief to all customers.


Amit Goyal

Plot no3, Near bawa nursing home
Hospital Area, Karnal
Dear All,
I believe there was a case in Consumer court in Kurukshetra.
What is the out come of the court case?
Please let me know.
I believe they are asking for one additional increase which will be bigger than the previous one.
Please let me know at
What about the latest..More EDC is being charged even if one has got registered the plot..It is too much..

Please do something so that buyer does not have to pay the penalty..
Ram Niwas, Kurukshetra
Dear friends,
Ansals have started sending new notices for enhanced EDC to all the plot buyers. This time they have given the reference of EDC clause of agreement and the sales deed. Thus, it is clear they are asking the amount of enhanced EDC from all, i.e. from those who have got registry and from those who haven't.

This time they have cited reference of DTCP letters in which the EDC rates have been increased by HUDA in 2011. For residential plots the HUDA rates are RS 55.60 lakhs per acre.
for the kurukshetra. This letter is available on the Internet, just search by google with the key words HUDA EDC 2011 kurukshetra 55.60.

Now, the point is we cannot evade this enhancement as we have this in our agreement.

But the things are not transparent.

First of all we have to discuss and understand what exactly are the external development works for which HUDA charges external development charges. Is it calculated on the basis of some civil estimates for colony to colony basis ? or is it just the case that HUDA has decided a flat rate of Rs 55.60 lakhs per acre for the kurukshetra town.?

All those who have plots in ansal sushant city kurukshetra must be aware of the facts that the colony is situated on the GT road.

As per my knowledge, the external development charges are for the external development works that are to be carried by HUDA.

1. The colony will be connected to the main town by a main road.
My view: The colony is already on the GT road, then what extra work is to be done by HUDA for this connectivity?
Note: Internal roads within the colony are not developed by HUDA but are developed by colonizer as per the license conditions.

2. Internal sewerage, rain water drainage, and water supply work is to be done by colonizer, then what HUDA will do under external development work.?
Huda will simply connect the colony to its own main water supply, sewerage and drainage system.
Does it makes much of costs when we know that already a developed sector-3 is adjoining to the colony sushant city? for all the three facilities i have mentioned hardly one km of work is to be awarded to an agency to carry these works.

So, the question which rises is that how the factor of Rs 55.60 lakhs per acre has been calculated by HUDA? either we can fight on this point with TCP/HUDA.


Even if we accept 55.60 lakhs/acre then as per calculations

1 acre = 4840 yards
Rs 55.60/4840= 5560000/4840= 1149 per sq yards is the cost of EDC.

We have paid 250, 000 EDC already as per agreement.
Some of us have paid 170, 000 also as per EDC interest( which was totally illegal) but lost the case in consumer court kurukshetra, don't know how the system works.

With the above calculations we can fight on the point of what should be exactly paid?

My advice,
pl do not hire simple advocate, it will be of no use.
We should hire a top level advocate.

If we go to consumer court then, it is of no use, experienced it.
If we go to high court directly, then after 3-4 hearing the court will direct us to go to lower court.
Happened in the ansal kurukshetra case for interest on EDC. we will lose all the fee paid to high court advocate.

we should file case in kurukshetra.
we should hire a top level advocate.
The advocate in such cases don't fight case on a total fee, they ask for individual fee from each of the person who wants to be a party?

my mail id is
Hi All,

Any updates on EDC interest case ? Has anyone won the case yet ?

I have already filed the case in Delhi's consumer court with a good experience lawyer.
Ansal is not asking the Last EMI ( at the time of offer of posession ) and the registry cheque. May be they are keeping my case pending as I have not paid the illegally asked EDC interest amount cheque.
Since last 10 days they are though telling me that they will send me the notice anytime as they have finshed the formalities that are required to offer the possession for plot holders in Block"D " to pay the last EMI + registry amount

This month, Evidence was recorded and hopefully in next 2-3 hearings, judgement should come ... This is what my lawyer told me
Hearing from both parties are already done .

Now I am hearing that ansal kurukshetra has started sending notice to plot buyes asking to pay EDC enhancement done from HUDA? to whom they are asking to pay to HUDA or through them to HUDA?
Can any one share the notice

BR//Deepak )( for chatting only )
Dear friends
I have a plot in ansal API Kurukshetra .I paid all the dues and EDC @Rs 950/sq yard.But later they asked for Rs 500/sq yard as interest on EDC which ansal has not deposited to HUDA.why? I was not at fault it was ansals fault.I paid this amount as Ansal threatened to cancel the allotment.Now recently ansal raised another demand not of Rs. 1395/sq yard.They claimed Huda increased the EDC and buyers has to pay it to ANSAL.It is turning out to be an endless ordeal.Is there a way to get out of this.It seems that these colonisers are using theses tactics to siphon off money from hapless consumers.What should i do.Pls help.
dear all,
i had purchased a plot in ansals kurukshetra . now they are demanding more money which is ridiculous.we should fight against this.we must file a case togather in court against this. if it has already been done i want to be part of it.please share the the latest facts about it.
c.d. jindal
I am also facing the same dilemma.
Nothing is transparent from ANSAL side.
They are just demanding the additional EDC @1495/- per square yard but without any logic / reason or supporting document.

My e-mail is
I have purchased a plot no. 538 of area 200 sq. yards in Ansal Golf Links, Sector 114, Mohali in December, 2011. I have paid full amount to Ansal API. Since starting I am following up with Ansal Properties & Infrastructure Ltd., Chandigah. Each time I got assurance that I will get the possession within 2-3 months. But it is more than one & half year has passed nothing has happened regarding possession of my plot. Each time they buy time by giving some excuses. Now they are not giving any satisfactory reply & reason regarding delay of possession.I have also mailed, sent registered letter to various person in Ansal including Mr. Yogesh Bhasin (Sr. GM-Chandigarh) & Sushil Ansal(Chairman). But no one responded. If any one can suggest or help me on this matter please reply to Krishan Kant;; mobile:[protected]
Ansal api has also cheated me of 1100 sq yards of residential land in sector 114 in return for a land user agreement sined in 2011. no reply to e-mails or phone or legal notice.
What is the recourse?
Guru kohli
Dear friends
I purchased a plot in ansal town karnal in nov. 2012, in resale. now they are demanding 60000 as utility charges 5000 as water for construction & etc etc. charges & enhanced EDC @ 500 per sq. yrds can any one tell me that, are EDC charges are enhanced by haryana govt. after nov. 2012 or before nov. 2012 & they are not charging Utility charges & EDC charges from all the plot holders the dealers have their internal settings they didnt get any notice from ansal for the plots they are holding & when they sale any plot the owner will get notice of enhanced charges & other baseless charges in 1 - 2 months ... can we all do something or they will cheat ourself every time with support from haryana govt. & DTCP... I also came to know that high court has made a stay order on the illigal enhanced EDC rates ...can any has upto date detail of that case...please share...

Amit Wadhwa
Ansal has lost the case of interest on EDC in National Commission vide order passed in Apr 2015.

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