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[Resolved]  Asian Institute Of Gastroenterology — fatal negligence

This happened in 2007 ..where i admitted my husband in emergency service asian institute of gastroenterology in hyderabad ...he was to be admitted in emergency but there it took 3hrs for them to check him iam not aware of the happenings of the hospital and in tension i took a room and after that theystarted treating him that is only again scan...after joining him they did many test ...and after 2days they told me there is nothing to worry and he will be back to normal he was in icu ...i gave him apple juice and coconut the nurse as tno one was allowed to see patients ...everything was takencare by the nurse...aplle juice i gave in mornng and he was given in the evening ...which was tuned sour we were allowed to meet only once in a day.. the next day he told me ...and after joining him within 4 days due to negligence he expired...

want to ask question to every one

1. ICU the patient should be accompanied with one attender or not?

2. does the nurse doen't know how to handle ...mean juice was givento patient which tuned sour ...juice should be consumed within 1 hr

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[Apr 09, 2014] customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
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I am suffering from ulcerative colitis and was admitted 3 times in this hospital..It was perfectly good, customer friendly and docs take utmost care..I got normal from severe condition where I was unable to get up from bed to a stage where am working perfect..
I understand the pain of people who lost their near and dear during treatment, but I can vouch that compared to other pvt hospitals like apollo which charge double the amt than AIG and govt hospitals where we dont have proper facilities, AIG is far better..even Big B, Tendulkar and many illustrous personalities underwent treatment and donated huge amts..
depending on the seriousness of the illness and condition of the patient at the time of admission length and duration of the treatment and results may vary..
there's not a single hospital where not even one death occured.
comments 1.poor service grabing 3.for meeting doctors we hv to wait one or two day 4.they dn"t allow to see i c u patients gurds behave like doctors 6.common man can"t bare 6.infrastrcture is so bad one avilable to explaine patient condition,

tootly bad hospital,
1. Whenever the patient is in the ICU, the attendants should avoid sitting with him for a long time to avoid further infections. Attendants can visit the patient in twice in a day to find out is condition.
2. To find out whether the patient is expired due some neglegence from the hospital authorities, we need to go for post Mortem by officially lodging the complaint in the police. As per my knowledge that is the only way to prove the neglegence.

3. Finally -- My experience with this Asian Institute of Gastroenterology is very good because many of our patients, most them were very sick and got treated by this institute and doing well even now.
Dear sir,

Hope this mail finds you in best of your health & spirit.
I Dheeraj kumar resident of varanasi, UP.My wife is suffering from chronic pancreatitis and CBD stone after undergoing US, ERCP & MRI.It proves chronic pancreatitis.Dr.V.K Dixit and S.K Shukla (Gastroentrologist, BHU) refers to AIG, Hyderabad.
Pl advise it needs surgical treatment or can heal by medication.

Pl advise by revert mail.


respected sir,
my sister is suffering gas problem since 8 months, she is 30 years old, no kids, if she press her stomach gas releasing, can u suggest medicines for this, how to solve this problem, kindly help me.

thanking you
plz read this message and save my family. my sister is 19 years old. she has been getting motion for three years. we took her to so many hospitals but no result. plz tell me where do i have to take her to. my parents are experiencing heel because of her. plz plz plz
hello sir..
ma dad is suffering 4m ascites, liver cirrhosis, diagnosed 7months back...8litres tapped 7months back...nd nw after 2months back again 2 litres tapped...again i think thr is fluid accumulated...will it happen again n again 4ever..can it b cured at restriction, udiliv, neurobion, torfix, lasilactone, cremmafin...salt restriction will b thr 4ever????
plzz help me out...i really want him 2 b perfect...since 6months m taking care of him...very honestly...waitng 4 ur suggestions...
Dear sir,

Hope this mail finds you in best of your health & spirit.
I Sivatharshan resident of Sri lanka, .My wife is suffering from chronic pancreatitis and Calcicfication after undergoing CT.It proves chronic pancreatitis.Dr.Ranjith Peries (Gastroentrologist, Srilanka) refers to AIG, Hyderabad.
Pl advise it needs surgical treatment or can heal by medication.

Pl advise by revert mail.


i am disagree with all nagtive coments wher as last resort u r people bring patinen, and throughs burdens on them that is not the way
I strongly with the agree with the above comments. asian institute of gastroenterology is utter failure in emergency care. I just lost o[censored]ncle because of negligance in the hospital. There is no attention towards patient as someone rightly said it is purely money oriented not service. Even inspite of taking good amounts of money the service is extremly poor.

Suman B
Its a very bad hospital and money grabbing my father joined on july 8th, 2010 a, 74 years old and still in the hospital,

he got aspiration because of DR and nursed negligence post care is horrible, for the past
3months he is in the hospital.

we spend about 15 lacs for surgery and ICU charges and 10 lacks on medicines total 25 lacks and transportation 70, 000,

AND HE IS STILL IN THE HOSPITAL ROOM # 201, the Dr are saying take him home with Trachastromy tube, and food pipe/feeding pipe in the stomach, and he is having once in a week fever, and he is on oxygen, on and off.

How can we take him Home??? he needs Drs and nurses to clean the tubes.

after spending 25 lacks, he is not able to talk, he lost 40 kgs of weight, he is on liquid diet through feeding pipe,

i guess he is the longest patient ever. please Do't get operated in this Hospital.
My father is pandarinath, 74, room # 201, can we do anything againest this instute, we lost 25 lacks, we paid from our pocket, and he is suffering from shortage on breath, not able to eat, talk, all the wrong things happend to him.

we want to sue this hospital, AIG, can anyone help us.

Respected Sir,

Hope this mail finds you in best of your health & spirit.
I kum.ashwini aged 27 years resident of Mandya (KARNATAKA). I am suffering from chronic pancreatitis after undergoing US & ERCP. It proves chronic pancreatitis. Dr.V.L.Nandeesh ( Surgen Mandya) and Dr. Rajkumar Wadhva (Gastroentrologist, Mysore) refers to AIG, Hyderabad.
Pl advise it needs surgical treatment or can heal by medication. I required your good suggetion.

Pl advise by revert mail. yashu.[protected]


Dr. D. Nageshwar Reddy, MD, DM, D.Sc, FAMS, FRCP, is just the name.
He doesn’t do any kind of surgeries nor he involves in the medical ICU. He just does laparoscopy Endoscopy, which is very simple procedures, any Junior doctor can perform.
Asian Institute of Gastroenterology is using his name and making money. without the permission of patients they do research on patients Which is illegal. Dr. D. Nageshwar Reddy is just a name, the hospital is using
my name is Obaid am from Dubai i got infection in my stomach called Ulcerative colitis i was having treatment in Dubai for 4 months in privet and government hospitals but no result my statues became worse after that my uncle and mother took me to Asian institute of gastroenterology iwas there for two months first they tried to treat me with medicine but there were no result and that they recommended for surgery i have surgery and the infection has gone but i have to do another surgery after i become fit because while iam having treatment i lost 25 kilos from 60 to 35 so now am in recovery period. with my experience they r good but i totally agree with about the service is weak its difficult to communicate with nurses bcus most of them dont know English even in ICU they dont take well care.

if anyone have any Qs pls dont hesitate to email me [protected]
I face same issue this july 21 2012, i was taken appointment of Dr reddy. i reached hospital at 8 30 am and to starts the pathetic journey of meeting dr reddy i was asked to come at 11 30 am once i did with the registration at 9 am.waiting since morning at 1 30 pm i got a call and to surprise the assistant doc asked me my problem and i told him saying few months back i was suffering from ulcerative colitis and did colonscopy. shown my old reports as well. To my surprise the assistant doc asked whether you have pain or anything, i said no i just wud like to meet dr reddy n would like to clear my doubts whether the ulcer is still persist.

Negligence of assistant doc and the hospital system here from one of the premium hospital in asia are below:-
1) i told that i did colonoscopy in past he even scanned the old report but to just grab mony he asked to do ultrasound and blood test unlike to my problem which is ulcer in anal needs colonoscopy.
then at 3 pm they call for ultrasound.
point 2 to be noted here for the neglience:
2) while doing ultrasound the ultrasound doc asked my prob i told all my old story which i told to asst doc---this doc even listening to me that i did colonoscopy n my prob is ulcer in rectum to anal go ahead with ultrasound never doubted why to do ultrasound better have colonoscopy to track the prob.
after that i was asked cm at 6 and collect report and after that plz note how the hospital misguiding patients.
3) i have been sent to another doc for checkup i opposed saying i was promised to meet dr reddy they asked me to have a word with mr sagar, i had a word and after hesitation he said cm at 7 30 pm .
i came at 7 30 after roaming here n there with my wife to pass the pathetic waiting time and then
so i waited to meet dr reddy .
god god i got chance to meet him sharp at 11 pm at night.
reddy sahab asked my prob he said who did ultrasound it shud be colonoscopy and he just had a word with the asts doc n said u shud hav done colonoscopy.

the asst doc didnt even appologize me and simply asked me to cm monday 12 to do the colonscopy and asked me to pay it now i didnt pay n returned home with thinking that i wont want to go again to meet him on monday with waiting waiting game. . i waited from 8 30 am to night 11pm to meet mr reddy but in vain.

this is the whole story of negligence of the hospital, i think that my personal exp wud help you guys and aware of the sad system of one of the premium hospital. its shame for the hospital and for our country as they represent our country.

plz reach out to me at [protected]

It is really unfortunate that AIG once a reputed hospital due to Dr nageshwar Reddy has turned into a fish market today.I agree with older posts that metting doctors here is like god appearing in flesh and bones in front of you.In a country where hospitals are increasing and spreading faster than diseases, such attitude is absolutely outrageous.

The worst part of this hospital is the receptionists and assistants.You are born lucky is you happen to consult a doctor post surgery on phone.Not to forget they are most illmanered, misbehaved and believe themselves to be doctors of the doctors..:)

My grandmother was treated for ERCP which actually is like animals in slaughter shops.Patients were brought in huge nos and kept unattended in the open ward for like hours to regain conciousness after ERCP.Intereseting thing to add is she was asked to come at 10 in the morning and was treated at 7 in the night.At her age of 75 it was complete nonsense, inhuman and idiotic to keep her waiting with fasting.And moreover she was assured to be treated by Dr Reddy himself but in theatre it was someone else.Only because we were adamant to talk to the surgeon we could find out this fraud and got Dr Reddy in the OT finally.With the amount of money they charge it is absolutely not acceptable.Infact there should be norms to sue the hospitals in cases like this.

In case you stay out of the city and happen to consult a surgeon for any emergency u gonna face hard time.I kept on calling from 10 in the morning and could consult only after 3pm.

One thing to appreciate is there are some mind you SOME DOCTORS here who are patient friendly but that doesnt allow us to ignore the negetives in this huge hospital.

Dr Reddy please donot let this happen to your hospital.Patients come to you with lots and lots of hope for your consultation.Dont ditch them.

Request and Regards,
I realy had a bad experience today when i took my wife for first time consulatation . One of the doctor XXXXX reffered me to take to AIG, Hyderabad . I waited for nearly 2 hrs and finally got the appointment . The doctor named Ramkrishna or Radha Krishna ( not sure of name ) has checked and written a huge list of tests . I already took the mentioned tests just 2 days back . When i showed the reports to them, they said they want fresh reports and wont accept the reports which are done outside the AIG . i really dont understand what is the logic behind not accepting the outside reports . They clealry said that they have there own equipment and they want the tests to be done in the same AIG lab . The spoke very harshly .

it is just two days ( 4th Sep 2012 ) my wife took all the tests mentioned by the doctor at other lab which is also recognized .

Really AIG is money sucker and waste to visit there . Really feeling bad on such a hospital where many people see doctors as GOD . They are sucking the blood of people in the name of service .

Please take some action on these things so that people can have good service .
AIG is one of the worst Hospital .Never ever go there. in other words either you go to a doctor other than this hosp.All the refaral people also get their commission, whether they are Doctors or not.. All the above comments are 100% correct. Please never visit this hospital
I have lost my mom at AIG on 6th June 2014. Her ERCP was done on 3rd June 2014 at 6.35 pm without examining her thyroid profile. She lost her brain functioning in the OT add needed to spent four days in ICU. AIG is the only hospital (perhaps) where all surgery are done without medical examinations. i am filing criminal and civil cases against the negligence of the AIG at Nagaon court. At least for justice ...

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