[Resolved]  Auto Rickshaw — Tampered Digital meters in hyderabad

All most every alternate day, I travel by auto to office and back home. I have observed that some of the Autos have tampered meters. The distance it shows up is atleast 2 kms more than the actual distance and we are forced to pay extra money.

Some of the Auto fellows also set the waiting time to 30 mins or more. Because of which the fare is higher.

To stop this Auto fellows using Tampered Meters and before it spreads, we need to do something about it.

The auto I travelled today also had a faulty meter. Auto Number is AP 11W 9311.
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Aug 14, 2020
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It happened that I travelled by an auto Rikshaw in Hyderabad. The travel distance was 1.3 Km as per other auto rikshaws which i travel daily. But this auto which i travelled today showed 2.1 Km. The travel was from Zehara Nagar to City Center of Banjara Hills.

I hereby provide you the RTO registration Number of the auto
AP 12 - U 5844
It is the common problem across Hyderabad with the latest digital meters. I face this problem everyday when I travel from Begumpet stn to Begumpet policeline stop. The actual distance is about 2.1-2.2 km, and on Monday auto meter showed 3.2km and though I argued with him, its of no use. I noted down that auto number also and it is: AP10V 7312.
Can anyone tell us ph numbers/site where we can report these problems so that immediate action is taken.
everyday at Begumpet station atleast 20-30 autos will be there but no one comes on meter. everyone demands more than double the amnt. For my distance auto meter charge is 13/14 rupees and they demand for Rs 30. This is very unfair for the concerned dept as they are not taking any needed action.
This is becoming irritatingly common in Hyderabad. I travel daily from Begumpet Shyamlal to Panjagutta, and the distance is around 2.4 to 2.5 km. This would mean less than Rs 15 by the old meter and around Rs 19 by the new meter. Almost once a week, I get an auto whose reading will be significantly higher. Either the waiting charges would have been more than half an hour for a five to ten minute journey (depending on traffic at the Begumpet bridge) or the meter shows a few kilometers more. I have experienced the latter almost always on Right FM meters! Today[protected], Auto Reg No. AP13 W7071 with a Right FM Meter (Sl no. 4401) had a meter reading of Rs. 33 with a kilometer reading of 4.5! I argued with the driver who kept audaciously telling me that I should be giving a complaint to the police instead of arguing with him. I ended up paying him, and when I tried to complain to the policemen on duty at Panjagutta X Roads, they were not even willing to listen. So that perhaps explains the auto driver's confidence. I am at a loss, really wondering if I should start walking to office or start driving myself! Help... What should be done?
this is regarding Auto cheating and misbehave.
We took Auto No. AP11X 6967. from Koti to Zoo Park on Sunday after noon around 12. we agreed to pay Rs.60. after reaching the destination, i given Rs.100, due to no change with me.he took Rs. 70 and returned Rs.30 back.and also, he spoke to us so harsh. i would like the guy funished for not repeating this kind cheating.
Respected Sir,
I live in dilsuknagar and my college is in koti.I am a medico, every other day i travel by auto. normal fare on new meter will be around 45, but yesterday when i came in this auto it showed 70 rs[10kms!!!]
on arguing wit the driver he agreed that his meter is not correct, but m sure he will not correct it
pls take necessary action
AUTO NO--AP12 V1342
Thanking you

Respected Sir/Madam,

Today I traveled on auto on SP road - date 10/2/2009. The meter of the auto was tempered and I had to pay more than the normal amount. The license plate no. AP13 X7754.

Neetu Singh

CHPL — Tampered Digital meters in hyderabad

I am ending up paying everyday 30-35Rs extra due to tampered digital meters. Auotwalas got their own tactics, they stop the vehicle all of a sudden n restart the auto, interm the amount and Km jumps up to Rs 30-35 n increase in kilometer proportionately.
Similar two incidents I faced and ended up paying Rs 35 extra
Two auto numbers are
AP 1 Y1371
AP 11 X4008.
Kindly look into this matter.
Today (17/03/2009) we took an auto from Kothapet (saroornagar) to Care Hospital Banjara Hills the fare came to Rs 92, we took the same route back from Care Hospital, Banjara Hills to Kothapet the auto meter showed Rs 137.00 (Auto No AP13 X3950) the auto driver says that because of traffic the charges were more. i would like that some action be taken against the said auto driver for not able to cheat others further.
Dear Sir/Madam,

Everyday I travel on Auto from Somajiguda Rajiv circle to Secundrabad Rly Station. The normal amount would be around Rs.55/-. But yesterday I noticed that the meter of the auto was tempered & I had to pay more than the normal amount. The Registration of the Auto is AP 13 X 7754

Narayandas Murali Mohan

Auto Rickshaw — Tampered digital meters

It happened when I travelled by an auto in Hyderabad.
The travel distance was 5.9/6 Km as per other auto rikshaws which i travel daily( from past 1.5 yr) . But this auto (AP 13X 7727 ) which i travelled today showed 7.4 Km.
The travel was from Bowenpally to police line.And also Auto drivers say that there is no community that take care of auto rikshaw compliants.
I would request the authority to take the neccessary action to avoid the same situation happening to others .
here's the auto guy's regn num AP 11 W 800 ... his meter just runs faster than P T Usha. :P

auto — Misbehave and Tampered Meter

I got down near to majestic and called for an Auto.He agreed to go by meter .We didn, t even gone 1 km and his meter (not electronic one) was showing more than the fare for 3 km(>Rs 21 ).I asked him to stop the auto and got down.
He made very lewd gestures and kept raising his voice.
When i was noting down his number, he was showing gestures as if wants to fight.
Please save Bangalore from this kind of people, who are spreading bad name for bangalore.
Auto # KA-02 A4258

what u r talking about?? this is India boss.. i[censored] will go for India feedback then mostly people will give 0% marks to india .. no one happy.. example: employment / Police problem/ railway// every where.

you know what!!! we are foolish Indians, i love India but no fully heartily.

now> see" if you will complaint to police about your Auto fare problem they will not reply u proper.. so don't waste time with all this.. or FIX rate with auto driver.. don't choose to Auto Meter okkkk
Tampered Digital meters in hyderabad
It happened that I travelled by an auto Rikshaw in Hyderabad from Taj Krishna to Begumpet (Pantaloons). The travel distance was 5.1 Km as per other auto rikshaws which i travel daily. But this auto which i travelled today showed 11.1 Km.

I hereby provide you the RTO registration Number of the auto
AP 13 - 5356
I hailed an autorickshaw from Masab Tank to Banjara hills Rd. no 10. The auto driver agreed to go but his metre did not start from zero. The metre is starting from 0.01 KM and when I asked him about it he started telling me that it is a new metre which starts from this only and when I argued he told me to get down from his auto. I was also not in a mood to travel in an auto with tempered metre so I got down and hailed another auto. The number of the auto is AP V10 5633. Please do take necessary action.
I hailed an autorickshaw from Masab Tank to Banjara Hills Rd. No. 10 on 27/5/2009 at 9.45 AM. He readily agreed but his metre was starting from 0.01 KM and not from zero. So when I asked he started arguing that it is the latest metre which starts from 0.01 KM. When I started questioning than he asked me to get down and since I was not in the mood to travel in an auto with a tempered metre so I got into another one. The number of the auto is AP 10V 5633. Please do take the necessary action.
This complaint is regarding, which is nothing but a decoy to destract or a way to relieve the anger. Consumers register compalint spending time and details and relieve there anger, however no action is taken on complaints even when all details are mentioned.
Auto drivers are least bothered about websites and policemen, may be they are all the same!

Auto-Rickshaw Meters — Use of Tampered Meter in Auto Rickshaw in Hyderabad


Meter Serial No: 46275
Auto Number: AP10V2615

I took an auto from Food World, West Marredpally to Police Line, Begumpet. It's a daily route that I take to reach my office, and it costs me less than Rs. 25 by auto.

However, it cost me Rs 35 by meter when I took the above mentioned auto-rickshaw (details mentioned above). It would seem to be a difference of just Rs 10, but it's approximately 1.5 times the normal fare.

From Food World, West Marredpally to YMCA, Secunderabad - the distance is less than 0.7 kms, however the meter of the concerned auto showed a reading of 1.2 kms.

Kindly understand the problem and take a note of the complaint. It's high time that some strict steps are taken against such auto-drivers.

Prateek Chaturvedi

Auto Rikshaws in Hyderabad — Meters not working or not present

Many auto rikshaw drivers bargain and demand for bulk amounts, refusing to use meters. Some of the autos either do not have meters or meters are not working. They are troubling the passengers a lot. Law enforcing authorities should take strict action on a continous basis.

rickshaw meters — meter tampering

i was traveling by a rickshaw on the 12th of August. Because many people were observing meter jam day, the rickshaw's on the road were acting very difficult. i travel by the same route every single day and ever since the increased fair, i have never paid more than 20 rupees. this is from bandra station to perry cross road, bandra. This auto driver has the audacity to ask me for 35 rupees to take the same route because (aap logo ne bahut hadtaal kar diya"

i am not complaining because i want my 15 rupees back. i am complianing aganst the rickshaw meter tampering, wherein it shows more than the actual fair to be charged and the audacity of the rickshaw drivers now a days, who do not respect the customer, and turn around and shout at them.

The badge number of this driver is 181283 from mumbai. he claims to live near the bandra reclamation area.

if there are other similar complaints about this rickshaw driver, i wud request some action be properly taken

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