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[Resolved]  Barclaycard Credit Card — Regarding unused charges in Statement

Dear Sir,
I am Yogesh Kumar Savita, My complaint against Barclaycard Credit Card. Sir in my November Statement the Bank charge some expense for Rs. 6741.60 against the Barclaycard Priority Circle fee without my permission. When I ask the bank why charge the fee for this facility then the bank replied to me this is your membership fee for the holiday package. Sir when I ask to bank I am not interest to your this offer please reverse this amount then bank ask sorry you will pay this amount we cannot reverse this amount. Sir I write a letter to bank for this request on dated[protected] but no reply from the bank side. Then on dated[protected] I write a letter to bank for submit the card and drop the bank drop box. After the submit card the bank call for me and forced to me the payment daily. So sir please my request to you please take action against Barclay Bank to do not force the payment. I hope you understand my problems and take a legal action against the bank.

Waiting for your kindly reply.

Thanking You

Yogesh Kumar Savita,
Mob :[protected]
email id : [protected]
My Barclay Credit Card No [protected]
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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Barclaycard / Credit card — Not Sending the Statement

Hello Everybody,

Hi, I am Hare Krishna Kumar here. Around three to four months back I received Barclaycard on the present address. Since then in spite of giving complaint several time they are not sending the statement, but are always demanding money. They have my email id and several time I have confirmed them my present email-id/house address, they are not even sending online statement. When I pressurised them to send atleast online statement then 5-10 day back they sent one word document with screen shots image into it which can not be read. For other banks like ICICI and HDFC I receive online statement every month in PDF format with password protection which is nothing but the scanned copy of original statement. Hence paying them is not a problem for me. But Barclays is really harassing me by calling again and again and moreover now they are blackmailing me by sending me email containing line "We request you to make a minimum payment immediately by Cash to avoid hot listing."

They write:

"We would like you to take note on sharing of information relating to defaulters. With this initiative all Banks will have on-line information on any defaulter with other member banks. Inclusion in this list could hamper several opportunities for you. Your credit rating will be impaired and you may not be granted any credit or Loan facilities when you approach any bank in India. This may extend to Non Banking Finance Companies & Cellular Phone Companies. This list may also be used by Consulates in maintaining the list of defaulters."

This is the height. I have never said that I will not pay. I am just requesting them to send me the statement so that I can know my usage/bill generation date and what all other charges they are putting. This is my right to know. In last four month twice I have done the minimum payment once they assured me that they will send me the statements and I will not have any complaint in future regarding this.

When I pressurised them that I am not receiving the statement then they say that they have already sent the statement via Express Courier and statement has been received by some person named Kalyan who is my brother. This is false, as I don't have any brother named Kalyan and moreover I live only with my family including my wife and two kids.

Now it seems it is pick time and I should file complaint against Barclaycard as well as Express courier as both of them are harassing me a lot. My request is very simple give me the statement and take the payment. I will not pay any late charges and other misc. charges which has incurred only because I have not received the statement.

Barclay card — with using the card bank has charged fees

I have been charged Rs. 6741.6 Without using my card. I have received a sms on my mobile from Barclay card a statement stating that "Your Barclay card statement has been generated on 17-Nov-08 and will reach you in the next few days. Total Deu:Rs.6741.6 DR Min Due:Rs340 and Due Date: 08-Dec-08".so I want to cancel my Barclay card.I hope that the request may be completed from your side.


Barclay card — without using the card bank has charged fees on my card

I have received a statement from Barclay card stating that"Your Barclay card statement has been generated on 17-Nov-08 and will reach you in next few days.Total due: Rs.6741.6 DR Min due:Rs.340 and due date:08-Dec-08. So I just want to cancel my card. I hope my request will be completed soon

my card number is [protected] Puttan khan pathan i have penelty service charge kate payment i have not receive sataement and bank charged me so plz remove my charges as early as possible and contact me
Threatening and Torturing through Goonda hired by Barclays Bank.

Ref :-Barclay Credit Card no: [protected].

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that I am the Credit Card Holder of Barclay Bank. They have not sent the statement for last 01 year in spite of several requests through mail and over phone. My purchase amount approximately was Rs.5000/- to Rs.6000/-. But before settling my dues I want them to furnish me statement of account, on which I can make the minimum amount due against my outstanding as per the Credit Card rules of the Bank. I doubt that they must have inflated due amount by levying unduly high interest, late fees, unnecessary service charges etc. But suddenly they have invalidated my card. Not only that they have hired a Goonda (Goons) named as Mr. Walia from Delhi and asking for payment of full amount immediately which as per this goonda is hovering around Rs.15000/-. How can I make the payment immediately ? He is threatening and torturing me over mobile Phone and land line phone. Not only that he has threatened me that he will kill my family. What is this ???. Bank cannot do this legally this type of harassment. He is disturbing my Employer also., which is affecting my mental peace. I am a middleclass family. I agree to pay the minimum amount due in monthly basis against my outstanding as per the Credit card rules of the Bank. I am asking for statement. But he is denying to give me the statement. Continuously he is telling me to make the payment at a time, otherwise they will attack me and my family with their team . Please help me and my family from Goonda of Barclay bank. I think only because of raising late payment fees and service charges and to raise the higher bill, they have made this type of incident. I am 100% agree to pay the minimum amount due against my total outstanding. Gradually I will pay the amount to Bank., but not at a time. Please spare me from this Goonda which has been hired by Barclay bank that is completely illegal. For your information, I have been receiving these threatening calls from [protected], [protected]. This Goonda already has given the threatening to my aged father also. He is mentally upset and he is now Heart patient. Please relief from Barclay bank ‘s Goonda.

Manas Ray Chaudhury.
dear sir,
My name is ashok kumar das i am an your barclay credit card holder ( card no.[protected])i never used this card but i got steatment your genarated date is 12.02.08 and chargeble amount is 3770/= wich i dont know, frist ofall i recived this card on march 2008 so how it possible i use this card, then i call your callcenter they told me this amount charge to you for icici lumbord insurance.i told them i dont want this policy can you cancell it person told me you can contact with icici lumbord.then i calld icici lumbord i told them i dont want this policy can you cancellit they told me ok no problem we will cancell withen 48 hrs. then i got a policy cancellation letter from icici lumbord.
but i regulerly monthly bassis geting steatment with letfee.i contact with your callcenter but they dident takecare of my problem.i regulerly getting call from your card deoartment regarding outstanding payment.i said i am not going to any amount why should i pay i dident use your card.even icici lumbord refound the mony to you on 25.02.2008 Rs.1885/= and after that on 20.05.2008 Rs.1885/= now you tell me why should i have to pay any more afrer few month you all put my name in cibil, now you tell me what should i have to do can i to the media or cousumer court for your silly mistake and herassment beacouse i have all the i requiest to you please solve my problem as soon as possiblem, i hope you look this matter personaly and get back to me as soon as possible

ashok kumar das
Mob no.[protected]

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