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My company used Cox and Kings for an international travel. We were going to an exhibition as exhibitors. When signing up for the package they promised us that they would be providing a 3 - 4 star accomodation with transportation to and from the exhibition grounds. Upon arrival, we realized that we were put up in a retirement home (not even a 2 star accomodation!). As exhibitors we had to stay back until the exhibition was closed, but they told us that the transportation was provided only until 7:30 pm an hour before closing time. After threating to call the local police to lodge a complaint, they agreed to pick us up after closing hours. Our MD landed there earlier since he went left early for other business meetings. Upn arrival in Germany he realized that there was no reservation on his name! He had to pay for that night and check in into a hotel. Their service was deplorable, their staff is not trained (we had to fill in the visa applciations 5 times due to their errors). Please do not use COX and KINGS for any of your travels. You do not know what you get until you land in the place.
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Aug 31, 2016
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Jan 14, 2011
Cox & Kings India Customer Care's response
Dear Customer,

We regret the inconvenience caused. If you would like to get back to us regarding the same or anything else, do send us the following details on communication.[protected]

1. Mobile no.

2. Travel Package name and booking reference no.

3. Date of departure

4. Reason for Complain

5. Date of Purchase of Package

Corporate Communications Cox & Kings
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Dec 24, 2012
Cox & Kings India Customer Care's response
Dear Anuj02,

We would like to take a look into the matter immediately.
Can you please email us your contact no to communication.[protected]

--Team Cox & Kings India.
Verified Support
Jun 21, 2013
Cox & Kings India Customer Care's response
Dear Customer,

We would like to look into this immediately. We request you to mail the details of this issue and your contact information to [protected] This will help us understand and do the needful to ensure customer satisfaction.

---Team Cox & Kings India
Verified Support
Jul 02, 2013
Cox & Kings India Customer Care's response
Dear Customers,

It is a kind request to all to send your complaints on [protected] in future. This will help us serve you better for any inconvenience that may have caused you.

---Team Cox & Kings India
Verified Support
Jul 08, 2013
Cox & Kings India Customer Care's response
Dear Raj Kishore,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention and we would like to look into this immediately. It is a kind request to mail the details of your complaint on [protected] This will help us serve you better for any inconvenience that may have caused you.

---Team cox & Kings India.
Verified Support
Dec 27, 2013
Cox & Kings India Customer Care's response
Dear sdubey5,

We would like to look into this matter with immediate effect. We request you to kindly mail us the details of the issue along with your contact details to [protected] This will help the concerned team to get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Your Unique Reference Number(URN) is 2013_39. Kindly mention the URN in your mail.

Team Cox and Kings India
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The way cox and kings works is annoying. The staff sucks to the core . Cox and kings only knows how to make their staff ppl wait till midnight but no quality service has been provided bu the staff . There s no point then making them wait til late and training them whe they cant assist . 10 millions times we have to follow up with them about our trip . They are one travel company who does nothing after they receive the payment from the customer s end.

Thomas cook is 10million times better than this company . One advice for Cnk - Keep your moto as customer satisfaction and not just profit.

I would recommend 1000 people not to travel with cox and kings .

Personal suggestion - Show this to your owner - Urshila .That you guys really need to groom a lot to stand up to the industry level .

A brand like Cox and kings will need to really work on their staff training.

Just FYI - you'll suck.
Bosekiran Bosekiran's reply, Dec 3, 2016
You are 1000 percent right my friend . I had a horrible time
Never Plan your travel through COCK (cox n Kings)..
They are stupid service provider.
I had a real bad experience with them.
Actually you should thank them...they took you.
They cancelled the trip which I had planned with my mother to Europe without even informing us. When we called for the tickets, 2 days before the trip, then they are telling us that we will not be able to accomodate you. Needless to say, this was after taking the payment which they have still not returned. They should be called Crooks KIng not Cox and Kings

It pains me a lot to inform that the Malaysia package tour that cox and kings had offered was most upsetting. My parents who had taken the tour had to endure a lot of difficulties during the trip.

To start with the person who picked them up from Langkavi airport just dropped them off at the gates of Pelangi Resort without ensuring that they got their room. They were not allotted room at 2pm as said by you. After a long and painful wait they were given rooms at 4Pm.

No guide was provided for the entire Langkavi trip. Only a DRIVER came to pick them up and he dropped them off at different islands. NO ONE GUIDED THEM FOR THE ENTIRE TRIP. They had to go around on their own without any idea of what to do.

The emergency contact person was not reachable at all and even after repeated request for a guide, no one was sent.

In KL they were not taken for KUL NITE tour on the day of arrival. The driver who picked them up from airport informed them that KUL NITE trip was not in schedule. After a lot of calls they were informed that it will happen the next day. Why so much of confusion?

The next day they were not picked up at the scheduled time for the city tour. They waited for 2 hours in the lobby of legend hotel from 9am to 11am. After repeated calls to the contact person Malaysia they were picked up by someone. When they enquired why he was late this person shot back at them saying that he has come as a replacement only and is not answerable to them. They were taken to the city tour by a bus where they did not even get seats together. All five of them were made to sit in different places which really pissed them off. What is the point of going for a trip with friends if they cant even travel together?

The dinner that was arranged in the Indian restaurant ( ARYAN Restaurant) was very POOR. They were offered just a couple of items and they were charged extra for basic items like WATER and CURD.

They were not provided with any guide or guidance for the entire package.

IAM REALLY VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED with your service. We are repeat customers for cox and kings. We (6 o[censored]s) had taken the Himachal Delight package in 2008.

While planing the trip i STRONGLY RECOMMENDED Cox and Kings in-spite of having received a proposal for much less amount from a different tourist agent. We would have saved about Rs 10000 per person (that is about 50000Rs for 5 o[censored]s). This was only because we wanted good service and we were completely sure that we would have a great trip due to Cox and Kings. You people let us down very badly. This is certainly not what we expected when we took the trip.

I dont think I will ever suggest Cox and Kings to anybody again and will not consider Cox and Kings myself for any trip, irrespective of Cost.

please be informed that they are liars and big cheater
i had very bad experience with them
There representative aarti karol bagh (delhi) branch manager and abhishek tandon head office manager(delhi)cheated me .I have selected a discovery tour from cox and kings company Karol Bagh branch and I have paid rs 81, 000 regarding, my visa has been refused and aarti is saying that all o[censored]r amount has been deducted in cancellation. I neither have given her a confirmation mail to her neither she has given me an information regarding this much deduction.

my advise is never ever trust these guy
Cox and Kings Delhi office for Norway VISA processing is very worst. Never ever go for Cox and Kings.
Cox and Kings Delhi one of the manager is saying that they are only a post office/courier between applicant and Embassy and they dont know what is happening with the VISA processing. If i call Embassy they are asking me to contact Cox and Kings and Cox and Kings is saying they dont know anythng other than their courier service.

They never updated me the requirement for missing document till two days before travel and finally they are saying they have already sent me mail, which is a lie. They never sent me any mails neither phone calls. They are cheating in a way that they are copying the lately sent mail and erasing the date and forwarding me as an attachement saying that they sent that earlier. That attachment is without date and time.

This is really a cheat game. He said he is a manager and dont want to disclose his name.

This is really a fraud and nonsense.

Please let me know how to file compliant on them?

This is Vinoth Balakrishnan from Chennai, India.We had availed for Fun Filled Thailand-Family package which costed about Rs.75000 for me and my wife on 5th April 2013. The main reason why we opted for Cox and Kings agency(Anna Nagar branch) for our Thailand holiday as they gave us a good experience in our earlier trip to Mauritius about a year and a half years ago. But this time we are terribly disappointed with our recent trip to Bangkok-Pattaya. They have completely ruined our vacation this time and it seems to us that our hard earned money went into the drain. We enquired other reputed travel agencies and we realized that Cox and Kings is expensive compared to other agencies but we were ready to compromise our money hoping that they will give us good experience like our earlier trip to Mauritius.

Our worst experience started from the day one we approached Cox and Kings, Anna Nagar for enquiring about the Thailand package. To mention few instances,

1. LACK OF INTEREST - We had visited Cox and Kings, Anna Nagar branch to get an idea about the various destinations and their respective packages. Since Vijay Thooyamani was taking charge of our earlier trip to Mauritius, we approached him for our next trip. But since he did not have the time, he directed us to Arjun who in turn redirected us to Sharmila. Our problem started right from here. Sharmila told us that she’ll send some details about a few packages within a day but we did not get any mail or hear from any of them till we called up the next week to remind them about the mail details. We informed this lack of response to Vijay but he promised that things will be better henceforth, but unfortunately it didn’t.
2. LACK OF FOLLOW UP - After assurance from Vijay for better response from the employees in Cox and Kings, Anna Nagar branch, we paid 50% of the package price (Rs.40000) and they said that they’ll inform us about the date for remaining payment but again we didn’t get any remainder calls from them until it was almost nearing our trip date.
3. VISA - We had asked them to include Visa charges also as we wanted to avoid the hassles of standing for hours together in the Immigration queue at the Bangkok airport. We also paid the Visa charges in our initial amount itself but they again failed to follow up and again we had to remind them about collecting our passports for Visa formalities but it was too late and we ended up standing up in the long queue at the airport.
4. FAMILY PACKAGE ?? – The main reason why we opted for Family package is to make sure that only decent families and couples accompany us in our tour just like how it was in our earlier trip to Mauritius but we were shocked to find group of drunken indecent men accompanying us in our trip from Bangkok airport to Pattaya hotel. My wife was the only female member in that entire group and we felt very very very uneasy in our 2 hour travel to Pattaya. They were making disgusting comments, shouting at the top of their voices and snoring throughout the 2 hour travel.
5. LACK OF RESPONSE – We reported this horrifying experience by making an international call to Vijay Thooyamani and Sharmila who assured us initially that it will be taken care of and they will get back to us within 10 mins. But even after one hour we didn’t get any response from them and again we had make another international call at our own expense. This time the call was attended by Sharmila( though we called Vijay’s mobile phone) and she told us to adjust since the tour was now taken charge by an local agency called DS Travels. – “IS THIS OUR PROBLEM ???? IF WE KNEW THIS SITUATION WOULD COME, WE WOULD HAVE NEVER EVEN DREAMT OF GOING FOR COX AND KINGS!!!”
6. NO ACTION TAKEN – Inspite of reporting our problems, it was not addressed and we continued to experience hell with those indecent drunken men as we did not want to sit in our hotel room after paying almost Rs.75000 for the trip. We called one of the contact person of DS travels in Bangkok and explained our situation. Thankfully he understood our difficulty and mapped us to an Indian couple but it was almost the end of our trip.

We have mentioned only few points of our trauma. We can go on writing such points but then it would be a never ending list.

We are middle class people who have to work and save money for each trip and this was supposed to be our dream vacation. Now when we think of it, we are flooded with bitter memories and our money has gone into the drain. It would definitely take us some time to come out the trauma that we experienced during this hell trip.

I work in one of the leading IT organizations and I directed my colleagues to Cox and Kings, Anna Nagar for their family tours when we went to Mauritius. But after this trip to Thailand, I will never recommend any of my friends or family to Cox and Kings tours especially Anna Nagar branch.

Thanks for the bitter experience to Cox And Kings, Anna Nagar – Vijay Thooyamani, Arjun and SHARMILA !!! We lost both our money and our peace of mind. We can never recall this tour what was supposed to be a dream vacation…
Cox and Kings not to be trusted at all
We totally agree with what people have said in the different forums about horrifying experience while booking tours with Cox and Kings. Our experience with Cox and Kings is more or less same. We booked a tour through Cox and Kings for two persons; myself (Suresh Chandra Jeswal) and my wife (Rashmi Rekha Jeswal) for American Bonanza 14 days/13 nights starting from 02.05.2013. Since we were already having Visas for USA the guy at Andheri Office agreed to give discount for same and we settled for a discounted price and paid initial charges. They issued no invoice. Subsequently at the time of final payment, they asked for full payment and after lot of persuasion, they accepted the agreed price. They issued no bill, invoice, or Forex advice. They with lot of persuasion gave only the receipts for cheques. In the meantime, lot of their officers changed who were handling our booking. The hotels that were mentioned in their itinerary were changed at the time of issuing tickets one week prior to commencement of journey. The telephone number and name of their Airport representative at Mumbai as well as at New York were given few hours prior to reporting at airport. The shoulder bags given were of very cheap quality. No pre-departure meeting was arranged which resulted in tension throughout the journey what will happen when we reach New York.
After reaching New York we found that the Tour Manager was about 70 yrs. of age. The entire group had to wait for two hours at New York airport for one Mr. & Mrs. Goel who was not to come with that flight but the tour manager did not have that information though the flight ticket was booked by Cox and Kings itself. Later they came with another flight but no one was there to receive them because of lack of coordination between Cox and Kings India office and the Tour Manager. He even did not have any access, facility, or e-mails.
The hotels throughout the tour were inferior except at one or two places. In fact hotel at New York was arranged in New Jersey involving 2 hours journey from New York resulting that most of the time was wasted in to and fro journey.
At one point of time during long journey from Las Vegas to L.A. the air-conditioning of the Coach was not working. Even then the tour was continued. After the group threatened to call police, the coach was changed.
Cox and Kings outsourced the entire tour to MAXIM Travels. To save money on the Coach Travel the Cox and Kings will always take the group to hotel after having dinner. We were left at the theme parks and other places in the morning and will be picked up only at 7 PM and then taken for dinner without bothering for the tiredness of the people. Even though some of the theme parks will close at 6 PM we will be picked up only at 7 PM to avoid two trip one from park to hotel and then from hotel to Indian Restaurant where dinner is arranged. We were always kept in dark about the exact program of the day. Even on the last day of tour in LA we were asked to come to Hotel Lobby at 11.30 AM for leaving for Airport but the coach came at 1 PM only. The entire group was furious and with intervention of some people manhandling of the Tour Manager was avoided.

We have suggested to Cox and Kings through their feedback form that:
1. Transparency should be observed in transactions. As soon as a booking made Invoice or bill should be issued; receipts for cheques should be issued immediately upon its receipt.
2. Only one officer should be designated for one booking. Frequent changes shows non professionalism.
3. Hard copies of all documents like ticket, insurance policy should be given.
4. Forex transaction invoice should be given.
5. Forex component should be charged at the prevailing Bank Rates.
6. Instead of giving shoulder bags of cheap quality no need to give any bag or Good quality trolley bags like SOTC should be given. Company's name should be printed only at one place.
7. Pre departure meeting should be organised so that all group people may meet before travelling.
8. The luggage at airport should be booked together with a group tag.
9. The tour manager should be young, should wear a proper uniform and should carry a proper flag of Cox and Kings instead of Indian Flag. He should be provided an I-Pad so as to communicate instantly over e-mails.
10. Care has to be taken to ensure that minimum time is wasted in travelling. For that purpose hotels near the town should be selected.
11. After the days trip group should be taken to hotel and after a fresh up of about half to one hour should be taken out for dinner.
12. Fresno should be excluded from the itinerary. It is totally waste of time and money.
13. On the last day check out should be at 9 AM as was on other days. Then a local tour can be conducted as the return flight is only at 4.30 PM.
14. The tour Manager should accompany the Group inside the Theme Parks like tour managers of Thomas Cook and Heena Travels.
15. The tour manager should keep all brochures of all optional tours. He should be well conversant with the specialities of these places.
16. Tour Manager has to arrange journeys in such a manner that Coach stops for lunch between 1 to 1.30 pm otherwise diabetic people may fell ill.
17. After completion of tour the Head Office of Cox and Kings should e-mail feed back forms to all persons for their feedback.
18. Feedback form should contain a column about the problems faced by the client during the tour.
Anyway I will not be travelling with Cox and Kings again and I think none of the persons in this group will ever travel by Cox and Kings. In fact we are going to post our bad experiences through various websites to make people aware about your company. Thx
Hello All, am a HR from a MNC, i face a heck of problems with Cox & Kings India TEAM, here people are very rude and irresponsible towards customers. they don't even response properly. they don't CARE their customers(LACK OF INTEREST)..

i sue u Cox & Kings (TEAM, Banjarahills )
Cox and Kings after 3 months have replied vide letter dated 03.09.2013 that:
1. Immigration clearance for Mr & Mrs Goel has taken 2 hrs. So there was no alternative for the Tour Manager except to wait for them. Cox & Kings has mislead as Mr & Mrs Goel were originally scheduled to come with the group but 4-5 days earlier they changed their flights that too only Cox & Kings changed their flights. But this was not informed by Cox & Kings India office to the Tour Manager at New York who waited for 2 hours with the group at New York airport and ultimately left without them.
2. Then regarding our booking at New Jersey hotel Cox & Kings have tried again to mislead that they take great care in selection of hotels. Our group reached JFK airport, which is based in New York. The travelling time from New York to New Jersey in rush hour is 2 hours. So that day we wasted 2 hours in reaching New Jersey. Again next day we wasted 2 hrs. In coming to New York and 2 hrs. in returning to hotel. Why this hotel was not booked in New York only Cox & Kings know.
3. For Air conditional coach not being functional since beginning it has been replied that they do not own any infrastructure like hotels, coaches etc. and they have to depend on the service providers. Noted Sir, you are absolutely not at fault. Probably you are not aware that carrying passengers in a non air-conditioning completely closed coach is a criminal offence in US.
4. Regarding not taking back the group to the total after finishing the tour at 7 PM it has been replied that guests were bound to be exhausted and hungry so it was felt that they should have dinner and then only reach hotel. Very thoughtful of you Sir.
5. For all other issues and deficiencies raised by me Cox & Kings have tendered general apology and as a compensation has offered Rs 3, 000/- each to me and my spouse provided I give an undertaking that I shall have no claim, grievance, cause of action or demand against Cox & Kings.
Very kind of you Sir of this charity. We paid you a sum of more than Rs two lacs per member and do you think that the compensation of Rs 3, 000/- per member will heel our bounds? Please donate this amount in Prime Minister’s Relief Fund. May be you may get some blessings from God for your ill managed and highly unprofessional Company. Anyway not only we but none of the Members from our group of 45 people is going to travel by Cox & Kings.
Rest assured that I am not filing any case against you in Consumer Court. So safely, you can donate above sum to PM’s Relief Fund.
the most cheated travel team i have ever seen. they sold me the tickets at higher price... misguided us with route plan...just to make huge incentives and commission. most untrusted brand i ever encountered... Rudrapur branch and Umesh Gurnani has just misguieded my family to mint money
I have been interacting with Cox & Kings since 30 Oct 2013 & till date not even a single step
has been moved without my continuous follow ups.

Phase I of Irritation:

I had selected Cox & Kings UNFORTUNATELY for my Honeymoon travel to Andaman. And after taking
the initial payment of Rs. 6000/- these guys seem to have been disappeared. I had to follow up
for almost 2 - 3 weeks time to get confirmation on the bookings. And just 2 days before my
planned travel date WHEN I CALLED up the Customer Care (Mr. Sachin Suryawanshi), he was
totally clueless about my travel (I NEVER GOT ANY CALL FROM COX & KINGS TO CONFIRM ANYTHING.
this is really hopeless). He was so much confused about the date, destination etc of the
travel. When I asked about confirmation, he gave some FAKE information & promised to come back
by end of the same day & that same day never got over for Mr. Sachin Suryawanshi. After a
continuous 15 20 calls at the EOD I somehow managed to reach Mr. Sachin who again
shamelessly apologized which did not mean anything & said that he will get back to me, Which
again never happened.
Next Day, For obvious reasons since there was only 1 day was left for my travel to begin I was
in a PANIC state & tried reaching Sachin Suryawanshi & not to my surprise with my earlier
experience I could only reach him after some 5 10 calls. And to my utter SHOCK & DISMAY he
such SHAMELESSLY asked for some time to confirm my travel. I HAD TOTALLY LOST IT BY THEN. I
asked him immediately to cancel this trip to which he was quite responsive & shamelessly said
that Madam cancel toh ho jayega but Rs. 4000/- deduct ho jayega. I must say this was really
PATHETIC. I asked him to connect me to his manager. And then I was connected to Mr. Abijeet
Gaikwad. After some explanation of the whole story he agreed about miscommunication from Cox &
Kingse end & apologized. He also promised that I will get the whole amount refund of Rs.
6000/- in 2 3 working days by cheque at your Aundh, Pune office.

Phase II of Irritation:

Again since 25th Nov I NEVER GOT any communication from you guys end. I have been following up
since then & till today no payments have happened, Mr. Abhijeet has disappeared like anything.
Not traceable . Even Mr. Suryawanshi is never reachable on his extn. Seems like at Cox &
Kings, employees just get paid to relax either in or out of office. Mr. Abhijit or Mr.
Suryawanshi have not been able to tell me any reason for delay. And when is the payment
expected. I must appreciate Mr. Sachin is still living upto his name of shamefully asking time
to get back to me which STILL Never happens. Then one fine day when i managed to reach Mr.
Suryawanshi, he really had no words to say&.he AGAIN ASKED FOR SOMETIME & this time he also
requested me for my Bank Account details, which was given to him & he promised to come back to
me in 24 hrs. time & this time. And I had no option to agree.
AND AGAIN I FELL FLAT on my face with Mr. Suryawanshi disappearing. Its been 4 days of that
conversation & no update to me.
And just to give you one more update today Mr. Suryawanshi accidentally happened to pick my
call & the moment he realized I was on the other side he disconnected & again not traceable
since this morning.

During all these events Mr. Suryawanshi & Mr. Abhijeet (His so called Boss) have never been
understanding, empathetic & considerate. And Mr. Abhijit never spoke to me after that 1
conversation on 25th Nov.

I have to say that everyone plans a holiday to take a break from day to day hassles & if
planning a break with Cox & Kings is so full of irritations I would never ever recommend it to
even my enemy. And for god sake this was my Honeymoon plan which has to be special & to make
it worst mine got totally cancelled. ALL THANKS TO COX & KINGS

I am totally dissatisfied with the way Cox & Kings have been behaving with me. This is a
ruthless behavior. Hopeless!
Are you people running a How to Cheat Academy.

Can I expect some response on this. And PLEASE a response with closure to my agony &

Can you keep some professionalism here.
Cox & kings not to be trusted. Please
Hi Team Cox & Kings India,

I have sent multiple mails to the said ID along with some IDs. but still same thing. NO RESPONSE!!
we also suffer

I recently went magnificent Europe tour 2014 on 13th May 2014, we are total 10 persons we are totally upset with their service and what they have committed not given and taken money in advance while telling their tour manager he saying I don't know any thing you have to talk to your Cox and kings agent in India, we are in Europe how we can talk to them and while talking them from Europe Cox and king office people say we have sent the message we not get reply and days are going on and our tour completed, They make us fool and taken money we have written 3 page complain in their official e.ail id if we not get any refund or action we will go to consumer court and other necessary action

Our 10 people not suffer our all other tourist have same problem, our group people and other member suggest even your enemy not to suggest or recommended Cox & king
This is a cheat company they never deliver what they have promised and throw you there with cheap hotels even if you have paid the amount for a higher category hotel.
Pls stay away from these cheaters.
They have cheated me on my trip to goa.
Had been to the Magnificient Europe tour on[protected].
Day one we missed seeing Swami Narayan Temple, then Windsor palace.
In paris we missed out on excursion to Parc Astérix.
Adding to our woes because of bad weather we were unable to go to Glacier 3000.

After missing all this worth more than 400 Euros, we were given hardly 19 Euros worth of a boat ride and were told this was all we could give. No LUNCH on that day.

Much more worst scenario waited for us when we were given hotels which were nearly 2 to 3 hours drive away from the city & more over the tour guide never knew which hotel we were to stay the next day, because as he claimed that it will be booked by the evening.

We were made to miss the food while driving the long stretches as the guide did not know it would take that long.

Expecting a refund of 400 Euros & damages worth the same amount.

Vijay Wani
Thane, Mumbai
Cox and king are worst .they been telling it's in process for a month and I beg them my husband is sick .cant even pull out out my apication coz they don't know where it is finally call the cops and helped me.they just put it I. Stack of black plastic with bunch of passport in the corner like a garbage.was shocked.then I pull out .now the fees where should I claim the fees since visa was never husband already dead could not see him because of their irresponsibility. Help me
Where can I claim my visas fees .vissa was never issued
Cox and king in ny is worst.u get visa only when u paid under the table of 500$.they asked me but I said no

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