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My name is VENKAT and I have called dish T.V customer service at[protected], I know that this service center is located in noida which doesn’t have a enough qualified people to attend the calls(I can prove it by calling once again).My complaint is regarding a condenser failure in set top box which I have purchased on 8-AUG-2007(I know that this is out of its warranty period).I first called dish T.V may be 2 months back and told that my set top box is taking very long time to turn on.It starts with blinking amber and slowly it gets stabilized, I thought this could be some electronic component failure and the same was informed to me by the dish T.V rep.He told me that he will send a tech home to fix the issue, onsite tech called me nextday and he told me it would take 7 days to get it fixed by dish T.V and it can be done within 30 mins if I take it to HCL –DISHCARE located in mountroad, Chennai.He told me it would cost me around 250 bucks.I said I will take care and he closed my case.I took it to HCL –DISHCARE, 3 days back, I sat and explained the issue, they immediately said o.k this is condenser problem(Without even plugging the box and checking the board functionality, I wonder why these people are not in NASA..??)..they said it would cost me 253/- bucks and I said O.K, unfortunaltely there was no current at that time and I was asked to wait for few mins, While I waited for 30 mins 8 DISH TV set-top boxes came with similar problem(I repeat it …WITH EXACT SAME PROBLEM..BLINKING AMBER..TAKES VERY LONG TO STABLISE TO RED/GREEN). .(FYI:My qualification is B.E(Electronics), Gold medalist from Anna university), I said to the person who is taking complaints that this is a product failure, if the same problem is repeatedly found in many boxes, DISH T.V must do something about it, They said I should not worry about it .I immediately called dish t.v at[protected], First call, I spoke with a guy, he hung up on me, second guy did the same after listening everything, third guy named AKHILENDRAN, Thank god he listened everything and said he can send out a tech home to fix this problem, but it would cost me 400 bucks.I asked him to connect to manager .He placed me on hold for a while and said his manager (T.L name: Meenakshi her team manager name is PAWAN), TICKET number: [protected], He said his T.L is busy rite now and committed a callback after 30 mins, she called me back and said she will send out a tech home to replace the part with free of cost(I asked her thrice and she said she will do it for me within 24 hours and she disconnected the call while I was making a note of the ticket number).I went to shop and cancelled my repair and I went home all the way(from mount road to medavakkam a big long journey).After 3 days kannan(onsite tech) called me and said he is going to come home, he said the same old story told by the very first tech(it would take 7 to 10 bus days, I told him I cant wait that long as T.L from noida said she will do it in 24 hrs.)he then said he will bring a standalone settop box from me.kannan and another guy came home and they fixed another settop box and provided me a receipt and said it will be around 450/- to repair this box(Imagine how frustating it would be..I am on peak level of my anger).I explained the whole situation to these guys they said their job is to come home and take the part to repair, that’s it and they started removing the new settop box .My wife came in this scene and she said cant u understand wat my husband is saying, onsite tech became angry, we asked him to get out of our house.He went away with bad language from his mouth.I immediately called in[protected] and told the same spoke to rajesh, he spoke very rudely, he said “Do wat ever you want to do”, I can do nothing from my end. Do you think after all this will I leave it here.Certainly not, If I want I can put 4 different set-top boxes on 4 corners of my house, the way I was treated by dist v made me feel that I should never use the DISH T.V.I will send the same story to all my friends and atleast stop purchasing this bledy dish T.V products.

Always remember one happy customer contributes 0.8% of the revenue but one irate customer can reduce the revenue by 9%.(Source: Times of India—FEB 2008)

I will definitely prove it to DISH T.V.

FYI : I have attached the recordings of few calls, Listen to all of those.

This is my challenge to you all.

1. Mr.Jawahar Goel, Managing Director
2. Mr. Vinay Agarwal CEO
3. Mr. Salil Kapoor COO


Venkata Vinod Kumar.G
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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HI Venkat,

I am facing the same problem and DISHTV is behaving in the same way. They did not mention anything about the hardware though (condenser pfailure), just asked me that they would charge 225/- to upgrade the software. I doubt that problem would go away after upgradation of the software.

DishTV — Very bad customer service

I have been corresponding with customer service dept. for more than 3 months now. Everytime we remind them about any problem, they give a standard computer generated response "giving a new complaint no. and we are working on it". But really not doing anything. Again when you remind about it, They give a new customer complaint No. and again standard response "we are working on it".

This happened with me innumerable times. I have many complaint nos. for same complaint.!!!

Now when I threatened them of going to media, they have started new tactics. They started giving name and addresses of their authorised dealers to be contacted to solve my problem. They all say they can not do anything in the matter!!! Only company can do something!!!"

Surprisingly, their Manager also say he does not know anything!!! He will have to check up with higher authorities!!!

I think only the chairman of the company may be able to do something.

Can we all dissatisfied customers form an association and teach these so called customer service managers some lesson??

Sharad Shah
hi Venkat,
I have same problem with STB of DISH TV .But my STB stabilises with orange LED after few hours which never turns green. Same story is narrated by Consumer Call centre and local service dealers.Why an upgradation of Software or product failure should be charged from Consumers.
I wish I buy fresh connectiinh from other DTH service provider and forget DIsh TV like a bad dream...
its hopeless i got the connection on 01/06/09 it worked properly for a week but now shows no service n therer customer care executives are n useless people...

Same case here. But my problem is of a different nature. It showed 'please insert the smart card' whenever i switch on the STB. Hence i raised a complaint to the CC and they replied that the smart card has become old and i have to replace the card at a cost of 400 bucks. I wonder what made the smart card to grow 'OLD'. I have never removed the card out of the box.

In fact, my wife prefered Tata sky over Dishtv. But it was my fault in convincing her to buy DIshtv. From now on, i have no other option but to stop my friends and relatives from buying dishtv.
I have the same problem with the setup box and with the Dish TV customer service. My setup box has totally stopped working now - not even amber light - it gives me a flickering red light.

Their website is also faulty and won't let me submit a problem!

DishTV — very bad product

My settop box takes around 15 mins to start.

I lodged a complaint on September 18, their executive came on 20th and took my settop box with him. He gave back our box by evening. After two days the problem started again, saying "please insert your viewing card."

I tried for 20 days to reach that executive but to no avail then finally I lodged another complaint with no response then i lodged third complaint today and they say that take that box to the service center and i have to pay them again, though i have already payed the amount of 600 Rs. to them a month back.

They did not tell us that it had one month warranty, and now the customer care executive is saying why you did not take it within one month then you would not have to pay. WHOSE FAULT IS THIS??????????

I agree, this is the WORST DTH PROVIDER IN COUNTRY. I am highly dissatisfied and want to change but the problem is we have recharged it for whole year
I am also a dishtv Subscriber but never faced any such issue. Further I will give you the email id of Dishtv Customer care just mail your concern their for quick resolution of your complaint along with your complete details like VC No, Address and contact number.

Email id: [protected]

Dish TV — Repeated failures of SET TOP BOX

This has reference to the complaint no. 31171505 and 31205138 registered with Dish TV India customer care,New Delhi regarding the repeated failure of set top box.
I am really shocked how these companies functioning by selling the poor quality of products to the consumer and making us fool. I have purchased Dish Tv connection in June 2007 and its set top box got failed during Jan 2009.After horrible experiences with Dish TV representatives, i got it repaired at the cost of Rs. 450.Again, it stopped functioning since 15 November giving absurd messages on the screen.When i approached to Customer care, they dont have any answer except you got it repaired once again.I dont understand,how it could failed repeatedly when there is a limited operation as soon as set top box is concerned.Nobody touches it for months.However,even after registering complaints and getting assurance from the seniors of Dish tv that my query will be resolved soon,i didnt get any reply till date eventhough all their calls are taped.Finally, i have decided to go for normal cable instead of these mental stresses.I feel that Govt should frame the gidelines, rules and regulations in favour of consumer and make it available to public so that such type of malpractices and cheatings by respective companies shall be brought under control.Moreover,they are also earning the money on the name of balance /otstanding amount every month even though you are paying full amount i[censored] are making payment through netbanking or credit card.I have raised these query so many times with Dish Tv but their customer care replies that their account dept will reply on this issue which will never happen.Can't imagine,how much (crores of rupee) they r earning because of our CHALTA HAI ATTITUDE.
Yes U can do it all this since u are operating in India.But still i hope one day u have to pay for it.
I will give you the email id of Dishtv Customer care, Just mail your concern their for quick resolution of your complaint along with your complete details like VC No, Address and Contact Number.

Email id: [protected]
Very bad customer service

Dishtv customer service is one of the worst service. im being a customer with Dishtv for last 2 years. now i had a problem i called[protected] i spoke with some one[protected] around 2.00pm he asked me to call me after 2hours, i called the same # after 4pm the same day and i spoke with MEENAKSHI (Chennai zone) and i requested her to activate Tamil one & Tamil two she was very rude with me she ordered me to activate through SMS. she didn't even gave the SMS information. i requested her to transfer the call to team leader or supervisor on the floor she refused and said i will not transfer the call nor i will not even give the name of the team leader or supervisor later on she kept me on hold for a very longer time so please provide me good service if not i suggest you to close your company

im very much disappointed with your service i don't why she didn't even transfer the cal to the team leader so im planning to cancel all my connections with you because of your bad customer.

im looking for a solution ASAP and dont repeat it again.

if im not getting the solution for this problem im going to sue this company... we are apying you the money right so im looking for the solution ASAP.

Prabhu kumra

DishTV — Channels not available.

I am very sorry to fill a complaint againt you that your dishtv service will make a problem. Few channels are not available like sony, zee cinema, &pictures, zee classic, zee action, utv movies, utv action, movies ok, and star gold.

Worang VC Recharage

Wrong VC No [protected] Rs 300. right VC [protected] Cousm. name Nand Lal M. N [protected] tran: Id[protected].04 2015

Change the pakages

My ID. [protected]. I want to change my pakage from Super Platinum pack Rs.400/- to New Super Family pack Rs.230/- as early as possible.

31/10 our ditshtv deactivated

Sir our vc no [protected] sir we recharge on 30/10. but our dishtv is deactivated 31/10 . we have lots of message to 57575 but no respond plese sir

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