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Tata Sky Customer Care

Tata Sky Ltd.

3rd floor, C-1, Wadia International Centre, Pandurang Budhkar Marg
Mumbai City District
India - 400025
Landmarks:Bombay Dyeing

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts

1860 500 6633  [except MTNL]

Additional info
Andhra Pradesh
Postpaid +91 92 4600 0121
Prepaid +91 92 4601 2524

Postpaid +91 92 0700 0121
Prepaid +91 92 0701 2524

Postpaid +91 92 3400 0121
Prepaid +91 92 3401 2524

Postpaid +91 92 1000 0121
Prepaid +91 92 1001 2524

Postpaid +91 92 270 00121
Prepaid +91 92 2701 2524

Postpaid +91 92 5400 0121
Prepaid +91 92 5401 2524

Himachal Pradesh
Postpaid +91 92 1800 0121
Prepaid +91 92 1801 2524

Jammu & Kashmir
Postpaid +91 92 0500 0121
Prepaid +91 92 0501 2524

Postpaid +91 92 4300 0121
Prepaid +91 92 4301 2524

Postpaid +91 92 4900 0121
Prepaid +91 92 4901 2524

Postpaid +91 92 3100 0121
Prepaid +91 92 3101 2524

Madhya Pradesh
Postpaid +91 92 2900 0121
Prepaid +91 92 2901 2524

Postpaid +91 92 2500 0121
Prepaid +91 92 2501 2524

Postpaid +91 92 2000 0121
Prepaid +91 92 2001 2524

North East
Postpaid +91 92 0600 0121
Prepaid +91 92 0601 2524

Postpaid +91 92 3800 0121
Prepaid +91 92 3801 2524

Postpaid +91 92 1700 0121
Prepaid +91 92 1701 2524

Postpaid +91 92 1400 0121
Prepaid +91 92 1401 2524

Tamil Nadu
Postpaid +91 92 4400 0121
Prepaid +91 92 4001 2524

Uttar Pradesh East
Postpaid +91 92 3500 0121
Prepaid +91 92 3501 2524

Uttar Pradesh West
Postpaid +91 92 1900 0121
Prepaid +91 92 1901 2524

West Bengal
Postpaid +91 92 3300 0121
Prepaid +91 92 3301 2524

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Customer satisfaction rating
So far so good - The company responded to our notifications and is working on resolving complaints.

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Tata Sky — not able to view services thought he account is valid upto 23rd july 2018 [Resolved]

 Mallika Arumugam on Jul 16, 2018
My Subscription No:[protected] valid up to 23rd July 2018. Last payment of rent is 23rd June 2018 for Rs.290/- I got the intimation that the balance is valid up to 23rd July 2018.. I was reminded in this regard by you on 16/07/2018. I am not able to view the services but is shows the payment is 24/05/2018 . Please go through the complain and rectify immediately....
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Tata Sky — signal issues and no technical support!!

 Nabarun Chatterjee on Jul 16, 2018
The service provided by Tata sky is pathetic. I would never suggest someone to buy this kind of service. I was not receiving signal on my Tata sky box..and on the other hand few channels are working..I contacted Tata sky around 2.10pm and it's 7.00 still no response..this kind of company who doesn't know customer satisfaction should be closed.!! Pathetic!...
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Tata Sky — fifa world cup live match being telecasted in dd sports is intentionally cut on the name of supreme court hearing

 saikrishna katakam on Jul 15, 2018
Tata sky has disconnected DDsports live transmission of FIFA World Cup final on the name of Supreme Court hearing... on the contrary jio is airing in ddsports as well... why do Tata sky betrays it’s Customers. It’s balatant exploitation on part of its customers.
What’s the problem of TATAsky to disconnect DDSPORTS intentionally to hurt it’s customers which cannot be supported by any means...
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Tata Sky — dealer of tatasky cheated us

 jatin teen on Jul 15, 2018
22918 is my order id
2days before i took connection of from mydth.com
I wanted sun direct..they said u pay 2590 i paid ...then they said no sundirect keep tata sky ..
I said ok one month free
After 2 days now they disconnected the service telling to recharge again
This tata sky dealer cheated me.
This is the no of dealer[protected]
I did not get free one month also they shout on phone....
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Tata Sky — im complaining about the customer service has been not helping to fix my problems

 psraje on Jul 15, 2018
Myself Mr. P.S. Raje been facing problem since more than 10’days now, not able to see my new subscription plan for which I paid Rupees 560/-
As well as paid Rupeess 500/- for new Set Top Box, which was changed by your techinician 3 Times aince last 10 days.

Staff in customer Service Ms. Pooja been speaking and she knows the problems.
While she didn’t help me with the issue that’s been going on for 10’days now.
While I kept asking where is the Technician who supposed to visit, on this no response and Ms. Pooja closed the line on me.
It’s been...
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Tata Sky — customer grievance not addressed and failure to refund for the mistake done by the dth operator against natural justice

 sunsoft30 on Jul 13, 2018
To the kind attention of T.Shanmugamanivel, Nodal officer, Tatasky, Chennai.
Copy to
1) INGRAM, (Integrated Grievance Redressal Mechanism), Department of Consumer Affairs, Government of India
2) Consumer Complaints Redressal Council (INDIA)
3) Centralized Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring System (CPGRAMS)

Dear Sir,
Sub: Customer grievance not addressed and failure to refund for the mistake done by the DTH operator against natural justice.

My Subscription ID : [protected]

I am a customer of TataSky DTH services...
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Tata Sky DTH — I am coplaining about change connectin name

 Umesh Singh Narwariya on Jul 13, 2018
I am complaining about change connection ownersip name. old name is Ramesh ben. new owner name is Umesh Singh Narwariya. maine 8th june ko katni se naya connection lia, lekin bad me mujhe pata chala ki pahle se ye connection kisi aur ke name par hai.Isliye mai connection apne name Umesh Singh Narwariya ke name par change karvana chahta hu. My following details given are - subscriber id- [protected] owner's name - Umesh Singh Narwariya resitered mobile nuber - [protected]...
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Tata Sky — non attending complaints and asking cash money 600 without receipt

 Ashok Toke @Ant4301664 on Jul 11, 2018
My Tata sky set top box is not receiving any signal from Saturday Sunday Mon Tuesday and Wednesday and only once Jagdish attended on Tuesday 11AM saying Splitter used on common antenna is defective and asked for 600 Rs cash to replace it with condition that it should not be informed to anybody in Tatasky .Since he was not giving receipt or take 300 each from both connected subscribers, he left without connecting splitter. After complaining four times also no body attended till now for two appointments given by sms and also promising to repair today morning by TATA SKY call centre authorities no...
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Tata Sky — tata sky worsted services ever

 PŕäķāSh Påřwäñį on Jul 10, 2018
Its been 20 days that i have the signal issue and have called the customer service more than 18 times and have connected with online chat several times and also raise more than 4 service requests online. requests have been closed without an update, chats agents will reply that they will send a technician to check the issue, nothing will happened and when we call they will schedule a site visit which never happened and they have close the requests that the issue has been resolved. i paid for this month but never used the service..this is the worst customer service i have had in a long time..they...
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Tata Sky — just recharge at 9 pm - today on 8-7-18 and your message saying next recharge is on 6-8-10 why 2 days before and why showing 220 to 213 - ?

 Parja on Jul 8, 2018
Complainting for your msg showing my date of Recharge is just 2 days at 9 pm 8-7-18 you are showing by next recharge DT 6-8-10 -? Why 2 days before ? And why showing amount rs 213 ? Please do next recharge DT on 8-8-18 as p honesty, iam your new customer, unfortunately you charge first few months 180 and now 220, ok paying regularly as you charge, please don't hesitate me to recharge 2 days before date ?...
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Tata Sky — money deduction

 Dinesh1749 on Jul 8, 2018
Tatasky management wrongly entered cable wire usage and deducted money 350rs from my I'd and collected extra 100rs. Technicians visit home and said that problem is our end will add money within 3 days this happen on 23 June, today date is July 8th till now the issue is not resolved and they closed my complaint without any information to me. Thank u...
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Tata Sky — again issue - issue goes in loop - worst product

 Dhaval Sodha Parmar on Jul 8, 2018
Some days ago, my tata sky setup box not working, sales person changed it & taken price of it with service charge. After some days of it, It again with same condition, not working setup box. Sales person had changed some cables & adapter & taken service charge more than 600rs. This type of issues happened 2 times after it.

Today morning same thing happened, already booked complaint, no person will come.

This is worst experience with tata sky, bad service, bad product, bad customer support.

Want to change Tata sky to another provider....
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Tata Sky — poor website design

 srini235 on Jul 8, 2018
New website is a disaster..so poorly designed..After struggling 15 min i could not figure out how to renew..it shows the package is due for renewal--but there is no button to renew...no link for any customer feedback/suggestion...unexpected from Tatas..very very poor...their last tv interface upgrade also was disaster..which they rolled back...they should roll back website also...
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Tata Sky — my dish cable was broken.

 dhandhalya yagnik on Jul 7, 2018
My complain number is :165F8NA0
Complain register on[protected]:15 AM.

i had complained on 6th july 2018 11:15 am. As per your tata sky executive, complain would resolve within 24 hrs & u received call within 2 hrs but no call till 7th july up to 5:16 pm (till no call ) I had got message that person would come from 2:20 pm to 4:20 pm. No body came & no call. I call tata sky executive that "person will not come" is not issue but at least tell him to call me or u call him & told me when he will come. but ur 4 executives had told me that this is not possible to call person, this...
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Tata Sky — tata sky care

 adityagautam12 on Jul 7, 2018
My name is Aditya Gautam, i have purchase a tatasky disth connection on last 1 years back, due to some issue i have change user name, Mobile number & address details on my connection.

Old connection details are as belows -
Customer Id -[protected]
Name - pooran singh
Add - mahamaya nagar
Pin Code-281302
Ph- [protected]
New address & name
Name - Aditya Gautam
Add - bisawar sadabad hathras
Pin Code-281302
Ph - [protected]...
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Tata Sky — agent gives false advice and take extra money

 Swati@ on Jul 6, 2018
Some days before there is signal problem in my tatasky so I call the tata sky agent 1 st he dint come 3 days and after 3 days he check the disk and do some meeting on set top box and said there is problem in your set top box and I have to buy new set top box he give me advice by 1599 rs box or by 3000 rs. Now when I call other agent then I find out there is no problem in my set top box he change my tatasky password and because of that my bad dint start and does not show any signal. Plzz take strict action against him. I don't know his current name but I give u his no. [protected]...
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Tata Sky — tata sky man(sanjay dey-8638887665) has charged money n had worsen our problem

 Venika Goyal on Jul 6, 2018

We were having problem with our Tata sky connection from a long time- maximum channels were not coming, even after subscribing them. We had complained about this matter many a times but to no avail. but 15 days back a Tata sky man named 'Sanjay Dey' (mobile no.-[protected]) attended the complaint n told us that a device of 2400/- will be required and problem would be resolved, so we gave him d amt. Having faith that he is Tata sky staff..bt he has put some used device which had worsen d situation (TV serials keeps on hang every 5secs).It has become impossible to watch d...
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Tata Sky — blue screen only we are watching

 Srinivasan Raja on Jul 6, 2018
Very worst service . Very careless people's are working in customer care service . Am using more than 3 years with 2 multiple tvs also. Paying around rs 700 to them. But they didn't give proper response to their customers. Better they told us to disconnect the connection. Very worst behaviour with their customer. I want to kick them for their activity....
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Tata Sky — dhamal mix pack yearly subscription

 Rajsingh51 on Jul 5, 2018
I have connection of tata sky dth with yearly subscription of dhamal mix package with hd.
I was having few extra ruppees in account.
Suddenly it start showing negative balance of 228.8 rs. Now i am afraid if i recharge my connection, i will loss these 226.8 rs without any reason.
I have called tata sky but "we will call back" is solution they offered. Online chat support gathered all details and not responded after that.
Tata sky is taking customer for granted....
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Tata Sky — regarding the tata sky plan

 Rajender Reddy Chinna on Jul 5, 2018
It was a complaint on executive who has given wrong information that they said it was the better one but we have taken and after completion of installation it will be free for 3 months and the after that we have recharge with 199. It means package is about 199 rs but right now we have to do with rs 482. What is this? Really we felt very bad and it was not the right thing. And the executive name is mr. Rakesh and the mobile number is [protected]... Please action on him... For giving the wrong advice...
We need 199 plan with hd and only telugu channels, sports &news... If it possible please...
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