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[Resolved]  Dr. L. H. Hiranandani Hospital At Powai — Rs 8100 CHARGED WITHOUT TREATMENT AT DR L.H HIRANANDANI HOSPITAL

I had pain in my left knee since the last three weeks. I approached Hiranandani Hospital and was referred to Dr. Sanjeev Jain (Othopaedics). I explained to him my problem.He recommended that I do an X-ray and MRI scan. His appointment and the X-ray and MRI scan cost me Rs 7350. The next day when I went to him with the scan and X-ray report he took one cursory glance at each report and told me I was fine. He did not prescribe any treatment at all. I couldn't believe it, my knee was hurting and here was a famed doctor saying there was nothing wrong. (He was not adding any value after I had been charged Rs 7350 !!). When I insisted he asked me to perform more tests, this time blood test and knee phisiotherapy which togetrher cost me Rs 750 more. This doctor was unable to pinpoint the cause even after MRI scan and X-ray and he was recommending further tests !!

I went upto the physiotheraphy department. I was asked Rs 350 as consulatation fees for seeing Dr. Roli Dave. I duly paid the amonut, took the receipt and was shown the physiotheraphy department.

Dr Dave met me. I showed her my file. She went through it. When she looked up I asked her what she would do to help. She said she would give me physiotheraphy. I asked her what would that constitute. She replied that she would give treatment including heat treatment to the thigh and calf muscles. I asked her whether she had read my file properly. She said yes. Then I asked her whether she could tell me Dr. Sanjeev Jain's diagnosis. She said that she didn't know the diagnosis nor what the problem with me was. (here was the phisiotherapist who didn't know what the problem was but was ready to administer me some solution which she thought was right !!!). The conversation went on like this:

Myself: Where will you apply your treatment?
Dr. Dave: Your thigh and calf muscles
Myself : What will your treatment do?
Dr. Dave : It will strenthen your muscles?
Myself: Will it help my left knee ?
Dr. Dave : No it won't?
Myself: Then what is the use of such a treatment? I came here to treat my knee.
Dr. Dave : I do not know about that. I am here to administer phsiotheraphy.
Myself: Maybe you should take a look at the X-ray and MRI Scan
Dr. Dave sat down and looked at both for quite some time. She got up. I asked her whether she now knew about the diagnosis. She replied that she did not know still what the problem was?
I told her that Dr Jain had read out the MRI scan report in front of me and told me that my knee was fine and had not diagonised or added value to the results of the MRI scan. And when she said that she did not know what his diagnosis was as there was nothing written in my file, it just corroborated my belief. I told her I had already paid approximately close to Rs 8100 for everything without any improvement or value added and no diagnosis by two doctors. At this she went ballistic. I told her that my knee was hurting so badly that I had hobbled upto the Phsiotherahy ward and I wouldn't spend close to Rs 8100 if everything was fine as Dr. Jain had concluded. They had to tell me the diagnosis. All the time I was speaking in normal tone and politely. It was she who flared up haughtily, very unebcoming of a doctor under Hippocratic oath, tut, tut...

At this she started shouting at me saying she would not treat me if I kept saying that. I asked what else should I say. Here I was hobbling with pain in my knee and two doctors of Hiranandani, who had between them taken close to Rs 8100 from me, had no clue of what the problem was and one of them was trying to fool me further by trying to administer physiotheraphy without knowing what the problem was. At this she started shouting at me at the top of her vioce. This was very unbecoming of her.

As per the patient and family rights charter of Dr. L. H Hiranandani Hospital which is given to all patients at the time of registration every patient has the " right to personal dignity and privacy during examination, procedures and treatment". Dr. Dave had violated this charter and that too just because I was persistently asking her what the problem in my knee was and what Dr Jain had diagonised and that if she didn't know the diagonosis how in the world was she trying to administer physiotheraphy to my thigh and calf muscles.

She flared up again and again and refused to listen to me. She became belligerent and started shouting at the top of her voice with expletives. She menacingly threatened me by throwing up her hands and shouting. Then she snatched the Patient Bill cum Cash receipt from where I had kept it on the desk (the one which showed I had paid Rs 350 for Physiotheraphy which Dr Jain had recommended) scoffed at me and banged the door shut on my face and went haughtily to the reception desk, asked the receptionist for the refund. I hobbled my way out of the door and by the time I had reached the reception desk all the time in pain she was scoffing derogatorily at me and waving the three hundred and fifty rupees on my face in front of all other patients.

I politely asked her who had told her to get the refund and that she could not just snatch the receipt from where I had kept it on the desk without my permission and get the refund without my permission or consent because the receipt belonged to me once I had paid the same and I had never asked her to do that.

She took one look at me in anger, opened her purse and pocketed the money. Yes, believe me, she pocketed the refund, my hardearned money which I had paid at the receptionist, she POCKETED into her purse !!!

Now, I do not have the receipt which she snatched from me and neither do I have the refund and nor have I got my money's worth of treatment !!!


I had no choice but to leave the hospital after such treatment just because I wanted to know the truth, THE TRUTH ABOUT MY KNEE.

I CAME TO THE DOORSTEPS OF DR. L.H. HIRANANDANI HOSPITAL which boldly mentions "we will treat you" . Indeed I got treated. Treated with the most unprofessional and callous attitude by its doctors and that it COST ME RS 8100 all within 24 hours. I got maltreated at my expense.

What a great hospital it is ? What doctors ? what treatment ? what attitude ?

It speaks volumes about you Dr. Hiranandani and to your legacy, it surely does. May you or your near and dear ones suffer just as your doctors have made me suffer. This is the curse of a patient in pain to you and on the medical fraternity of Hiranandani.

Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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This is with reference to what Maestrova has commented and as well as the complaint in general.

1 and 2. You defend the doctors in their claim that the patient was alright. But doesn't the patient know best? And if he is in pain in his knee and that is the reason for which he has come to seek treatment, and if it continues to exist (the pain) then it is quite obvious that he is NOT alright. Which means the doctors were indeed WRONG in not drawing any proper inference from the tests, or decently asking the patient to undergo further tests and draw some inference from those at least. Because Medical Tests do NOT make your pain go away, medicines do.

As for the behaviour of the concerned Physiotherapist, you maybe absolutely right in alleging that it may be a half-truth or a lie. But it still does not prove that the patient has been turned away despite paying for services. Doctors are not our slaves when we pay them for their services (and mind you, he has in no way treated them in that sense) but they are very much obliged to provide service to the customer's satisfaction. In this case the patient was not satisfied and he wished to be fully satisfied with the money he has paid for the services, so he will simply go about his best (with a hobbling stutter) to claim the services that are rightly his.

This is an outrage. And not because it has been written in this way. It is because of complete carelessness and lethargy on the part of the first doctor who just was possibly too busy or "not in the mood" to read the results of an X-Ray and an MRI Scan. Appalling. And if it was NOT a Skeletal problem (since X ray was rejected) and not a Nervous system problem, since MRI scan was rejected) then what remains is the muscular system and the blood circulation problems. Now Physiptherapy fixes that, so he was right in assigning Physiotherapy. And blood tests for the blood problems (if any)

The Physiotherapist was (in my opinion) supposed to administer Physiotherapy pertaining to the Knee and Possibly the Leg muscles. Whereas she has decided to administer to the Thigh and Calf, (which even thought are part of the leg, are still NOT the problem area i.e the Knee)

It is shameful behaviour on the part of an organization that lays claim to such reputation and goodwill.
Hey S.R. Fernandes (and people who might like to read)

Just saw this write-up on this website and I have some comments on this. You might find it helpful. To make it more reader friendly I have mentioned them with bulleted points. So here it.

1. It is the honesty of the doctors that they have mentioned to the patient that he was alright. Of course this was done after the test (I believe any real doctor will ask for test reports).

2. It was the patient who wanted more treatment. So it’s not the doctors who fooled him. Patient made himself to pay more (and that too when doctors confirmed to patient that he was well and did not needed any treatment).

3. And when patient was alright, what did he expected out of physiotherapy treatment. Any honest doctor would give him or person like him same answer. It means he was alright (before the treatment) and he will be alright (after the treatment). Therefore I feel physiotherapist and orthopedic doctor were honest and ethical as doctors.

4. He paid physiotherapist’s fees before asking physiotherapist if there is any need of the treatment (so what if orthopedic has asked) . Then definitely physiotherapist can only give him the treatment and nothing more. This is what this physiotherapist was doing.

5. The transcript of the conversation he gave (between this bad attitude patient and the physiotherapist). That’s his version of the story. It can be a complete lie or half truth (which is more misleading than complete lie).

6. He has written like a DRAMA SCENE. Any reason for this? Is this to play some blame game and earn something? … Just curious because the author has shown sadness (several times) in spending money for his own health. He thought of money so many times.


With the way he has written this complaint, it makes me feel that he considered doctors to be his slaves and he can mistreat them just because he had paid them some money. They are also human beings. And human beings have rights to avoid people who behave badly with them.
They should improve, Not only with lot of accrediations but with better and meaningfull patient care.
They all just loot in the Hiranandani Hospital with just high priced tags on each and every thing you want to get treated upon...What the hell is professionalism when there is no care and just this charge and that charge..totally bull
The matter was settled by CEO mr. sujit chatterjee.

He refunded my money. Although they are not ready to accept any mistake.

But i think the person should be forgiven. Everyone makes mistake and its necessary to learn from mistakes.

As for me i have lost faith
dear sir,
i am residing in delhi and recently on 7/12/2009 my father sh.ramlal shukla had admitted in hospital in very serious condition in icu.the charges of hospital are shocking for a middle class but the services are excellent and care of patient is i don't think this type of complaint is revalent regarding hospitals services.
had being visiting the hospital from last 2 months first was told that we have to pay250 for every visit we are asked to pay even if we go the next day isnt that wrong even if the doctor just reads you report which he has asked to get tested i was told by myfriendthat this is wrong because she was also visiting the same doctor but this didnt happen with her but why me need an answer and a proper solution so that we also continue withour treatment the doctors are doing so or the receptionist misguiding or it is totally wrong rules made by the hospital
I'm not a doctor and would like to highlight

01. Every patient and more so the patient party has the right to be treated with dignity and respect to his time and all sorts of other responsibilities in life which he/she must keep performing despite the need to be there for the dear one in and around the hospital. He earns his respect not because he has paid for it, but because he is a human.

02. Every doctor under the sun has got his rights to be respected not because of the prefix 'Dr.', but because he/she is human. A majority of these people simply forget this and become arrogant over a period of time. The matter of the fact is that they are specialist(s) in a stream of knowledge (read medical science and the related sub branches) so are all o[censored]s in some form of knowledge. Only a porter knows how to handle the weights around his shoulders and over his head, the right way.

03. The evolution of entity in hospitals and the greed behind (read corporate greed) this (and also other factors) compels the fragile soul i. e. the doctor to indulge in all sorts of MAL practices.

04. One thing is for sure that hospitals seldom accept their callousness and JUST DON'T LISTEN TO PATIENTS OF THEIR FAMILIES.
I am kideny patient And I was admitted in L H Hiranandani Hopital in very serious condition. Doctors& Staff of Hiranandani Hospital treated me & saved My life.

Dr roli has given me Physiotherapy treatment & today I am able to walk 6 km without break . Initially I was not able to walk at all one step. She encourage me & give full attention with great patience.She is very polite & humble& gave full attenton and make me walk.

When I read this incident & with confidence I Say it can not be true. She is very simple & kind hearted.7 fully devoted in her work.

Both sides of the incident should be carefully analysed before we can pass value judgments on such sensitive issues as Doctor - Patient relationships. Suffice to say that, Doctors should be more humane in their approach & patients should be also be careful before passing comments on deficiency of service without absolutely being sure or, talking to the respective authorities concerned to redress their grievances.

- Lakpal
Hello S.R. Fernandes,

I am really sorry for you whatever happened to you... Even I being an MBBS doctor went to Dr L.H. Hiranandani hospital for eye check up and was not at all recognised and had to pay the huge consultation fees along with registration fees which is against the code of medical ethics A DOCTOR SHOULD NOT ASK CONSULTATION FROM ANOTHER DOCTOR FOR WRITING HIM/HER PRESCRIPTION...>>>>>>>>>>>>>> they don't have any Patient friendly policy... ITS JUST a 2/3* hotel with average clinical care if you pay lots of money...

The author appears to be a schmuck, very well scripted. He is such an imbecile that he could not understand a very simple fact...not all cases are diagnosed properly in the medical fraternity...they aint God; some medical cases are treated symptomatically and many a times by doing so they come to the obvious conclusion by alleviating all other possible diagnosis. The physiotherapist and the orthopaedician appeared true and good with the professional standards and ethics, the sculpture of ill-behavior and in decency shown appears totally frictions. Docs can not keep telling A-Z of the disease, t/t and followup...simply because its quite arduous and also the patient wont understand the exact connotation and heed and may also ill interpret the explanation.

It just amazes me how riling kind of person the author is, its like you keep flushing the toilet but the would keep appearing and floating.

Regarding the latest post posted by a MBBS doctor, its a pity that you cant pay your consultation...wonder how much do you charge your patients? Do you treat the needy and the poor people for free, have you assisted them with any financial support regarding the medical investigations (patho reports, x-rays) and drug (medicine) purchase...You people expect to get favours from other docs? Refrain from your poor idea about obsolete medical ethics in India.

yes hiranandani hospital is only to make money.doctors try different types of mediicine.and make money by writing test like mri etc
I totally agree with this person. This doctor is just a blood sucker of patients. He even asked me to do MRI for my back though the pain was not too severe. Later on finding the report positive, he again recommended me to see a physiotherapist like he did with Maestrova. God knows where his integrity is? Given all the medals and letters and cards of appreciation shown in his cabin, it feels he is JUST ONE BIG TIME FRAUD.

so I suggest patients to be very very careful and better avoid this person. May God do justice to this money-hungry man.
i read all the above arguments just after getting an appointment with an ENT specialist for the next i m in total dilemma...
We treat DOCTOR'S as GOD...
oh! GOD save me...
I have been treated in Hiranandni Hospital many times. I am Dr Jain's patient and I have full faith in his judgment. I have witnessed this incidence in physiotherapy department mentioned by this gentleman. I have aslo been treated by physiotherapist Dr Roli Dave. I have had many family members and friends having orthopaedic problem and it's my experience that if patient does not need any surgery then most of the time physiotherapy is advised and patient get benefit out of this.

I had witnessed that this gentlemen was very abusive to physiotherapist, doctors and hospital. When I came to know that he wanted to have MRI by himself so doctor had advised. This man did not wanted to wait as according to him he had no time. If he had to pay for MRI and he was advised simple treatment their was no reason to make noise. I FEEL THESE ALLEGATIONS MADE BT HIM ARE ABSOLUTELY WRONG AND BASELESS. These kinds of things happen. It is not necessary that every complaints will have diagnosis and if without trying any treatment someone start abusing is not the right thing to do. I am also unhappy with the comment given by some one big time fraud or money hungery man... I feel these patient may be happy to have surgery without any reason as they get lost if a good doctor advise them simple treatment like physiotherapy. Every one must know that medical treatment in private hospital is a bit costly as compare to goverment hospital. But there is no reason to blame EXCELLENT HOSPITAL / EXCELLENT DOCTORS AND PHYSIOTHERAPIST

A well infomed and treated patient
My mother has been suffering from an orthopedic problem for years & despite MRI scans, x-rays, blood tests, physiotherapy, massages, etc. nothing seems to have worked. Yet, when I experienced a similar problem I was told I needed surgery. Dr. Sanjeev Jain operated on me and it has significantly improved my condition. I have no complaints at all.

I have also been to the physiotherapy section numerous times & always found them to be polite. Yes, Hiranandani is expensive but I prefer their services to any other hospital.

I understand your frustration at not getting any satisfactory treatment especially after paying so much but you have to accept the fact that medical science still has a long way to go in curing ailments.

If you lose your cool it is unlikely people will treat you with courtesy.
Doctor is no more a profession but it is pure business especially at Hiranandani Hospital. They just mean business i.e. money making by taking advantage of patients pain and sufferings. I have chaught them 3 times cheating and when found guilty they just ignore it by saying sorry and justifying by removing that wrong charge from your bill.
In India, doctors DO NOT communicate sufficiently with patients. This problem would not have arisen if the doctor had spokent to the patient and discussed the method of diagnosis and treatment with the patient. Usually doctors behave like patients dont know and are too stupid to understand anything. They only answer when asked probing questions. I find that I have to google every melady and prescription before I speak to the doctor. Then the doctors ask me if I am a medical student!!
I fully agree with Aurobind, that it is serious lack of communication from the doctor's end that led to the complication.

I can say with confidence that because I myself had approached Dr Sanjeev in 2009 with a very bad shoulder pain, which was deteriorating by the day. While I had to cough up a good amount of money on the diagnostic tests as suggested by Dr Jain. The only thing he said in 2 secs was “It will be alright” and showed me the door.

For my 15 day old severe pain which was not getting any better, I was not expecting magic obviously. But the least he could do was offer some explanation/ treatment or at least some instructions on my posture. On my poking him two three times again with the same question he just gave me mild painkiller (which eventually did not help).

I finally had to take a month off from work without pay and stay at home. To all the Sanjeev Jain supporters…I am not questioning his capability and competence at all !

Neither do I suffer from a hypochondriasis (as some of you pro-Jains might like to believe). But the fact was I was in great pain (which was not my imagination)…in search of a cure (even if a slow one) or at least a few words of communication from the very busy doctor on how to avoid it further from happening !

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