[Resolved]  Fiat India / Palio — Car with inferior quality and pathetic service

I bought a Fiat Palio 1.2CC in 2002 with all the eagerness of owning a good car like any other consumer. The car has been always giving one or the other problems all throughout especially after warranty expiry and worsening as the car ages. Let me take you through each aspect of the frustration.

I. Too many and frequent costly parts failure
1. During the first year warranty period, Speedometer had a design defect which used to show less speed than actual speed driven. Fiat replaced the entire dashboard unit.
2. During additional 2 year warranty (Fiat Advantage), following things failed. 1. Alternator, 3. Thermostat, 4. Thermistor, 5. Horn, 6. Central locking. After months of fighting, Fiat replaced.

There have been much more failures which were attributed to wear and tear (so early!!) like Gear assembly and similar endless list of spares which are costly.

II. Rusting:
My woes intensified really much more by closure to 3 year wty completion and thereafter.

1. Dickey door started rusting and the paints started bubbling. As usual after all the fighting, Fiat replaced the dickey door. Dickey door once again rusted, and they painted. Now again it has rusted, Fiat is not doing anything.
2. Driver seat side door got rusted and a hole formed. Fiat did what some blacksmiths do to close the hole and painted. Now the rusting started again.
3. Rusting started in the railing of the car which can be noticed on opening the door as the rusting formation is in the foot steps of the rail. Fiat is unable to address.
4. Recently rusting started in a new spot and paints started bubbling similar to the dickey. Fiat is not doing anything for it.
5. Few years ago, when my car was in stationery was hit by another vehicle in a minor incident. The damage in the front bonnet was very high (spent about Rs.30000). It was found the front bonnet metal body had rusted, that broke away which caused a major damage.
6. Once my car abruptly stopped midway. It was found the clutch oil tube had rusted and leaked which I had to replace on my cost.
7. There are some more rusting spots observed and Concorde has surveyed the car and given a report to Fiat but Fiat is sleeping on it.

III. Paint quality
1. Upon three year of car ageing, the ceiling/roof top paint has faded and look with a different color now. I have seen many Fiat cars like this. A phenomenon I have not seen in any other manufacturers’ car.
2. Outer body paint started perforating and looks like the paints chipped or how minutely broken glasses mass glare. Concorde has surveyed the car and given a report to Fiat who is sleeping on it.

III. Non guarantee on supplied parts.

1. Fiat does not support quality of a replaced part. Fiat had replaced the central locking electronic assy immediately after Fiat advantage expiry for the complaint registered within warranty period. That part has been malfunctioning and Fiat refuses after dilly dallying for 2 years lying that they had not replaced. I have the proofs including the bank statement (Fiat’s agency reimburses for spares during Fiat Advantage period).

IV. Non availability of spare parts.
1. A plastic chrome plate inside the car is missing. Fiat had been blaming Concorde for not giving the part number (which was false), Fiat dodged for a year and still says no parts available and Concorde helped me putting a spare from Indica car!
2. Every time a spare fails, it means your car has to be in the workshop for weeks due to non-availability of spare parts from Fiat. The service agencies order and follow up after follow up! Recently Fiat could not deliver a spare – power steering oil tube which I could buy even from outside.

V. Service network.
1. Service network has been a perennial problem. You have to always take the car from one end of the city to anther end every time. And poor network outside the major cities. Luckily, you can depend on Sundaram Motors network that comes to your rescue.

VI. Irresponsive service and never care attitude from Fiat’s employees.

1. Fiat is lethargic on complaints. 1. They do not respond to mails – you need to provoke them to get them respond. 2. They take too much time and blame the service centers like Concorde for no faults from Concorde. 3. Despite all cries, they never even want to speak to you. Totally contrasting attitude compared to Maruti’s service I have been hearing.

Am I the only one to complain? No. Same are the stories of many of my colleagues who bought Fiat Palio whent here was no similar alternative cars in the market.

I am not much concerned if Fiat solves these issues now or not. But, until they notice and give attention / service, I am going to publish endlessly this story website after website and mass mailers. Consumers should not be taken for granted. I can afford to buy car >4 times of price of Fiat Palio.
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Aug 14, 2020
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Dear Sir
Thanks for the mail
fist car failed on 1435 KM on that time we put our complain regarding defect of car and ask replacement than told us from R D motors this time you drive car if any problem or same problem arise than we look in this matter and replace car but you can check in your recored officially or non officially how many times car go to R D Motors and we asking replace ment all time given verble commitment. We recived to letter from RD motors to take delivery repaired car all time we ask for replacement Than we recived the letter from RD Motor once vhicale registerd than it is not possible to replace this reason I think not valid. That is not my ptoblem how you replace car. I have paid full amount of money and I need full value of my money. If you put your self on my place and think once. Where we are wrong. Yes I feel now I am wrong becouse I purchase fiat car on the lable of TATA senod mistake done buy me that that I have purches car From RD Motor
Why you request again to uas take delivery of defective repaired car.
Till the replacenet not done we will not take delivery of car.
Thanking you
fully agree to ur concern
broadly if i am able to understand

Rusting is serious ; can i know whether you are satying near seashore? AntRust/ teflon is advisable...
during these years probabaly you got half the parts of car repalced? whereas FIAT parts are imported and costly...
have you being driving or busy with service centres only. why dont you sell and go for a better product...
Fellow friends,

I’m another fiat owner, who regret to my soul that I bought a Fiat car; everything related to it is Painful and terrific.

I bought Fiat Palio Stile SLX on July 11th from Preran Motors Bangalore.

Sales, Support, Service and even the basic manners of people related to it is really horrible.

Sales Experience I had with Prerana Motors, Agara Branch, Sarjapur Road Bangalore was the worst to start with.

I requested for a 2008 Model and Made car and I was given a 2007 Made one.
The Interest Rate promised and provided are different(word of trust not kept).
At last I got my Car on the delivery day with long scratches(escalated the same and got it changed).
On delivery nobody explained anything about the car nor a precaution required to drive technically, very little the guy who sold the car knew about the car.

I am very good at giving my car for services regularly. I Care my Car(Nobody else). Since Prerana Motor’s Service Center is very far from my place, I preferred Green Tracks Auto Services (PVT) Ltd. Authorized service center for TATA FIAT. (8KM from my place)

Another Painful Customer Service I received from:
‘Green Tracks Auto Services (PVT) LTD situated near Madivala on Housur Road.

Right after the service the ignition error came up. The very same day went to them and had it fixed.
It’s frequently popped up (4 times) and I kept on rectified it from Green Tracks (The service is not reliable at all) Thrice this was rectified by Babu from Green Tracks.

Another Dissatisfying Experience occurred when I went to report the AC problem twice we had broght the car to the serice station for the Ac checkup since we felt the AC is not up to the mark...they said there is nothing wrong with it and second time luckly my husband stood near the car and got to know from the mechanic that there was one of the three plugs missing. Three plugs covered by a plastic shield, and nobody noticed it one of them is missing.

The second service was done on 4th of October 2008, at Green Tracks and they gave my car back within 3-4 hours with the Bill of Rs.1416.00/- ( I am attaching the Bill for reference) The bill says the Coolant was replaced and Coolant hose clamp tightened….

I belive, everything happned after the 2nd service...

Last Saturday after a short drive of 20 kms I heard a strange noise from the car and it smelt of smoke or something burnt.
I immediately stopped the car and opened the Bonnet to check where it was from, Found that the coolant and the related Hoses were very dry and burnt like.
Immediately called Babu and informed the same. He wanted me to drive it to the Garage, while taking the car back to the them It made strange sounds whenever accelerated and the engine went off twice in between 10 kms.

Babu, on checking my car, said “The Engine is Seized” Horrifying to me because my car is less than six months old. I could not believe that because a seized engine will not let us start the car and the reason that I guessed logically (as I am not technically sound with cars),

The actual reason was : the coolant went dry and leaked which led the engine over heat.

Now why/how it happened : I have driven my car more than 7500KM, and it just happened right after the 2nd service.

Logically whom should be blamed for??? How it should’ve happned. I drive my car only on weekend and not more than 15-50 a week.

I assume : They might have not filled the coolant or accidentally the hose got damaged. As they already mentioned some works at the service BILL. I doubt during this process, there should have had a disturbance to the Coolant. This may have led to the Hose leak Or Manufacturing defect in the hose that they changed during the second service.

Please note THE ENGINE Heat/Temperature indicator never went above the middle level during any time during any of our journeys.

I believe a service should include a check on everything in the car, though it is free(so called).
We end up paying few thousands during our services.

Shouldn’t they check and confirm every aspect of the car functioning properly.
I am completely fed up with Tata Motors Service Stations and people involved from the Sales and support.

I have spent my lifetime to buy this car and now it is a pain in my life, in terms of Service.

I’ve escalated this issue to TATA and hopefully they will fix it to my satisfaction.

One serious Note : none of the service center mechanics and floor supervisors, knows very little about the car mechanism, no manners, never seems to understand our concern, I felt all of them are unprofessionals.

Maksood ([protected])
I bought one Fiat Palio Stile SDX model in sept2008 and this was my biggest mistake of my life. Can u believe that Hind Motors Chandigarh an authorised service provider of Fiat Palio does not have Diesel filter in thier stock. I went to the Hind Motors Chandigarh yesterday to get my car serviced third time and the service advisor gave me an estimate of Rs 2800/- for the same. After that i got a call from Hind Motors that ur is car ready and u can teke ur car. I went there and i was surprised to see the bill of my car. It was only for Rs.1420/-. When i asked about the same they simply told me that we dont have the Diesel filter in our stock and we have changed the engine oil only. We will call u soon once we get the filter in our stock.

I would like to ask TATA and Fiat that i[censored] cannot keep the stock for the most common part of the car in ur stock why u r selling ur product in the market. And i[censored] dont hv the stock why u r attending the sevice calls o[censored]r car.

I would also like to tell all my friend who are reading my complaint that pls dont go for FIAT products ever. Even all of my friends suggested me to not to buy this car but still i dont know why i did this mistake.

Jasvinder Singh
hi guys,

My first car that i got was a fiat palio sport in 2002 1.2 ... i used for a bout a year, then my brother who turned 18 took over as i upgraded to a sonata, then later my wife started driving it in 2005 . Trust me guys i still have the car with me i have just redone the paint once and the suspension thrice, otherwise basic maintaince/... as on today its a aao jaao ghar tumara car driven by just about any body in the friend circle. iam quite happy with the car,

tata motors/fiat palio — paint work onfiat palio

i got my second hand fiat palio DL 9CG 3990 painted on the outer only after dent work at Rama motors, okhla new delhi, but they charged me 30000/- where as he had quoted only 23000/- in the begining.

i was`not shown the companys approved service charges...

i felt poorly treated by the staff at the end.
Overall car is excellent for the price and build quality. We need to take care of regular service. Even i have faced few problems with that point in time i realised OWNERS WILL ONLY REALISE WHY THEY BOUGHT FIAT WHEN IT IS BROKE DOWN !!!

21KM run and clutch gone, 6K is the cost for replacement.
Fellow friends,

I bought a Fiat Palio 1.2CC in 2002 with all the eagerness of owning a good car like any other consumer. The car has been always giving one or the other problems.

Friends please tell me some place where i can get good Machenic for my car in delhi or in changarh.

Manik Girhotra

i agree with some complaints but in general fiat palio stile slx ( which i own ) is a good car but little bit underpowered, meant for highways not for rough hilly roads( as in j&k state). The problem i am facing is, the fuel injection system indicator on the dash board after every[protected] km, which after rectifying, appears again and agian.
In continuation of my earlier comments, I would like to share my present state of afairs that now I wish to change my palio slx( petrol ) with new palio diesel 1.3 multijet. Kindly, advise me in this dilema, though, a number of choices are coming up in diesel versions in 2010. Petrol versions being less economical for mileage per litre. What about the services and spares availability for palio diesel.
Dr. S.A.Shah
N.I.T., Srinagar, J&K
If Fiat-India-Customer-Care-Services are able to see these comments, I request them to guide me in rectifying the problem of my palio stile slx that " red indication on dash board, small finger like, for faulty fuel injection system appears agian and again after every[protected] kms." Because of this, Im very upset with the car and am thinking of changing the car with some other diesel version.

Dr. S A Shah
N I T, Srinagar J&K
Dear Brother, I have purchased a Fiat Palio SDX Top Model Car on[protected], till date I am suffering
so much that daily I am reporting to dealer for the replacement of the vehicle as soon as early .

Every Body knows that vehicle paint is peel off with in a 4 days after the purchase, Done the correspondence with every body, even with the all the concerned . steering is giving sound . tata motors
service persons not giving copy of job card repaired .

Correspondence done as under:-

Respected, Rattan Tata Motors/Fiat Car Supply Controller,

Sub:- Intial Defected car delivered By Tata HIND Motors Chandigarh,

I purchased a Fiat Palio Car SDX TOP MODEL, on 4th Sept 2009, and on the date of purchase,
to till date I am tortured by your all the Officers by assuring to replace the defected,
with in a week, but till date I am fully fed up due to no response from your Regional office, sec-17, Chandigarh.
& the product manager Rahul jain, Mukal Tyagi (RM), Ajay Sharma, Bhavav Khanna, Saket, Danish assured,
to replace the vehicle, also Shri Harkash Sharma & Sunil Kambaoj,
But from the General Manger gets no result, last dated 3rd October given by Mr Danish for the replacement of the vehicle.

Correspondence done for the period w.e.f 04th sept to Oct 3rd 2009 is as under

1. By hand to Regional Head Tata Motors Sec-17, Chandigarh :- 14th Sept 2009

2. Speed post:-
a) Controller Sales Pune on 14th Sept 2009.

b) Tata Motors LTD, Unit 305, 3rdFloor, Tower-B, Signature Towers, South city-1,
(NH-8) Gurgaon on 14th Sept 2009

c) Mr Mengesh Kullar, Mumbai, 0n 26th Sept 2009.

d) Mr. Vishake Rane, Mumbai, 0n 26th Sept 2009.

e) Suites 301, New Delhi-44 0n 26th Sept 2009.

3 By fax :- a) Controller sales, Head Office & factory :-B-19, Ranjangaon MIDC Industrial area,
Ranjangaon 412210. Talkua, Distt Pune, India.

b) By name Mr Mangesh Konalker.

4 By Email :- a) Tata Motors LTD, Unit 305, 3rd Floor, Tower-B, signature towers, South city-1, (NH-8) Gurgaon
on 14th Sept 2009 .
b) Tata Motors LTD, Unit 305, 3rd Floor, Tower-B, signature towers, South city-1, (NH-8) Gurgaon
on 30th Sept 2009 .
c) Controller sales, Head Office & factory :- B-19, Ranjangaon MIDC Industrial area,
Ranjangaon 412210. Talkua, Distt Pune, India on 01th Oct 2009 .
d) Tata Custom care 01th Oct 2009 .
e) Regional Head Tata motors Sec-17, Chandigarh 2nd Oct 2009.
f) Mr danish, Chandigarh tata Motors, sec-17. 3rd Oct 2009.
g) Mr Bhavav Khanna, Chandigarh tata Motors, sec-17 3rd Oct 2009.
h) General Manager, Tata HINd Motors, Industrial area B-15, Chg 3rd oct 2009.

Kindly do the needful help, to replace the intically defectted car.

Note:- No responce, even telephones /fax/numbers not provided by the dealers/head office,
if the Regional head Staff can not solve the customer soloution, then what will
be the use for the staff, it Looks to give haresment & menatlly torture, so that
the customer may never approach for any body .
Custom care, is eye wash as per tata confirmation letter, received on 27th sept
till date.

kindly read my correspondance by all means for the favourable action, sorry to say
I am a medium cental Govt Emloyees, purchased a Car at the end of the service, that
is defected supplied.

Thanking you .

Mohan Lal, HNo.3234, Sec-24D, Chandiagrh

Offical Address:- Mohan Lal, Inter State Police Wireless, Sec-24D, Chandigarh.
I would akin to put in the picture to you that, I am aggravated with your sales and services, by you and your authorised dealers, especially with your Trivandrum (Kerala) dealership, that makes me uncomfortable and despondent.
I purchased a fiat punto car (on 31/08/2009, No. KL 01 AW1166) from your dealer Kulathinkal motors, Trivandrum. Moreover, I experienced an assortment of dilemma from that firm, as follows.
1) Committed effects were not made available.
2) Underprivileged quality of accessories were provided (other than promised).
3) After sales behaviour was truly disappointing.
4) When ever I make an enquiry about the inconvenience of your vehicle and its components, they minimally blame your company(may be its true, to my best experiences).
4) Even my privilege, as a government employee (for a markdown of Rs. 9000/-) was secreted from me and I was prearranged only Rs. 6000/-(This is a grave mater & absolute fraud by your dealer (which was revealed from reliable sources)). Now, subsequently, they have come forward to ostentatious me the difference amount and it is, bit annoying.
To the conclusion, I would like to articulate that you folks do not have any control over these establishments (dealers) other than selling your products. This type of grave misbehaviours and betray is part of your business and you do not have any commitments to the Indian community.
my car has gone for first service i was told no oil change in first service its top up only and that to u have to pay for it Kindly clarify whta do u mean by free servig
I have bought Palio stile SDX in September 2009 and drove for 8500km and i was noticed that front side two tyres inside portion completely ruptured ( tyre threads are visible) srprising was that i have given for second free service at 7500km only afer that i drove 100km left me with the bad experience like loud tyre noise. I have given complaint to Tata jasper Vijayawada but response was very poor. today they called me and informed that only one tyre going to be replaced out two damaged. One can understand that Fiat vehicles run with three wheels only unlike all company vehicles run only with four wheels. Thia is the greatness of Fiat vehicles. I suggest all to not go for Fiat vehicles as the service is very very very poor. I hope you are understanding my grievance!!!
i own a fiat palio stile disel its about 18 months old its offered 2 yr warranty . now due to gearbox compliant it is with RF Motors Thodupuzha(cochin) for past 20 days and the response from the showroom is also very iritatting... coustomer cant use their car for their pourposes ...
store job for data entry operator
Ive marked this mail to the CEO and the CST head India...
The last resort being a criminal suit to be field against FIAT...FOR ACTUALLY ROBBING CUSTOMERS OUT OF THEIR HARD EARNED MONEY...

to Rajeev.[protected]
cc "mangesh.kodalkar" <mangesh.[protected]>
date Mon, May 24, 2010 at 4:48 PM
subject Complaint:Fiat Palio:UP32CW3023

hide details 4:48 PM (20 minutes ago)

Dear Mr.Kapoor,
I am sure that you would not be getting many such mails, but my current predicament has left me no option but to approach you for redressal. I do not wish to waste your time on trivialities but there is one point that I would like to put forth. FIAT, in its eagerness to get back it lost sheen, has committed a major blunder by tying up with the TATA Group. One cannot, and does not expect to be provided impartial attention when your partner is also selling a similar product. Below you can find attached the entire story of my sojourn with FIAT so far and I am sure, even you would agree that I have displayed exemplary patience and understanding. However I have now reached the brink of my existence and thus have brought this to your notice and the feeble hope that you might be able to get me justice.
Looking forward to your support and an early resolution to my concerns,
Thank You.
Kind Regards,
Amit Mehra.
Phoenix Consulting Services.
Member: American Press Bureau.(South East Asia)
Honorary Member : PTI - INDIA

Car Details :
Number : UP 32 CW 3023
Chassis No:MCA17888FO8072859DPZ.

from amit mehra <[protected]>
to abhinav.[protected]
date Sun, April 25, 2010 at 4:36 AM
subject Complaint:Fiat Palio:UP32CW3023

Dear Mr. Goel,
PLEASE ACCEPT MY HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS...This for the fact that MY CAR has now completed full 3 months of staying put at your Goldrush Repair Centre!!! 3 Months out of the 4 and a half that Ive bought it for..Really a great and unparalleled feat..don't you agree???
Post my last conversation with you, I am once again requesting you to kindly intervene and sort out my concerns. Inspite of the car being at the service station continuously for over 45 DAYS !!, it is still in the same pathetic condition. Infact at your behest I even waited for your valuation for the exchange but you can imagine my consternation when the car, just 4 months old gets valued by your Dept at Rs.2 Lac !!! 2 Lacs for the car for which I have shelled out 5.5Lacs in November..!!! This is when I have request you NOT TO CHANGE OR REPLACE. (the defective car you sold me in the first place!!!) BUT TO BUY BACK THE CAR and let me pay the difference for a linea??? You are not buying it, and not letting me sell it either...!!! What kind of Sales / Customer is this???
The car now has issues with the RPM (its over 2500 in IDLE mode), so I cannot get a Pollution Certificate, The AC tank, since the time GOLDRUSH palmed and fooled me into buying the car, is still leaking copious amounts of Water inside and outside, The "FACTORY INSTALLED" decks, FM is still not working. Its been over 65 Days since Ive been waiting for the water tank for the Vipers to appear but still its "supposedly" out of stock.
WHAT ??, JUST WHAT DO YOU EXPECT ME DO NOW ??? Now I actually am understanding why people lose hope with life and humanity and commit suicide...ITS IS BECAUSE THE PATHETIC AND NO GOOD PEOPLE FORCE them to...

I really regret the day I walked into your Goldrush Showroom...I really do..

Amit Mehra.

from amit mehra <[protected]>
to abhinav.[protected]
cc [protected]
date Sun, Mar 28, 2010 at 4:36 AM
subject Complaint:Fiat Palio:UP32CW3023
- Hide quoted text -

Hello Mr. Goel.

I am not aware as to whether you are aware of my concerns / case but now I am left with no alternative but to hope for a solution and pray that atleast you might come up with an answer to put me out of my misery….

I had put in a complaint (attached below) to the Fiat Customer Service Head at Pune, Mr. Mangesh Kodalkar, but unfortunately even after 17 days of running around from pillar to post, over 3 months of highhandedness from FIAT / TATA and speaking to everyone possible in the FIAT Cst dept, I have been told that you are the person who might be in a position to help me.

I got your mail id from the web and would be extremely grateful if you could spare me some minutes of your time.

Incase you feel that I have once again addressed my concerns to the wrong department, I would be highly obliged if you could kindly guide me to the concerned person / dept., as post this final effort I would be left with no option but to explore whatever legal options are suggested by my attorney.

Looking forward to you help.

Kind Regards,

Amit Mehra.


Dated :15th March, 2010.

cc: Mr.S.K.Laal. (Sr. Advocate - Tees Hazari Court, New Delhi)


I am really at a loss to decide where to begin, Hence I should start at the very beginning. The first Qs. that I have is whether in today’s monetary world, even under the most underestimated conditions, has a sum of Rupees Five Lac’s (5, 50, 000/-) lost value?? I mean is it just peanuts? If it is, then please do not proceed to read further………………You cannot and will not be able to help me out...!!

My father bought his first Fiat way back in the late Sixties, Iv actually and literally grown up on it. Gradually with more options, better variants and cut-throat competition, Fiat ceased to be a name to reckon with. And now after a long hiatus, FIAT has resurfaced, albeit taken birth under the unfortunate star of the TATA stable.

It was after a lot of deliberation and consternation's that I decided to opt for FIAT, now I really wish I would have taken a MARUTI 800 rather….even if people would have laughed at me… least I would have saved my sanity !!

I reached your GoldRush Distributer Fiazabad Road(Near HAL) sometime in October ‘09. Spoke to them about the various model available (As usual, initially I was very heartily coaxed to move to the TATA models, namely MANZA ) but I did not relent. I steadfastly refused everything and finally the Grande Punto was the car I liked. Unfortunately there was a shortage, I even requested them to arrange the model I wanted in a month, but they told me that even that was not guaranteed so finally I was forced to reconsider. Out of the available cars, the Linea was the next one but my parking space did not allow me the space for another sedan. So finally I took a test drive for the PALIO Stile. The car was good, although not in the league of the Punto or Linea but still the same Multijet Engine could be felt beneath the hood. The car atleast passed muster. I opted for it. Once again I was told that the models are not available and it would take some time before it was delivered however there was one model ( while color) that was standing in their yard that was available for immediate delivery. I was a little surprised but still went along to see it. The car was dirty, the seats were soiled but they promised me that they would change the seats and once washed, the car would be brand new after all!! Once again I was fooled, after all why would a distributor want to screw up a buyers life…??? Right?? Wrong…..The car was delivered, with the same patchy seats and I was given an explanation that no other Palios were available so the change of seats wasn’t possible….Neways I am not a man to press charges for dirty seats so I forced myself into contentment. While the sales pitch was being made, the seller let drop a vital point, He mentioned that the car had actually been called for another buyer who in the end just decided to go for the Punto hence this was left behind, and the reason it was so dirty was because it was in the yard from the past Six months.

However, since the car posed no immediate concerns I took it. I travel a lot and since this was a new variant from the Multijet Section, I took it with me. I traversed a lot in the northern region, Delhi, Chandigarh, Punjab Etc. and the car behaved just as expected, averaging over 27 !!! It was in December after the first service, that I began to realize something was amiss…The average went below 15 !!! And My clothes, as in my Jeans and trousers started showing stains on my Left foot, especially below the knee – careful search revealed that some kind of oil was being discharged from the car just below the dash on the left side and hence the Oil was spilling on my clothes, Nonetheless, I immediately took the car to the nearest FIAT / TATA showroom. Imagine my surprise when not one, not two but three centres – Chandigarh (on the Patiala – Chdh Highway), New Delhi (South Ex) & Noida (Sector 2 or 3 I don’t remember which!!) outright refused to take in my car !! Just stating that the spare parts were not available and that I should take it back to the place I bought it for proper repairs..!! Can you actually believe this …???!! This Audacity from your own service centres??? Infact at at all these places I was made to look like a fool. They actually “jeered” at me..- asking me what in the wide world had made me opt for a FIAT, least of all a PALIO?? They kept telling me it had no resale value, and even when I argued that the SWIFT and almost all other successful models in the market today sported the same engine, they still said that FIAT engines in Fiat were not something that was going to sell and this was mainly due to the fact that TATA after all would make sure and market its own cars over the FIAT….no matter what the JV was all about.

Disheartened, disillusioned I started back to Lucknow. Midway someplace the oil problem escalated…( I got to know later that it was from the Hydaulic gear / brake section) And I realized the true nature of the life risking predicament I was put into. The gear / Clutch jammed and at 90 kmph, I was forced to get off the road and stop the car using the HAND BRAKE. You can surely visualize the scene I hope.!!

Any way somehow I got back to lucknow, diving at speeds of 25- 30 kmph, and handed over the car to the service station. They had one look at and asked me if it was the same car that was left in the yard for the past 6 moths, and when I replied in the affirmative, they exchanged knowing smiles….Now I wonder why…?? I told them the problem and they assured me that it would be looked into, when asked for a timeline they very categorically refused. Finally after running after them morn/noon and night, they finally gave my car back to me after 9 days !!! NINE DAYS to change the oil tank leakage and repairs. When I collected my car, (my seat covers are cream colored ones) the car was black inside. The workers had wiped their hands on it and the interiors looked as if the CAR HAD BEEN BEEN RAPED…short of inside they had done everything to it. Eaten peanuts, left shells inside, left the wiring open at most places, the Deck was half inside, (I could pull it out!!) chapatti and pickle pieces were below the seats.!!!

TELL ME, WHICH SERVICE CENTRE AFTER KEEPING THE CAR FOR OVER 9 days RETURNS IT IN SUCH A HORRIFIC STATE ??? When I asked them about the condition they said “sorry” not that we would clean it, not that we ought to not dirtied it…but “sorry”….we’re helpless”….I said fine…what’s done is over with. And I took the car, fuming and ranting inside….called up the help lines and escalated the case to the higher authorities in Lucknow…but this was not the end, before they could apologize, or clean up my car, I realized that the oil problem had once again started, it was once again dripping copious amounts of oil and not just that ….now even the AC was leaking water inside…when I tried to reach out to the water source below the dash, I realized that the tank holding the water was already ruptured and had been taped / fixed with some kind of liquidized / molten rubber…!!! And this was done obviously before I took ownership of the car…..

For the deck they told me that since I had it installed from the market, it was not a perfect fit…( the deck is the one given by your company – preinstalled….no amount of convincing made them believe that…!!!)

I once again took it back and this time they assured me that problems would be sorted out …another week passed….and still I bore all of it with patience that even my family was surprised with. Finally I got the car…..cleaned up …..the deck still out of place…the FM still disconnected but atleast the oil problem seemingly sorted. I just took the car and left, and 2 days alter after filling up the tank….started for Delhi….Barely 40 km before Barielly, I felt water once again trickling down my trousers and stopped the car at the nearest “dhaba” as I was worried that the oil might just follow it next, and this time I did not wish to risk my life again….while I waited and had breakfast, and the car kept dripping water as if there was no tomorrow, a GOD-FORSAKEN BLIND TRUCK DRIVER, very casually backed into my Car, crushing it from the left side…(not that this has anything to do with my earlier concerns…the car went for claims…and the estimate is over 70K of whatever my share comes to…I am happy to bear..!! )

Well this was on the 3rd of March…and at 2 o’clock in the afternoon I handed over the car to the service station.

TILL DATE, except the promise of deliver within a week, nothing has materialized…..

Now pray tell me…

Why Why Why should I put up with all this nonsense, , , , ….???? What sins have I committed in opting for a car from a Company that still has people who swear by its make?? What have I done to deserve this treatment from your service station???

Why is it that they keep telling me that my CAR the FIAT PALIO is a fu$# all vehicle that is going to cause to nothing but problems in the future?? Whys is it that when I asked them for an estimate for resale that they tell me that I would not even get half my price???(this too after just 2 months of purchase???) Why Why Why???

If the car parts are not available, if the car has inbuilt faults, if it was a defective piece, if I have been conned in taking up a rejected vehicle, IF the resale is not there, or if if this is just not the car that was to be sold in the first place, or if TATA is not competent enough to service Fiat...…….I DO NOT CARE…….If this is what I have to go through every time I have a concern….THEN SORRY BOSS..IVE HAD IT NOW…


I have enough people in GOLDRUSH who would vouchsafe for the problems I’m facing for the past 3 months. And now I am left with just 2 solutions…

Either :

#1. You take back the car and REFUND MY ENTIRE AMOUNT ….


#2. You take this car back, refund the money and let me take a higher value vehicle from FIAT…I am willing to shell out extra for the Punto or the LINEA but I have had it now with this CAR.

I hope you would appreciate the time and patience I have put in this endeavor and also the fact that till date I have approached all and sundry for putting me out of misery…

Incase my concerns are not sorted out, unfortunately, I would be left with no options but to approach the Indian Legal system for a redressal for my aggrieved state of mind and body and also file suits against FIAT MOTORS for endangering human Life by repeatedly providing substandard services and products.

Looking forward to an early resolution of my concerns.

Thank you,

Amit Mehra.
The Fiat Palio and the Range of its recent products are CERTAINLY FASCINATING.. I too fell in the PITCHER TRAP though many adviced not to go for it when I knowingly went on to buy a second hand FIAT PALIO. They absolutely do not respond to any complaints once the product is yours. They are supplying the spares for brand new PUNTO?!?! and LINEA !? !? and so on but not for the five odd year old PALIO and the like.. Pathetic.!!! In fact I have received assurance of spares availibility for the PALIO and it is still in my mailbox. There is a damn CEO corner in the official site of FIAT_INDIA dot com where one can post a complaint. But if the complaint is about the above subject, then expect a silence as its replay... The company is virtually lending deaf ears to the hapless victims of its beauty product. But I shall still repeat the first sentence.. The Fiat Palio and the Range of its recent products are CERTAINLY FASCINATING.. As one victim has rightly said... "Buy at your own risk"

PK Sahadevan, Palakkad
My car concked off and I am suffering today as the cost of repairs is too high. It would have been lot less if the Advisor at ASL had taken my problem seriously and acted promptly I would not have to suffer so much. I feel that this is a serious issue and needs to be addressed on priority. Fiat sales guys make all sort of false promises while selling the car but after the car is sold we are treated like animals and we fall in trap of these advisors and incur heavy loss. I have always been misguided by fiat guys and am paying a huge price for my love with Fiat cars. How is it possible that all sorts of problems started to occur immediately after my warranty expires? Your guys don’t attend to me when I take my car for servicing and then these problems occur. If this is the standard of after sales service then you can well understand the future of Fiat Cars in India.

Puneet Chadha …Once a proud Fiat Owner, now no more….

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