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Dear Sir/Madam,

Please refer the below mail trial with GoAir Customer Care, regarding non disclosure of non-refundable ticket state in my e-ticket for PNR #XGGNZV and now company is not ready to provide any evidence to show that I have booked my ticket under Non-refundable category. I have attached my e-tickets as an reference for the same. Even the company website also not showing any details of Non-refundable status of my ticket.

I request to take proper action against company for its truly unprofessional behavior and also my refund money back.

With Regards, Mithun

From: Mithun Bhowmick <mithun.bhowmick@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, May 31, 2012 at 1:55 AM
Subject: Re: 1st and Last reminder : Ticket Cancellation Request n Queries
To: Reena R <reena.rakshe@goair.in>

Dear Reena,

Thanks for your reply and appreciate your effort for explaining me the same; but unfortunately this is not the answer which I was looking for. This explanation has been given by Customer Care Executive already and my question was not related to your website details of L-Go Happy.

I again repeating my question: In my e-ticket for the mentioned PNR, it is no where mentioned that the fare category is "L-Go Happy" and it is non-refundable. How could I trust on Go-Air that the booking PNR was against the mentioned category, which in no-refundable? Non of the attached screenshots help me to get the answer of my question.

I am considering that Go-Air is not able to answer my question and I will seek legal assistance to get the answer and my refund money.

Thanks for your time and surely I forgot my last on-flight experience of Go-Air as an exception and wish if I plan any future travel with go-Air, it will be pleasant.

With Regards,
Mithun Bhowmick
On Wed, May 30, 2012 at 4:46 PM, Reena R <reena.rakshe@goair.in> wrote:

Dear Mr. Bhowmick,

Warm Greetings from GoAir!

At the outset we sincerely apologizes you for the delay in response.

With regards to your email, we would like to inform you that the booking against the PNR # XGGNZV has been done under special fare category which is “L-Go Happy”. Sir, as per the terms and conditions these fares are non-refundable which means you will get only taxes refundable.Hence, we very humbly request you that if you wish to cancel the booking then you will get only taxes refundable.Below is the screen shot for your kind perusal.

Further, we would like to sincerely apologize you for the inconvenience caused to you. We wish to inform you that we have counseled our crew to behave in a manner befitting the organizations values. We at Go Air always believe and are trained to put our Customers first. A seamless, comfortable travel experience is what we aim to go about every time. At times, as in this instance, there are short falls. Feedback such as yours helps us improve. We hope you shall view this as an exception and consider giving Go Air an opportunity to welcome your aboard once again.

It is unfortunate to note that you have a cause to complain about our services. We wish to assure you that it is our constant endeavor to provide outstanding service to you and ensure that your flying experience with us is always pleasurable.

We humbly request you to treat this case in isolation it deserves and do not let it deter you from patronizing Go Air

Thanks & Regards

Reena Rakshe Customer Care
Office: +[protected]

C-1, Wadia International Centre (WIC), Pandurang Budhkar Marg, Worli, Mumbai- 400 025, INDIA

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From: Mithun Bhowmick [mailto:mithun.bhowmick@gmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, May 30, 2012 10:41 AM
To: Reena R
Subject: 1st and Last reminder : Ticket Cancellation Request n Queries

Dear Reena,

With reference to your below mail, which you sent me 7 days back with an assurance of sorting out my issue by next day; still there is no answer from your end.

It is more than a week from my first mail, please consider this mail as last reminder in that continuation. I will wait for next 3 more days and after that I will have no choice other than taking legal assistance for this issue.

I am reachable @[protected]/[protected] and preferred to time to call me before 12 PM any day.

With Regards, Mithun

On Wed, May 23, 2012 at 3:48 AM, Reena R <reena.rakshe@goair.in> wrote:

Dear Mr. Bhowmick,

Warm Greetings from GoAir!

At the outset we thank you for writing to us.

With reagrds to your email, we would like to inform you kindly allow us time till tomorrow so that we will be able to assist you further.

We hope to have your understanidng and co-operation.

Reena Rakshe Customer Care

• Office: +[protected]

Thanks & Regards,

C-1, Wadia International Centre (WIC), Pandurang Budhkar Marg, Worli, Mumbai- 400 025, INDIA.

DISCLAIMER: The information in this email is confidential and may be legally privileged. It is intended solely for the addressee. Access to this email by anyone else is unauthorized. If you are not the intended recipient, please be aware that any disclosure, copying, distribution or use of the contents of this message is prohibited. If you have received this message in error, please advise the sender immediately by reply e-mail and delete this message. Thank you.

[protected] Forwarded message[protected]

From: Mithun Bhowmick <mithun.bhowmick@gmail.com>

Date: Sat, 19 May 2012 14:02:10 +0530

Subject: Ticket Cancellation Request n Queries

To: feedback@goair.in

Dear Manager,

With strong disappointment with the services of GoAir, I am sending this

mail with my request. I hope you will reply me with relevant details as

being requested in below section.

I have booked my ticket on 24th April with below Itinerary details:


(TERMINAL 1D)) / BOM ( MUMBAI TERMINAL 1B) G8 - 16208Jun2012Fri-08Jun2012

13:50Fri-08Jun2012 15:55 XGGNZV

Due to some personal reasons, my travel is postponed and I requested the

Customer Care (*@ [protected][protected]:44 PM*) to cancel my ticket with

deducting the applicable cancellation charges. In response to my request,

the executive has denied any refund. *She had an explanation that I booked

my ticket under "Go Happy" category and the ticket is non-refundable*.

Since I couldn't recall which category I have used during the ticket

booking, I requested her to provide me a mail with below evidences:

1. *Any proof explaining the ticket is non-refundable*. Till now whatever

mails I have from GoAir for this Itinerary, *it is nowhere mentioned that

the ticket is non-refundable*

2. *Any proof of the booking category is same as mentioned by Tele-Executive


In reply to these questions, tele-executive denied to provide any proof for

the same and she routed the call to her Senior, *Mr. Subhash (if I

recollect his name correctly), who keep me in wait for approx 5-10 mins and

once I explained him my query, without saying a single work he disconnected

the call*.

On 6th May'12, I experienced your in-flight poor services, where crew

members don't bother to provide a glass of water in 2 hrs. of fly from

Mumbai to Delhi after many requests, now your Customer Care has added

feather in the cap of poor services.

In a note, I want to highlight you that* I tried to cancel this ticket from

company website (www.GoAir.in) and there is also no reference that the

ticket is non-refundable*.

*I will wait for next 7 days for your reply on the above queries*. In case

of no response received from GoAir management, I will take legal assistance

to get the above details and my refund money.

This is an issue of information hiding and manipulation of details to keep

Customer in dark and many people could get affected by this if you are not

going to stop this practice.

Expecting response from you within 7 days.

With Regards,

Mithun Bhowmick

On Tue, Apr 24, 2012 at 1:57 PM, <feedback@goair.in> wrote:

> **

> ** *PNR:**XGGNZV*Receipt and Itinerary as of Tue-24Apr2012 13:55

> Service Tax Invoice *PAN:* AACCG2599K

> *Service Tax No.:* AACCG2599K ST001 *Go Airlines (India) Ltd.*

> C/o Britannia Industries Limited, A-33,

> Lawrence Road Industrial Area,

> New Delhi - 110035.


> - The PNR Number is a unique number and may be treated as Invoice

> Serial Number.

> - All disputes are subject to exclusive jurisdiction of Mumbai.

> - This is a Computer Generated Invoice and carries a digital

> signature.


> All our departures from Kolkata will be from the International Terminal.Kindly present either the itinerary receipt or the E-ticket with a valid

> photo ID at the airport and check-in counter. Our check-in counters are

> open 2 hours prior to departure and close strictly 40 minutes prior to

> departure.


> *New direct flights starting 01st May 2012*

> GoAir will add Chennai as the 22nd destination on their network, with

> double daily services between

> Chennai - Mumbai and a daily service between Chennai - Pune. Chennai

> connects Port Blair with 5 weekly flights. Chennai also connects to Delhi,

> Chandigarh, Patna, Ranchi via Mumbai Visit www.GoAir.in for details

> SMS to 57333

> G8 [flight Number] - You will receive an update on flight status

> G8 [City Code] or [City Name] - you will receive an update on the next 3

> hours for all the Arrivals/Departures from that city





> DELHI (TERMINAL 1D)) / BOM ( MUMBAI TERMINAL 1B) G8 - 16208Jun2012Fri-08Jun2012

> 13:50Fri-08Jun2012 15:55 0 *Passenger(s)**Charge Description**Original


> INR *Seat : 6C *L - ECONOMY - 45 Days Advance Purchase Fare 770.00 INR770.00

> INR INSU - INSURANCE 129.00 INR129.00 INR **FUEL - Airline Fuel Chargedel

> - DEL 2,400.00 INR 2,400.00 INR**TAX - Service Tax + EC + HSEC - DEL

> (Original Amount: 2400) 119.00 INR119.00 INR TAX - ST + EC + HSEC - PHF -

> DEL 2.00 INR2.00 INR TAX - Service Tax + EC + HSEC - DEL (VAT-Tax:On

> AIRFARE 770)38.00 INR 38.00 INR TAX - Transaction Charge - DEL 50.00 INR50.00 INRTAX - Airport fees-UDF - DEL 225.00

> INR225.00 INR TAX - Passenger Service Fee - DEL 233.00 INR233.00 INR

> *Reservation Totals:* Air fare 770.00 INR Taxes and Surcharge 3,029.00 INRSpecial

> Service 0.00 INRService Tax 38.00 INR *TOTAL* *3,966.00 INR*

> *Payment Summary:*MITHUN BHOWMICK

> 24Apr2012, CCAV

> 3,966.00 INR*TOTAL PAYMENTS* *3,966.00 INR*

> * For Go Airlines (India) Ltd.


> (Authorised Signatory) * *Fare Conditions*


> Dear Guest,

> Please read these fare conditions carefully, your acceptance of the

> booking will prima facie constitute a binding contract of carriage between

> yourself and the Company on the terms as stated below. *Mode of Booking:*

> You can book the ticket either by visiting our website www.goair.in or at

> the airport ticketing counter or by calling our customer call centre or

> through any designated travel agents or online travel web portals.

> * Mode of Payment * You can book tickets by using credit/debit card

> through any of the modes mentioned in clause above or by paying cash at the

> airport ticketing counter.


> * Fares, taxes and surcharge *

> Fare as charged from you includes applicable passenger service fee,

> transaction charge, service tax, cess, fuel surcharge and additional

> airport fee (UDF) on flights from certain airports. Fares are subject to

> change until purchase of ticket.


> * Confirm your booking *

> Kindly confirm the status of your booking (PNR) including the correctness

> of your personal details (name, age, etc), date and time of journey within

> 24 hrs of the booking. Many a time such details may not be recorded

> correctly either on your ticket or in our record. For this purpose you

> shall call at our call centre, at [protected] (toll free) or [protected].

> GoAir does not accept any responsibility of incorrect information appearing

> in your ticket or our records. The booking in our database is the primary

> record of carriage and in the event of any differences between your ticket

> and our database, the information recorded in our database will prevail.


> * Baggage Allowance *

> Checked-in baggage allowance per Guest is as follows: For GoSmart and

> GoFlexi: 20kgs For GoBusiness: 35kgs Any excess baggage will be charged @

> Rs. 200 per kg.

> In addition to the checked-in baggage allowance, Guests are allowed to

> carry hand baggage to the aircraft subject to a maximum weight of 10kgs per

> Guest. Guests traveling with an infant aged between 7 days to 24 months are

> allowed to carry one additional small cabin baggage for baby food etc. and

> one fully collapsible baby push chair or stroller or baby basket, the

> maximum weight of additional baggage for infant shall not exceed 5kgs.

> The size of the cabin hand baggage shall not exceed 55 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm

> (Total 115 cms). GoAir assumes no responsibility or liability for delay in

> carriage of baggage by air. Please note that no hand baggage, other than

> laptop, digital camera and valuables is permitted while boarding from

> Srinagar, Jammu and Leh Airports.

> For health and safety reasons, GoAir will not accept any individual

> baggage item exceeding 32 kgs. For oversized baggage, including sporting,

> musical equipment etc. an additional charge of Rs. 1000/- per baggage per

> sector will be levied. GoAir reserves the right to refuse to carry any

> luggage that does not comply with its policies.

> Guests are also advised that valuable items such as jewelry, computers and

> electronic devices, keys, important documents/materials, medications or

> medical equipment that cannot be replaced easily should not be included in

> the check -in baggage. GoAir do take measures to ensure that your check -in

> baggage is transported safely to the destination, however, it does not

> accept any responsibility in case the check - in baggage including valuable

> items placed in it are misplaced, stolen or broken in transit except as

> described below.

> In case of loss of check-in-baggage solely due to our negligence then

> GoAir would be liable to pay for the loss of baggage subject to a sum

> calculated at the rate of Rs. 200 per kg multiplied by weight of such lost

> baggage subject to a maximum of Rs. 4000/- per bag.


> * Changes to Bookings *

> Subject to availability and payment of all applicable amounts, changes can

> be made to your booking as follows:


> 1. Change of date or time of the booked ticket can be made by

> notifying us at least 2 hours prior to the Scheduled Departure Time either

> by visiting our website or at the airport ticketing counter or by calling

> our customer call centre. You would be liable to pay the charges for such

> changes, for charges, please refer to our website www.GoAir.in

> 2. No change of name as printed on the ticket will be permitted.



> * Cancellation and Refund *

> You can cancel your booking anytime prior to scheduled departure. You

> would be entitled to refund of ticket as per the refund rules and

> cancellation charges applicable to the ticket issued to you and more

> specifically mentioned in the citizen charter. Refund for cancellation of a

> booking made through an authorised travel agent or online travel portals

> will be issued to the credit of the travel agent or online portal, you

> shall contact the travel agent or the online portal for collecting your

> refund. . Where the cancelled ticket was booked using credit /debit card,

> the refund amount will be processed back to the credit/debit card account

> through which the ticket was booked. We generally process the refund of

> your ticket within 15 business days of the cancellation of the ticket.

> In case bookings are done at GoAir ticketing counter by making cash

> payment, the applicable refund amount upon cancellation will be processed

> and returned by way of an account payee cheque in the name of the passenger

> making the booking within 15 business days of the cancellation of the

> ticket.

> In case of no show or cancellation of promotional fares tickets only the

> applicable passenger service fee shall be refunded in the form of a credit

> voucher with a validity of 12 months, which can be used for future travel,

> or upon request the said amount can be refunded in the mode of payment in

> which Guest booked the ticket.


> * Baggage Screening *


> Wherever required, check-in baggage should be screened through an X-ray

> machine before you proceed for check-in counter.


> * Documents required at the time of Check-In. *

> Photo Identity Card: Guests are required to present her/his valid photo

> identification at the time of check-in.

> Valid ticket and Boarding pass: You shall ensure that you carry a valid

> ticket or boarding pass at all times during your journey.

> Credit/Debit Card: In case you have booked tickets with your credit/debit

> card, please carry the original credit/debit card or a photocopy (both

> front and back) of the same (Please hide the CVV (three digit number

> written on the back of your credit/debit card). If you have made the

> booking using someone else's credit/debit card, please carry an

> authorization letter from the card holder as well as a photocopy of that

> credit/debit card as described above.

> GoAir reserves the right to cancel any booking, in case of suspected fraud

> or otherwise without any notice or ascribing any reason to the Guest.


> * Check-in and Boarding Closing Time*


> Check-in commences 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure (3 hours in

> case of Srinagar and Jammu airports). Check-in counter closes 40 minutes

> prior to the scheduled departure time. You shall be at the check-in counter

> with your luggage duly x-rayed and with all valid travel documents before

> the close of check-in counter.

> In order to avoid last minute rush, Guests are advised to report at least

> 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time (90 minutes in case of

> Srinagar and Jammu airports) at the check-in counter.

> Boarding Gate closes 20 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. In

> case you fail to show up at the check-in counter or at the boarding gate

> you will be treated as "no show" and fare paid will be forfeited.


> * Confirm flight schedule *

> Guests who have booked their flights well in advance of the scheduled

> departure date are required to re-confirm the scheduled departure date and

> time of your flight between 72 and 24 hours before the scheduled departure

> as mentioned to you at the time of booking. You can check the flight status

> either by calling our call center or by visiting our website at

> www.goair.in.


> *Airline’s Right to Refuse Boarding*

> GoAir reserves the right to refuse boarding to persons who are under the

> influence of alcohol or drugs or whose behavior is found to be violent or

> abusive, or where we believe that denial of boarding is necessary for the

> safety, security and comfort of other Guests or for the protection of the

> aircraft and / or other assets. Such persons will be treated as ‘no show’

> and fare paid will be forfeited.


> *Right to Search*

> GoAir reserves the right to search Guests’s baggage for reasons of safety

> and security and to check whether the baggage contains any unacceptable or

> prohibited items. If the guest refuses to comply with such searches or

> scan, we reserve the right to refuse carriage to such Guest and her/his

> baggage without refund of fare and without any other liability to such

> Guest.


> *Cancellation and rescheduling of flights *

> GoAir will endeavor to operate the flights as per the schedule, however,

> GoAir reserves the right to cancel, reschedule, postpone, prepone the

> schedule of the flight or alter the stopping place or deviate from the

> route of the journey. In case of any such cancellation or rescheduling of

> any flight due to any reason, GoAir follows a policy as laid down by the

> Directorate General of Civil Aviation under the Civil Aviation Requirements

> section 3 - Air Transport, Series 'M' Part IV, Issue I, dt. 06.08.2010,

> w.e.f.15.08.2010 to apply in situations where there is denial of boarding,

> cancellation or delay of flight. Guests on hopping/via flights are hereby

> informed that other than on medical grounds, they are not permitted to

> deplane at the stopover station. For more details please refer our

> 'Citizens Charter' on www.GoAir.in.


> *Snacks and Beverages*

> For Guests flying on Go-Business ticket, complimentary snacks / beverages

> are offered on board. For other Guests, we have made arrangement with a

> reputed service provider to provide a selected range of snacks and

> beverages for consumption on board on chargeable basis. Though we do take

> precautions that our Guests are provided with fresh, healthy and hygienic

> snacks and beverages, however, we do not accept any responsibility on this

> account. In case of any complaint against the food and beverage served to

> our Guests the same shall be directly be reported to the service provider

> whose contact details will be available on board.


> *Governing Law and Dispute settlement mechanism *

> These terms and condition shall be construed by and governed in accordance

> with the laws of India. All disputes arising out of or in connection with

> these Terms and Conditions shall be settled by the courts in Mumbai, India

> which shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to hear the matters in relation

> to these Terms and Conditions.


> *Detailed terms and conditions *

> It is mandatory for the Guests to go through the detailed terms and

> conditions and the citizens charter which govern booking of tickets and

> travel in GoAir network which are displayed at GoAir website www.GoAir.in.

> Booking of ticket constitutes the acceptance of these terms and conditions

> with respect to travel in GoAir network.


> *Contact GoAir On*

> If at any point you need any assistance or special services, please feel

> free to contact our Customer Service Executive at [protected] (toll free) or

> [protected]. Email: feedback@goair.in


> *Thank you for choosing GoAir as your preferred airline.*


Refund of Cancellation Ticket
Refund of Cancellation Ticket
Refund of Cancellation Ticket
Refund of Cancellation Ticket
Refund of Cancellation Ticket
Refund of Cancellation Ticket
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GoAir, Flight Tickets — Refund for 2 cancelled tickets

GoAir had cancelled its flights from Hyderabad and hence my two tickets for Goa-Hyderabad for 29-June-08 and 13-Jul-08 had to be cancelled. I cancelled them on 17-Jun-08 and since then having been following up with them for the amount to be rolled back to my credit card. After 5 attempts calling the call center and number of attempts of registering complaint on their website, the amount has still not been rolled back. Please could someone suggest what I should do to get back my amount.

GoAir — Don't allow to check in for the flight

I stay in Pune and I had to reach Ahmedabad for my dear ones' funeral. I got this news at night so I took first flight from Mumbai to Ahmedabad as earliest flight from Pune - Ahmedabad is at 1:30 pm. My GoAir flight was at 5:45 am and as I was coming from Pune I reached 3 minutes late as per them. GoAir staff said that boarding is already completed and I cannot check in. I explained them my circumstances that I have to board at any cost and still there were 37 mins to go for flight take off. But they dint cooperate at all and finally dint allow me to check in. There is no flight which closes boarding before 40 minutes. I took the next flight which was kingfisher. It was at 6:45 am and they did allow me to check in before 30 mins. And GoAir ppl dint even keep my ticket amount in pool which all airlines do. That amount can be used in booking next flight within a period of 1 year. I am frequent flyer and the worst experience I had was with GoAir.

X-RAY MACHINE — telephone service

Respected sir/mam
i very sorry to tell you,sms service of my sallery account is not yet activated even i don't know any kind of information can provided by your self, no one can ask me regarding this fascilities that you can provide to your customer.so pls activate all kind of service that you provide to on my no.[protected] & my sallery accont no. [protected].pls take any action
thanking you
your faithfully,
vijay thakur

X-RAY MACHINE — Not Received My Refund

My Employee Code (PF) No. is HP-6289/21
I have sent my claim the past 6 months back.
Still date the amount has not credited in My Nakul Ram Bank Account.

I request you to arrange the settlement of my account at the earliest.


Nakul. Ram
PF NO. HP-6289/21

GoAir — Seat booked Not allotted charges collected

I had travelled by go air flight g8115 Delhi to Bangalore I had precooked my seat by paying additional cost but due to system failure it was free seating but enquiry with flight staff they were not helpful at all
Request help in refund and ensure that the same does not happen
Punish k. Jalan

GoAir — lost of boarding pass and tickets

i am karan ,i was traveled from jammu to new delhi on 13/06/2013 through goair at around 14:30 hrs .after arrived newdelhi i lost my tickets and bording pass.so kindly sent travelling deatils for claim the tickets for deparment submission.

Dear Sir,

The flight ticket in respect of my son Sidharth Mahalingam for the sector Delhi-Mumbai dated 4th January 2015 was cancelled. Booking reference number is 9C7VSA.

Kindly credit the refund to my account. Thanks a ton.

Warm Regards
Dear Sir,

The GO AIR flight ticket in respect of my daughter KIRAN ADSUL for New Delhi to Srinagar date of journey 24 June 2015 and return journey from LEH TO NEW DELHI date of journey 02 July 2015 BOOKING REFERENCE NO: 9O13PE . Both the tickets were cancelled. Kindly credit the refund amount of Rs 9805/- to my daughter KIRAN"s account at the very earliest. Please find enclosed scanned copy of the cheque, so that the REFUND money goes to the right account.

Warm Regards
! Report Spam

Dear Sir,

In addition to my earlier mail dated 21.09.2015 I am enclosing herewith a scanned copy of my daughter KIRAN"S bank statement for your reference and further necessary action at the earliest. Kindly refund Rs 9805/- with interest from June 2015 to Oct 2015

Warm Regards
! Report Spam

Go Air — G8-384 from Chandigarh to Mumbai on 12th July'15 is CANCELLED due to issues beyond our control.

G8-384 from Chandigarh to Mumbai on 12th July'15 is CANCELLED due to issues beyond our control.

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