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+91 33 2287 2439
+91 33 2287 2057
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Prestige Shantiniketan, Tower C, The Business Precinct, 16th & 17th Floor, Whitefield Main Road, Mahadevapura Post, Bangalore - 560 048
Tel: +91 80 3940 0080
+91 80 2526 3265
+91 80 2526 6063

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Britannia Industries — good day biscuit

 K C Tiwari on Apr 14, 2018
I purchased good day family pack of 6 biscuit packets inside from d mart valsad on last month and today open one packets from this and found plastic hairs like in buntch inside biscuit. This is very harmful of human and it's clearly shows that you are not mentioned your quality as per fssai guide line and brand of your name.
This is very bad experience with me and my family.
Please do action and give reply.
Same photo attached...
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Britannia Industries — after security deposited they don't lift the phone

 anand95 on Apr 9, 2018
28.03.2018 i have received recruitment message on my phone they give this mail id to forward resume, then i forward and the next day i have received call this number[protected], they ask me to deposit dress amount 3550/-, and they give the a/c number narayan dutta no.[protected]. ifsc code SBIN0002028. I deposited same number, after received amount they inform me your dress and appointment order come 2 days after. after two days i am not received, i am called this number[protected], the number is switched off, so please refund the money...
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Britannia — a worm in the biscuit packet

 Sandesh Kesarkar on Mar 21, 2018
I have purchased the britannia 50-50 biscuit 10 days back and today when i opened it, i found a worm inside the packet and also the biscuit which she ate. The video. There is also foul smell to the biscuits which confirms that worm has lived inside packet for long time and grownup inside the packet. There is vast chances that the biscuit must have fallen during packing and picked-up carelessly and put into packing machine. What is the temperature of the biscuits while packing? Infact it shall be packed hot. Is there any temperature datalogger system installed in the packing area to know the packing...
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Britannia Industries — burning smell and test

 Vijay Lekawale on Mar 9, 2018
I am regular customer of your product, on 7th march i brought good day cashew biscuit (Great international family holiday) from a general store from shirur (Pune).
I am very disappointed after tear of a biscuit pouch. I found 3 burn biscuit in pouch, other biscuit test is bitter and burnt smell,
Pls monitor your quality specification....
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Britannia Industries — fake job offer and security deposit

 Krishna44551 on Mar 3, 2018
I got a job offer from ur britannia company with following number[protected].
Today i got a call from ur hr for telephonic interview with the following number[protected]..

They said i got selected and told me to do security deposit of rs. 1400.00 in the following bank account:

Satyaprakash solanki a/c[protected] ifsc code: punb0137800,
And told me to send bank deposit reciept in whatsapp to the following number[protected].

Please verify the following details and take necessary action and save...
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Britannia Industries — burnt milk bikis inside packet [Resolved]

 Unwrapimpulse on Feb 28, 2018
With due regards i'd like you inform the company that we found burnt milk bikis biscuit inside the sealed packet which was bitter to taste. The packet was purchased on 26th february 2018 from a big and good grocery store.
Pkd 20/1/18
Lot no. B011891
Machine code: pl1f10b
This is the 1st time we have faced such an issue. We have been consuming milk bikis by britannia from the past 8 years.
It seems like the product didn't have any quality check before packaging it.
I hope not to face the same in the future from such a reputable brand.
Thanking you....
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Britannia Industries — bourbon chocolate cream [Resolved]

 sairajeswarisimhambhatla on Feb 22, 2018
I observed recently that britannia bourbon biscuits chocolate creme got reduced to great extent providing us 3 small zero sized creme instead of sandwich between the biscuits.
I request you to stop these kind of marketing strategies otherwise there is a chance in decrease of sales.
Trust and taste are more important when it comes to creme biscuit.
Hope you consider my point and make it as usual.
I my self not buying the biscuits from the minute i saw your cheating the consumers.

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Britannia Industries — clarify

 Ameen Ulla on Feb 10, 2018

Dear respected sir,

Last month i post a job through this mail i'd ( Now i receive a mail as follow

(Feb 09, 2018
Applicant no. 11452346

Britannia industries ltd

I. M. S call letter: —

It is our good pleasure to inform you that your resume has been selected for our company offered you to join as "maintenance supervisor" post in respected department. Salary started (18, 500 to 24, 000) with company payroll.

Job location...
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Britannia Industries — hair inside 50-50 sweet and salty biscuit [Resolved]

 siddhant.y on Feb 1, 2018
I opened a 50-50 sweet and salty biscuit, after eating half package i come across a biscuit with hair in it. This was extremely disgusting and dangerous. Britannia is a well known brand with least expectation of hygiene. This could have been a severe accident.

I demand a strict action and compensation for the same.

Enclosed- picture of biscuit with the hair. We still have the sample.

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Britannia Good Day Biscuits — non edible biscuits containing iron wire on 15/01/2018 britannia good day [Resolved]

 Tanaji Nagtilak on Feb 1, 2018
I have purchased good day britannia biscuits and found one iron wire in the biscuit. Immediately i informed company authority, ref no 55288 & then to national consumer forum under ref no 583630. I receive no reply from the company as such i'm forwarding this message at yours about my feed back, please look in to the matter and avoid playing with the consumers....
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Britannia Industries — found a hair like thing in britannia good day biscuit [Resolved]

 mohitbalyan1111 on Jan 19, 2018
Hi, i submitted a complaint to britannia when i found a hair like thing in britannia good day biscuit and they send a person named vijay to my home to pick the sample and also he comfirmed that if was in the biscuit. He told me that biscuit will be sent to banglore and will be checked and we will reply you within 10 days and its been more than 42 days they haven't replied me yet.
I have even emailed them again and again but they are not reponding. I am even having the sample photo also.
My complain number in britannia is 54094....
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Britannia Industries — I found bugs, larvae, cobwebs inside a freshly opened britannia good day biscuit packet. [Resolved]

 Micky Abraham on Jan 17, 2018
Im very angry about this incident. i bought a packet of Britannia good day today and opened to find biscuits containing cobwebs and larvae inside. its so disgusting to see them move inside the biscuits. it also had bugs which run around.
is this truly the food material you send away as "eatable". i wonder.
i don't care if it is problem of stocking or anything..this kind of situation is not forgivable..that too from a renowned company like Britannia. shame on you!!

i will make others aware about this. i want some action.

the biscuit packaged date is 26/8/17....
Complaint comments  Read comments [3]Complaint category Food

Britannia Industries — bourbon biscuit [Resolved]

 ankitkakkar.86 on Jan 5, 2018
I bought a bourbon biscuit from market which was suppossed to have a net weight of 120 g but when i weighed it on a properly caliberated weight scale it only weighed 106 gm which is 14 gm less than the declared. This is not fair as hardly any consumer weighs the product he purchases from the market and such issues observed ith britania's premium biscuit sku is not acceptable. As it is a big loss to the consumer who pays for the product and big gain for the company.
Such issues should be highlighted on social media so that the consumers are more aware about these scams companies make.
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Britannia Industries — product and distributor cheap service [Resolved]

 Pradip Vatwani on Dec 21, 2017
I am shopkeeper of shivam bakery surat railway station i am saling your company products more than 25 years & it's really have good sale on my shop. From last year distributor zaveri enterprise is not providing your products on time even not coming to order regularly your sale becomes less & same thing happens with other shops around staion area only because of not regularly order of little hearts and milk bikis my sale of your products become lesser than last years business nearly only 20% and all the thing is only & only products not coming regularly and same baghirathi sales named distributors...
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Britannia Industries Ltd — britannia milk bikis biscuits [Resolved]

 Silambarasan San on Nov 19, 2017
Hi, at 10 am today i bought one packet britannia milk bikis from local shop. Whn i opened the pack the buiscuitsi eaten 5 buiscuitsi after 6 buiscuitsi was not good to eat that's very bad burnt pls correct like this problem before packing.. I never expect from britannia buiscuitsi because that woonderfull product on india pls consider my complinent...
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Britannia Industries — biscuit contains a thread.

 guptavicky1996 on Nov 13, 2017
One of the biscuit of britannia industries, marie gold contains a plastic thread. I was eating biscuits with tea in morning. I was trying to break biscuit but one of the biscuit did not break because it contains a plastic thread which is harmful. I have breaked biscuit in two parts but then also it has not separated, it is joint. As i am enclosing some photos of this biscuit to rectify. I want that please look into the matter....
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Britannia Industries — complaint about the britannia veg cake for harmful plastic in side in the cake

 sudhirgosavi on Nov 12, 2017
Hi, yesterday 10th nov i have bought this food product from malad shop then i eat sum piss of the cake, that time little injured in my mouth then i spite the cake because the the hard plastic is in side of the cake this plastic is hard, transferable & pointed. If supposed this food product eat some child so what happen please think about this.
For more information please find the under given details & attachment

Pkd. : 18/10/17
Lot no. : 18x1755
Machine code : 11a 08:38...
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Britannia Industries — suspicious job offer

 Vinay Perala on Oct 24, 2017
I received call from pallavi jaiswal ([protected]) and asked to send my resume to email id: and i did sent my resume.

Today i got a call from some male person ([protected]) and he said that i got the job and my posting is in warangal and salary is about 30k and i'll receive my appointment letter by tomorrow but i have to pay 2500 which is refundable. I said ok but i don't believe all this i just want those frauds to be behind bars. Please do take some action against this guys.

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Britannia Industries — some products which was made for railway supply... was distributed outside railway permiss by some people...

 Rehan Saha on Oct 21, 2017
I'm a whole seller... My self dipu dhala, i'm from jaleswar, baleswar,
My sell was decrease so much., because of britannia product, which was allowed for sell under railway premises... But the railway distibuter of jaleswar... Which name ramakant distributed all the railway product to outside railway stations in a very chip price...
So as a whole seller i was request you to take necessary steps over this matter immidietly...
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Britannia Industries — oven baked britannia good day biscuits

 Foram Prajapati on Oct 5, 2017
I have been a huge fan of britannia products for a very long time, even though the markets are flooded i choose only britannia only for great experience. But today evening when i was sipping my cup of tea with britannia good day, i found overbaked biscuits. I found that entire packet had biscuits that were burnt (Over baked) and were half black. It affected the taste of the biscuit and reputation of good day.

I hope you kindly take this matter seriously... Here are attached the burnt biscuit photo for your attention

My mail id: foram.
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