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Hi, i am santhanakrishnan, 3 years back i booked a appartment in hm symphony sarjapur road, since i paid my entire amount and, promised posession date is over 1 year back, still there is no idea abt posession and there is no work progress, after repeated calls ans mails to their customer care executives and marketing manager / directors, there is no response, instead of positive response they thritten me that, if u make problem we will not give your flat, u can go for a consumer court, it will take 15 years to settle down the case, , u will be the looser this was the answer from the senior manager . dont believe hm symphony they will cheat u

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Hm Constructions customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the client have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where company image and it's services are concerned.
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Yes builder is a number one cheat. I have suffered a lot.
Check here:

and here:
i see ads on paper by HM group for new projects like north city and something in rajaji nagar. I think there will be lot of people who will believe these people and get cheated and book apartments. with this money i hope hm will complete hm symphony. so in by jan 2011 i think some of us will be able to live in the flats we bought. so suckers of bangalore buy hm north city and their others projects so that we suckers can live in our flats.

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This is absolutely bull H.M.Group is one of the best construction company in bangalore and there are lot more projects they have in pipe line, , , they have lot of reputation in bangalore ... Ignore and just go ahead if u want to buy flats in H.M.Group Thankyou
Thanks Moin, your comments really made my life easy. i am going to buy a HM apartment right away !

HM folks are influential and folks who brought apartment (like me) are not. The education we got prevent us from entering into any legal battle with builders and those folks who are into this business for decades know it very well. There should be some mechanisim to control the delay of hand-over.

Let us wait and see the delay will have impact on quality of the building.
Moin, Only the most person will believe you, I am one more victim of HM in HM Symphony aprtment.
Moin, and you really correct, Thay have a reputation that is BAD.

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An ODE to the creators of HM Symphony or is it HM Symphoney?

I was an atheist, never really believed in GOD. Thanks to HM, I have started believing in god.
Two years of delay, and no house in sight, I have become a firm believer in god. When I move into
my own apartment, I will do a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Over the past few years, HM has taught me many virtues, patience being one of them. I was a person with
very a short fuse, now I am mellowed and do not even scowl at a barking dog. I might start teaching Gandhism
in the nearby Amrita Engineeering College.

Thanks to HM, I have mastered the art of convincing others. I have been convinced so many times in the past couple of years
that my flat will be completed next month, that I have mastered the art of con. I was recently stopped by a traffic policeman
for speeding. I convinced him that I was Aamir Khan in disguise promoting the movie 3 . I even signed an autograph
on his smelly white shirt.

HM Symphony has been constructed with enviroment in mind. The gap between the skirting of the tiles and the wall will house a
variety of insects, pest and our all time favourite cockroaches. Thank you HM for being so thoughtful. I may even give this on rent to these
pests. Thanks HM for finding me a new source of income.

Art & Decor- The doors and door frames are made with such exquiste craftsman ship that no two doors are the same. The curves and bents and carefully
carved crevices on the doors and frames is unparalled by any other builder. You can never find such mastery of wood art else where. The gasp pipe are so antique looking, you would think twice before using it as gas pipe. I am almost tempted to put a focus light on it.
Thank you HM for bringing a taste of art in the house.

Thanks to HM, I now have a clear view of the neigbours bathroom through the plain glass of the bathroom. I also dreamt of watching my neighbours wife
take bath. Now it is a reality. And what more, I do not have to wait for late night movies to satisfy my voyeuristic pleaseures

My landlord was in deep debt. Thanks to HM, I have helped him clear his debts by paying him rent for extra two years. His family is eternalyy thankful to me,
that they have a photo of mine hanging in the house.

The balcony railing have stirred the adventure sportsman in me. My family and I are training in rapelling and para gliding in preparating for the house that is yet to

More when I start living there..

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Who says bonded labor is the thing of past in India!!! As long as White Collared people agree to work as bonded labors for Bank/Builders for 20 years, this mayhem will continue. Consumers need to come together and collectively bargain.
HM Symphony is cheating the customers. When I went to see the flats, I spoke to the villagers there and found that there was a burial ground before. Now that they have built that apartment above that, I donno how people are going to live there. For my good fortune I took back my decision of buying an apartment there. Also, somebody there told me that 2 workers were also killed at that work site.

Beware of these frauds!!! They are claiming that they are premium builders. Then why are they not completing the building even after an year???

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Does HM have somebody by the name of Moin in their board of directors?

Else dear Moin, what kind of contractual obligation do you have with these fraudsters that makes you advocate for a bunch of crooks?

Folks it's not just HM but the entire Builder bank nexus that is driving us customers into "bakras" as pointed out by many above. However, some of these builders are a little more sophisticated crooks when compared to the "bhai log" at HM. At HM the finishing is absolutely crass, I recently checked the tiles on some of the floors are broken (even before occupancy) and let me not even begin at the amount of time delay that has happened.

There has to be something that we as customers can do to teach these a lesson, but at the moment I just dont know what.

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As somebody pointed out in the previous posts, we should create awareness of these builders fraudulent ways and ensure that no customers buy apartments are HM North City or elsewhere till such time these complete HM SYMPHONY. The customers trying to buy at HM North city will also go through this same harassment unless these come clean with their previous commitments. Let's kick tem where it would hurt them the most.
For starters I am going to send a communication about this through CNN IBN's citizen journalist


Let's teach these a lesson!

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The user did not respond to the messages. The review should not be taken into consideration.
'Create Awareness'...Is there somthing we could do to add to ur communication to CNN IBN...or rather support your complaint against HM. If yes pls let the others know thru this forum.
And for the people who have yet to receive their possesiion...your misery wouldnt end with getting the possession...you have to spend another 3/ 4 months for the other maintenance stuffs...they sure know how to test ur patience to the utmost level
Yes. HM is big time cheaters. I got an apartment in HM Worlcity in JP nagar 9th phase. They delivered an incomplete apartment after a delay of 2 years. The will not respond to any of your complaints. Even though they have taken money from us, they are not bothered to even look at our emails. People are staying in HM world city for last 2 years. Still they have not provided Clubhouse, Piped Gas, Sewage Treatement Plan, car park etc...There are lot of incomplete items. Please stay away from these crooks.
How about contacting other owners of other apartments associations to file a PIL against the malpractices of builders ? The goal should be to have strict laws that prevent builders from exploiting buyers.
If you guys are so pissed off why don't you file a PIL against the builders?

Believe me the law is not as bad as you think. The problem is no one tries...since you are so many, make an organization, preferably get it registered(it costs Rs. 3000 or so) and then file a PIL in the Bangalore High court.

This link would be useful:-

Hi Guys

I paid my booking fee for the flat last week and today I read all your comments and really do not know what should I do now.
Save me as I am keeping entire my earnings along with next 10 years of my peaceful life.
Shall I stop the cehque now.

Yesterday we made second visit to HM Symphony (Visited second time because first time we reached there late). Model flat looked very promising and I thought of asking its price as a package! Marketing people are usually very polite, but these sales people appeared to be very firm and confident that their flats were in high demand and they were selling quality homes at cheap price. Well pricing is not bad, but considering the complaint floating around they will have a hard time to find some quick buyer prey (Someone who wouldn’t enquire/search and simply go and buy). We went there after seeing a good 3BHK plan (Having 3 sides open).

1st surprise, no breakup on pricing, when asked why it is so, sales said it is a management decision. When asked why only HM is not showing the breakup, they said they would show it when buyer goes for a bank loan. Their reason we should be looking only the total money which we pay, and asked us why we are interested in minute details like breakup! What the hell, I was very surprised to hear a statement like this from a construction company sales person. After few seconds, I asked him back, since it is not a secret (Can enquire anyone (???) who has purchased a flat recently and get details) what is the point in hiding it from buyer when booking amount is paid? In fact it went unanswered.

The only thing in front of me, 1 page brochure, it read 13 storeyed and apartment was in fact 14 storeyed!!! Nobody can answer why they still carry that mistake in their brochures? Or is it something like brochures are printed 2 years ago and suddenly they got approval for 14th floor?

When asked about what all are covered in package, they said everything. Notable was car parking. I captured the point and asked about additional parking. There came next surprise. It was open car parking! But they do have additional car parking space which directly tells you the low demand they have it in market!

Floor raise premium is told to be around 35K and after the flat visit they said it was 30 per Sq feet (which makes it 53K per floor). I pointed out the difference and sales person calmly said that he needs to check that as if nothing happened. What the hell, is he a new employee who has never handled a deal in that? Or was that depending on situation they will charge 20 or 30 premium per floor?

I seriously doubt whether sales people are really working for HM or not. I was about to leave it but was surprised to be asked whether I would like to see apartment (and view from there). I need to mention that, that was the most polite words I heard while being there! Apartment visit should take another 15-20 minutes and we decided to go and see.

After that we made a real quick decision and wanted to run away ASAP. For others sake I shall write what I saw there. Apartment is still incomplete and if you take only Accord and Concert along with amenities, I roughly take it as 80% completed. If you take individual flats then it becomes 90% (anything that connects outside is excluded, like gas pipeline, telephone etc except water and electricity). They will take at least 1 month to get your flat ready once you make booking payment but they claimed it can be done in a week! Cementing quality is at the lowest. I could see spots where cement came out with just a hard hit. My spouse raised a very valid question on availability of open car space for each flat owner outside! Since decision to skip this apartment from our buy list was already made, I wasn’t interested in raising that question at all. But it was very clear that apartment is built to have a closed car parking and open car parking is meant mainly for visitors. I wasn’t sure what all surprises would come later!

My verdict: I have been to around 15 projects n Bangalore and I rate HM symphony as lowest. I really wonder if pre sales is so bad, how it will be after sales? Pity those who already are in their net.
Thank you for the detailed mail.You are absolutely right and all true about the car parking.
They asked me for 1 lakh extra for cover parking.
I have stopped the cheque which I gave it for Booking and looking for other ventures.
Please suggest me if any Villa's availabe around the Sarjapore road with in a budget of 55 Lakhs.

Don't ever go for HM builders, I had very bitter experience with HM Symphony. If you are still interested to buy from HM, have a look at HM project, see their quality of construction, material used etc... Then take a call - its your money. If you are looking for some apartment on Sarjapur road. There are multiple options available now. Check all out before running in to some wrong decision.
Go ahead and form an Ad-Hoc committee with all resident owners. Start communicating through mails and registered post. Unite to fight these people.

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