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[Resolved]  Hometown, Kolkata — unsatisfactory service

I have to admit that the overall service extended to me by Home Town (New Town, Kolkata) has been pathetic and highly unsatisfactory. I have been complaining and escalating the issue at regular interval, but things are really getting worse and unbearable for me. I have never seen/heard about such case. It has been most annoying and frustrating shopping experience for me.
I was told by the representative/managers at the time of purchase/delivery/grievance redressal.
1. Floor Piece is not delivered. – It was told to me that the floor piece (on display) is not for delivery and Customer will always get a fresh piece from the warehouse. For this reason, I was told that fresh piece of consignment will be delivered to me and it will take maximum of 45 days.I agreed to that. But after doing lot of follow-up, Queen bed, Shoe Cabinet and 4D wardrobe was delivered to me . I was shocked & surprised to see the 4D wardrobe in bubble packing and when I called up your representative, they accepted that floor piece has been delivered to me. Then, what about the policy? Does it change on regular basis? When they had to deliver me a floor piece then why to wait for so many days..!!
2. Regressive Quality Check – When the side table was not delivered along with other items, I was told that dresser got damaged in transit and as per the policy, it can not be delivered and then we agreed to have delivery after another 10 days. After 10 days, we got the dresser, but it was a damaged piece. When the same damaged piece was to be delivered then why to waste 10 more days?
3. Customer Service -- It has happen not once, not twice but thrice that I have to spend my whole day waiting for either the delivery van or fitter but no one turns up. Last Sunday (22nd Nov 2009), fitter was supposed to come to my home around 10:30 AM to complete the unfinished tasks and replace the damaged dresser but till date I have not got any update from their end. I am so frustrated with the representative that I do not feel like calling them and as usual they never care to call me to give any update on any of my complaints. My grievance has been heard by many managers , but the end result is same (unacceptable & dissatisfactory).
There seems to be no cooperation among the departments themselves. They are unaware of the things and every department gives a different information if asked or chased.

This was reallly the worst shopping experience I have ever had and seriously in future wont go or recommend hometown to anyone. Now thing better are the small shops / local shops than running behind these so called brand names.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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personal problems — Unsatifactory services

Dear Sir/Madam

I, Dr. Nalini Hasgekar, am a customer of BPL Mobile for last 5 years. I was happy with the services. Fiteen days back suddenly my cell started showing SIM ERROR. I missed several important calls during this period. After calling to your helpline(50800) the officer on line said I should go to the BPL Gallery. On Sat. 4th Oct. 08 I went to the BPL Gallery opp. Sitaldevi Temple. Mr. Manish on the desk said there is no problem with the sim card & I should change my handset. So went and bought a new handset and put the sim card. The problem of sim error was not solved but on the other hand I spoiled my new handset and had to get serviced within a day of purchase. On Sat. 11th again I visited the same gallery and got the sim card replaced by paying Rs. 100/- The girl on the desk said the sim will get activated within two hrs. and there no need of any documents for veryfication . till Monday evening i.e.after 48hrs also it was not activated. I called at 50800 and the officer said it will start by next day morning(i.e. Tuesday morning) but now today at this moment 84 hours are over and still it is not activated. This is happening not only with me but others also. In my two visits I found atleast 5 customers in the gallery were unsatisfied and had arguments with the officers and rightly getting bugged because of the unsatifactory answers and service of the staff in this Gallery. Infact two of them cancelled their sim and went away. I would request you look in to the matter if the problem is with this perticular gallery and please try to improve the services. Otherwise you may loose your customers very soon.

Home Town — Worst Service From Home Down. They Cheate the people.


I bought the sofa from home town. They delivered the dirty display piece.

Before buying itself we confirmed that deliver the new piece and they promised for the same.

But they delivered the dirty one.

After the complaint also they are not resolving the problem.

Home Town is the worst shop in hyderabad. They cheat the people.

They deliver the display dirty piece to the customers and then trouble the customer.

It happened with many people. So please request not to buy anything from the home town.



I bought the sofa from Hyderabad -> Punjagutta Home Town Shop.
It costed me 27000.
They promised that they will deliver the new piece and not the sirty display piece.

But they delivered the dirty display piece. After complaint also they are not resolving the problem.

Home Town is the worst shop in hyderabad. They cheat the people.

The deliver the display dirty piece to the customers and then trouble the customer.

It happened with many people. So please request not to buy anything from the home town.

Home Town — Delivery not made on Time

I have purchased a sofa set and dinning set from Home Town,martahalli, Bangalore. The delivery date is mentioned as 1st december but still I am yet to get the delivery.

I purchaged a king size bed on 11/07/09. Some problem in fitting.

The Invoice No is :[protected]
Buyer Name :Suman Kumar

plz do as soon as possible .

I have bought a dressing table in 15th august 2009 and as they were out of stock of the dressing table they asked me 1 month for the delivery and they had already been taken the advance before but it passed 1 month stil there was no reply we gave regular reminders but they were no response and they always had one or the other excuses that the dressing table got damaged while transporting to kolkata or it is out of stock and as usual they were lots of excuses but it had been many months they were still no step taken it has been after many reminders and callsss we got the dressing table on 22nd november 2009 almost after three and a half months later, then the dressing table was kept for many days and there were no people coming from home town for fitting it after frequent calls, finally after 15 days the fitter came and then also while fitting the fitter himself cracked the mirror and now it has been 1 months and still no response. On 26th december 2009 we went to home town and had a talk to the manager and they promised to replace the mirror and fit it within 3 days but still no action has been taken and though we are calling constanty but the misbehaviour of the manager made us disgusted of them, we are very regreted for buying from home town .It is my earnest request to take action as early as possible.I am waiting for your reply.
Mr Srivastava, I completely agree with you, and it would help others to knw that I too had to go through the same misery, damage pieces, wait for weeks for fitter, polisher etc..for them other time has no value, and they dont keep their comittments not a sigle one...

I have interacted with Sukanka & Arindam & both are equally good at making false promises, the fault is not theirs either, as its home town mgt who as to come up with more customer centric policies so that they dont deliver damaged products again n again. Can you beat it I was delivered a warddrobe damanged and twice wrong parts !!! I suggest hometown employees shud quit their jobs rather than listening to customer complaints whole day..

Would really advice all kalkattans to not to purchase anything from home town as they are sure to get duped..

The fittings of our new furnitures are being delayed from the month of October 2009. Can the company tell us when will they get the time ti fix this problem which is hanging around our house? Reminders and phone calls are never attended. e64a
I agree with all the above comments.
I newly moved to Kolkata and hence had to buy all house furniture from scratch.
I had ordered a complete room set (including a Queen bed, a dresser, a side table and a 3 door wardrobe) on the 1st of Feb, 2010.
Till date I have not received any updates on the Wardrobe and Dresser inpite of my calling several times to the Customer Care.
Even the earlier stuff that was delivered was late delivery followed by late fittment followed by late replacement of broken parts.
The worst part is they never even bother to inform you of any delay or discrepancies.
Every time I call they tell me they will get back which they never do.
This has been frustrating and the worst part is I have to still live out of my suitcases.
If they cannot deliver stuffs on time, why take all the money in advance and promise and make people pass through such pain.
This is not expected out of a brand name.
Service of Hometown, Kolkata is very poor. And quality of furniture probably worst. They are just making people fool and playing with customer's money
Even I had been their customer for a while now. However the service post sales are regretful.
I bought this bed and a cupboard with dressing table. The bed has already got cracks on the
back rest but i must say other products are in good shape. I complained about this crack and
they did visit us and promised a change however its not been met yet.
avishek das

I bought a complete room set including Queen bed, a dresser, a side table and a 3 door wardrobe. The furniture quality is so bad that within 4 months the wardrobe locks stopped working and the plies bent down.Same condition is also with the bed too. Now the wardrobe is leaning forward so dangerously that it could cause an accident at any moment. Several times I followed up with the customer service and each time they made false commitment of sending service from their fitting department.No service had been provided by the "HOME TOWN". They are simply avoiding the complains.


Pinaki Biswas
+91 [protected]
Hometown Kolkat Rajarhat has a bunch o[censored]nprofessional people in their team. Promise to deliver my bed when got delayed, I had to run after them to get a new date. They have no sense of customer service - no bisiness etiquettes and best example of the archaic philosophy of- "customers exist because their business exists" Their head of Customer head even goes to the lenght of saying that we had not remembered the promise made by them... After the delay of 15 days, they made a revised promise of delivering it today between 5 to 6 pm ...appareantly the delivery van had a punctured tyrre as reported at 5 pm and since it takes more than 6 hrs to repair a tyre and it is 11.30 pm and I am still awaiting my stuff...unproffesional unethical to say the least...well I will have a view on the quality only when i get my stuff. God save me teh way things are going ..dont know what will be the experience then
Hello people. Dnt ever try 2plan out to buy any furniture at Home Town. Salesmen are worst, don't have any idea to price and product features. Moreover any item u decide and finalize by yourself to buy; ultimately a polite reply wl tell u " Sir we do not have this item in stock". Also imagine about delivery norms, u pay the price and wait for three long days for delivery, which they say is their policy and another 2days to wait for fitter to do rest work. Truly Hometown has a wide display area with lots of products on display, but the item u choose will never exist in their stock. Hats off to the management as why they have opened such a mall where products are not available and distribution system is faulty. A better alternative to buy is from Ezone at Mani Sqare Mall. Products are choiceable and worth the price.


Subhadeep Datta
Dissatisfied Customer

Home town ,kolkata — Delivery

I have purchased bed from Home town , new town , kolkata and on bill they have mentioned delivery by 12-08-10 but not recieved and delayed by uncertainity






Home Town is a best solution for a person wanting to decorate their house and having very less time to shop!!!

Archana Jhun Jhun Wala

I think HOME TOWN is the most organised store among Modifurn, mobel, smoothe etc

They have good range with full concept and professional managed enviorenment!!

Sanjeev Joshi

I, Dr Bisanka Biswas bought 4 products from HOME TOWN but they are verymuch damaged.Service of the dealing exicutive, fitment depertment, customer care and delivery depertment is very painful to us.Your employees failed their cmmitment every moment. This is not true business.I[censored] want help we donate Rs50, 000/-.But don't cheat us, don't harrous us.

Hometown, Kolkata — Delivery and service

I had bought a TV cabinet from Home Town, Kolkata on Aug, 2010. The stuff that was delivered to me was damaged. Though Home Town assured me that they will send personel to mend the damages but it never happened. I tried to contact them over phone atleast for 50 times. They are very casual to pick up the call. Once one kind hearted fellow picked up the phone and assured me of the service which again never happened. I feel I am cheated.

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