[Resolved]  ICICI Bank Credit Card — wrong calculation of fuel cash back for which late payment fees, interest charges had been wrongly imposed on me

Sir, With honour

Mailing you a copy of letter which is e-mailed and posted to head office of ICICI Bank Limitd, in this letter I have mentioned all the facts regarding wrongly calculated fuel cash back, wrongly imposed late payment fees & service tax and wrongly imposed interst charges & service tax.

Customer Service Officer,
Credit Card Division,
ICICI Bank Limited.

Mr. Harshil Mehta,

I can boldly say that I am a culprit as I have opted for ICICI Bank Credit Card.

With trueness I can clearly say that all my payment are duly in time and before your due date.

As I am operating these (Gold & Platinum) ICICI Bank Credit Card from 27th February, 2006. And from 27th February, 2006 to 29th June 2007, I was very good customer to you no charges, no levies, no penalties were charged in these 17 months.

But what had happened to me or what had happened to the bank that in July 2007, October 2007, December 2007, January 2008, March 2008, April 2008, May 2008, June 2008, July 2008 that I am being charged by bank wrong late payment fees, wrong interest charges and wrongly calculated fuel cash back. For this very reason from 1st June 2008 I am not using your credit card and may going to surrender the card.

When I have your Gold card the ICICI Bank personnel comes to me, to give me Platinum card, when I got Platinum card they are approaching me for Signature card. How can I go for opting Signature card when I have so much great problems of wrongly charged late payment fees, wrong interest charges and wrongly calculated fuel cash back.

I am having Citibank Card from last eleven years; neither me nor Citibank has any problems. If anything wrongly occurs in their statement, they in very first letter/ first e-mail vanishes (waive) off immediately in my very first request.

If you want me to be your good customer for further using of Credit Card in future years. Please waive off each and every charges like wrong late payment fees, wrong interest charges and wrongly calculated fuel cash back.

Sending you chart of wrongly calculated fuel cash back, wrongly imposed late payment fees and wrong interest charges. The account is 100% perfect as you can send any person or any chartered accountant to calculate any of these charges.

Once you have imposed in any month any charges it will be increased in further months as you calculated interest on late payment fees and interest on interest charges. Are you a sahukar of rural area.

Sending a copy of this to RBI Grievances Cell and Banking Lokpal also if you are not doing any favour to me.

Account details as per my perfect calculation


28 July 2007 Rs.1690 @ 1.5% Rs.25.35 - Rs.11.90 Rs.13.45
29 Oct 2007 Rs.1800 @ 1.5% Rs.27.00 - Rs.14.00 Rs.13.00
29 Dec 2007 Rs.1850 @ 1.5% Rs.27.75 - Rs.25.50 Rs. 2.25
01 March 08 Rs.1400 @ 1.0% Rs.14.00 - Rs.10.00 Rs. 4.00
29 March 08 Rs.550 @ 1.0% Rs. 5.50 - Nil Rs. 5.50
29 April 2008 Rs.1800 @ 1.5% Rs.27.00 - Nil Rs.27.00
29 May 2008 Rs.1820 @ 1.5% Rs.27.30 - Nil Rs.27.30

For this very reason the charges of every month has been imposed due to not giving of difference of Fuel Cash Back and continuously every month it is increased by every month imposement of late payment fees + service tax, interest charges + service tax.


29-Dec-2007 Rs.350.00 + Rs.43.26 => Rs. 393.26
01-March-2008 Rs.350.00 + Rs.43.26 => Rs. 393.26
30-July-2008 Rs.400.00 + Rs.49.44 => Rs. 449.44
On 01-March-2008 bill, reversal of late payment fees + service
tax (Rs.350.00 + Rs.43.26) => (Rs. 393.26)


29-Jan-2008 Rs.359.92 + Rs.44.49 => Rs. 404.41
01-March-2008 Rs.437.73 + Rs.54.10 => Rs. 491.83
29-March-2008 Rs.231.43 + Rs.28.60 => Rs. 260.03
29-April-2008 Rs.220.95 + Rs.27.31 => Rs. 248.26
29-May-2008 Rs.342.46 + Rs.42.33 => Rs. 384.82
28-June-2008 Rs.265.01 + Rs.32.76 => Rs. 297.77
30-July-2008 Rs. 89.01 + Rs.11.00 => Rs. 100.01

Total amount to be waived off => Rs.92.50 + Rs.842.70 + Rs.2187.13
=> Rs.3122.33

This amount Rs.3122.33 that you want from me is not correct, as this difference is due to your wrong calculated fuel cash back, wrong late payment fees and wrong interest charges and not charges of any purchases.

So, please waive off each and every charges with immediate effect.


Yours Sincerely

Sharad Bang
(Card No. [protected])
S. K. Bang
(Card No. [protected])
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Aug 14, 2020
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ICICI Bank Credit Card — wrong charges imposed

dear concern

i have a cradit card of icici bank no. [protected] and iwas make complain about the non recive of statement on my address from past two month they send the statment which was not recive to me and they impose the charges on me for 224.72 for the statement without informing me about these charges
yes i m neutral now after make complain about these charges to you as well as to custmer care also

ICICI Bank Credit Card — excess amount Debited from my saving A/C 008301509662

Dear Sir,

I have ICICI credit card No.[protected] and its add on card no [protected] both cards are settled by me on

17/04/08 With Lucknow ICICI Collection department

The final payment Given by me both cards details are .

Card No.[protected]- Settlement Amount-61000/-

Receipt no[protected]Chq. No-130139(ICICI BANK) Dated 17/04/08 amount 24000/-

Receipt no[protected]Chq. No-130140(ICICI BANK) Dated 03/05/08 amount 37000/-

Card No. [protected]- Settlement Amount-6345/-

Receipt no[protected]Chq. No-130137(ICICI BANK) Dated 17/04/08 amount 6345/-

The above given details the cheques Given by me are cleared on time.

But Auto debit is not stopped till date .

I have contacted many time customer care and collection department but the result remain same.

Approximate Rs.[protected] is auto debited from my

saving A/C[protected]

Please do the needful for return of excess amount Debited from my saving A/C[protected]

Thanks & Regards
Charan Preet Singh

credit card by icici bank — wrongly imposed late payment charges

My credit card No. is [protected]. I had issued a cheque for Rs.832.73 on 3.10.2009 to clear the dues well within the time schedule. It was returned abck on 7.10.2009 with an objectioin and without Memo from my bank.It was also memntiond in the covering letter from the ICICI dated 6.10.2009 " We urge you to provide us with a fresh cheque to enable process your repayment in a timely manner."Fresh cheque was issued on 7.10.2009. But now I have received the bill dated 17.10.2009 today i.e. 28.10.2009 saying pay Rs.400/- on delayed payment.When thee is an objection on the timely cheque then fresh cheque is issued as desired then how can a charge of late payment be imposed. Therefore in the light of these facts this amount of Rs,400/- may very kinly be reversed. I may not be dragged to the Consumer Court for no fault of mine. However I am depositing Rs.254.50 incurred on Indian Railways Catering Delhi only. The rest of the amount is disputed. Payment for the same may be suspended till the decisioin.
Thanking you
Yours sincerely,
M.S.Kohli, Advocate, Chandigarh.
Dear Mr. Kohli,

We understand that your complaint regarding credit card has been resolved. Please write to us at [protected] in case you need further assistance or would like to share any feedback with us. We hope to continue to enjoy your trust in the years to come.

ICICI Customer Service Team.

Icici Bank gold card — Late payment charge

This is with credit card no.[protected] in the name of Sanjay Kumar.
I strongly oppose the late payment charges and interest charges levied to us as, i have always paid the money before due date but this time i have not receive any statement from the bank and suddenly i received the statement with 500 Rs interest without any information and your customer care is not bahaving properly i dont remember the name of the person with whom i had discussion. since i am using this gold card from more than 5 years and doing lot of transection with the bank . why should i become the victim of it. Had i received any sort of information that i have to have pay the i have already done my payment but if charges will not be levied then this will be my last transection with the bank. Please look into the matter and do the needful thanks.

We are sorry to hear about your experience.We have made a note of your credit card number.We'll contact you and work to address your issue at the earliest.

ICICI Bank Customer Service Team

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