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[Resolved]  Indraprastha Gas Limited — Inspite of 100% payment No connection

The following complain was sent to CORE Centre

Supported by: Ministry of Consumer Affairs,

Food & Public Distribution,
Department of Consumer Affairs, Govt. of India
Managed by: Consumer Coordination Council (CCC)

E-Mail ID: [protected], Website:

But No response.

Dear Sir,
Business partner Number : [protected]
There customer number : [protected]
DGM Vinod Number : [protected]/46074870

My particulars with IGL are as follows:

We booked pipe gas connection with IGL in Feb 2008 with Rs 2500 as advance payment and Paid balance Rs 5000 in July/Aug but yet to get the connection. Such hopeless is the customer service even from the customer executive to the DGM no body is bothered to track or revert call or confirm about the status. The following letter was sent to IGL with a vague reply from them but no connection. I wish to ask them to pay for delays

Veen Sobti

The following letter was sent to IGL

Complaint Details : The following letter was written to their DGM by my
husband Mr. S.K.Sobti, the action he replied back with wierd reasons but
didn't follow it up or reply to question of refund of money...

Hi Vinod, ( The name of the DGM)
Just received to letter. Oh by the way incase you find mail bouncing you
can mark copy to [protected] / [protected]
these two id's wud not give a chance to claim as mail bounced.
Well now reply as per yr letter..
Delay .. yr reasoning accepted
Your reasoning of deviation's and safety hazards. Well you hv answered as
per the feed back given to you by yr technicians or men came to this
premises. Well it seems you people lie far too much. I am sure you must
be maintaining a log of all those men deployed for installation to know at
a later date the detail incase the information is required?? When these
three men came I clearly explained them look boss this is where I need the
out let . However he said he has no permission to take it out side the
house but on being insistent he said well for that he need to take
clearance and wud revert back the next day. he did not come but came on
the third day and said that The meter will be installed inside but the
outlet can be out side. On his confirmation I asked him to install the
meter . Which he did and promised the moment we will make additional Rs
5000 payment the connection will be establish the very day . By the time
the cheque was processed it was August. I called up Customer Care for gas
connection ( Check Log for number of calls from [protected]). Finally on
5th Aug they gave me a complain number . Wondering on my complain your guy
came and we said that we don't need it now and will call you once again .
How absurd this statement is. I am wasting calls to lodge complains and
subsequently defying the request to asking for an alternate date. From
this you can check the truthfulness of your people.

Even you were called up by me a number of times but you lack basic
courtesy of either reverting the call with info or deputing some one for
follow it up. Than you claim that you being constantly following it up.
Finally when all these call didn't bring I made you one more call and you
forgot but when I called you the second day, you asked me " Nobody
Came"? I said no. And than you sent these guys who were refuted .
That was sheer anger. Because you and your department made a mockery of
the customer-vendor relation.

Considering all your efforts and kind of services one can axpect in future
we decided that we would not like to be a part of this Gas rush thus Once
demand refund. We would approach Monopoly and Restricted Tare practice
commission and Consumer Court.

Veena Sobti

Consequences : Mental Agony that even after paying 100% payment we were
still lurching for the right to have a gas connection, No interest on
delayed connection, Buying expensive gas to continue the kitchen

We are also happy to inform you that you could also avail of the free
HELPLINE service by calling the Toll Free Consumer Helpline at

Thank you for lodging your complaint with us.

The CORE Team
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Aug 14, 2020
Complaint marked as Resolved 
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EVEN IGL CUSTOMER CARE eMail in their site is wrong, no reponse on TELEPHONE...

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Delivery to the following recipients failed.


Final-Recipient: rfc822;customercare.[protected]
Action: failed
Status: 5.2.2
X-Display-Name: png, customercare

[protected] Forwarded message[protected]
From: Krishna Moorthy VENKATESAN <[protected]>
To: customercare.[protected]
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2009 17:35:56 +0530
Subject: NO RESPONSE AFTER RECEIVING Rs. 5000 cheques
Dear IGL customer care (hope it exists),

I have paid Rs. 2500 by cheque to GAIL representatives(HFC cheq. no. 0110316, around 11th March 2008, debited to my account, no receipt received.

I have give Rs. 2500 cheques HDFC BANK SAKET, carrying the cheque no. 110324 to Bajaj, the secretary of F-BLOCK RWA, he has ack. from your representatives, with renewed application.

Kindly let me know the status all old customer, got the connection except me.

Your response numbers:[protected], [protected] say thery belong to different department, they are appointed to do marketing only . They misguided me for the past 3 months, saying things are okay.

Bajaj says I have to deal with the matter directly, he is very happy about his connection, appriciates IGL.

No receipts received by me for any payment.

Please tell the status.

Your[protected] is a BIG JOKE WHAT TYPE OF CUSTOMER UNCARE, people do not attend to this telephone, it is set to busy, I tried 123 times so far...

Hope this eMail also not gets the same fate...

Guide me, should I meet the concerened higher authorities to know the position.


Sr. Citizen
V. Krishna Moorthy,
18 B, F- Block,
Dear Sir,

My complaint no. is -162698.
My IGL business card no. is -[protected].

I Ashok Kumar Manchanda R/o of A-104, Gitanjali Appt., Karkardoma, Delhi - 110092 had booked a connection of IGL Gas pipe line on 29.8.2009 by cheque no. 013376 dt. 29.8.09 of Rs. 5000.00 of State Bank of India. vide Receipt no. 792 dt. 29.8.09 of EMARSONS Direct marketing Agency of Indraprastha Gas Limited, 1586, church road, Kashmiri Gate, Delhi.

Till date no any gas pipe line connection is connected in only expect my home even the supply is already on almost every flats in our society. I have done many complaints to the coustomer care of IGL, Control room of Parparganj but no any result had found. I am a diabetic patient . I can't go to there office again and again. So please look seriously into this matter and please do need full for the connection of IGL gas pipe line.

Your urgent action in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Thanking You

Your's Truly

Ashok Kumar Manchanda
A-104, Gitanjali Appt., Karkardoma, Delhi - 110092
Ph: [protected], Res:[protected]
I sincerly agree with the above. I feel IGL need to be closed with immidiate effect. It is the worst service provider I have ever seen. No accountability, no responce. Having set up a long wall of China with their nonsence costomer care where they don't care. Every time -------your request is being forwarded ( dustbin). Their e mail address is defunct.
SP Mamgain
Even my money has not been refunded as yet. At the time of selling new connections these people make false promises about automatic refund when a connection is refused.

I was refused PNG connection a long time back but still waiting for my refund. This customer care department is pathetic and doing nothing.


Tarun Sachdeva
Email : [protected]
M/S IGL. I have applied for IGLgas pipeline connection on 24.12.2012 for my flat no 405 plot no 32 Shalimar garden ext 1 Shaibabad UP, Through Yogamaya & co DMA of IGL and have done all the formalities. I have paid amount of Rs 6000/- through bank draft issued by HDFC bank under no 010320 dt 24.12.2012 and the above mentioned co. has issued receipt for DD receipt no 25367 dt 24 12 2012along withe papers.The connection is[protected] and IGL B Card no is [protected]. Till date nothing has been done in this regard.I have made so maney complaints to igl help line and every time i have been told that your complaint has been forwarded to the Engg he will contact you . It is requested that please look in to the matter and help me. Regards.Thanking you, Ravi Kumar Revo Flat no 405 Plot no 32 Shalimar Garden Ext 1 Shaibabad UP.Mobile no [protected]
we booked a new connection on[protected], reg. form no is[protected]/270827. check no-208321(idbi bank) cheque given to your guy on[protected] but still not received any status of my connection, we also visit at your office 3 deepali pitampura, they are saying please contact customer care because there are no details. again we called to customer care also they are saying same, no record for your request.. you are requested to please solve my issue & provide the new connection request status.

ref no.[protected]

submitted the paper on 1 of 3/01/2014

print form, registry paper, cheque of rs. 6000(cheque no.-714026) of ICICI BANK in favour of INDRAPRASTHA GAS LTD, Dated -10/01/2014
amount debited on 11-02-14 from my a/c no.[protected].Now I want to know when i will get / or get the new connection.My Email id is
ajoy.[protected] Pls update.
ref bp no. [protected] bill recd on 06 jun . complaint lodged same day with cust care for wrong reading. till date no fresh reading taken. cust care not picking phone. this is a repeated problem. getting bills in thousands. It is causing mental agony to a person retd from govt service. S K SYAL

I have applied for IGL GAS connection on 26.05.2014 for my house no B-23/A, Greater kailash Enclave 2, New Delhi through YOGMAYA &amp; CO. DMA of IGL and have done all the formalities. I have paid Rs. 6000/- through check on 21.07.2014 and the YOGMAYA &amp; CO. Has issued the receipt no. 66016 dated 21.07.2014 and on the same I have submitted all the required documents to YOGMAYA &amp; CO.( DMA OF INDRAPRASTHA GAS LIMITED, A JOINT VENTURE OF GAIL, BPCL &amp; GOVERNMENT OF NCT of Delhi
) 3, Deepali, Pitampura. Delhi-110034, phone no.32228831/32314255 and they assured me that new connection will be installed with in a week or ten days but till today you people failed to install the New connection at my residence on the one pretext to other although the gas pipeline is already fix in the main wall of my house and other residence of the same locality is enjoying the facility much prior to my request for New connection.the online booking connection no. is [protected] dated 26.05.2014, plz do the needful. From Smt. Sushil sharma R/O house no. B-23/A, Greater Kailash Enclave -2, New Delhi-110048. phone no. [protected]
Dear Concern,

I have applied for connection in August 13 with all the docs
&amp; payment cheque at the camp arranged at our society. I had got my
reference id :[protected] on Thu 9/26/2013 3:14 PM and i have sent the
cheques of Rs.6000 twice but till now the amount has not been debited nor i
have any information.

It is really frustrating to call on the IGL Toll free number
as well as the staff is very rude, very insensitive and do not have any
solution as well.evey time we call them on the customer care no they will we
will arrange to call back no one calls . I had followed up like mad but
initially they kept on saying that " M'am you need to wait for 15 days,
10 days " and now they are saying that my ID has been cancelled and i have
to fill a fresh form.

But my question is why am i supposed to ... for no fault of

Request you to kindly look into this and resolve at the


Navin Tiwari

sub excess payment of rs 38.46 to be adjusted in next bill of rama nand dua b p no[protected]
i have tried to send this message on [protected] but no use . so it is being sent on this site' pl accept it and may be sent o customer care servive.
The above amt mentioned may be adjusted in next bill as mentioned above.
The amount of rs 19.28 was balanca of excess payment and rs 19.18 was deposited by net banking on 17/9/14at 16.25.10
Vide ur sms to deposit rs mentioned above
It is requested that above amt may be adjusted in coming bill.

Rama nand dua
b/194 prashant vihar
delhi 110085
email [protected]
B p no [protected]
Mob no [protected]
Ph 27569122
Add b/194 prashant vihar
Delhi 110085.
Customer Care-Product Development Cell of IGL,
Sir, I wish to add few suggestions, which will help IGL to widen its use, Revenue Collection, Distribution Efficiency... All of these will ultimately Enhance the IGL Customers' Service.
1) Co-Branded or Debit Cart of IGL.: Presently, We CNG Users have to waste around 2 to 3 minutes extra to make payment and getting the refund at IGL Stations. And, in general to PAY EXTRA minimum Rs. 0.50 to I.50 as the vendor boys will intentional have no Coins so You have to pay Amount Rounded to Upper Rs or mostly upper Rs5 or Rs 10.00.
Suggestion:/ Solution: Debit Card of Value say Rs. 1000.00 or multiple there of OR Preset Vending Machine like used or Petrol/ Diesel, So that the Dispenser Machine set for An Amount in multiple of Rs. 10.00
2) CNG -IGL Vendors Need to display the SIGN, For Company Fitted CNG Cars And Private CNG Kits fitted cars. As the former can only served by Machines coming on Left side of the Car, While the 2nd category from both Vending machines.It will regulate the Car-Owners movement.
3) The PNG Connection should be additionally EXTENED to Water Geysers using PNG. As those Gas Based Geysers of PNG Users need Either LPG Cylinders Or PNG Extension. Both are not available legally, Causing Inconvenience.
4) Using ECS payment for PNG Bills.
There are many more Areas of Improvement, In case Interested, Pl contact us,
PRABHAT KUMAR, Both PNG and CNG Consumer.
175, Overseas Towers, Sector 62 NOIDA. Mobile #[protected]/ e-mail<mr.prabhat.[protected]>
Complaint for IGL Customer Care and Staff &amp; service

I am not able to log into my igl online payment account with B.P no [protected]. Even I am trying with forgot Password, but don't receiving any mail for the new reset password from last four days.

I have mailed them so many times and even was trying their customer care numbers but no one was picking the phone. Today the call gets connected and a lady responded in a very unprofessional way. She was continuously avoiding and interrupting me and in a very unusual manner replied to call after 6pm as she is very busy and some maintenance is going on.
I was requesting her so many times that how would make payment then but her reply was same.

I am very much fed up and dont know when willl our country &amp; their so called agencies would take the customers seriously.
I am not able to log into my igl online payment account with B.P no [protected]. Even I am trying with forgot Password, but don't receiving any mail for the new reset password from last four days.

I have mailed them so many times and even was trying their customer care numbers but no one was picking the phone. Today the call gets connected and a lady responded in a very unprofessional way. She was continuously avoiding and interrupting me and in a very unusual manner replied to call after 6pm as she is very busy and some maintenance is going on.
I was requesting her so many times that how would make payment then but her reply was same.

I just want to know if there's anyway i can get my password? How IGL can be so irresponsible in giving away its website to developers who can't even write the codes effectively.
We have deposited required documents and payment towards the following connections :

C-62 Defence Coloy, New Delhi

Regn. Form no. C-62 Def. Col.

[protected] Ist Flr
[protected] 2nd Flr.
[protected] 3rd Flr

Regn. Form no. C-97 Def. Col.

[protected] Ist Flr.
[protected] 2nd Flr.
[protected] 3rd Flr.

Connections in above two houses are long pending. Every time we are receiving mail in response to our mail that somebody will visit but nobody is even visiting the places.

Your personal intervention is requested.

Bhavna Puri

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