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[Resolved]  Iprimed Bangalore — fake institute

it is a fake institute which promise us to give job and charge 40000 money in the name of course fees. but after completion of the course they do not provide you any job,
fake institute
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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Hi friends/Seniors,
I am a fresher MCA 2012 batch. I am seeking job in java technology. I am not getting the information about any openings for

freshers. So I am planning to join Iprimed. Please tell me, Is this a right decision ?
Please suggest me some good consultancies in Bengaluru.
Send your valuable suggestions on my mail: [protected]

Thanks and Regards
yes it is true, it is a faltu and bakwas inst
People posting here need to witness iPrimed on 2 grounds -

- List of people who have been placed which is >80%
- iPrimed fee is broken into 2 parts - One for the Course duration which is 2 months full time (8 hrs) i.e, 26K, Two they take rest of the amount i.e 13K only after a student gets one or more offer letter(s)

People who do not get jobs because of their incapabilities will always find issues. Students like us, who have learnt and got placements are lucky to be associated with iPrimed.
- It is a platform for every fresher to stand in this higly competetive world.
- I was strugling until i reached iPrimed and today I am working as a Software engineer. It has paved my way to success and Iam relishing that today.
- Today whatever I am is only due to iPrimed.


I joined this institute and got a good job with good salary in one of the top mnc company.
They sent me to five/six interviews.

And most importantly you get to learn so much here, no institute has/is/will provide this kind of valuable training.

You can check the list - almost everyone got placed.

Who writes this false [censored]ing yourself you coward a**h***...
Today morning I had the luxury of reading a book and I have encountered this beautiful quote from Swami Vivekananda’s book, which I would like to share with everybody that, ““We are responsible for what we are, and whatever we wish ourselves to be, we have the power to make ourselves. If what we are now has been the result of our own past actions, it certainly follows that whatever we wish to be in future can be produced by our present actions; so we have to know how to act.”

On the same line, I would like to say that iPRIMED imparts knowledge to everybody and it is up to us as an individual to bring the change. iPRIMED charges the fee for the course and there is some amount of fee which is paid once an individual gets the opportunity to go for an interview and if the student is successful in getting the job than they pay the rest of the fees otherwise no. At the same time, there are lots of students who have got the job on merit basis... Please ponder over it and channelize your energy for personal development, which will help you to get a good job.
ok let me be very clear with this... iprimed is really a very good institute..It really made a big difference in my life.The people who are blaming the institute are really losers because thay have never taken any charge in their life and as they are writing this comment I am sure they have not yet got a job...
I agree there are people who did not get jobs but its because of their own problems...They take iprimed for granted and think they will get a job without any effort...

Dont you know some one who have joined the health club and have not lost weight?
Dont you know some one who have joined the college and never passed?
Dont you know a cricketer who never made it to the national team?
Similarly Dont u know a fellow who completed his internship in iprimed and dint get a job?

Come on loosers start taking charge o[censored]r life instead of blaming others...

There are failures in every field but that doesnot mean that the health club or gym or college is bad... It completely depends on a particular indivusal to make a difference in his life...
Instead of writing these kind of fake comments I would suggest those guys to concentrate on the technology part so they can get a job before its too late...
it is the biggest fraud institute in bangalore.
the internship is all about the professional fraud.only shashi is hard working person there..40000 is huge amount of fee is not worth paying..if they provide interview and if the sal is 1000 /month interns should pay the total amount..
even we should pay the total amount even if the job is contract basis for 2 months.
Himanshu is the most irritating guy there..he does not even respond properly to our queries.job hunters should stop joining these kind of fraud institutes .
Santosh is also good.he does his work..seema, deepa, himanshu and the last but not not believe these people at the time of joining.
they will say that they will provide atleast 15 interviews but they will not provide even 5 interviews..skills alone will not help guys.even luck is also needed..the combination of both will get us a job..even once they placed a guy named tejappa when he was in the first month of his internship.they did not even say the reason behind that..

friends dont get cheated by these people..becoz where ever u go..cheaters rule all over the world!!
I truly accept with you guys, This is not only a fraud institute but a place where faculties plays with student's emotion who joins the intitute with a hope of getting a job.I am also one out of those victims who got deceived by them.They first show you a list of companies like sap, capgemini n all but all are fake, they cant even place you in start up companies.They are not tie up with any companies at all.At the begining they will be very polite to you but as the days pass by and you reach at the end of the course, they will start neglecting you, will give hell lot of nonsence excuses.
See friends I dont want you to waste your 40000 bucks which preety huge amount and 3 months time because both are very precious.Rather i would suggest you to go for known or reputed institutes like NIIT n all which is worth as well.
And yes dont get deceive by the possitive comments because those has been written by IPRIMED faculties only, see they are such a big loosers.
If any other help is required post a comment here, I would definitely reply you
I dont know can anyone tell me clearly, whether it is fake institute or real, plz reply back to me becoz i am thinking to join the iprimed.
Please reply me honestly about the institute
Hardly any institute will guarantee a job. They will provide training and charge for the fees. Drop the idea of joining such institutes in the hope of getting a job, it is all fake promise. Have you guys heard of eLitmus? My friend had given their pH test and got a call from Samsung within a week. They will charge you only 699 for the test n i[censored] score well in it u get a call...
No body on Earth including the company itself guarantees that you'll get / hold the job forever. Even if you are working in a company and you stop performing, taking the company forgranted, you will be thrown out in spite of being in the job.

Stop blaming any body / institute for your own failures, because you need to accept that you have ruined your entire life by not studying / putting your efforts in the right place at the right time. You wasted all your dad's money when you were in school/college and never studied. Now when a private institute has your dad's money after you failed again to put in your efforts, you are again finding reasons for your failure to impress your friends / parents / girl friend or boy-friend??

Please be true to your self. I am not associated with iPrimed in any way so I do not know how they teach and what they exactly do about placements. I just know that they are a bunch of people who are not multi-millionaires and hence they have enough work to do, having no time to waste. Instead of 'playing with anybody'. It takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice to set up an institute to help place the below-average students who did not work hard all their life... They did not say they'll charge 20K and charged 40K in turn, did they? They have charged for their efforts they put on you. If you failed again to take advantage of the knowledge and opportunity provided to you, then atleast learn to accept it within yourself if not publically.

So, stop blaming everyone except yourself for your failures. Negativity has not brought any good to anybody.
If you really feel cheated and feel like taking revenge from somebody, then start working hard and putting efforts so much that you dont need anyone else's help to place you somewhere. There are walk-in inter-views all around and Bangalore in a land of opportunities, work hard and get your job.
The language that you have used to defame an institution itself talks about the kind of education you have acquired over these years...and your un-professionalism at its peak... and you still expect to be be posted in corporatye world. If the people from corporate get to read your language, they will be more than sure that they dont want you in their company.

iPrimed if for poeple who do not have proper direction, but have learnt to understand their weakness and want to improve themselves and then get a job.
madarc**d faltu institute...
This is one of the best institute of the world...This is only institute who can give you 200% placement...yes am saying means every interns have 2 offer letter in their hand...
whatever I am in my life is due to iprimed...for me IPRIMED IS MY TEMPLE AND PRAVIN SIR IS MY GOD...the training provided here is world's even better that the training provided in the software again my freind"s don"t go on any baseless rumour...
hey i m thinking to join Iprimed ...but confused so pls tell me the truth abt iprimed.
i gt offer letter 4m iprimed. of capgemini...nw they r asking me 25000 they told me that i sudnt write anythng in favour of whm i hv to pay.just i hv to gv d signature n hv to write d amount. in d cheque...n in d offer letter they hv nt mentioned d salary amnt n even d offer letter is nt appropriate...nw i m full i hv decided to go to the capgemini office to cnfrm about d offer letter...i thnk it ll b d best way to judge
I am looking forward to join i primed pls guys suggest me whether it is worthy joining the institute or not.
let me know how many companies that they can provide for the failed candidates in the first interview.
may be it is one of honest institutes...but frankly believe in whatever u think dont listen to false statements:vivek

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