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What kind of features are you providing. What stupid server it is. I am trying to book a ticket from morning till 2.21 pm. I am not able to book my ticket.

What server are you using. Is it develop for the travelers? I am getting so many error on my system? Who is the developer of this IRCTC.

I am also a web developer. I could understand normal problems on a server or difficulties while creating a website. I never come across like a stupid website in my life.

You may say this is because of server, That is not a good solutions. In this election so many website got more than 5 Cr. hit. I couldnt feel any issues on any website.

Please take this call immediately

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The worst website i have ever seen.
If we try to book a Tatkal ticket, our BP would rise and the trip needs to be cancelled for taking treatment.
Till 8 am if we try booking, a message pops up saying tickets can be booked only after 8 am and if we try after 8, we always get the message Service unavailable.

No use in having such a bad website for reserving tickets in a country with huge population.
I request the Indian Railways to stop website..
the website stinks like ur train service
If you are trying to book a Tatkal ticket from Howrah to any part of India with irctc website at 8 AM, then you are the biggest fool. If you are lucky then the website will display but you will not able book ticket. This is because of the 'Service Unavailabilty' message. After repeated refresh of the page you will find your irctc page displaying Tatkal waiting list. I have experienced at 8:10 AM all tatkal tickets were sold. Is it possible? Is this the only Train the whole world is waiting to book a ticket in it? Some thing fishy is going on at the back end of the booking. I think ticket were sold to some Agents before the Tatkal day. Some racket is going on in Howrah divison.
It still sucks as before - no improvements !!!
crap and junk website. i reserved for ticket (was on wait list). some hours before to chart preparation time, i got a bus ticket, so i wanted to cancel the wait list train ticket. BUT the irctc website was saying "service unavailable", so i was UNABLE to cancel the train ticket. finally, at the last moment, the chart was prepared and ticket got confirmed. now i got both bus and train ticket, and i could NOT cancel either one. what a crap, junk, website is irctc! "its a heavy weight ball and chain"
The Worst Website ever made.
Bull ...i logged in at 7.50 a.m so that i can get ticket from 8.00 a.m situation got worst and within 7 mints 210 tickets flew away...

IRCTC — Stupid maintenance

this site might be used by hundreds of people at the same time. but what to do..? the server should be maintained properly.. What a poor maintanence...if u cant maintain this site, jus leave it. don have the website for name sake without any use. people who are using this site will get BP naturally.
that too ticket bookin intatkal is the most torturous job in the world.. jus stop dis useless service of online ticket booking
Really who is that stupid team maintaining it..
They must be studied in stone age...
People visit the website to save their time n to escape the hassle of standing in long frustrating queues...
But this website is even more frustrating wasting the precious time...
IRCTC is the one of the worst website i have ever visited, since morning I am trying to book a ticket, but till 5.15 pm I could not manage to book a single ticket, worst is when to book tatkal ticket and more so in the morning, hey!!! could irctc come forward to to sort out grievances or else shut it down or make this site available only for the agents. Gunjan
IRCTC should be given the most unpopular website" award. The whole world is cursing this crap website. The creator in a company called Broadvision. See below the praise they received from IRCTC as published by broadvision website!!

"Our online commerce sales have seen exponential growth on a yearly basis starting from monthly online sales of approximately 3300 tickets in Aug 2002, we have grown to over 8 million online tickets in June 2010. BroadVision has been our technology solution provider since the beginning and has made an important contribution to our efforts."
— Dr. Nalin Shingal, Director Tourism, IRCTC
I really hate this site and the higer authorities of railway who are not taking any step for that. All the officer, may i know for which work you all are taking your salary. If you are not able to resolve your customer complaint, you have to be shame on you. If you can't improve " web link " then you have to be finish the online reservation procedure (Specially Tatkal reservation ). Railway minister update regularlly new rules for tatkal and Online reservation, but these all worthless. If still you all are not taking any genuine step, then it is better you to manage your home as a genuine house wife. Which is atleast perfectly able to manage her family or home.

The best description of, the Indian Railways online ticket booking system:

"Grandpa pissed his pants again, he don't give a damn;
Brother Billy has got both guns drawn, he ain't been right since Vietnam."

(Quoting the American Philosopher, the late Warren Zevon)
Quoting Dr. Nalin Shingal, Director Tourism, IRCTC (as mentioned by

"BroadVision has been our technology solution provider since the beginning and has made an important contribution to our efforts."

I want to snort the cocaine that Nalin Shingal uses; it must be the best stuff that money can buy.
worst..est..est..!! site irctc ..who made this website ..??...whenever i try to book any ticket then i get frightened by just looking at the homepage..but inspite of dis i keep calm and login ..but it doesnt..then also i try to keep control on my breath...who the hell made dis website..??..and worst condition at 10 am in the morning ..god plz help me..!!..sometimes i feel of doing suicide with a note named on the name of irctc's admin name..what a complete piece of ..plz giv me a chance ...i'll make better site than this...and subhanallah inka server ..i think the admin has setup the server in his mobile phone's 256 mb memory card ..and one more thing ..whenever after many efforts you reach to the payment step then it shows processing...and it shows processing for many hours and nothing gets happen...plz ..plz..plz.. improve irctc..but i say change this website completly.. and as all of us know that world's largest network is of india and world's worst website is irctc ..plz take any step..otherwis
stupid website..seriously..hate it..
worst site in india, corrupted people in railways making it too worse...worst railway employs

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