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The chairman/Railway minister,
Dear Sir/Madam,
irctc, It is a matter of great harassment of Indian citizen, while the lines for booking of Tatkal tickets on line are remained blocked from 08.00 am to 09.30am and so stating 'service is not available'. /not opening page at all/timeout session etc This problem is persisting on everyday from 08 am to aroung 09.30am, but on the contrary, entire tatkal tickets are exhausted within five minutes, as soon as the time of tatkal ticket's booking starts. Some body may be blocking server with their vested interest. No use of tatkal on line booking for common public. If we go on railway windowS , there is also agents are flooding like anything with internal adjustment with booking clerk. Ultimate the present system is encouraging the curruption. Pl take necessary steps/action to improve the tatkal system in the interest of common public.


MYSORE -[protected]
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yes you are absolutely correct.. in our country this is the major Disease-corruption every where...
and our system of goverment...can't say in word.
we should get another set of people like freedom fighters...

Indian Railways — Booking of Tatkal tickets online.Portal does not open.

Today [protected] at about 7:40 I tried to log into my account to book a tatkal e-ticket online.But until 7:59 there is a message displaying SERVICE UNAVAILABLE. At last at 7:59 the log in page opened. Then I logged into my account to book a tatkal e ticket. Now the real drama began. When I tried to book the e ticket a message is displayed saying that e-ticket can not be booked before 8:00 hours. This is displayed until 8:04 A.M. Then i logged out tried to log in again. Then the second scene in the drama started. The Page to log in is displayed with extra ordinary speed. I was very glad that the railways has improved their services. But my happiness was short lived. Within seconds I found how wrong is my opinion about railways. When I tried to log in into my account by submitting my user name and password there is a new message.The message said that my connection to the server is interrupted. This scene continued up to 8:23 A.M. Then the scene and my vows to book a ticket ended. Then i was able to log into my account. By the time I logged into my account and tried to book a ticket all the tatkal tickets are booked and a waiting list is there for the train to which i wanted to book. I had to book to another train. This is not my first experience. It happened so many times when ever i tried to book tatkal tickets at 8:00 A.M.
First of all I like to know why a display or message is showing that e tickets can not be booked until 8:00 Hrs even though the time was well past 8:00 A.M.Exactly it was until 8:04A.M i tried. To be sure i inquired others about the time beside the time in my computer, my wrist watch and time in my mobile. The time in all these instruments and of others showed well past 8:00A.M. Is the railway time is slow or do they have their own clock.
Second thing is why the service is interrupted when I tried to log into my account again after 8:04 A.M.This happened until 8:23A.M. as i already mentioned. When I first logged in at 7:59A.M and tried to book ticket it says the e-ticket can not be booked before 8:00A.M even after 8:00A.M. After that my log in attempts were interrupted until 8:23A.M. Why my attempts to log in into my account interrupted?. Please inform the correct way or procedure to book tatkal e-tickets before they are all booked. Is there any other special procedure to log in at 8:00A.M.
I do agree with this. This is frustrating that in the age of technology they have very poor infrastructure. Even internet today runs fatser than IRCTC servers. Booking is a far story, even login (that has nothing to do with locking the reservation) takes 10 minutes after 8:00 AM. Whats the use of such a system then. IRCTC must address all these technical issues and must also stop the machchli bazar at railway counters...this is very bad that online system shows tatkal as waitlist but an agent can get a confirmed ticket for you at some extra charge (bribery). It puts serious questions over the character of overall railway system and its employees.

I have spent 3 nights to get a confirmed ticket (to wake up in the morning and trying with tatkal quota online) to travel to my hometown where my father is no more but everyday I feel harrassed when system even can not login on time and by the time I login and search he trains, tatkal quota is exausted.Sometime back I faced same issues when my brother (who got heart attack) had to travel; back to hometown after release from hospital (can such a person travel like bhed-bakri i.e. without seat)...just imagine the suffering people have sometime due to such a corrupt system.

I tried to book tatkal tickets today and it took 10 minutes for me to ge the the reservation availablity. I logged into the site at 8.00 AM sharp, but by the time itself, site was showing chennai express for 31st july availability in WL. It is really frustrating to use the IRCTC site, though the Indian railways has declared that it opened a new site Indian railways portal on July 7. This is worst way of managing an IT system.


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