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[Resolved]  IRCTC - TDR — TDR refund not yet received

I had booked tickets for me & my collegues for a official function in Pondicherry.. I booked it in 3 parts..Nagarcoil to Villupuram, Tirunelveli to Villupuram & Madurai to Villupuram in Cape Howrah express.

Due to some problem with railway staff and RPF the previous day of my boarding the train did not even start from Kanyakumari as per schedule and it was informed that train is indefinitely late.. After waiting for around 3 hrs i started my journey by bus and also asked my colleagues to do the same..

In a couple of days from my journey date, i filed TDR (13.1.09) for all 3 PNR nos

Its around a year now.. and im yet to get my refund..

I had mailed to irctc for refund.. They keep on adding the reminder nos that they have provided to eastern railways for processing..

They dont even have a escalation matrix to fasten the process..

Will the railways consider the problems faced like passengers like me and act accordingly to solve these type of problems..

Raghav. A
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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IRCTC — TDR Not yet refunded

I have filed a TDR on 11th Dec 2008 and I haven’t received the payment so far. Request you to pls. help me in this.

PNR NO – [protected]
Reference No - ekt[protected]

Have tired of calling the customer care center and till March'09, they were not even ready to take my call and used to say, it can get refunded before 90 days. Now it is 7 months still i dont see any light.

we have booked 6 tickets from KANPUR TO NEW DELHI on 559.It was cancelled due to TRAIN was late more than 4 hrs. TTR NO IS [protected]. PNR, NO .IS [protected] OF 4 TKTS & PNR NO.[protected] OF 2 TKTS . Kindly see thru this matter . we ar still wating for refund.
Same case has happened with me too.I booked tickets on 13/11/2209 from station: Varanasi Jn to Howrah Jn.

PNR no: [protected]...Today is 29th May 2010.Till date, i dint receive the amount of Rs 1176.

What a sick organisation Indian Railways is... !!
It is making thousands of crores of revenue...but service for the customer is like behaving like street dogs !!
DIDI, when you will do some constructive work, at least some work for the common man, which is out of scope of politics...

Sick, Sick Organisation Indian Railways !!!
Same happened with me.
I filed a TDR for PNR no: [protected] as the train was late for more than 8 hours.
Date of journey was 23/1/2010 and today is more than 6 months 02/08/2010.
Till date I haven't got a single response from irctc or Indian railways. All the time status is shown as "Forwarded to railways" on

And I too could not find any escalation route. Looks like they had engulfed my money.
Same was the case with me too.

I was suppose to travel from Madgoan to Panvel on 26/07/2010 from train no. 2202. But due to land slides the train didnot ran on that day. Since I booked an E-Ticket, I was told that I had to apply for TDR from IRCTC website for refund. It has been more than 4 month from the time I have filled my TDR but I have not recieved any refunds in my account. Everytime I mail to IRCTC i get a revert back stating that my refund has been forwarded to CR zone and it will be refunded. The PNR no of my journey ticket was [protected]. Everytime I get a status as forwarded to railways.
ransaction Details
PNR Number: [protected] Ticket Type: eticket Transaction ID: [protected]
Booked On: 7-9-2010 Class: 2A Internet Service Charge: Rs 20.00
Date Of Journey: 10/9/2010 Railway Zone: NWR Bank: boi
Total: Rs 3161.00 Train No: 2955 Ticket Charge: Rs 3141.00
From Station: BORIVALI(BVI) Quota: General To Station: JAIPUR(JP)
IRCTC Zone: Chief Commercial Manager Refund, North Western Railways Jaipur

Ticket Details
S# Name Age Sex Coach Seat Res-Status
1 LN Khetan 80 Male 0000/ Booked
2 Geetadevi Khatan 78 Female 0000/ Booked
3 Manisha Khetan 40 Female 0000/ Booked

TDR Details
Reason For TDR: Part W/L after charting TDR Status: CCM Registered Reference No:ekt[protected]
TDR Zone: NWR TDR Filing Date: 12-Sep-2010
Refund Status: Refund under Process Refund Date: Not Available Refund Amount: Rs.0.00
Dear sir,

PNR No [protected]
Train No 2956 Train Name JP BCT SUPFAST
From JP To BVI
Date [protected] Class 2A
Boarding Point JP Reservation Upto BVI
Quota General

S# Name Age Sex Seat/Berth Coach Status
1 LN KHETAN 080 Male 0000 WL 26
2 GEETADEVI KHETAN 078 Female 0000 WL 27
3 MANISHA KHETAN 040 Female 0000 WL 28
Where to contact regarding TDR related cases. Sine two years i am not receiving my amount


Dear Sir/Ma'am,

I had booked railway ticket 13/04/2010, Date Of Journey: 28/4/2010, my PNR is [protected], Ticket Type: eticketTransaction ID: [protected].

On the date of journey Train was cancelled due to railway.

I was filed TDR, but still I didn't get my refund from railway side.

And according to railway train was delay but train was cancel on that day.

Plz solve this problem.


Rajeh Soni

i have not recieved payment against file tdr pnr no.[protected] dated 17/1/2011
i have been frustrated to know abt the railway service my pnr no [protected] when i want to cancel the ticket the day before my journey its showing that as my tkt is confirmed it cant be cancelled.too robust thing if i cant have the option to cancel my tkt even one day before my journey.
i too have a complaint .i had a ticket of 17 march ..train was cancelled so we filled the tdr of the refund has not come till yet...
pnr no-[protected]
Reference No: ekt[protected]
TDR Zone: NR TDR Filing Date: 18-Mar-2011
please help me

IRCTC — TDR Refund Not Received Yet

I am yet to get back my money against the TDRs filled by me within the due date and as mentioned in the attached photos.

MY TICKET PNR NO- [protected] AND T. ID - [protected] . I had cancelled my ticket 10 hour before departure the train but till know, I have no any confermission by irctc, only given Reference No - ekt[protected].
So, I request to you kindly refund my money early. please clarification for that.
Hi, This is Rajeev. I booked a ticket for my Dad and Sister to travel on 28th April'11 with PNR No.[protected] for Sealdah Rajdhani. Unfortunately, the train got delayed for almost 7 Hrs., so they didn't travel. Immediately on the same day, I raised TDR for the same. We have communicated this several times to the relevant dept.. Few mails also sent to the the email address [protected] Still there is no hope. Please suggest how can we get the refund as we have already ruined 200 INR in making calls to get the refund.Also, we have been suggested to call KL Sardar or Partha on the mentioned nos.[protected]/[protected] to get the refund. We did the same however the operator disconnects the call in between. So. we didn't get the opportunity to discuss our concerns with the GODFATHERS OF RAILWAY dept.
I have booked a ticket on[protected] for train number 12322 and PNR number is [protected]. Travel date is 29/10/2012.

I am the first holder Named MOHD IMRAN
2) RUBY FATIMA (my wife)
3) MOHD SAMIR (my brother)

PNR status is showing 2, 3 & 4 waiting.

Now the problem is for the 3rd holder i.e MOHD SAMIR (my brother) i have selected wrong gender as FEMALE instead of MALE. Now i cannot cancel that ticket and book a new ticket as because waiting list has gone above 25. Hence please please provide me some alternative solution how can i rectify this.

OR if it cannot be rectified then can you please provide me some sort of approval from station master, railway head or any kindly of letter or scan copy of duplicate ticket which you can sent in this mail to me with rectification as MALE gender of 3rd holder.

We all 3 passenger will be carrying a valid identity proof including my brother. Will that be ok if my brother also shows the identity proof or Ration Card.

Please understand i am going for a 36 hours journey travel from Mumbai to Howrah with my family including my 4 years daughter. Hence i dont want any trouble of Ticket checkers( TC) in between. YOU KNOW HOW THIS TC's THREAT THE PASSENGERS and ask for the bribe.

I have always got a very good support from IRCTC in terms of services. Hope IRCTC will look forward giving some co-operation to the genuine customer like me in this situation

So i request you to intervene in these matter, as i am very much depressed with this situation. My family is very much excited to go for a journey, and just for this small reason if it will get cancelled, then i will be saddest person in this world.

railway commercial officer of that station IS NOT AT ALL HELPING ME AND SUGGESTING TO CANCEL THE TICKET

Please please help me with some other alternatives. I am having very much emotional attachment with IRCTC. So i hope for the best.

Reminder 2

What is the action is taken aganist the TTE which was taken Bribes from our side. And how much the percentage did u got from that TTE?

I want my money back or Action Taken aganist the TTE?
Excellent resolution which was provided by your side. So you have confirmed that, Taking bribes in Train is very Good thing and we have to encourage th monese kind of people so that your people have to enjoy with this money. All are having the equal share's or else if you have got less amount kindly confirm where i have to transfer the amount so that you can enjoy with our money.
I dont want these kind of answers. I have to loss my money?
Please find the Fine receipt which was provided by the TTE. This receipt is also Fraud as per u rORMED and mine knowledge. Do u think people's are fools or . Kindly confirm.

If you are not returning my money. i won't accept .


Neha Kashyap FMS Executive OR Sunil Sharma Support Manager For FMS.

No one is responded my concern i will be exclating
Dear Customer,

Kindly note that your ticket with [protected] booked in tatkal and it was confirmed ticket and according to the railway rules:
No refund will be granted on cancellation of confirmed Tatkal ticket.
Hence no refund will be granted in this case. We deeply regret for the inconvenience caused to you in this regard.

Amendments in the certain provisions of Refund rules are applicable
w.e.f.1/7/2013.Please click here to know more:

[protected]-------- Original Message[protected]--------
Subject: Fwd: Fwd: Regarding refunds.
From: [protected]
To: [protected], satya sai


The kindly confirm when i can get the refund for the same. The TTE was charged of RS 555- for the Reservation charge and 645some other perso- we have asked the bill. As he said i[censored] want the Birth you have to pay 1200- if not i will issue the birth orto some other person. As it was urgent for us as my Interview was held at that time. What is the justice you are having with the Passengers.

Rs. 555- As government Fee
Rs. 645- As Bribe for TTE
Rs. 660- Was the General Ticket Fate.

Total Amount of Rs. 1860-

Reservation Cancellation Ticket was 1568- (Approx)

Total Amount is Rs. 3428-

The amount i have to loss. Is it Right Thing. R u agree with My request. Kindly think i[censored] r in my place what you would do?
My question is why the TTE was informed wrongly to us that regading the W/L ticket was not confirmed and he charges the amount.

As of Now i am in a remote location i did not find any Scanner in my native place But the details i can share to you as of now:

1) Date of Journey: 9/11/2013
2) Name of the train 12664 (Trichy HWH)
3) Journey From VSKP-HWH
4) Slip No. 558897 which was in red in color
5) Coach Number S/5
6) Birth Number 33, 35, 62
7) Name of the Passinger he wrote 9092, 9093
8) Class (Sleeper)
9) In seal we has find OFFICE OF THE SR.CTI KUR DIV.
10) No. of passingers 3
I want Justice for this case. If not i will move to Consumer Cort also, As this is a hard earned money.

Dear Customer,

Please send us the fine receipt so that we may assist you.

Thanks & Regards
Executive, Customer Care


Amendments in the certain provisions of Refund rules are applicable
w.e.f.1/7/2013.Please click here to know more:

[protected]-------- Original Message[protected]--------
Subject: Fwd: Regarding refunds.
From: [protected]
To: [protected]

As per your communication you have mentioned that ticket was confirmed but how the TTE was said that this ticket was not confirmed and we have taken the general tickets and TTE is charged of RS.1500- why this amount was charged and we have showed the tickets to TTE also as he mentioned that this ticket status is W/L 6, 7, 8, not yet confirmed. time is 11.15 am only. This is a hard core money we are earning paisa to paisa. As per the LAW TTE's are willing to make money into their pockets. I am not going to loose my Hard earned Money.
We request you to resolve the issue and transfer my money back.
[protected] Forwarded message[protected]
From: Chaitu Kumar <[protected]>
Date: Tue, Nov 26, 2013 at 6:44 PM
Subject: Regarding refunds.
To: [protected]

Hi my name is chaitaya kumar.M i have booked the ticket for the below mentioned people. The ticket was not confirmed and we have alternative arrangement. But the W/L list ticket refund amount was not creditied into my account.
kindly check the details as ap. as per the policyo be refund ba of IRCTC the W/L ticket amount has to be refund back. The tickets are listed below:

Booking details:
PNR No [protected] Train No 12664
To HWH Date [protected]
Class SL Boarding Point VSKP
Reservation Upto HWH Quota Tatkal

Passenger Details:

S# Name Age Sex Seat/Berth Coach Status
1 MANIKANTA GOPAL 022 Male 0000 CKWL 22
2 AMBICA MACCARTHY 021 Female 0000 CKWL 23
3 KISHOR KUMAR 025 Male 0000 CKWL 24
Total Fare 00001560
You are Looting the customer.

It's your Fault that you unable to give seat and you deducted 60 Rs and refunding only 130 Rs.

How can you do this customers ??

I want to escalate this to top management ... You can not easily Loot the customers.

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