[Resolved] — Just Dial fraud company

I had registered a monthly plan with Just Dial wherein they said that my details would be given to callers asking for the service.I wantd to cancel the same but they are ignoring and not bothered i I have also sent a mail to their CEO but he is also not bothered.

My request beware of this fraud Company
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Oct 19, 2017
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Sep 18, 2017 Customer Care's response
Hi Pooja,

Please write a line along with your registered contact number at [protected] so we can revert back to you.

Team Justdial
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Dear Mr. Ashwani,

Thanks! for being a member of Just Dial Services.

With reference to your above mentioned comment, I would like to contact you to understand & resolve your queries/issues but I have not found any of your contact details or company name.

Kindly feel free to contact us at[protected] or write us on [protected] or [protected] We will give you the best possible solutions/services.

Team Just Dial.
Just Dial promoting fraud company corporate packers mumbai .They promised to deliver our goods from India to Kuala Lumpur in good condition & save. They also took the payment for the same in advance.
After we reached KL we had to follow up for our goods for atleast 2 weeks. They then delivered the goods but our main box is left back in India it self. They have no experience in International Relocation services.
They made us run after them for our goods for 2 months & then they delivered it back to our house in India.

The proprietors name is Mr. Riyaz

They are the worst Movers & packers. I strongly recommend everyone who is looking out for they services to stay away from them.
Just dail are the largest fraud network developing throughout India, a hard core legal step shoud be taken to stop these gutteral insects from cheating people's hard earned money ...
They just pay resellers once or twice ...they never pay them any more ...non sense cheaters...

Just Dial Pvt Ltd. Delhi — cheat and fraud in listing

We have taken an diamond listing plan from just dial company and they they are agree in our categories which are around 70, and after 3 months of the payment they have done nothing,we had a conversation with miss chanchal jain executive of just dial pvt ltd in delhi. They just making us foolish. Now they are telling that we can provide you listing in 40 categories only and if you like to add up to 10 categories we have to pay 5100 rs. for that, we can't do any thing because they are not agree to refund our money. we paid a sum of 7000 rs for diamond listing in just dial. and we are getting nothing,they are biggest fraud and i request to Mr.Amitabh Bacchan Sir that please check the service before advertisement.
Just Dial is such a fraud company.
yes when we ask for an address or contact info about required for a specific one, they do not provide the required, they only provide address which provide leads or payment from their clients
Just dial chennai is also one of the worst service provider, cheated me 1 Lakh money

Ashok one of the marketing manager in Chennai just dial comes and tries to brain wash but when i ask for my money he runs off,

Nanda kumar
Krish India Integrated solution
Dear Customer,

Greetings!!! from Just Dial Ltd.

With reference to your above mentioned comments, we would like to understand & resolve the queries/issues you are facing but as checked you have not given your contact details.

You are requested to kindly contact us in our customer support dept. at[protected] or write us on [protected] We would be glad to assist you & will give you the best possible solutions/services.

Team Just Dial
After Spending 4 hrs a day..Collectin n doin data entry stuff for reseller business.I dont get paid anything...The reason given to me is accuracy % was not met. I asked to share the audit report with list of numbers n data and inaccuracy details, said i ll re audit n prove ur audit report is wrong. They said cannot be given.I know the accuracy % is more coz i personally collected the details from the stores n provided the data to just dial. Itz just cheating ppl who are unaware abt the process. I think JustDial Reseller business has to be closed by taking them to consumer court
Hi All...
I searched Friendship Club under Bangalore. I found some one listed in the above category. I saw one is Just Dial Verified. Raman Friendship Club. And a good Review Rating too.. So, I contacted with the given number. He explained the details, and tell me deposit of Rs.3000 to join with this club. I asked him about is it trustworthy. He said that, mine is Just Dial verified. If you have any problem you can contact with Justdial. So, I made a payment in his bank account. After making payment, he called me and said to deposit Rs.7500 as security deposit. I smelled a fraud in this list. So, I contacted with Just Dial, shooted this complaint, One Ms/Mrs. Sangeetha attended the call.. and she said we will enquire and call back within 24 hours, i waited till 24 hours, theere was no call from them. again i called them, and asked is you have complete details of this person? they said we have only email and mobile number, they didnt go and verified personally. By this i found that Just Dial is supporting such a crap. I informed them so many of cheating by this.. they are not ready take any action against this.. So, PEOPLE SHOULD BEWARE OF THIS FRAUD...
yes they are big liars

We all should get united here and make a group then we all can take action against them that is possilbe
make a group in facebook or anywhere else then we all collectively take action with the help of media too
what say ?
I've had been associated with Just Dial paid services since September 2010. I've been duped twice by the sales team & given assurances by them to resolve never-ending issues which crop us every month. The sales executive, in order to fulfill their targets go on finding short-cuts to cheat customers.

1) My first listing done by Angela Thomas started well but the problem started within 5 months when my Platinum listing & position suddenly vanished & my entry was pushed down in Play Group category. There was no answer, just reasons why it happened, I was made to listen to internal issues of Just Dial due to which sales people were fighting to get their customers on top & I went thru numerous calls but the issue was unsolved.

2) In April/May 2011 i got a call from another sales executive Neha Doipode, stating that since I was customer in just dial, I will be getting a revised package offer in Platinum category. The offer was in lieu of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan becoming JDs brand ambassador which gave me 50% off on ANNUAL Payment. She mailed to me the complete offer & also mentioned that my current monthly EMI would stop with immediate effect. she took away Rs.8943/- from me & in two days i saw my listing on website.
My shock started when my bank account got debited with monthly EMI amount of Rs.1499/- for my earlier listing & I was asked to write to customer care to solve my problem.
Suddenly from nowhere I got a call from Angela Thomas & she started complaining to me why i took the annual package without asking her, as if I was her "Jaagir". She went on cribbing about new sales people like Neha doing wrong stuff & went on & on wasting my office hours in that. She later assured me that even is she was not responsible she will resolve my problem & get my money ADJUSTED. Nothing happened again!
I had to go thru unlimited dos & don'ts in their internal politics that I ignored my money for peace.

3) Within 6 months, another horror was in the waiting. Suddenly, my annual membership expired. I called up Angela to check this & she again asked me to write to customer care. Till date I have no resolution on how my ANNUAL membership expired in under 6 months. I again lost more than Rs.4000 this time.

4) Tired, bruised & frustrated I decided to wash the slate clean & start a fresh new listing & this time Angela happened to be friendly again & got the registration done in a day & promised my listing would show in 3 days. I was promised GOLD position in my most important category Play Groups, which Mr. Vikas explained to me that it would rotate in position 4, 5 & 6. First delay came in my listing going LIVE. It took frustrating days to get it LIVE & Idiotic conversations with Angela where she said it was already LIVE in system. I had to explain her practically by making her a Just Dial visitor asking for Play Groups in Vashi. Then she understood & AGREED for the first time. She went back & this time gave nuances stories about their IT guys for the delay.
Finally after my new listing went LIVE, even before the month ends I got a shocker as my bank account got debited TWICE. I tried calling Angela she did not pick up & had to write a mail to them. Moreover my listing was pushed to 7th position a week back without even notifying me.
My peace went beserk when Angela called up & stated "Why did you write I do this to get my targets done?" Ignoring all other stuff she was hell angry & without resolving my actual problem & listening just DISCONNECTED the call.

This is gone beyond repair now. I have spent sleepless hours & many tension filled days in the last one & half year. I would urge some higher management people to get this case in lime-light & see how these executives talk to customers.

I hope i do not see any further shocks or become a victim of asking my RIGHTS for which I had paid more than actuals.

This is my last attempt to resolve my problem internally with Just Dial. I do not want any calls for ANGELA THOMAS & would not like to discuss anything with her.

Please handle the scenario ASAP because the company's name and reputation will be in trouble due to misbehavior and also did not follow your code of ethics by your staff members. The pick up boy's name is Pranav and to verify him his mobile no.[protected] is and your agent Gilies for verification her mobile no.[protected].
We are extremely sorry to say that to achieve their targets the agents are playing with the company's name and reputation. We have registered ourselves with the name " Mehta Decorators" with our contact no.[protected],[protected] & 2890 7765 for your verification with just dial for the growth of our Business for that we had given two checques of Rs.2754 for verification This checque was not signed as we gave two checques of same amount, one of the checque was not signed by us mistakenly, for verification checque no.038192 dated 2nd January 2012 from our Bank Account No. 1324 of Bharat Co-operative Bank, Borivli(west), Mumbai-400092. This checque has been cleared on 6th January 2012. We received the message the same day and tried to contact the agent and pick up boy to ask details about what had happened. He was not clear with the response stating that " You will not get the amount refund and you can do whatever you can." This is not a right way to talk with the Clients as we are not taking the service in free we are paying the price for that. After some time the pick up boy was not receiving the phone, it clearly states that the pick up boy has done something wrong to achieve his target and also helped the agent to achieve her target by wrong way and now no one from both of them is ready to give an answer for this matter.
So, kindly look into this matter on priority basis as we are tired of this neucence happened. Please beware that Rs.2754 is very small amount against your company's reputation which will make us to forward the case in media and the Police. Please bare with us as we have been told to do this by your agent and pick up boy. Please get back to us by any mean of comunication sot htat we can deeply inform you about what is going on about services which you are providing to your Clients.

-Mehta Decorators-


I had wanted to list my company into just dial in 10 different states of the country, for which i made a contract with them and paid 15000 + tax to them.
now my profile has been activated since 1 month and my company's advertisement only appears when searched in kolkata.
I have been calling to the customer care department everyday for this. they keep assuring me it will be done in next few hours and somebody will call me regarding the problem. Now every time i call i speak to some different executive and to my horror i have to explain the entire thing again and they do not give me the no. of any of their seniors. How do i get my profile get fully functional?

I had the similar complaint, can u pls share CEO's email id so that i can also try my luck.
yes just dial is a fraud company i was also cheated by them ...
Dear Sir,
No action has been initiated at end of just dail, not getting any proper response from team just dial pune especially from ur officer
( Sonali Gandhi, Rashmi Jagtap & Charmi ) they cutting my calls & if I called them from unknown number they cuts immediate once they understood the caller is I am. If we calls to helpdesk no- [protected] getting message call shall be arrange but observed never call back has comes from Sonali, and if by luck we reach to sonali she always tells in meeting & cuts the phone immediate. This is an experience of last 10 days with sonali.she uses a rude language.

We reach on conclusion that JUSTDIAL is not a service provider, it is team of cheater peoples collecting full payment in advance with fake commitment in prior (Charmi Sangoi / Sonali Gandhi & rashmi Jagtap ) and once payment get credits forget to customer even not pickup the phone OR reply to mails. Not adhering the thing in activation the service keywords whatever committed & recorded on paper. During the period of last 15 days I have talked with lott of peoples in just dial pune but no use.

Note please our contract is for Maharashtra listing for all the keyword provided you and mutually agreed by you in writing. Missing of any single keyword is also not acceptable for this contract. Earlier I am in touch of Mr.vikram Wagh but the person is also not able to clear the picture on this case.

Hence we are suggesting to team justdail to activate our service immediately as per things were discussed and recorded on paper otherwise we don’t have any alternate to take an action against just dial and this will our final request.

Hope the team justdail will understand the matter gravity and will not give us any chance for such type of different escalations.

For Hitech power systems

Well, I don't know about their paid services, and would probably never know because of my bitter experiences today! Enticed by their alluring claims, we (myself and my business partner) had arranged for one of their representatives to meet us at our office. The meeting was going pretty well, until I asked the rep to explain their algorithm/process for routing calls to paid advertisers with some examples. The guy started on some lengthy mumbo-jumbo sprinkled with random management terms, which was anything but answering my questions (which were cut short anyway by him). When I pointed that out, he suddenly became irate & rude and said that we'd need to visit their office for knowing more and he can't help us any further. He started to pack his things to leave, and just before leaving made a comment to my partner to the effect that I was trying to confuse him (my partner) with deliberate "jingled" talks and cheat him (my partner) from a lucrative deal that he (the Justdial rep) was trying to provide. On this, for obvious reasons, I asked him to please get the [censored] out of our office immediately. Now he showed his true colors and began to shout loudly and to threaten me! Yes! Threaten! Just like a common "goonda" (hooligan)! I could never have imagined that a company representative could behave that way with a prospective client (or anyone else for that matter)!
A tele-caller did get in touch with us soon after the incidence, and did apologize, but it didn't seem she got the gravity or seriousness of the situation (threatening people is a cognizable offense as per law). She said that they'd be sending a more "polite" guy tomorrow, but frankly, the fact that Justdial employs even one such person (or should I say hooligan!) like the one we had the misfortune to meet as their company representative, leaves a real bad taste in our mouths!

Just Dial — Too Fraud Company...Refund my 13,000 rs I don't want your services


Just Dial is a fraud company....every step of the way. If you people not able to provide us any better lead then refund our money we wont want to take your services anymore.

Thanks & Regards
Rupal Katiyar
Dear Just dial Office bearer,
Please stop the unwelcome calls from your telecallers on my number [protected] . I have repeatedly requested and even warned them not to bother me as I am not interested in any of their products, still I get more than 3-4 calls a day.
please look into the matter and stop this nuisance right away.

Vinod Sharma
154, Industrial Area, Phase -I
Phone:[protected] — Worst Company

Jusdial Company is a Frud Company.. He is not solved customer Complaints... worst service dont invest any business people....

pakka frud.. no support. no time to deliver.. and all.....

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