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I bought a bajaj pulsar from kalyani bajaj, mekhri circle in 2006. Being heard about the performance & reading reviews of bajaj pulsar, i bought the vehicle with a great enthu, which also was proven after using the vehicle.

But the problem has raised, when it comes to servicing of the bikes. I fear of getting the bike serviced from unauthorized centers, thinking that they might spoil the performance of the bike. But this was also the fact with the kalyani bajaj service station, where i have been servicing my bike from the date of purchase according to the schedule. The bike performance have considerably reduced where in i have been reporting the problem to them at every servicing time which fails to get rectified & the same problem continues, but the bill what they charge stating they have rectified the complaint is increasing every time they service my bike. I am being billed @ 1000 odd rupees every time for the same problem from past one year..!!!

I request the concerned authorities to take necessary action regarding the same & if the same problem continues i guess it would be direct reason which may cause the poor sales of bajaj products as there is no other alternative for the customers residing near northern part of bangalore.
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Bajaj — Do not do good service but charging very high


my name is akhilesh kumar sachan living in Delhi, India in Nangloi Area. i purchase bajaj platina bike in one year ago. and i have also three bikes similar platina, caliber, and now plan to purchase XCD 125 in dipawali, i also suggest to other they buy bajaj bikes because they do well service but after free service they r charges only charges nothing else.

Bajaj service centres r only charging they hurt me, they do third class service in bike i m realy upset nothing else i m very faithfull to bajaj comp. but ...............

bajaj - popular service station — not accepted the vehicle

I went to give my scooter bajaj chetak for servicing to an authorised bajaj company servicing center run by popular, but to my surprise they said they wont accept it .
I would like to ask is this the kind of service they provide to their customers

I have strongly recomended my friends not to buy any vehicle from bajaj since this is the kijnd of service they provide. On the contarary myself too was above to exchange the scooter for bajaj bike but now i m into second thoughts

your logo says

bulund bharat ki buland tasvir hamara bajaj

but now u should change it to
bulund bharat ki chor tasvir tumhara bajaj

Ananth Electricals — Starting Problem

It is a OMNI LPG Van, we have problem in starting the car in the morning, it takes a very long time. We have got it checked with your deler at Mandovi Motors Double Rd Bangalore and the mechanic name is Mr.Reddy. Even after 4 attempt's it has not been solved. The car is 1.1 years old and it clocked 32000 K.M. Pls let us us what the problem is . M.No [protected].

i have a problem in the self motor, hideling, replace of engine oil and normal checkup but he didnt do any work simply done it and given to me and i wnt to gt the bike its not starting in the self he didnt rectify the problem am not satisfied with the job sir so please kindly make me to good to me
i have bought Bajaj platina from Kalyani Bajaj, mekri circle.According to free service schedule i m servicing regularly. every time i m paying charge for engine oil change.But they are not changing engine oil which is visible outside.I do not know about inside change for what they have also charged.I am kindly requesting to higher autority, please take care of custemer properly.Some senior persion who did service for my vechile(Service Advisor-Ananth, Technician name-Devraj) are there who simply take bike inside and not doing anything properly.If you want to see proof, you can send mail, so that i will clear about your senior service engineer.
I bought one pulser from Popular Bajaj banneghatta road in 2007 and did all free services there. The services went well. But last 2 paid services i have given my vehicle in Kalyani Bajaj Mekhri circle. They charged me @1000 for each, but now riding comfort of the bike came low. I was always doubt about the working of front wheel shock-absorbes of pulser, the same i have service twice from there. but i don't see any difference in the same. the bike becoming harder and harder to ride.
I am Bikash kumar Das, I have booked a Pulsar 180 -UG4 on 22 Aug 2009 with
[protected], 51138211, 51138185
which is authorized bajaj dealer.
Initially i paid RS-1000 as the advance amount, and they promissed that they will be delivering the bike within 10 days.
When i called them after 10 days they told like i have to full amount as the advance after that only they will be delivering the bike.
I made the full payment and still waiting for the bike,
It has been 24 days of my booking i have not got my bike till now, and when ever i am calling them getting a new reason(escape) for not giving the bike.
One of the reason that Your serial number is at 18 and the company cant dispatch that many bikes at a time.
Is it really true that Bajaj auto sends 2/3 bike to Bangalore every month.
I have called them 13 time, each time they are saying that within next 2 days we will give the bike,
I tried to reach the manager of the showroom, but each time the sales executive are telling some lie like the manager is not in office or he is in meeting from morning 9 o clock toEvening 6 O clock.
That bloody showroom is the worst one i've ever been to.I gave my bike for repair about a month ago and the insurance inspection took place 3 days later.till now i'm not sure when ill get my bike back.they keep saying "tomorrow you'll definitely get your bike back" and that tomorrow never comes.Im advising everybody who's reading this, DO NOT GIVE YOUR BIKE THERE, whatever may be the problem.
I am servicing my vehicle Pulsar 150 CC regurarly. But, this time i noticed that they have replace my silincer with a faulty one and when i asked the same they are dening it. I request all not to service their vehicle in Kalyani Bajaj showroom near mekhri circle as they charge very high and replace the good items with faulty ones.

BAJAJ AUTO/GENIUN PARTS OF NEW PULSAR 180 — my spares parts of my new bike is not functioning well

Yes same here... Even I had a bad experience at this showroom at Mekri Circle. People working there really do not know how to talk to clients. I serviced my bike Bajaj Avenger on 03/07/2010, the service guy called me at 7:00 PM and told that the disk brake plate has been replaced and they charged me Rs 1300 for this service. But I see no difference in the front braking.
Today (09/07/2010) after one week of service my battery is completely down and I am not able to start my vehicle. This has never happened before in the last two years.
My bike was perfectly alright before second service. There was a slight oil leakage from bore before and at the time of second service they resolved that issue. But after second service the AUTO CHOKE was not working and faced starting trouble issue. My bike will not start at morning and also at cold conditions. I have to apply more that 10 or 15 times kicker to start my bike. Due to these serious issues next month itself (i.e. on 15/05/2012) I went to service centre for third service. They told me to collect bike at 6:00 PM I went to the service centre but the bike was not ready. They again told me that we will finish the work by tomorrow. So, next day i called and confirmed with KALYANI BAJAJ MEKRI CIRCLE whether my bike is ready or not. They told me that the bike is ready and you can come and collect. So i went there to collect my bike at 2:00PM. The bike was not ready. Several times I tried to meet the manager MR Sarvesh of that service centre to explain these issues. But, they told the Manager is in urgent meeting. I don’t know what is that meeting from 2 ‘O’ clock to evening 6 ‘O’ clock evening. Anyway at 6:20 they did something and they polished my bike and returned to me. BUT STILL THE ISSUE IS NOT RESOLVED. Now the problem is that auto choke started working (before was not working)but THIS AUTO CHOKE WILL NOT STOP AT ALL it will keep on working continuously in every start. Each and every start, the auto choke will work and bike acceleration raises to 400 and after 45 seconds auto choke will stop and bike engine will also stop.
The main thing is that the service centre guys don't know to service this new model pulsar 135 bike which comes with auto choke. They tried everything but failed. Now i don't know what to do. The bike is only 8 months old. Can anyone please suggest any good service centre at least to resolve this issues. If there is no resolution for this issue means it is proved that the Bajaj is manufacturing worst bikes.
Hi Folks, I m also a victim of this incident. I m having pulsar 135LS when i went for servicing last time on 21 may they charged for unnecessary parts changes of Rs 1500/- and not solved the problem. after four visit in 15 days still my bike is not working well... Third time within a week he charged me Rs 1500/-. They change spare parts unnecessary for commission. They talk very rude to customers. Pls, Don't go to that service station as they r just looting customers. They ruined my bike and charged me for that...
I gave my bike Pulsar 150CC for servicing on 23/05/2013. Jobcard No. is KLH04084050 and Inv No. is KLH04302650. I am quite unhappy with the quality of the servicing done. None of the problems I complained is resolved and moreover you gifted me new problems with the bike. It was better before I gave for servicing. Surprisingly, the accelerator was raising automatically whenever I turn the handle causing big head ache. So, I had to come back on 25/05/2013 for the rectification of the problem and the servicing guy was not interested to accept the problem. After my insistence, he took the bike and did some cable adjustment near the batter after which the problem was resolved. But the surprising thing is that the guy was not accepting the problem and giving a damn care to customer's safety. Before giving the bike for servicing, I complained that it has starting problem with button start and the engine is stopping automatically when I slow down. I also told him that I was facing this problem only in the mornings. Now, after servicing, I am facing this problem always. The rear brake shoe was changed in the servicing. Now, whenever I apply brake, the pedal doesn't come up automatically. I am not sure whether this is the quality of servicing they provide after charging 2200 and changing so many spare parts. I decided not to give servicing there forever.
Service complaint- Misguiding on Information about service delivery time: Kalyani Bajaj, Mekhri Circle Service station:

On Dt-27/2/2016 Saturday, i got very bad experience in your showroom regarding service delivery information. I reached service centre in morning 8.50AM, so that service adviser can take vehicle details in early. But there were 22 two wheelers waiting for service adviser.My waiting token number was 23. Only 2 persons of service advisers were there.
I can understand the situation of Saturday service crowd & only 2 service adviser unable to take service details in time. So i spoke to my office boss & took 1 hour late permission since i need to reach office atleast 10.15AM for Saturday meeting purpose.
When my service token number called by service adviser there was time 10.05AM. And he was saying that" vehicle Service delivery will be on Monday". I shocked & told him that' I was waiting more than one hour, he would have inform me at least 10-15 Minutes after reaching service station, so that i can leave & come another my convenient day'. He did'nt response me properly & told me to speak Service manager. I spoke to Service manager & he told me to go Mattikere branch for immediate service. But my question was not for service & They would have inform me service delivery date before or after giving waiting token number. Simply my time waste. Service Manager ( I think his name Mr.Rao) & Show room manager told me that"we are sorry" & did'nt give proper reply. I dissapointed & left from Service station & i could'nt reach office meeting in time.

Dissapointed Customer

Mr.Suraj Naik



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