[Resolved]  Kumar Builders — Irresponsible and Unreliable Builder

This is one of the most poorly managed and manipulative builder in PUNE City and is spreading wings across the country making claims of being a reputed builder.

Mr. Lalit Kumar Jain who runs the organization is also President of Promoters & Builders Association of Poona.

The company claims to be people oriented and reputed but is nothing short of cheating - Kumar Builders goes by their Reputation and is happy to charge a premium of 20 % over other builders .

Delayed Projects, Excuses for Delays, High Price, False Promises are all part of the game plan.

While Projects in Pune - Like Beune Vista, Kumar Shantiniketan and projects in Bangalore like I-Life have been delayed with no commitment on completion dates. Mr. Jain is busy in his glamorous life while residents have to fight to make rental payments, EMI and have seen delays of over one year from agreement dates.

Don rely on the complaint board. Call Kumar builders on any of their projects and ask them for completion dates. if they tell you Dec 2009 on the phone. Ask them if this will be the date in the agreemetn and do n0t be surprised if they say no the agreement date will be 2011 -

This is Kumar Builders of Pune -
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Aug 14, 2020
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I opposse views experessed above as while dealing with the organisation i have felt at times, it has delivered more than what is committed, even what is not contained in the writing.

Infact Kumar Builders is more value driven and one of the most ethically driven organisation if we compare with other real estate developers.

You yourself have said "kumar Builders goes by their reputation only" that itself shows that it has got reputation, which cannot be built merely by virtue of long exisitence or charging higher prices.

Both India and Pakistan are in extence for same period, but everybody knows who has reputation world over.

Reputation is an offshoot of consistency in practices, beahviour, endurability, contribution to society at large and within.

Yeah i agree that there might have been some issues related to you, but that cannot be said to be general situations as there are always exceptions of a general condition.

I suggest you to take up your issue with the organisation at higher level. I am sure you will find workable solutions

Customer of Kumar Builders
Hi I owned an apartment in I-Life but I have not found any problem while dealing with Kumar Builders. They have given me commitment for the possession and they are working according to their schedule, every weekend I am visiting their project and I can see the good progress, where as other builders near ORR have stopped their construction. The best part I have seen in them that they are very transparent to their customers.


I am interested in buying a flat in I-Life, can anybody give a break-up of the extra charges( e.g. Club house charges, water and gas charges, Car parking, Registration and taxes etc...) as Builder has told it would be apprx. Rs.-7, 00, 000 apart from basic cost.
Please help me to understand what would be final amount I need to pay for 3 BHK flat inclusive of all expenses.

Thanks and Regards,


Kumar Builder is rresponsible and Unreliable Builder

I have purchased a flat in Kumar Kruti.
On paper the possession date was Dec 2008 and but unfortunately as of Aug 25 2009 the apartment is still in construction phase.
When i called they told me that the new date is Sep 2009 (always last week.)

I have written two emails to Kruti Jain ( I think she is daughter of Lalit kumar jain)...But no response from her. It is a good business ethics to reply to a business email. But i am sure that this such ethics and manners are not even near to this organization.

God bless kumar builders..

I totally subscribe to the views of the above Kumar Customer.
Kumar is totally Irresponsible and Unreliable Builder
Totally agree. Kumar Builders means Ku-Maaaar. it literally "Maaars" innocent customers
I totally agree with complaints given above. Kumar Builders is totallay irresponsible and unreliable. We have flat at Kumar Shantiniketan, Pashan. Orally promised possession date was Mar 2008. They have written in agreement is Oct2008(i.e. 8 months more). And till now(Nov 2000) the project is not completed neither taken sufficient efforts to complete the project. Customers are waiting from more than 4 long years to get their dream house after paying 95 to 100% payment. in return just getting different false commitment. This is worst experience. I dealt with few other builders and my experience is way too good with other builders. Have seen first time that before actual possession, need to pay 100% along with maintenance fees and club charges. I have no words to express my worst experience. I will never recommend to any of my friends/relatives.
Kumar Builder is Most Chor People. To capture the Plot in the area he try to buy people with money & play the game of divide & rule policy.
This guy is a total chor - As a builder his quality is poooor at best - Pls visit his sites and see for yourself -
ALso see the quality of premium fittings he uses - they are the most garbage quality you will get in the market - in kumar shantiniketan, the door stoppers are pvc pipes ... all that the management do is make new promises of how good they are and how they are customer focussed - this builder does not keep he word and he has proven it in his latest projects - i am not sure how they sleep in their ac homes when they leave customers panting for breath - i hope he gets what he deserves
Completely agree with these, We paid a premium whilst booking for "We build trust" Kumar Builders... And what we have recd now is a Flat with the poorest quality shoddy work and with a week long vacation taken to stand and get the flat possession completed and handed over to us so we move in our FLAT which will still be within a messed up construction site.. with debris all over
The labour and staff at their sites look so helpless and claim that since they do not get htier dues they are "just going on forcefully"

The money being raised with IPO will just be to cover up such incomplete works and not for some quality improvements!
I too completely agree with all the above on the quality, service level and poor performance of Kumar Shantinekatan builder & Lalitkumar Jain. He is a crook of the highest category and spoilt all our dreams and hopes. Its high time he is given our piece of mind. We all should collectively cometogether to make him see stars.. Its been almost 5 yrs and i still am not sure if i would be able to move into the so called high end flat of mine.. with debris all around, dust, work in progress and no approach road.. these are just few things to mention...Kumar Builder should should change their slogan to "We Betray Trust"..
Most shameless builder in pune and especially his daughter Kruti and their team/Riaz/Bhagat/Shahnaz etc... In Sept I was told to freeze on the date to take over the flat in Kumar Kruti which anyway is inordinately delayed- which is still not possible for the next 6 months.
It is a shame that Kumar Builders or Kumarbuilders is still being allowed to go in for new construction and new projects when their existing projects are incomplete - INCOMPLETE AFTER 5 of starting BOOKING AT PREMIUM RATES and promising customers a completion in 18 Months - Kumar I-Life in Bangalore and Kumar Shantiniketan are a good example - WHile they may now claim that the projects are done and people are taking possession, fact is that the projects are INCOMPLETE and ppl are staying there cause they have spend all their money filling the builders pockets while they continue to pay rents and emi's waiting for the project completion.
I was actually thinking about going for Kumar Shantiniketan Phase 2. Now they are saying that the completion date for that is 3 years - 2012 Dec. Given the feedback in this thread, that date cannot be trusted. Is there any clause that can be added in agreement for compensation if the construction is delayed?
Dees...don't even bother to buy anything from Kumar builders..they will not meet their timelines and will continue to loot your money by not even paying penalty. I have bought a flat in iLife (Bangalore) and it's been delayed by more than 2 yrs already. If you really want to purchase, make sure you mention they have 40-50K per month in your penalty clause without any * clauses.

Sufferer of Kumar builders
Rahul said that he is happy customer of i-Life. I'm sure that he would like to change his statement now.

They does not listen customers. Even their staff speak offensive language with their customer!! They are so shameless that when you go and ask them about refund for the delay, they clearly says that no other builder pays that. (Two wrong does not make one right. Right?) and they says go to court if you want because no court has ever gave decision in favor of customer in this regard. If one person fights the case properly and wins, all builders like this will learn the lesion and based on that judgment, other cases will move fast.
Definitely they might have done good the job in the past, but not its time to change the perception……

If you want to retain your reputation, you need to excel every time. Otherwise if you are in the success hang-over, bull won’t keep you at high position for long time.
Office of Investor Assistance and Education /
Investor Grievances and Redressal Division
SEBI, Mumbai.

Attn: Mr. B. Rajendran, GM

Sub: Complaint and Objection regarding the IPO of M/s. Kumar Urban Development Ltd., Pune

Ref: Misleading advertisement-violation of Chapter IX – SEBI’S -DIP Guidelines on advertisement

Dear Sir,
This is in continuation of my previous letters of Objection for IPO of M/s. Kumar Urban Development Ltd., Pune .

Please be informed that M/s. Kumar Urban Development Ltd., Pune have started misleading the General Public by installing hoardings all over the City as Pre-IPO Issue Advertisements and THUS have violated all the SEBI (DIP) Guidelines updated upto August 20, 2009, the brief of violations is as under :
 The advertisement says that “A Vision with 76.86 million sq.ft. of Quality Consciousness” * and the * says as declared in DRHP. Pls note that in the DRHP 76.86 million sq.ft. Figure shown as 100 % to be Developable area which is their entire Land Holding on dt. 25th Sept. 2009. The Future salable area is 67.23 million sq.ft. only.

 This stated area in their Hoarding is misleading General as well as informed Investor as the Quality Consciousness doesn’t apply to their Land Holding Because in the same DRHP they have stated that there are various pending litigations for more than Half of their Entire Land Holding, thus they have violated the article 9.1.2 a as well as 9.1.3 a & b of SEBI’s DIP guidelines.
 Secondly they have also violated the Article 9.1.4. Of SEBI’s DIP guidelines by promising and Guaranteeing Rapid Increase in their profits by mentioning the area which neither has received any permission nor they have clear and Marketable Title of the Land at this moment in their Hand . Only God Knows what they have .
 The same Advertisement also states that “We Build Trust” which itself is misleading as they are Certifying themselves thus they have violated Article 9.1.9 & 9.1.10 of SEBI’s DIP guidelines .
 Further we have complained to you about the recently constructed two Commercial Projects and you will find that each and every customer of their have lost the Trust with the Builder. We have complained to you in detail as well as the Builder has also disclosed it in their disclosure.
 The Builder who have collected appr. 50 million Rupees as a one time Maintenance have also not disclosed any where is also a Breach of Trust. This we have complained to you earlier.

It is crystal clear that they have violated all the Guidelines given by SEBI during the Pre-IPO Issue Advertisements .

We therefore strongly request you to refrain M/s. Kumar Urban Development Ltd from misleading the General Public and Immediately remove all the Hoardings and don’t allow them to Raise Capital from the Primary Market and save Millions o[censored]ninformed small Investors all over the Country as well as request you to direct all the Credit Rating Agencies to evaluate the Company by visiting the Project Sites and then Give whatever Rating they seem fit.

We have enclosed the Picture of the said Hoarding installed by M/s. Kumar Urban Development Ltd., Pune as a proof for your ready reference.

We will appreciate if you also provide us what stern action taken by your office in this regard.

Thanks and Best Regards

Habib Patel
Shop No. 14, 15, 16 and 17
Fun -N-Shop, Wanawari, Pune
On Behalf of Following Shop Owners:
Mr. Deepa Puruswani, Mrs. Namrata Purswani, Mr. Zulekha Furniturewala, Mr. Salam Shaikh, Volar Fashion, Ashok Kamble, Lakde Brothers, Mr. Rafiq Ismail Shaikh, Mrs Farida Patel and many Others
To, 20-Feb-2010
M/s. Kumar Urban Development Limited
Kumar Capital,
2nd Floor, 2413, East Street, Pune 411 001

Attn: Ms. Sheetal Joshi, Company Secretary and Compliance Officer of the Company

Sub: Pre-IPO Issue Grievances

Ref: News Article Appeared in daily "Sakal”, Pune, Dt. 22nd Dec. 2009.

Dear Sir,
It was appeared in Daily Sakal of Pune that your firm have changed the name as well under new name “ M/s. Kumar Urban Development Ltd., Pune” have applied for issuing Primary Shares to SEBI.

Your firm M/s. Kumar Builder has constructed a Commercial Building in Pune named as FUN-N-SHOP but till date the Society has not formed. You have collected Rs. 225 / - per sq.ft of the Built up area (Carpet area+33%) at the time of possession of each shop as one time Maintenance. You Obtained Part as well Final Completion Certificate of the Project from Pune Cantonment Board in Nov. 2008. All this information has not disclosed purposely by your firm in DRHP.

You have also failed in disclosing about all the Government Certificates Received for the Project FUN-N-SHOP constructed by you as you have mentioned about all the other Projects.

Your firm also failed in disclosing relationship between M/s. Kumar Builder and M/s. Pune Sub-burban venture Pvt. Ltd. (which is owned by Mr. and Mrs. Lalitkumar Jain of M/s. Kumar Builders, the Three Screen Multiplex is Owned by M/s. Pune Sub-burban venture Pvt.Ltd. for Obtaining the License by just showing the 7/12 extract to Pune Police.)

Therefore we request you to please provide us all the above information along with following.

After Listing the Company,
What happens to the Previous Partnership firm “M/s. Kumar Builder”? Is it remains valid? If yes, then there is no Question,
But if it is no then,
1. What Happens of the misdeeds committed by the firm in this Project? The Pune Cantonment Notice is disclosed by you in DRHP.
2. What about the Society to be formed, you have not disclosed in DRHP.
3. What happens to all the remaining Obligations under the Registered Agreement with us once you change your Name?
4. Where is the Audited Maintenance Fund account of appro. 50 Million Rupees along with the Interest earned? Since last four years have passed and we haven’t received any thing.
5. Your firm has carried out Illegal and unauthorized constructions and Pune Cantonment Board have issued a Demolition Notice what happens to this Notice? Have your firm informed the Southern Command Office as well as PCB where your Appeal is pending.
6. Your firm is illegally collecting - the Parking Charges of the Open Common Areas, Rent of Box Office space of Common area which is rented to Fame Multiplex, Rent of ATM machine of ING Vysa (which is removed recently), the Passage blocked in shop No 5 and shop no 6. Rented to Titan World Showroom, this income is also not disclosed in your DRHP neither shown in income statement.
7. Your firm has constructed walls inside the Building thereby illegally blocking the Corridors going towards Ladies as well as Gents Toilet, how it will be removed?
8. Your firm have placed Two Generators (Fuel Operated) in the Second Lower Basement without approval from the Civic Body who have clearly Prohibited and Issued Notice to remove, but by unfair practice obtained a letter that it is removed but it is still there. (The UPHAAR Cinema Tragedy is still fresh in Minds.) It is to be disclosed in your DRHP.
9. The Fire fighting system is un-operational till date; The Fire NOC was also obtained by Unfair Practice. (The Building Remains a Mute Witness and No paper work can Hide the fact from the site which your firm is forgetting).By this letter pls be informed that you will be held responsible for all the lossess of Human or Property lossess resulting out of any Fire Tragedy.
We will be grateful if you provide us all the information as early as possible.
Thanks and Regards

Habib Patel
On Behalf of Following Shop Owners:
Mr. Deepa Puruswani, Mrs. Namrata Puruswani, Mr. Zulekha Furniturewala, Mr. Salam Shaikh, Volar Fashion, Ashok Kamble, Lakde Brothers, Mr. Rafiq Ismail Shaikh, Mrs. Farida Patel and many Others
We have seen one apartment in Kumar Shantiniketan-Pune, and looking at the apartment we liked the layout of it, it is on second sell, the owner of the flat is saying that the possession will be offered in couple of months, He is coating 2BHK at 38lac. when we saw the project layout we saw that they are building lots of water-bodies over there and there is still lots of work to be finished.
and on the property sites we have seen few flats on resale/ second sell.
reading all the replies above i am confused, can anyone guide about the same.

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