[Resolved]  Kumar Builders — Excessive delay and lack of response from Kumar Builder Management towards its customers

Address:Pune, Maharashtra

I totally agree with complaints given above. Kumar Builders is totallay irresponsible and unreliable. We have flat at Kumar Shantiniketan, Pashan. Orally promised possession date was Mar 2008. They have written in agreement is Oct2008(i.e. 8 months more). And till now(Nov 2000) the project is not completed neither taken sufficient efforts to complete the project. Customers are waiting from more than 4 long years to get their dream house after paying 95 to 100% payment. in return just getting different false commitment. This is worst experience. I dealt with few other builders and my experience is way too good with other builders. Have seen first time that before actual possession, need to pay 100% along with maintenance fees and club charges. I have no words to express my worst experience. I will never recommend kumar builders to any of my friends/relatives.
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Aug 13, 2020
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We have purchased a flat in i-life Bangalore from Kumar Builder's based on the good ( ? ) reputation of Lalit Kumar Jain and his firm's work in Pune. Being from this area we trusted on their good work done in Maharashtra.

We were promised a delivery date of March 2008 ( and for some earlier owners on August 2007 ) and now the latest dates we are hearing from the builder is Feb 2010, which doesn't at all looks acheivable considering their current progress. The biggest irony is that the dates keep shifting like ocean sand every 3 months, and management ( specially their Bangalore i-life representatives ) has been extremely irresponsible in keeping any of their commitments being given to the flat owners in the respective meetings. Not sure whether the higher management ( in Pune ) were in cahoots with their Bangalore or not. I-life being Kumar Builder's first project in Bangalore I was expecting them to put up a good show.

I hope someone at Kumar Builder's Pune Office is reading this mail, and would probably take some concrete action to expedite the progress of the project. And if it happens I will be the first one to come back and applaud their albeit delayed but effective action. Otherwise have no choice but to take a legal recourse.

I will enter into the new year in an optimistic note hoping that i-life owners don't repent on their decision of going with Kumar Builders. Wish all the i-life owners a merry good ( albeit belated ) christmas and a very very happy new year.

Thanking you ( this online forum )
An unfortunate i-life owner
This is Ashish Grover, I have purchased the apartment number B1206 in I-Life. I completely understand your feeling regarding the delay in the project, I have bought this apartment in July 2007, I have also closely interacted with the people of Kumar builders and their partners in the project Urbana Infrastructure.

Personally in what I have seen in the past one and a half years I think the work has progressed to some extent only during the last 9 months, I live in the same O.R.R. sobha Iris and I have come to see how the projects were executed on the outer ring road. I noticed that most of the projects came to a complete halt in the later part of 2008 and also projects of other reputed builders on sarjapur circle is still halted. Considering that the builder is delivering in all the amenities promised is what is a silver lining, as many of my friends who have bought apartments near electronic city and sarjapur road have found that the builder has cut on the amenities to cut cost.

I have interacted with anshu, and harsha, I think they have done their best to complete the project, like all o[censored]s we are looking forward to staying in I-life, which I think is a good complex. I agree when you say that we should make sure that the important people in Kumar Urbana should be made to realize the inconvenience we are going through. My father in law is a retired chief engineer and he is a technical man, the last time we had visited the site we had a discussion with the project manager. My father in law says this project will not be ready before march end the way it is progressing, so I guess Feb. deadline will not be met they will postpone till march. I think we should mover forward and take possession ASAP and enjoy in our new home.


Ashish Grover.
We have also purchased an apt. in iLife and I agree with the above that Kumar builders is probably the worst builder. The quality might be good in the end, but after a delay of more than 2 yrs, with the amount of loss in pre emi and rent, the quality might not even matter. This is probably the worst managed company, as we have complained to Kumar builders management including Lalit Kumar Jain, Kruti Jain etc. several times without any response from them!

I would strongly suggest ppl don't fall in their trap even if they launch any new project in Bangalore.

Sufferer of Kumar Builders
Cant say much about the final quality till I really see it. Some of the items like the bathroom fittings were downgraded and changed even in the model from what was shown to us in the beginning of 2008. It just spoiled the appeal of the flat. They also changed the entrance gate from their original design which nowhere looks the same as was projected/documented in the booklet.
Kumar Builders and their partners in l-life have proved beyond any doubt that they are totally unrealiable and dishonest people. They keep telling lies about completion dates and while promising amenities.
People should avoid buying any property in their future projects to avoid being cheated.
Kumar Builders Sucks. If Mr. Lalit Jain has little guts, should come and face their customers of i-Life.

They have taken full money from their customers, invested that money somewhere else, and from that profit they are building the i-Life appt. Their profit from other place got delayed by few years and simply they delayed i-Life by few years!!

If they don’t have guts to complete the project, why they took the challenge?
Any body is aware of the new 'D-block' at Kumar iLife ? They claim the plan is sanctioned and approved. Anyone, heard any legal or otherwise issues in the D-block?
Worst builder with useless management.

I request any government official who is reading this mail to ensure that all their operations be reviewed with magnifying glass and management shall be taken to task for this in human attitude towrads their customers.

After reading so many mails its clear that this builder is a big cheat & tehy shall be booked under legal case & shall be taught the basics of business.
I own a flat in I-life and I am dying to move in for the past 1 year. While I face financial crunches like paying pre-emi/EMI, rent etc. I feel desperate to move in as soon as it is ready to provide me some shelter. My worry is for the amount of money that I have invested how am I going to redeem all the facilities that were boasted to me?!

My sincere advice to people who read this is: Please do NOT buy anything anymore from Kumar Urbana. Dishonest businesses will come to a halt only when consumers awake. Unite and do not ever think that it is an opportunity to buy when others do not. You NEVER have any kind of opportunity or growth with unprofessional attitude like the one these guys have shown.

I sometimes feel that Kumar builders have just opened this project to raise some immediate capital to save their business elsewhere!!
Kumar builders are worst and completely unprofessional people. The same story holds true even for the Kumar Kruti Project in Pune. When we started paying for this project in April 2006, we were promised that the project will be completed by June 2008. But now we are in February 2010 and still the project is not complete. There is no possible explanation or excuses for delaying a project by more than one and a half year when the project span itself is 2 years. I have incurred a huge financial loss due to this delay. 90% of the payment was done by Oct. 2008, that I had to keep paying interest on. On top of that, I have lost the rent that I would have earned if the project was completed on time.

All the management is a complete lie and they do not respond. Lets join hands together to sue them.
I am willing to purchase apartment in ilife. During my visit, it seems most of the flats are still vacant. Is there any reason behind that?
I was very keen on buying at ilife. I really feel that their floor plan is most well thought thru'.

I was told by others that there is an issue with regard to D block which was initially designed to be only for four floors. Their construction quality is also not top notch. The greatest give away that they have an issue is that none of their senior sales personnel responded to my request to show all approvals for D block
Kumar Builders have a long track record for the last decades. Our clients will vouch the quality delivered by us. When it comes to building trust of clients our name is foremost & a brand to recommend. Mr.Lalit Kumar Jain has sound technical background and was the president of PBAP-CREDAI for 2 consecutive years. KUL under the leadership of Mr.Lalit Kumar Jain has won many Awards and Recognition and was also recognized as among one of India’s Top 10 builders by construction world in 2009. The chairman of the company & his team has work relentlessly to build the reputation.
Our Project Kumar I-life has been successfully completed and we have exceeded every client expectations. When it comes to delay in certain cases we are not only forthright with our clients but also incredibly accommodating. We have not only interacted personally with all the clients but also compensate for any inconvenience that we may have caused. This initiative is not only being appreciated & applauded by the clients but also proves our sincerity & commitment in delivering excellence at every stage to our consumer.
We are very transparent in our dealings & we ensure that the clients are well informed by a customer guideline created exclusively by us for every client individually so that they are well aware of the commitment made by us & to educate our clients on every aspect of the product. You will find that the amenities delivered by us are better than shown in any brochure. KUL provides possession check list to each customer before possession & only after customer’s satisfaction on each point possession is handed over. KUL has provided customer help line nos. to all to give the best of services. In an attempt to show some of you reading this the trend setting work done by chairman of the company & his team we request you to visit the following links, showing the kind of research done & initiative taken to deliver the best.

We look forward to your feedback from our KUL family members.
Well, I have never had a problem getting through Kumar Builders. They have been co-operative enough. I had a couple of queries and i contacted them. They cleared my doubts. Just try and contact them on their numbers.
I do have the same complain about their project "Megapolis" in Pune,
1. They used to send demand letter every month but the project work progress is not that fast.
2. Whenever I contact to their employee/sales person they talk like "we are not responsible for this, that etc..."
No responsible person is there who is ready to take the responsibility Or you can complain to, and all of above they behave like we have borrowed from them and now we are not returning. These people are really Wa... and does not deserve a single penny.

3. We booked the under construction flat so that we can make some internal changes but now their [censored] management is not even ready to listen, they want to deliver the project on their own term and conditions.

Its looks like we are really fool who booked a flat in MEGAPOLIS, PUNE
Kumar Builders sucks big time - we bought a flat in Kumar Kruti site in Pune in mid-2006, were told it would be ready by mar 08, then they moved it to jun 09, as of today they are still not 100% although they say they are close, but now they are not willing to give us the keys as they want us to pay items like service tax (which we wouldnt have had to pay had they completed as promised) and maintenance fund (a nice little way of getting some more money and then not having to account for it!)...the senior management will never meet you and the mid to junior management who you meet on site or in their office will only say they are acting as instructed - BUYER BEWARE!...Would never ever consider buying any property from them!!!
Dear abhi2276,

We would like let you know that the project Mega Polis is not a Kumar Builders property.

The project is handled by Kumar Properties and not Kumar Builders. Kumar Builders and Kumar Properties are two different entities and Kumar Builders has nothing to with the Mega Polis project. We sincerely request you to clarify your issues with Kumar Properties.

- Official Rep - KUL
After reply from Official Rep - KUL (i.e Kumar Builders) I am changing my complaint from Kumar Builders to Kumar properties as they are separate entities. But I want to Know the owner of these entities is Mr Jain and why kumar properties have not replying any of the complaints regarding Mega Polis..if they really are different entity and really care for their customer they should reply.

Kumar Properties corporate office employees behaves with customers like we are visiting them for borrowing something. I have seen worst class customer service and satisfaction for such a know builder in Pune. I have also had a experience with Paranjape Group they tear their customers like god. I missed Blue Ridge that why i booked flat at Mega Polis. Everytime you have to call kumar properties office if you are expecting something they have to deliver. The sales staff at kumar properties office have their internal problems sometime when you called the person at receiving end ask some doubts to other sales team person and they start fighting to the fact that who have more knowledge. Even if the customer is listening everything on the call.

I hope they should provide a good customer service and satisfaction to their customers who have invested so much money to their projects.

We need some reply from kumar properties corporate office If they really thinks customer service matters in this industry.
They have illigelly built D block by eating all residents money ... cheating with resident ... they can't do this. As this was not under the plan when the project was sold ... we should protest against this and file a legel complaint against the builder ...
Kumar builders are cheaters, plain and simple. They raised prices 2 years after agreement and projects delayed by 3-4 years in pune. I am sure will repeat the same in Bangalore so buyer please beware and go to other reliable builders. I have had a terrible experience with Kumar builders and they are not at all professional.

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