[Resolved]  Make My Trip — Amount deducted without any confirmed ticket

Address:Pune, Maharashtra

This is the second incident with make my trip. I booked a ticket for my family from Pune to Nagpur on the 08//04/10. Booking ID: FLT[protected] Amount was deducted without any confirmed ticket. When I called them they informed that the amount has npt been received by them and hence they have not issued a ticket. They wrote to me that they would require a bank statement to confirm that the amount has been taken off my account. I sent them a scanned copy on the 12/04, but no responce. I called the call centre on the 13th to find that they cannot acess the email I had sent to them and wanted me to send a copy of the email. Who confirmed the receipt of the statement then and assured a callback on 14/04. When I did not receive a call from them, I called them to find that they cannot find the email. The person then requested for 72 business hours for the status. The service has been pathatic and the customer service gone for a toss.
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May 10, 2017
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Dec 11, 2009
MakeMyTrip India Customer Care's response
Dear Ms. Singh,

With reference to your post above, kindly share a phone number where we can reach you to discuss your reservation. You may email the same to [protected]@makemytrip.com.

Also, since this is a public forum, it is strongly recommended that you removed your card number from your message as there are chances that it can be misused.


Devika Khosla

MakeMyTrip Care
Verified Support
Feb 15, 2010
MakeMyTrip India Customer Care's response
Dear Sulogno De,

With reference to your post above, your attempt at making a booking on our site was unsuccessful on our website. This means that no money was debited by MakeMyTrip from your account.

It is possible that your bank has blocked the amount but not deducted it from your account. The amount will be auto-reversed in to your account between 7 and 14 business days by your bank.

For further follow up on this, you will need to contact your bank directly as MakeMyTrip has not received any payment for your transaction.


Devika Khosla

MakeMyTrip Care
Verified Support
Mar 18, 2010
MakeMyTrip India Customer Care's response
Dear Rajneesh Kumar Bhatti,

With reference to your post, kindly note that your booking on MakeMyTrip was confirmed with PNR [protected]. The e-Ticket for your MakeMyTrip Booking ID RAL[protected] was dispatched on March 17, 2010 at 8:24:36 AM, shortly after you made the booking on our website.


Devika Khosla

MakeMyTrip Care
Verified Support
Mar 22, 2010
MakeMyTrip India Customer Care's response
Dear Mr. Chhabra,

With reference to your post, we have retrieved your booking history and have found that your booking attempt on MakeMyTrip was unsuccessful. In your case, the bank will auto reverse the amount deducted in to your account within 7 days. If you have received a transaction reference number from them, please do email the same to [protected]@makemytrip.com.


Devika Khosla

MakeMyTrip Care
Verified Support
Apr 07, 2010
MakeMyTrip India Customer Care's response

With reference to your post, kindly share your MakeMyTrip Booking ID so we can retrieve details of your booking history. You may email the same to [protected]@makemytrip.com.


Devika Khosla

MakeMyTrip Care
Complaint comments 


Matha communication — not getting confirmed ticket

Dear Sir
We are trying form 5 day confirm ticket for April month but inspite of several try we are not getting the tickets as we are authorisesd by Irtc then why we are not getting the tickets in several case on the screen it is showing available but taking print comes to waiting up to 150 .

Require your urgent intervation

Thanking You
George J Chettiar

Make My Trip — Money refund from make my trip . RsRs.5,541 against vide reference number FLT00004833612

Dear Sir,
I have booked my flight ticket through Make My Trip.com ( mail id : www.makemytrip.com)
Booking dated : 27/07/08. Time: 8.14Am
E-CouponNumber is FLT[protected]
Date of Travel : 28/06/08
Flight Detail : JET Light Flight#912
Mode Of Payment.: Credit Card

Number of times I called / mailed dated (June 27, 2009 1:00 PM, Jun 27, 2009 at 3:08 PM, June 27, 2009 8:26 PM, Jun 28, 2009 at 11:30 AM, Jun 28, 2009 at 11:30 AM: All mail attached as proof ) for detailed ticked . No action has been taken .Though twice I got call ( more than 50min, they put me hold) and mail from Make my trip but NO RESULTS .
Thought I thought to board with e-ticket ( attached) sent by make my trip During my Boarding at Flight I got to know my name was not there in the passengers list. I was highly embarrassed and the same time I Lost my interview on very next day at Delhi.

I got a mail from make my trip that its because of some problem and full amount ( Rs. 5, 541) shall be refunded and same would reflect on your card within 7 business days. Twenty four ( 24 days) days over, still money has not been credited in my account ( credit card monthly statement attached ) .

Because of the same I lost more than Rs. 20, 000. As I didn’t flight ticket for the same day, as it was last flight . I booked ticket for next day reached Delhi but couln’t meet interview schedule.

Sir, I request you to kindly take tough action against MAKE MY TRIP. As this is one of the worst service provider I have ever seen.Because of the same I was mentally harassed a lot . Kindly make sure above mentioned amount shall be credited in my account.

Thanks and Regards
Rajeev Ranjan
Mob: [protected]
# 56, Flatlet, I.C Road, Kadma,
Jamshedpur: 831 005

Make My Trip — non refund of single rupee on cacelled air tkt of paramount airways

I have to travell from kol-chennai routeby paramount airways on 22nd july"2009. Could not travell due to very much unavoidable circumstances. gone on line to cancell the the tkt, their net system told tkt shold be cancelled before 12hrs.of journey. Tell me who knowns that person will not face any accident and due that reason he can not travell . His some % of of tkt value willl not be return on humanitarian ground?

MakeMyTrip — Unfair booking and refund process

Respected Editor,

Kindly note my grievance with regard to an airticket reservation made through Makemytrip.com on August 12, 2009 at 10.30 A.M. I booked four air tickets in Paramount Airways through this website for a scheduled travel from chennai to Hyderabad on August 19, 2009 (Booking Id FLT [protected]) . After the payment was processed, I received a mail stating that "due to communicaiton error, the reservation is not confirmed and an executive will be calling me in an hours time (evidence attached). As I did not receive any call till 4.00 P.M, I contacted the customer service and spoke to an executive by name Mr. Harsh, who in turn, expressed that, they are unable get seat availability with paramount airways and suggested me to try again for another airlines thorugh a fresh booking. Further he processed a refund of my money which they had charged at the time of booking. Subsequently I received an SMS stating that the money will be refunded in 14 business days. However on enquiry, the executive stated that he would ensure that the money is refunded with in 5 business days.

I am really surprised, with this kind of a process followed by this travel agency where they debit the amount even prior to issuing a ticket and then, don't repsond as promised and on enquiry they are refunding at their own set rule and regulations. In this entire process, I realised that, I have lost 5-6 hours of time, where I could have tried other alternate bookings, if they had confirmed the booking as promised. Further I also question whether taking money with out confirming the booking and refunding later with such a time lag is acceptable trade practice. Just for a comparision, if a booking is made through Indian railways website and due to any reasons, when the transaction is not processed the money debited is immediately refunded and a mail to the effect is sent to the customer.

I strongly feel that, strict action should be initiated against these travel agencies, to curtail such practices in the best interest of customers.

I would further like to add that this kind of practices lead to agencies showing huge collections and reflect good amount of bookings, which are not completed transactions . This may result in recording ficticious sale transactions in their records and show rosy performance. I hope they have enough Internal Control systems to take care of these situations.

Make My Trip — Refund of an airline ticket amount

Respected Sir/Ma'am,

This is Archit Lalit Dhupar.I am writing on behalf of my father Mr Lalit Dhupar.
We travelled from Udaipur to Mumbai, on 25th of May 2009, from Kingfisher Red .
We booked our ticket on 21st of May 2009 from Make My Trip.com .
On 25th, our flight got cancelled due to some technical problems.The Kingfisher representative over there assured us that we will get our full refund back. They did not give any of the passengers a receipt for the same, but they said that they have updated on their system .and it would be reflected in our next bank statement.
We came on our own.

We waited for two bank statements, but that does not show anything about the refund.

Then I emailed Kingfisher Airlines about the incident.They gave me my PNR no and assured that the flight was cancelled .When I gave the copy of email (which Kingfisher had given me), they replied that the amount would be given after deducting 250 Rs as a cancellation charge from the total amount Rs.1845 .
They have still not reported to me again till date.


Name: Lalit Dhupar
From : Mumbai To :Udaipur
makemytrip Booking ID: FLT[protected]
Refund Amount (Total) : 1845
Airline : Kingfisher Red
Date :25th May 2009
Flight No :- IT 3158
Parties Involved :MakeMyTrip.com And Kingfisher Airlines

I request you to kindly look into the matter and order MakeMyTrip.com to give us our full refund back.
I would be obliged if you could help me.

Thanking You,

Archit Dhupar
Email : [protected]@gmail.com

Make My Trip — refund not being delivered

i booked a ticket on 1st july 2009 of goair through the makemytrip.com , it was told that there is a scheme of Rs. 300/- cash back offer which would be credited to my account after 7 days of my travel date which was 31st july 2009, but till date the refund amount has not been credited after writing so many mails and calling the customer care of make my trip nothing is being done .
kindly help I have the screan shot and all the necessary documents regarding it.

Rasik Bhatia
mob no. [protected]
SUCH AN THAT THEY CAN BOOK A TICKET FOR ME AND CANT REFUND. Just because of that worst and............ site I lossed 18,000 rupees. That might be less for them. Its not that easy to earn 18000 like make my trip does.



Make My Trip — Business Travels

If you want to ruin your international Business relationships,
If you want to ruin your INDIAN image,
If you ever want to tell some one corporate India is a group cheating,
If you want people who trust you to screw up International Travels Royally,
If you want to ruin your Business,
If you have time in Paris or London to attend an Indian Customer service call in the middle of a business meeting for 20 minutes,
If you have time to get that call cut with no solution and another "customer care" to start it all again,
If you want to anticipate a customer service confirmation call for days,
If you want to see a site with no email address to contact,
i[censored]nder Business pressure you want to learn that the problem is payment is due to your International credit card which works across the world but not in this one place,
If you want to hear - "the website rates are wrong, as it is updated only twice a week and hence you can book your tickets and the Premium rates, and to see what they meant was right - (they will prove it before your eyes in a second the new rates)".

After all this ROYAL treatment you are frustrated and write a complaint some how through their hidden website loopholes if you want to see they care nothing, absolutely nothing about it . . .

PLEASE USE www.MAKEMYTRIP.com. They will treat you ROYALLLLY . . .
This is with refernce to my Ticket with MakeMyTrip Booking ID -FLT[protected]. The supposed cancellation charge was quoted as Rs 750 for the airline and Rs 250 for Makemytrip. However, I talked to the Airline (Kingfisher) Customer care and was told that the airline's cancellation charge was Rs. 400. So, the total cancellation charge deducted should have been Rs. 400 + Rs. 250 = Rs. 650.

Make My Trip — Account Debited while Transaction Failed

Dear Sir/Mam,

This is to inform you that I was booking my flight ticket from Lucknow to Mumbai, for the 19/12/2009, in the INDIGO 6E 341 with my SBI Debit cum ATM card.

The details are card number[protected]
Card Holder's name- SHIKHA SINGH

The transaction ID is not made available as the transaction failed and I have no way of retrieving it.

My account has been debited with 4729 without the ticket getting booked.

I want the money back. Please tell me how that would be possible and in how many days.
Has any action been taken against MakeMyTrip? please respond

Make My Trip — Ticket cancellation Refund not transferred

Dear Sir,
I have cancelled the air ticket (make my trip booking I.D. - FLT[protected]) on 10/01/2010 which was for 2 persons for Delhi to Nagpur. Date of Journey was 11/01/2010. I was suppose to get the refund till 27/01/2010 as per their online refund status. I am following up to their Customer care representetives on daily basis. Everyday they said it will be done within 24 hrs but still it is pending. Kindly tell me what to do to teach them a lesson so that it should not be happen with any other customer.

Brijesh Srivastava
I was trying to book a ticket on 3rd Feb, 2010 by make my trip.com..the transaction was under process but for 20 mins the page was not showing any action. I did not confirm the ticket nor did I receive any sms for the same, inspite of that approx Rs.6000 was deducted from my account. I had called customer care and registered a complaint and was told in 7 working days it would be refunded,but in vain. Kindly look into the matter ASAP.

Sulogno De
My complaint number is: In1002b00819
Please stop fooling people with your endeavour to confuse people rather than coming up with a solution. I have checked with my bank and they have not blocked any amount.
After an elaborate discussion and follow ups your representative told me that it is the problem with CCA your payment gateway vendor. CCA is your vendor and it is not my bloody problem to see whether they have deducted the money by mistake. It is your responsibility to see that I get refunded.

I book tkts regularly online and it was the biggest mistake to book via makemytrip. In other sites like Yatra if the booking is unsuccessful the money never gets debited from your bank. Same with vodafone when you do an online recharge. The money never gets deducted until and unless the process is complete.
In this case the money has been deducted and the money hasgone to your vendor cca's a/c. Therefore it is your responisbility to follow up with them and get my refund.

MakeMyTrip — Cheat, Deduct money without issue ticket

This is regarding Ticket Booking Id Ral[protected]
I tried booking this ticket in the morning 17 Mar 2010 at around 8.10 am and it was displayed a message that it is not confirmed and the respective amount is deducted.I am wondering what is this kind of service ? .So I booked a new ticket from cleartrip.com. I called twice the customer care for the same problem but no responses.

kindly revert this transaction . This is second time i am lend up in this situation .

Make My Trip — payment deduct but not receive ticket

I have booked three air tickets from Banglore to Jaipur on 21.03.2010 at 2.44 PM . But due to server problem I could not print the ticket .whereas payment has been deducted from my account. other detail ;
travel date- 25.06.2010 ticket booked -Indigo Airlinces flight No.6E-152 Deprt.time 19.10
payment made through SBI Debit Card -
Sanjay Chhabra

Make My Trip — Doble debit for single air ticket

I booked one air ticket of Indigo flight Ex- Mumbai to Delhi for Rs.5374/ through Make My Trip payment gate way on[protected].
The bank statement is showng 2 times debit for Rs.5374/- for account on same day.
When i contacted Make My Trip though mail, they replied with apology saying that this type of error is not new to them and they are acting to refund the amount in the bank.
But 15-16 days are over and they have not refunded my amount in my Bnak Account
Dear support, i got my ticket with ID FLT[protected] CANCELLED THRO ONLINE FOR TRAVEL FROM CHENNAI TO AHMEDABAD. Yet to get the refund transferred to my credit card. pl do get things done at the earliest
regards rajesh
This is regarding my bus ticket booked through Makemytrip.com,on 13/04/10, booking ID is BUS[protected].I cancelled this ticket on 13th of april itself, that is before 24 hrs of journey (journey date 14th of April,10) & supposed to get a refund of Rs. 825. As I was told, it should be done within 7 days but it still not refunded by them. Whenever I call to their customer service, I get the same reply that wait for 48 hours.I've got the same reply for 4 times.Whenever I drop a mail to them, I never get any response.

Please mark my words.They are the biggest frauds. The latest excuse given by them was that there was some problem from vendor side.Earlier they said that there is some technical glitch. They will never refund your money if you cancel the ticket. Why should I bother about the vendor problem, if I paid the money to you. While deducting the payment, there was no problem at all.

If anyone from MMT is looking at it.....just respond......what is the meaning of 7 days for you...& why the money is not yet refunded.


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