[Resolved]  Mother's Pride — Fraud In the name of Baby Show

Hi All,

Let me start the story which simply portrays the fraud happened in Mother's Pride in the name of Baby show.

One fine morning my wife told me that she wants our baby to take part in the Baby Show which is going to be held in Mother's Pride Campus on 22nd March'2009.I started inquiring about the event and eventually came to know about it through it's website.I wrote a mail to them just to know about the Bylaws and got their immediate reply which tells me to register my baby on the show day itself just by paying 200 rupees.On Sunday afternoon we reached Mother's Pride Campus at Hemkunt, Nehru Place to be a part of the baby show but to my sheer surprise i found a different story altogether.
Here is the story goes...

First of all, i was shocked when i saw the kind of event it was.I had seen many baby shows in my life so far, but this was very much different from those.It was simply a counselling session of Mother's Pride, nothing else.There was a doctor on the venue who simply measured the weight of the babies.There were more than 100 babies and their parents who came to the venue with a wish that their babies will get some prizes which was mentioned in the website itself.Those things were simply misleading information and fraudulent too in nature.The Mother's Pride authorities were busy making people fool out of this.Their only motto is to build their customer base and advertising for their school.

Now my point of concern is why did they mislead people in such a way, on top of this, its all about harassment of babies and their parents who managed their time and money for this so called noble event.

It's my urge to the Gov.Of India as a citizen of my motherland to eradicate these sort of corruption and fraud which is happening in public in broad daylight.
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Aug 14, 2020
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I was also a part of this show.And I agree the fact that baby show was just to name it.Their main motto was to earn money.My baby is not even a yr old.They wanted me to register her then and there.When I said no that lady very abruptly stood up asking me to carry a form if at all I change my mind in two days.
She didnt even oblige to put a smile or indicate us to leave before she left.
I fully agree to the above statement. Mothers Pride baby show was a marketting gimmick for which we had to pay money and waste our precious time. We took our 1yr 10 mths old baby there thinking that it will be a baby show. But there was no show.After waiting for almost an hour a doctor took the weight of the baby. Then again we had to wait foe almost an hour when we were asked to enter another room where a single lady looked at the baby for hardly a minute and then told us to go after giving her a small toy which must be hardly costing 50 rupee. Then they asked us to attend a councelling session. When I told them our baby has already registered with them few months back they told us that we can go!!!
How can a single lady sit and judge all the children and on what criteria were they deciding the winner. It was simply a waste of time & energy . I was thinking of sending my daughter to Mothers Pride in a month or so but now I wont. I hope they refund the registration money of ten thousand they had taken from me.

Mar 23, 2009
mother's pride does not have any pride!
We got our daughter to take part in her first baby show, the much marketed and "acclaimed' Mother's Pride baby show, held on 22nd March, 2009. We went to the Galleria branch (Gurgaon). What a load of crap! Mother's Pride has completely lost it. They don't even have any regrets of chasing money like crazy, at the cost of little are my 2 cents of how bad Mother's Pride Baby Show is, and how they are taking unaware parents for a ride..
- The contact numbers so wonderfully advertised in all leading publications were never reachable hence the only option was to visit the premises and register for the show
- Once at the venue, everyone was stuffed in a basement hall and kids made to dance with some prizes being given...imagine how comfortable kids will be with 50 kids and 30 mothers all present on a small stage trying to dance
- This was followed by an "evaluation" round which took place on the 2nd floor. A 10 question list was to decide the most aware parents. I still do not know if 20 parents got the same max marks, then how will they decide?
- There were enough hints being given throughout the ordeal that parents should meet their counselors of mother's pride to know about the registration formalities
- The "doctor" checkup followed, and the medico only asked 4 questions to the parents, without really bothering to look at the kid even once. weird.
- Now comes the killer. The evaluation, which was supposed to determine the following: most active baby, sunniest smile, sparkling eyes, friendliest baby, most attractive baby, healthiest baby was all over in 15 seconds. A 20 something teacher, wearing 1 kilo of makeup, getting my child to play with blocks for 10 seconds, decides all of these categories? Give me a break, Mother's Pride.
- When i called up the next day to know the results, i was not surprised that my kid had not won in any category. Had read earlier too that those who register on the day are the ones who win the prizes. MP is taking everyone else for a ride. And one more thing, when i asked for the evaluation criteria, i was told by the attendant that "councilor" was one of the criteria!!
- Of the total 1.5 hours i wasted at mothers pride, 45 minutes were spent in the councilor room. Being shown an album which is a collection of 50 photos accumulated throughout the 1 year stay of the child. And guess how much they charge the parents for that? 7500/- :)
- I would have heard the councilor say at least 5 times that they are giving me a discount of 7000 bucks valid only if i register today at the show. And many do get fooled by this. The marketing hype they have created has resulted in many many gullible parents being fooled into submission, thinking that they are getting the best for their babies. But i beg to differ, mother's pride. You are simply a money minting machine, and you do not care about babies at all. There's a nice post here if you want to read more about how they are taking everyone for a ride.

IIPM has been ruining enough careers, thriving on the basis of marketing and PR alone. And enough has been said about it, with the gaurav sabnis saga. Now its mother's pride who has taken the cue, and is out to bombard us with marketing and PR to drive home the point that they're the best. And btw, they also get all records from MCD for all new-born babies in delhi. Wonder how? You'll get the answer if you read the post above.

There are many many better options. Shikshantra is a good school in gurgaon. Anand by career launcher shows very good promise due to their philosophy and so on. As long as a play school realizes they HAVE to care for the babies, rather than have making money as the sole objective, we will not see a repeat of what mother's pride is up to. More than the brand name, for a baby who is so young and impressionable, its better that parents follow these simple steps when evaluating a play school:

1. Look at distance from home as the 1st criteria
2. Ensure the teachers are well-qualified and loving enough to handle crying babies. A 20 something 12th pass cannot handle babies. It needs more maturity and love.
3. The school should ensure not more than 10-15 babies are handled by a single teacher
4. The books and toys/games should be adequate and fun, and do not necessarily have to be branded...mother's pride charges 4000/- for books claimed to be written by the parenting expert sudha gupta... :)
5. Meals should be hygienic and the helpers should be capable to keep the baby clean and fresh while the baby is at school

Trust me, everything else is just gimmick, and more of a means to give parents one more reason to do their own ego massage by proclaiming in society that their baby goes to mother's pride. A 2 year child does not understand brands or money or ego. The babies just need Love, not Pride. As a responsible parent, please ensure they get that adequately.
This is a true story, nothing like other baby shows.I also went 2 b a part of it but it was firstly very poorly organised.secondly they only wanted 2 attract clients.The results were truely baseless.Wastage o[censored]r time and money.

I had not visited baby show of Mothers Pride. Now I thank my stars that I did not go there after reading the feedback.
Infact I was also surpised when Mothers Pride had called me up to register when my son was 1 ys 3 months old by giving me a discount. I had told them that he is too small to be sent to school but they keep on calling up.
The worst part is that they do not even care about Do Not call numbers (DNC) !!!
With all this I donot think I `ll send my child to Mothers Pride.
Hey everyone I agree to the fact that Mother's pride is a fraud organisation I went there for an interview as a teacher and they demanded Rs. 75000 for their training. Thank God that I did not register with them because one of my friends who use to work there told me that there training program is bakwaas, and the salary they give for 7 hrs job is only Rs 5000, they even ask u to sign against more amount then what is being paid. This way they are befooling the Income Tax department. None of the employees come forward as in our country all o[censored]s follow the CHALTA HAI YAAR attidude. These people are not only fooling the public but even abusing the system of India. The government should certainly look into the matter.

Idea — fooling me by not telling their real name

i want to know to whom this no. belongs to. the person is rejecting to give their name. please tell me the name of the user of the no. given below.

I am glad that I came across this post. It seems Mother's Pride is oblivious to this rising concern in parents who have been cheated. I was just about to enroll my 8-month old for this so-called 'Baby Show' but I have changed my mind now. Hope someone from the MP Administration/Authority is reading this - BYE BYE.
A million thanks for the post again!
hi all
just two days ago i saw the same baby show ad in news paper and i gt ready to take my daughter to mother's pride fr the registration thing.i called them to enquire also..n i got a call frm the school i m totally confused after reading all these complaints n fraud story by you all.what to do now..should i still go n take part or just leave it like that??????????
I think, all o[censored]s must get together...we need to raise this concern...let us bring it to the limelight...They (Mother's Pride) are trying to fool people... I took my baby to one such Baby Show at the insistence of my wife...all the attendants, till the time I was showing interest in admission, said your baby will definitely win this prize and the other prize...the moment I said no to the admission...all of them stopped attending...I left the place fuming...

They are just minting money from this and are try to build their database through such mileading marketing and PR Campaign...
I would like to bring a very daring truth about Kidzee, Nehru Nagar Ghaziabad. And would like to say that never ever send your wards to this place this place is very dangerous for little once.

and the fact is why I am saying this is that the director of this school named Deepak Jain is very dangerous persons, he is a womanizer and have illegal relationship with teachers of his school, he is though married but he is hungry and think that sending your ward there will give u what and what sort of foundation your kid will get and what if he... Think about it and spread the word please. I got this info from my friend who is working in that school as he also tried to molest her but she rescued somehow.
I am in toatl agreement with PUNEET and CHANDERSHEKHAR.

Well it’s the same story here too.
We went for the baby show organized in December 09. It was the worst event that I had ever seen.
3 crap rounds, where practically nothing except weighing the baby was done. The final round which was of most interest to them was consuling session. They wanted to drag money out of my pocket instantly.

No tea no snack nothing was served, not even to kids. The results were to be displayed the next day.

Anyways the most interesting part was this. I called on the reception numbers the next day. The phone I presume was unreachable. The phone kept on ringing and ringing and ringing. I managed to get the second number (this time not reception) and the lady who picked up the phone said it’s not our division and we can’t help you on this, you just keep on trying at reception. I did so, tried calling from 1pm till 3pm. Anyways I called back on the second number again at 3: 30pm and the lady said call at 3pm. I merely said “ DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE TIME IS” and she hanged up. I called again and she hanged up again. And never did they picked up or called back.

Well this is the story of PATEL NAGAR branch, noting more than a heap of junk.
We were also naive and stupid enough to attend their baby show, and to ask for the update the very next day.

It was utter nonsense. The only joy for us was that as soon as we entered into the baby-show, our baby smelt something fishy, and did not oblige the groveling staff even with a smirk. We are happy that our baby turns out to be smarter than us.
As I read to all the people comments, earlier I felt it is not the same way. But after experiencing it personally on refund of booking amount of my child registration & the answer I get is that it might have been a communication gap at the time of registering your child.
A great procedure to make lakhs with legal charity. Very disappointing.
I am looking for play school for my 2 yr old near Ramesh Nagar and finalized for Mothers Pride. But looking at above comments i am shocked . I can send my child to such a school where money is more important than kids. Thanx guys for your views. but can anyone suggest a good school near Ramesh Nagar???
I agree that this is purely a cheet that has happended to every parent & child who participated . Apart from Promotion of Mothers pride there was no such activity seen as Baby show.
It has shattered every parents dream for a baby show trusting further is a big Question Mark .
I would like to share the same experience that others have mentioned in "Babyshow" conducted by Mother's pride on 21st Mar10'.I took my 4 and half months old daughte to the show thinking that she might win a prize .But to my surprice that show i mean the so called SHOW was a complete blunder.They were only sitting to grab money from innocent people in the name of Baby Show.As like all we also went through the rounds of "Most Awar parents" and "Most Aware Mother"
Though it was a baby show there was only one round for babies to go through that too for say approx. % which they measure the baby weight and a lady -i dont know what she was upto and what was her criteria of judging.She started calling my daughter's name just to know how she reacts.And this was the only criteria to judge baby's sunny smile, chubby cheeks, Sparkling eyes, baby's activness and blah blah blah..!!THAT"S IT..!!! this was all for a baby to do in a BABY SHOW which was publicised on a large scale.

And fourth Round which was the most interesting round of all was the counselling Round.which i thought was something related to baby's counselling or queries but turned out to something proving MOTHER's PRIDE to be a greedy Organization just to grab money like helll.!!
The councillor was only sitting there to convince people to freeze there child's admission then and there by paying them Rs 5000/-in advance.
And ofcourse the result was based wholly and solely on FOURTH round.
I m really feeling sad for the parents who getinto this trap and waste their valuable time and money...
Hi All,

My little one is 21 months old & these days iam searching good kinds way for him...Please let me know if you guys recommend me to get him admitted to Mothers Pride...I stay near model town branch...any clue how is it ??

Please respond or mail me ...i need your help..

I agree that whatever comments are posted by all o[censored] my friends u are r8 the school management making fool to every one by the name of baby shoe they are just making money and doing publicity of school and not only this much dear they are still calling me for admission of my baby in their school although the baby show was held on 21 march he he he...
I took my baby there and she won awards in2 categories also but still im not satisfied with them they just want to make more n more admission in there school and for that they never hesitate to call u twice thrice in a day continuously till 15 days also.What a shame less people they are
Hullo everyone! well thnx people! for saying all that you have. I was about to take my 22 month old baby girl to their baby show this sunday, july 27th 2010. Now, m pretty sure m not going to. Its just a sad way of things...the way dese guys just go on their usual business despite so many disgruntled parents. I stay in Mumbai and was here with my parents on a shortish vacation...even then i feel for the parents in delhi. How can such lovely little babies be turned into a business idea...i fail to understand? Guys! seriously this has to stop. And its the parents like us that have to bring schools like Mothers Pride to book. Noone else but us.

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