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Hi All

I was introduced to this product as a professional IT consultant and told that this is a Good Video Conferencing Tool and Video mail. Also they showed American Military as the client for them
After paying Rs.9000/- i just got a Login and understood this is a MLM product. The video conferencing never worked for me and i went back to ask refund but no one obliged, in the meantime after seeing the specs i also introduced to this some of my friends and all felt cheated and they thought i put them in a Fix by selling MLM to them.

This is a internet based product and want to know if this company has DOT permission to sell this in india, if so are they paying service tax to indian government. Why they sell in Dollar and pay the commission in Rupees. This is a scandal, and without my knowledge there are over 200 people below me bought this and many bought 6 or 7 accounts to win aLaptop or trip bangkok wich is announced as schemes. I dont understand a person who do not know to use compters are asked to buy this to make money. This is just a money laundering and the company makes heavey profits and some of the leaders who travel across country to cheat the common man makes Rs.2 lacs per week. Is there any legal way to lodge a complaint.
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Aug 14, 2020
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Folks... Hold on. Dont pass on your own views as authentic news. There must be some Government department that has authorized this business. Take this to their notice. If it is authorized, they will monitor it. If it is not authorized, they will ban it. My view point looks suspicious because of the disproportinate earnings. I looked at the product itself. It looked ok but not worth the price for common public. People like Teachers, Real estate & automobile brokers, Doctors, Matrimonial Bureaus can make use of this. If the product was offered at a fraction of the price and offered for sale with out this MLM, it would not have generated suspicion.
hm.. well,

well, i too have met ppl who are just donot understand product and themselves. There is nothing ineligible for business in this world but the thing is it matches u or not is the question and u have to judge well. mvt has its own good part, they combined good product with marketing technique for service based product which works on internet., let us say in simple terms, u buy a mobile if its a student who loves to use to chat with friends and etc, if it is business man he will gain something on his investment on phone.. if it is terrorist he will plant bomb using it, u buy the same product but diff ppl uses differently, same is this i[censored] r a student or u want to use it for ur personal purpose it may not value, for a business man if it correctly fit into his business he definately can gain on the investment, and suppose. i[censored] bought this its for life long unlike other MLM products & companies which will not stand long, its been there for more than 6yrs or so and covered 45 countries, if it is fraud u canot cheat whole world, it has to comply with each country regulation etc. my kind suggestion is try product well before purchase and understand well, naturally ppl donot like others growing upon ur hardwork that i understand but u have to think positively u will grow upon others work also. there is speed issue for internet users in india but this is not going to be a long term problem as the i-net speed is increasing day by day, sure we all use single cable for internet, TV and telephone soon.
Hey Guys,

I am a student who is practicing MVT religiously and have earned a heavy amount of income which helped me pay my university fees for three months as i study in a London based university. It really does not matter my dad financially but the pride he had in his eyes for me was unbelievable.

A message to all people practicing MVT "Rock on and see you all in the beaches of the world". The people who talk crap about it are just the slaves of their bosses, today network marketing is authorized by the ex president Mr. Clinton ( Donald Trump a billionaire practicing this industry and the world's financial advisor Mr. Robert Kiyosaki, have aproved them then who are these people to talk bad about network marketing. You know they say that when some one climbs for success then dogs definitely bark.

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MVT ... love it ... its yours for life ...
Who are the developers? From where they are? Who was the owner? Someone is asking me to join this, i told him I still cant decide once I know what is what with this product. And he replied, " NO NEED TO KNOW THE PRODUCT AS LONG AS WE ARE EARNING MONEY"... Can't believe most of the people buying this stuff doesnt know what this is... Can MVT please post a PDF file atleat of all the technical specification of the product? I currently work as an engineer and for me I should know the product "technically" before buying it.
LOL... the guy who created is crazy.. or he is the person who is jealous of My Video Talk. Whatever it is guys, don't speak unless you dont't know anything .. :) I use MVT products. But its not the matter of getting delivered. Its a virtual product. Its an online activation. NO DOOR STEP DELIVERIES.

-Sudarshan Dhondale
Hi innocent Guys and gals,

My personal view on this MVT and there are thousands of MLM based businesses in India.may be some genuine and have the proper vision and standards...but many are especially that sprouts from the foriegn funds and FII funds are very cunning, money-minded and in simple cheating themselves and the public.India after adopting the free trade and liberalisation policy...many companies which want to make money bynight and to make public especially innocent and young public.Whatever may be the product or service there is a seller and there is a buyer...sell them with a price not MLM way...


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"impossible is nothing"
I have certain questions that are hindering me from doing the MVT direct selling business successfully. I hope the MVT corporate would be able to give me a valid response to the below questions,

10.3% has been deducted as TDS from every payment that MVT has issued me where as, as per the govt. regulations it is only 10% but that is only applicable if the total income earned exceeds a certain limit. I sense something fishy going on here. I would like the MVT corporate to reveal the income tax that they have paid the govt. of India.
Certain Indian states that are economically poor have certain tax exemptions. MVT had been doing business in these states and had deducted TDS of 10.3% from them as well. Kindly Explain.
MVT also deducts 10% towards GPU charges. We do the business, we provided the service to our down lines, we provide the product training and we motivate them regularly to ensure that the business continues but MVT on the other hand penalizes us by deducting 10% from our payouts. Is doing the business wrong? Please Explain.
Every one who does the business is not being given equal treatment. Eg. Mr. Shamil Mithra’s payments are not TDS deducted. Please Explain.
Why is the MVT office in Delhi in a rented house without the name board outside the building? If you are a legally registered company why not put up a Sign Board to show where you are. Please attach pictures of your registered office in California as proof that you are an MNC from the USA.
You claim to be an MNC and are trying to evade taxes by hiding in a rented house in a residential locality. If you claim to be the MNC you are, setup an office in a commercial location and make yourself known. What are you hiding from? Please provide a detailed explanation.
Your Global Support is the worst I have come across so far. I can get an automated system to do what your global support is doing. They don’t read our queries before answering them. They are doing a very good job of creating the impression that the MVT Corporate is dumb and useless.
I heard from sources on the internet that if an ID had to renewed but was renewed a week after the expiry of the account then the renewal fee is Rs.4, 000/- is this a fact?
Is it a fact that $500 is charged in order to transfer an account to the nominee.
How many people has MVT employed?
Where is the server and the global support located? Revealing the location makes things transparent.
Why have you not even set up telephonic support for your customers?
What is the total turnover of MVT across the globe and in India? Please provide proof of the tax paid to the govt. of India?
How many corporates are using MVT products successfully?
There are a number of free products available with much better features than MVT. The products offered by MVT do not have any unique feature to make it better than its competitors. How long do you think we would be able to sell these outdated products?
Why was the Bombay office shut down with more than 10, 000 down lines started by Mr. Baskar Rajagopal and Mr. Sasidaran Iyer? Why did they resign? If it was due to miscommunication could it not have been rectified? They were part of MVT for 2 years but why did they join MVT’s competitor Talk Fusion who was also offering the same products?
Why did Sanjeev Saini & William Bond resign officially when they are both PC achievers who had opened MVT offices in various locations?
How many PC members are still active in MVT? If most of them quit MVT, what is the reason behind it? Please Explain.
The North East MVT team was a big hit in the beginning. Where is that team now?
Why was the product not working for 2 months in the name o[censored]pgradation? And when the upgradation was complete why were the videos deleted. If I upload some of my videos to My Video Channel and the website expired or was upgraded again would I also loose my videos that I don’t have a backup of in any other format?

Please Note: I am not interested in any answer to the above questions from any of my up lines I expect MVT corporate to revert back with a written explanation as I need to be convinced before I begin prospecting for MVT again. I have already spoken to my up lines who have not been able to give me any valid answers but have only been justifying themselves. I have first hand information to most of the questions raised by those who have been affected.

chennai team
This is absolute rubbish.

THE COMPANY IS EMPOWERED and is one of the best MLM companies today. It is booming across the globe, and personally i've only had wonderful results thanks to this company. I guess this person, is a complain box, ignorant, and conveniently blames his own inefficiency onto others. I[censored] don't work in a job, u don't get a salary. Does that mean, the company doesn't pay you? i[censored] don't know how to use and activate your products, does that mean the company never delivered them to u? HUMBUG is the word for such people who slander against others due to their ignorance and absolute inefficiency.

Anyone reading this blog, plz note, that its a blog. BLOGS are opinionated. ASK HIM TO SHOW U FACTS. Everyone has an opinion. But let's be interested in black and white facts. I can prove the company's potential with my earnings. Can u prove its inefficiencies at all? PROVE IT... bring it on...m ready to take the challenge.

pls. contact this fake person operating by name, Dr.Saini, his mobile no. is
[protected], pls. tap his voice, second call by your friends name, tap, record all his vpoice and conversation by tape, call himto meet at Delhi's any place and tell him that you want to open multiple accounts, so he can come to assist you and be ready witheither police, your goonda friends to teach him lesson of life, already many maharashtra people are trapped by him and collected money, on name of his buisness by him, so do as stated above.

There are a number of free products available with much better features than MVT. The products offered by MVT do not have any unique feature to make it better than its competitors. How long do you think we would be able to sell these outdated products?
Why was the Bombay office shut down with more than 10, 000 down lines started by Mr. Baskar Rajagopal and Mr. Sasidaran Iyer? Why did they resign? If it was due to miscommunication could it not have been rectified? They were part of MVT for 2 years but why did they join MVT’s competitor Talk Fusion who was also offering the same products?


so you you complain even on taxation and confuses everyone between taxation laws o[censored]S and India ... just because of another so called video company?
...a guy with 200 ppl don't know to handle such a small issue..either you didnt have 200 team or you didnt take the training.

Whichever biz you join henceforth, take the training and then start promoting.Training as in biz training as well as product trainings.
i have joined My video talk two months before, dude really this not working, i filed a complaint in customer care no proper response, it just a money laundering and high profile MLM business that's it,
MyVideoTalk is one of the first MLM's who cater to completely digital services, as compared to the oldskool physical MLM companies which have soaps, shampoos and other commodities.

If you buy a domain, it doesn't to your home packaged in a box. It's an intangible digital service.. With the way the world trends are going, digital intangible goods is going to be the future! And MyVideoTalk is ahead of the MLM Game!

Sidz (
hello dear,

i was convinced to join my video talk because of the beauty of the product and the very inspiring rewards if you became a global leader. i have a question why my friend joined a week ago and until now the product is not yet delivered since she join for more than a week now, the other friend of mine she received her gcc after waiting for 1 moth 1/2 but until now the global support did not transferred her money. next why until now nobody received the IPAD promo in the uae and the singapore reward was given only for few selected mmebers closed to the global any global leaders travel to usa or australia?
why my video talk doesn't like to get office and license inanothercountry? and was surprise when their global leader said who cares abouth the product because what they were saying i should sell the opportunity? is this is right they were forcing me to recruit and hold the cash of the new members so they will reach their pc.
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chor company se ho jao savdhan
Yeh company bsns.opprtnty kY NAAM PAR people ko lut ti hai
My Video Talk company jo hai world ki sabse big fraud cheat scam company mai se ek hai...mvt mai koi team support training kuch nahi MILNA SIRF DHOKAAAAAA MILEGA DHOKHAAA!!!
yeh company sirf paisa lekar bhagne wali company mai se ek h
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MVT products are working very well with me. I do not have any complaints at all as this is giving me good service. One of the reasons to this is because I have a fast internet connections. To other who do not have fast internet connections you will face a problem. Even if you are not using MVT products certainly you will have a problem because the problem itself is the internet service you have.

MVT products are great and awesome, this is my personal experience. With no doubt I am recommending this to everyone.

I work with other MLM companies too. I can certainly identify SCAM from not. My advice to those who are using MVT products, get a fast internet connections to enjoy it the way I am enjoying it. I am HAPPY with MVT.


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