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Sir i have made transactions of my mob no [protected] on th given date but the payment deducted 2 times from my account and the given image is the account statement of my account. So plz refund one of the payment 1 Jul 2015 1 Jul 2015 POS PRCH-POS [protected] Billdesk.com_BillPay SBIPG- 856.00 13, 789.35 1 Jul 2015 1 Jul 2015 POS PRCH-POS [protected] Bharat_Sanchar_Nigam_L_BD SBIPG- 856.00 12, 933.35 My details are Vinay Khurania [protected]
Deduction of payment two times
Jul 27, 2017
Updated by Amulaya Khurania
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    MyVideoTalk - it is USA based MLM / Network Company having branch office in India at Delhi.
    It is one of the worst service provider in the world. I request all Indians don't promote this company product.
    Its spoil my goal of earning very good income in net work business. I joined in this company as member - joining amount 9500/- while I joining my introducer told me about this company product. This company having 4 products all are technology & internet based products. If anybody wants to use this product he must need the product knowledge. One can get the product knowledge from his upline member or from this company. But no body help me to get the product knowledge.
    I joined in this company on 06.10.2009, so far I don't know what is the products. I never used this product. At least one time only one time also I not used this product because I don't know how to use it. I asked my upline he told please wait I will arrange training meet. Whenever I asked he told like this answer. Once I wrote to this company through support ticket, they simply answered me to go through their web site and e-mails.

    As a net workers it is not possible to understand by reading their web sites and their e-mails. I tell u one thing IT / software people only can understand their product. This company gives commission to introduce others. I joined in this company to earn lot by introducing others. As a net worker I can do introduce lot of people. But without product knowledge how I can introduce other, How can I promote their product. So how can I earn more money? So without the product knowledge I lost my interest, I lost my goal to earn very good income. Rs.9500/- waste. Because of the no support / service from the company I lost Rs 9500/-. Aanybody tell me where will I complaint about this company. Once again I request all Indians pls don't promote this type of foreign company’s products. It's not suitable for those who want to earn good amount, it is not suitable for MLM/net workers.
    Aug 14, 2020
    Complaint marked as Resolved 
    Dear Mr.Gunashekar. My Video Talk products are very easy to use please contact your upline or sponcer he will guide you don't send such comments Mr.Gunashekar sir.

    I completely disagree with the complaints...however it may be possible that you have not met a helping mentor...I was introduced to this system a month ago and I have already received my first payment of 11114.00...I find this business quite transparent and lucrative...if any one has got any confusion or bad experience related to this...can contact me at [protected]
    This company is trying to make people fool they are spammers..
    i totally disagree with complaint logded. the person has joined MVT with desire to only make money very easily but has not bothered to learn about use of products.
    his upline is also to be blamed partly for having badly choiced such a person into MVT.
    network cannot be done by all people and thats where such kind of complaints come in. networking is only for truly trained dedicated persons and not for every tom dick or harry. persons making new recruits should be careful in choicing people lest they land up with such type of foolish complaints.
    let the person complaining learn to simply make use of the products and surely he can see the difference.
    i can be contacted at [protected]
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    WORST COMPANY i had been transferring from one person to another for demo even the seller doesnt know about the company and when we go to sight nothing gets working only it shows india/japan/america
    Dear Mr. Shashank Shekhar

    I am an MVT user ... what would you like to know about the product ... my location is in Dubai not india so I can only discuss product usage from my side thru email.

    Kindly email me

    oppps ... allow me to correct it ... [protected]
    I totally Disagree with what Mr.Gunashekar has mentioned here.

    I am using Myvideotalk Products from last one year. All the 6 products are working fine.

    I have got the support from company as well as from my team lead. I have personally introduced 7 people into this life changing Business opportunity.

    These 7 people have taken my team to 53.

    I don't understand why people try to blame company or their leader for their personal fialure.

    If you still have any doubts call me on or mail me I will be very glad to help you.

    Good Luck
    mail: iahmed.[protected]
    Helo Friends,
    "Failures are expected by losers, ignored by winners"

    If you are looking to start your business in MyvIdeoTalk, do it ASAP.

    Do not care about Mr.Gunashekar's comments.

    Looking at his comaplaint it is very clear that he is a big FOOL, who could not learn how to use the products, these products are designed in such a way that a layman can also use them. There is online trainng available, why he did not use it??

    He says he can introduce people to do this business, why he can't do that???

    The reason he joined the Business is to introduce people not use the products!!!

    Have you ever seen a Big FOOL like him who joins(or starts) a Business by paying Rs. 9, 500/-, and does not understand the basics of the Business.
    Can any sane person on this earth believe in what he is saying???

    You notice here all the people who blamed myvideotalk in this forum have not mentioned their contact details because they are afraid and they are basically losers.

    OR may be they are just trying to malign the Image of MyVideoTalk, at the first place they might not have joined MyVideoTalk at all, they may be from other MLM companies, who are afriad of the raise of MyVideoTalk.

    Dear Friends never look at filures if you want be successful in life, because

    "Losers blame & resent, winners get it done & celebrate. Get busy doing and start celebrating"

    If you still have any doubts call me on or mail me I will be very glad to help you.

    Good Luck
    mail: iahmed.[protected]
    Hi Gnanasekaran,
    True as you mentioned the MVT products are meant to be introduced by IT people. I am from IT and use MVT to a certain aspect FOR PROMOTING MY OTHER Businesse's. And it does work if you know how to use it.
    If you are more into tangible, physical products do write back to me at my mail id anthony.[protected], it does not deal with technology, and is about a subject that every person on earth worries about at least once in his lifetime.
    Feel free to write back on mvt as well.
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    7. Extra ordinary referral program on introduction of new panelists
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    Hi frnds...

    special msg to you
    plz!dont invst money!

    us california based company
    my video talk
    bcz this mlm network company 'll begger bhikari company

    mvt chor HAI mvt chor mvt chor mvt chor mvt-420 mvt chor mvt chor mvt chor mvt chor dhoke bazz hain! logo ka paisa khane wali company this is a begger company

    chor company se ho jao savdhan
    Yeh company bsns.opprtnty kY NAAM PAR people ko lut ti hai
    My Video Talk company jo hai world ki sabse big fraud cheat scam company mai se ek hai...mvt mai koi team support training kuch nahi MILNA SIRF DHOKAAAAAA MILEGA DHOKHAAA!!!
    yeh company sirf paisa lekar bhagne wali company mai se ek h
    plz don't invest money save your money!!!
    Fraud mvt se ALERT!
    specially Delhi Peoples alert for (MVT)
    ********************************* DELHI RED ALERT***********************
    My name is Galvin and very new to networking. When I joined this company, I only knew my upline. I invested because I had seen the potential of changing my life. I am working in the UAE and had seen lots of people are earning considerably lots of money with this technology. I asked my upline few questios but since this is a fast growing company, before my upline could know something, we are already expanding. I searched the internet, registered with our group's website and found all the answers to my questions. I got some answers from Global Support Team with their 24/7 assistance. Knowledge is the key to any business. Without this, how could anyone promote a business. Learning online is very easy and very convenient. This is what I did and now, I am doing presentations and having lots of Reps as my downlines. Though I am newbie, still I have managed to make my network grow motivating myself, teaching myself, learning online and learning from other internet marketers. Investing with My Video Talk is awesome, you just got to have the right tool. If hundreds of thousands of people who joined My Video Talk are earning money, then anyone even a newbie like me will earn too, provided you have the willingness and interest. If nobody will going to assist you as your upline not have the knowledge, skills and technical knowhow, there is always a way. The reasons why people are not getting any success to any field are their excuses. My upline did not train me because he has not even attended any seminar yet. My upline did not teach me how to use the product, I learned it myself because it is very easy. With the tutorials online, nothing is difficult. It becomes difficult when you think it is difficult. It becomes easy, when you think it is easy. Your choice to make. When I make business, I would blame myself if I don't succeed. Success is in your hands. Do not think the thousand reasons why something will not work, BUT think of one thing why it will work. This is what I did and thank God, I don't make excuses and blame others if I don't succeed. I recommend My Video Talk as one of the best marketing tools for small business. We already have many millionaires in the UAE. Right attitude brings success in your hands. I do not put success in the hands of my upline. Initiative counts.
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      Hi All

      I was introduced to this product as a professional IT consultant and told that this is a Good Video...