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 Kulin Shah
Dear sir,

We are facing issues at shreepal nagar, sai baba nagar, borivli (w), mumbai 400092. we have a big marriage party plot opposite our building and everyday there are marriage cremony processions who come in and play their bands and burst fire crackers. nowadays there are exams going on. please advise where to complain or who to goto we are really fed up

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Address: PKP Road, Muttathara, Vallakkadavu P.O, Trivandrum, Kerala, India.
Re Lucknowccoffice's response, Sep 29, 2016
plz take action
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There is Very Very Very Loud Levels of Deafening Noise Pollution here in Residential areas near Hebbal - Kempapura, Bangalore disturbing the Elderly Residents here. We elderly people like to lead a peaceful life in our old age but there is So Much of Loud Levels of Deafening Noise Pollution that we cannot sleep Peacefully during the Enitre day. Of Late, There has been Increase in Loud Levels of Deafening Noise Pollution that is Disturbing us Elderly Residents here. Request the Residents Associations here to look into this.
This Complaint is Regarding Bikes Driven by Teenager Boys Creating Rampant Nuisances here in Residential areas near Hebbal - Kempapura, Bangalore, Not only this but Raising Accelerators of Bikes and Making a Very Very Very Very Loud Deafening Noises and Thereby Disturbing the Elderly Residents here. There is Another Bike Driven by A Teenager Boy whose Bike has a Very Very Very Loud Loud Loud Deafening Engine Noises and Repeatedly Raising Accelerators and Making Loud Loud Loud Deafening Noises. Hope the Residents Associations here will look into this. This is Regularly Disturbing the Elderly Residents here.
Opposite to my home mavu(machine) mill is there from that they are producing more noise.we could not able to stay in home.they are opening the mill 7.A.M till 9.P.M.we cannot able do any work at home its big headache for us.We lost our freedom due to this sound.we have baby at home she always used to cry due that sound.we cannot able to read, we cannot able to watch television.we cannot able to speak telephone.we offen getting ear please understand our problem and vacate that mavu mill(machine) as soon as possible.
thanking you.
Address : 1/2141, First Street, Solai Amman Nagar, Redhills, Chennai-52

I, Bharat Singh S/O Shri Prabhu Dayal, age 47, resident of Gehlot Vihar, Indri Road, Opp- Shiv Temple, Sohna, Distt- Gurgaon (Haryana). I hereby make the following complaint-
Under the Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules, 2000, there is a prohibition on high and unbearable noise in the residential areas. Despite the clear-cut provisions of this rule, Shri Mohan, 35, resident of the same locality is generating obnoxious noise throughout day and night adjacent to my house by running their illegal workshop of welding, iron cutting, iron construction etc and many more by occupying a part of common pathway for their personal use and causing disturbance in my neighborhood which is a blatant violation of government law. He is not only creating noise pollution but also creating air pollution in the surroundings. It has been observed that the high intensity of welding light (rays) creates irritation in eyes and the smoke produced during the welding work creates problems as well. During the past 5-6 months I have been witnessing this violation of law.

However I have also verbally requested Shri Mohan (owner of the workshop) to stop all this many a times. But he seems to be reluctant in this matter and nothing has been done in this regard by Shri Mohan. Also his labour boys (deployed by Shri. Mohan) stays there in the workshop in night and after drinking create lots of noise. They also play loud music in the late night. It has become a routine practice of the workshop owner. The workshop owner Shri Mohan uses rude and abusive language if we discuss the issue with him and threatened us. He also said that “ye to aise hi chalega, ye band nahi hoga”.

My children are doing their higher studies, but due to high noise they are unable to concentrate on their studies and unable to sleep due to heavy and loud noise especially during night time. My wife is a patient of migraine. We are unable to do any work at home and it’s a big headache for us. We lost our freedom due to this excruciating sound.
I have also approached the local police station at Sohna, Distt. Gurgaon (Haryana) for the same but no action has been initiated so far in this matter.

In view of the facts stated above the offences against the Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules, 2000 read with section 15 of the Environment Protection Act, 1986 have been committed. For the reasons cited above, the offences committed by the accused persons are against section 15 of the Environment Protection Act, 1986 r/w Rule 5 and 6 of the Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules, 2000, may be registered at once.
Hence looking forward for strong action in this matter.
I also live in the same apartment complex. I keep calling the police (100) to come and stop the construction, but to no avail. I have been doing this for more than 6 months now and has had no effect. I have even called the office of the Assistant Commissioner of Police and that did not help either. Please post a message on the GWE Google Groups and we can coordinate our efforts. I am considering video recording the construction at night and giving that to the press. If you know someone in the press, it will help in publicizing this gross violation of right to sleep!
To answer your original question, the legal hours for construction end at 10:30pm and start only at 7am. Of course, the RMZ builders are freely violating every law. In fact, just last week, there was a new judgement by the Karnataka High Court that all construction should stop with sun down (6pm). This was a public interest litigation against Sobha builders, and the builders lost the case. I am also considering the option of filing a case against RMZ.
There's lot of music noise created near our house from the GYM which is next to Bandemaramma bus stop, Vinayaka Layout Nagarabhavi 560072. The noise can be heard for about 200 feet also. It will be from 6.00AM to 10.00AM and 4.30PM to 10.00PM everyday. As this is a residential area the people are unable to bear the noise created from the GYM. The old and children are feeing sick and they don't have any concerns for these issues.
Please stop this menace for the people located near that GYM.

I stay in a very clam locality.but lately there is temple near my complex which puts loud music system from morning 6 to 9 and evening some time.This is really getting on my nerves.I can even hear music with doors and windows closed.
Please do something about this.

Thank you,
Uptill now, it was a problem only with Muslim communities.. but now the same problem is with Hindu leaders/extrimists is that they have started torturing hindus themselves by their unmanaged armies of hinduism police. Who are now using Hinduism for their own monetary benefits. Even after request from common Hindus here, regarding the problems created by local criminals who full use of Hinduism to show their dominance and threat in the entire area.
Being a chairman of local society here, I could get hundreds of complaints regarding the noise problem, local terrorism, damage of public properties, roads, electricity poles etc.. done on the eve of festivals or for welcoming local hindu politician or leader.

I hope, right steps and strictness is taken by Hindu leaders to stop the menace. Or I fear the anger of people against such a misuse of Hinduism by notorious people.. will become a big problem for people in support of Hinduism.
Last few days in BTM Layout 2nd Stage, we hear a very disturbing sound from birds at night. Not sure whether it is from pegions or owls. The area is sorrounded by lot of pegions and I see one of my neghbour feeding them every day.

Whom should we complain to investigate? Please help.
Dear Mr. Bharat Singh has any action been taken against your complaint. Actually even I have a complain of similar nature and want to know if am wasting my time putting in the complain here.
Noise Pollution from Poovanticherry temple, Badham junction, vallikunnam south, Mavelikara tk Alleeppy kerala.

A temple in Vallikunnam south Poovandicherry temple is making Noise pollution and creating nuisance for public by playing songs in high volume through out day and night . This has caused great hardship to the old, the sick and others who wake up with a jolt every morning at 4.00Am to 9.00 Pm the loud noise coming out of the speaker.
I sincerely hope the concerned authorities would look into this matter and do the needful. Please kindly forward this complaint to the concern Kerala pollution control board officials and make the urgent actions to stop them from the noise pollution and save the environment and people living around.
We are staying in Wadgoansheri but I suppose this issue is in complete Pune.I have a complaint against the Ganpati Mandal who practice everyday for about a month before the Ganesh Festivals. We have to hear there loud noise of dhol and tasha everyday for minimum 2 hours. This is observed since last year and will go on for a month till the Ganesh festival ends. Its extremely disturbing as the noise is so high that we can hardly communicate in the house also it is very disturbing for children who are studying or senior citizens who are ill. Please look into the matter and provide a solution.


Im not against any community or their beliefs n i respect every culture n religion but no body should disturb normal people through their activities, government should ammend this kind of noisy trends.
Gurunanak pura gurudwara Jail Road (Tilak Nagar) there are too much noise starts early in the morning 4 Am to till 9 0r 10..We people are going mentally ill..please help us due to fear we cant complaint about gurudwara.please help us

Can someone please advise if schools are allowed to use loud speakers in day time, we have been experiencing lot of disturbances during early hours ( around 8.00 AM to 9.00 AM ) . Is there any volume limit to be maintained.
Respected sir,
We are living at thiruverkadu chennai -77, near Sivan kovil, here one temple called panayathamman kovil, daily morning at 5am and evening at 6 pm they are starting songs with loud speakers, it's very big problem for students and aged people, exams time also students can't concentrate in their studies, nobody can't ask them because they have some local politician support . Please help us to live peacefully in this area. This is not one person request, so many people want get relief from this problem.

Thanks with regards
Annai abirami nagar people
Chennai- 77
Near Sivan kovil
I am a resident of Vatwa, satej homes.Gujarat I am having sleepless nights because of the loud music being organized late in the night and early in the morning.
Some event is going on at the society and its very very loud. I am totally in support of freedom to organize events at public place but either the volume has to be kept low at such a late hour or at least the loud speakers should be avoided.This is an ever going problem that religious functions or other events are organized using a very loud speaker at a very early morning hours or late night hours.
I am very sure there is a noice pollution act and looks like it is not followed properly in the town. I will really appreciate if some action is taken.

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