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Nokia - N73 Music Edition — Automatic switch off

This is purely an issue with handset (hardware). Phone is getting switched off automatically without any notice I have given to nokia authorized service center (twice without resolution) they always blame on memory card or something else).
After sales nokia does not care for issues. Today also I wasted my half of the day in customer care center without any resolution.
The person who repaired is promised me that it would work fine as he updated software (Even though I clearly told him software update will not fix my issue as it is already done twice)
He also gave his personal mobile number. He told me to give a call back if issue reappeared. But he never picked my call after that.

Same issue has been explained to nokia customer care center 30303838.
Looks like even they will not be able to help. Every time we call we get different people to talk. Need to repeat entire story from the beginning.

Please help us peoples who are suffering like this.
Handset model: N73 M black
IMEI NO: [protected]
Brought from Nokia priority dealer
Invoice number : 872
Invoice date: 06/07/2008
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Nokia N-73 Music Edition Mobile — Problem in Mobile, No Consumer Support from Company

I Mr. Haresh E. Jaiswal, Purchased a Nokia N-73 Music Edition Mobile from Nokia Priority Dearler, Jalna (Maharashtra).

IMEI : [protected]

But within 10 days of purchase i've found several problems in that handset.

1. While opening camera flap, it doesnt start the camera and directly goes to settings menu
2. While Dialing a number from phone book, it doesnt dial the number
3. But if i restart the phone, then it works fine for some hours and same problem arise after 2 or 3 hours.

after realising such problems i went to nokia priority dealer and show him all the problems i am facing, but he just cant listen what i am saying, and he tell me to goto Nokia Care.

then i went to Nokia Care, Jalna (Mh). - (its Sunny Enterprises, Jalna). and handover my handset to them on 27-Aug-2007. since then there is no positive serivice from there.

its more than two months now but still i'm not getting my handset or any replacement of my handset

NOkia N-73 music black — Replacement of handset

My handset is doing some disturning sound especially during night logging. I checked in nokia care centre. they people do not have any clue. I donot want my brand new handset to be repaired or opened up because in wear and tear it will loose its new look. Also it has been just three months.

I am really upset about it. I spent hefty to purchase this ultimate set and now this problem. Please replace my handset .


Nokia N-73 — Useless phone

My name is Divya Bhatia and I am a reporter in Magazine. I have purchased Nokia N-73 from Sounds & Image, Jail Road, Hari Nagar, and New Delhi.I have paid INR 19,700, for the sameWithin 3 months the set was having hanging problems; switch off problems, screen problems and many such problems. The phone was sent to Nokia Customer care 5 times at East Patel Nagar. Every time I receive the set after a week and I have been assured that from now there will not be any problem in the phone. However my problems and tensions didn’t end there. Finally at the fifth time, they had given a new phone to me as the old set was not repaired. And now within two days the new phone too has the same problem. The phone has not yet completed a year. Infact Nokia dont care about their services or customers feed back. There customer care executives misbehaves with the customer.

I have registered the case, but heard from many people that no result comes out. The case get pending for years. How can I ensure that the case will be solved in time and the outcome should give me justice.

Nokia / N73-Music Edition — Phone given for Repair Nokia is not returning it back 2 months now.

I bought a cellphone of Nokia model N73 Music Edition(IMEI:[protected]), on 06th of June 2007, at a price of INR 17, 750. with a warranty of 1year.
On 08th of Feb 2008 I found that the camera button of my handset is not functioning its not clicking the photos, so I visited the Nokia Care centre (authorised service centre) named Planet Cell, D.P. Road Aundh Pune - 411007. to get it checked and resolve the issue, the engineer checked the handset and said we will have to send it to the higher level dept. and they will check it and also told me that if they will find that its a mechanical fault then it will be repaired but if its a physical damage then I will have to pay the cost, I agreed to that and submitted the phone, for which they gave me a jobsheet no.[protected]/080128/8, and told me it will take 10-15 days. after 15 days i got a call from them to collect my handset, I went to Nokia Care to get the handset, there they told me that my handset was not repairable and as it was a mechanical fault during warranty, so they are giving me a fresh handset (1st time), I took that phone with a exchange note(which contains my Original handset IMEI Number and the IMEI:[protected] of the fresh phone) and started using it, but within 24hrs o[censored]sage I noticed that the phone is consuming complete battery within 2-3 hours, whereas my Original phone used to give 3 days of battery backup, I again visited the Nokia Care centre and complained about it, the engineer again checked it and told me that they will again send it to the higher level dept. when I asked him how come a fresh handset can malfunction like this, then I got to know a new thing that by fresh handset Nokia doesn't means a new phone the term they use is Swap which means they have replaced my phone as it was not repairable with another phone from their re-engineered or re-furbished stock( it was a shock to me) he asked me to re-submit it and I did the same as I had no other option, he gave me another (new) Jobsheet no.[protected]/080304/22, I aksed him to Re-open the previous Jobsheet as it was one of the option in the jobsheet in case its a repeat issue, but he excused saying that the old one was closed the moment you got a swap unit, and now the problem is with the battery consumption, I had no other option than go according to them. Then again it took 15 days to get the handset back, this time I was more careful as my trust was broken, I went to receive the handset they told me that they have again Swap(2nd time IMEI:[protected]) the handset as the one they gave me before was not repairable, when I took the handset in my hands it was not the right feel that I got, I found that the paint was chipped off and the buttons were all loose, in total physical condition was totally bad, people at Nokia Care said you take it as of now and in a couple of days they will arrange a new body(which never happened), but again after using it for 2 days I found that it has some problem if my call outgoing or incoming any calls duration goes beyond 2-3 minutes the phone makes some noises and restarts itself, also goes off anytime, as usual complained about it on 16the March 2008 at Nokia Care (planet cell-Nokia Authorised service centre) the engineer again repeated the same steps sent it to the higher level dept. on 18th March 2008 jobsheet no.[protected]/080318/3 and now they said that they are arranging for a swap(3rd time) handset because the problem with handset is not repairable, this time it will take 4-5 days more than the usual time.

I hope after reading the details you must have got the idea that how Nokia is playing with me. They just have a fake Warranty policy. My Original handset for which I have paid them Rs.17, 750/- they had replaced without taking my consent saying that it was under warranty and this is the policy we have, we dont waste time asking the customer before swapping(words of Mr. Yogesh Sharma - Pune Retail Operations Executive), now when I ask to give me my original handset back they says that its not possible, everytime they give me a faulty repaired handset. PLEASE HELP !!!

I have lost all my valuable information like my phonebook due to irresponsible handling by the engineer at Nokia Care, I asked him to please take a backup of my phone memory to the memory card before sending it to the higher level dept, and he said its done but when I checked the memory it has no backup and the handset was already gone. So I lost all my information which was very very important for me.

Since 9th of February I dont have my handset its been 1 Month and 20+ days now so you can understand how much loss I have to bear.

I have lost my time, my money, plus I have unnecessary tension, everyday I have to call them to please give me a solution but only reply we are arranging a swap handset for you it will take 4-5 days, other than this we cant do anything, we cant speed up the process, you will have to wait, No satisfactory answer nobody is ready to take any responsibility when I asked that what is the guarantee that this time the swap handset you will give me will work fine because the previous two didn't work(cause they were repaired) whereas you said we only give swap handsets after checking them properly after keeping them under observation and quality checks, the reply I got is that no guarantee you will have to check once you get it back and if you face any problem again come back to the Nokia Care centre and submit it we will again arrange for a swap unit, I dont know what they are upto and what do they mean by warranty. If I ask to provide me any escalation point or I want to speak with a senior and responsible person they says we cant give you any information about Managers at Nokia.

Finally I had to call your Singapore office and Finland office from where I got some contact numbers but they are also silent - Its a request to kindly give me back my original handset I dont need any support from Nokia.
I am also using N73 since last one year and at least thousands of time I think I should throw this handset and I bought it at RS 21500/-. This is the worst handset I ever seen. Lots and lots of problems are there with this handset. I also just you people not to go for Nokia or at least Nokia N series.

Nokia N-73 — Problem in the software of N73 Music Edition

Respected Sir,
I am Anil Jain, I am a Business Man . I am the owner of stone crusher. I had buyed Nokia N-73 one year ago. It shows many defects after 6-8 months. Some of the major problems are mentioned below:-
1. Not working of the numeric digit or number pad button '2'
which causes many problems because all the number of our country INDIA is started with 2 (all land line)
2. Not working of the vibration which causes many problems because I am the working at stone crusher which cause much noise and I am unable to known about the calls.

There are many other small problems.

Thank You



IMEI NO:[protected].




PHONE : [protected]

N 73 — Automatic Camera on

I have purchased Nokia N-73 from Mobile Store Bittan Market Bhopal on 30.03.2008. My mobile phone Camera automatic started work. I have given my handset to your Nokia Care Center Sameer Music Arera Colony Bhopal on dated 13.06.2008 vide IMEI No.[protected]. Till today I have not received my handset after duly repaired or status of my handset. After so many telephone and even visit to Center, I have not received any proper response from the center.

You are requested to kindly look into the matter and if the handset could not be repaired, please provide me new handset.

Nokia N-73 — Problems coming in my phone.

Respected Sir,
With due respect, i want to say that i purchased Nokia N-73 in the month of October 2007. After 5 days the battry was very hot and it switched off many times. then i showed to Nokia care at Kohat. They suggested to show to East Patel nagar office.
Then the problem came in camera, it ws so loose that it always causing problem in clicking the pics.
Then the problem came in messeges. The messeges were not coming and after sometime they started coming bt not opening.
Nw the problem came in software. The photoes wer all converted in virus..i dont knw and all have gone. They were so important for me.

I have showed to nokia care in rohini. and again when i received the camera is not getting opened.
Please sir, its a request that kindly see the problem of mine and if it can be replaced it is better for me.
Phone is either with nokia care or with me lying idle. i am not able to use it properly.
Even the joystick is also not working after 2 months of purchase.
I will be highly obliged i[censored] can see the matter. Its a humble request
Thanks and regards,
Dr. Urvashi Sharma

N73-1 — 5th time same software problem

I have purchesed it before two months but every 10 to 15 days the softwire is going out and i have instoled it in same nokia care (rocky agencies)chennai-14. they are semply instoling and giveing me back if the problem remains after the warinty priod what should i do so i have to go to consumer court my job sheet no is[protected]/080816/120
I geve my N73 set for repair at NOKIA Care becoz Camera was not taking clear picture. They took more than 3 weeks and finally they returned with replacing new board. This new bord is consuming whole battary within 2-3 hrs.
The warrenty period is over when NOKIA Care returned my set. Now I don't know what to do with this set.
Is there any duplicate things are attached with my mobile at NOKIA Care?
I have a nokia n73 cell, which is bought seven-eight month ago, it working good, but two three day before it to work somthing like massage etc...appiare some massage "Not enough memory to perform operation delete some data first"even mamarry card is half blank .also massage icon blinking without any massage.
so give me some solution to perform my cell properly
my mobile n73 also same problem I noticed that the phone is consuming complete battery within 2-3 hours, and camera button of my handset is not functioning its not clicking the photos, pls tell me how to slow this problems

Nokia/N73 — software probhlem

i'm inder. i'm very upset from nokia service centre. they can't handle the customers properly they always makes excuses.
my nokia N73 has software probhlem and now it's dead .they told me that it will be replacing in 25 to 30 days . i submit my application in 13 sep 2008 and but now the date they make excuses. and they never give my mobile. they can't attend my call.[protected] u can try it. please solve my probhlem.

N73 — sound crack

i have purcheshed N73 on 7/11/2007 and from this i have given 6 times for bad sound effect in your service center at shree communication at matre bridge pune but i have not get handset replacement and propoer sound quality.
Nokia Service is a crap.
You ask them questions, they will either not answer it, or they will give some other answer or they will say they can't do anything about it.

nokia people, they don't know what are the terms of warranty, they don't know a thing about customer satisfaction and they don't care if the money you spent is wasted.

nokia has one policy, sell sub-standard phones and then deny customer any service. have you noticed the customer is not heard, the calls of customers are not escalated, the customer is never given the right information, what are these policies???

wake up people, all those who have experienced problems with their handsets, file a case in consumer court, and whosoever misbehaves could be directly named in separate lawsuits. Easy way to file a case is through the following site Cost of filing the case is 250 - 200 Rs, and the rest they will take care for you.

about Mr Yogesh Sharma, retail/repair opearations executive, he will talk to you as if he is your boss, I think he gets his salary from the purchases made by us, the customers, and he thinks he rules over you.

If you happen to get a call from him or wish to call him then be prepared, he will provoke you into a confrontation. I wonder if nokia is recruiting people from the pune mental hospital. This guy, he is super fighter, he will call you, will fight with you, u ask him what are the terms of warranty, he says it is written in the user manual, u ask him which page number, he will say, he doesn't know, will tell you later, then he will pick up a fight with you, and then he has to never answer. i[censored] don't want to answer his call, he will call u again and again till u pick up the phone, then u disconnect, he will call u again.

Friends, please send him get well soon messages.

Senior management is either non existent in the company or they don't care, anyways phones are selling and we are fools who are buying them.

want to stop this menace, then stop buying nokia phones, there are other good alternatives available, Sony gives really good service, my experience with Sony World and Sony service center is extremely good. Also friends their phones are really good. Even Motorola phones are way better.

These are my personal views based on my own personal experience.

Nokia N73 — Frequent software problem

with the name of NOKIA i purchsed NOKIA 73.
it has gone to nokia agent.every time they willkeep for few mts and say okay.
PC connectivity problem CD is brand new ...
Nokia has not trained their outlets to cater to customers.
i called NOKIa office they wisaid to give to one outlet it is same story,
if a MNC canot service why should cell these useless phones
are they looting indian money...
NOKIA call me on[protected]

Nokia N73 Music Edition Black Handset — Misplaced

My Nokia N73 Music Edition Black Handset bearing IMEI No.[protected] is misplaced with Idea Sim Card No.[protected] on Sunday 22 February, 2009 between 10.00a.m. to 01.p.m. I want to trace out if anybody is using my Nokia Handset with other sim card.
100% exactly the same problem for me...
Please try to resolve my complaint as soon as possible.

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