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Motorola Mobility — moto g4 plus charging wire has stopped working.

 aditijaiswal269 on Apr 12, 2018
Phone is not getting charged by the turbo adaptor. Wire of the charger gets loose or stops working. Also i tried using 6-7 different wires but due to turbo charging it does not support the wire from another company.

I even bought original wire from service centre of motorolla of rupees 600 but it has stopped working in a week. I have replaced it but, it has again stopped working.

I would request you to give a solution since its not possible spend so much of money on chrging problems.

It has been really dissappointing for me and i would also not recommend...
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Motorola — motorola g5 s plus battery problem

 Dev tanwar on Apr 11, 2018
Hi team,

I purchased my motorola g5 s plus handset in oct 2017 from amazon. Now i facing battery draining problem. For that i went to one of your service center which is located in sunny paradise, tonk road, jaipur. They took around 5 hours to resolve my problem but still i am facing the same issue. They gave me the useless reason. I am not satisfied from their services. Please pass the feedback to the service center. And also advise me how can i resolve this issue. Waiting for your revert.

Thank you
Devender tanwar...
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Motorola — all the apps crashing

 swaroop_123 on Apr 5, 2018
My moto g4 play has started malfunctioning from last thursday morning. It came out of nowhere. All apps started crashing one after the other and messages displaying like "map has stopped working", "messages has stopped working", "youtube has stopped working" even one message reads "google service framework has stopped working". Then phone starts its reboot cycle like in every half minute it restarts automatically made it completely unusable. The only way i could stop the process and switch off the phone is remove the battery. Then i went to the authorised motorola and lenovo service center. They...
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Motorola — headset problem

 Rathod Parth on Apr 5, 2018
My name is parth rathod
I buyed phone 23/10/2017 since till now i visited the motorola service center 6 time for a same issue again and again,
Complaint is my phone is not charging of phone properly they have siad many reasons, i am tired lot by not giving proper solultion they already opend my open so many time software flash it but no proper answer so help nd i want replace my beacuse already me shelllife destroyed bt them by opening again and again and also theybend my phone from side so i want replacment or my money back...!!!...
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Motorola Mobility — moto z2 play not working cool

 Rajendrasinh Chauhan on Apr 5, 2018
Dear officers,
I bought this device first time motorola on dec 17. And suddenly its restarting and sim 2 is not working then i submit my phone to service centre 1st time in baroda alkapuri feb 18. But its have same issue. I m marketing executive so u can understand what i need. And second time i submited it on 3rd april 18 at ur service centre but still ur executive not tell me what exact problem. So kindly do needful.
And again i want to say that i bought ur device is before 3 months but i m not satisfied and not refer anyone yet.
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Motorola Mobility — authorised service centre are ignoring my problem

 Sheikh Mohammad Islam on Apr 4, 2018
I am from bhadrak odisha, india
I own a motorola g5s and i bought it before 3-4 months.
But due to some problem the camera stopped working so i went to the service centre which is in nayabazaar bhadrak...
They kept my phone for 4 days and returned me by giving a worst reason i told ok no problem but the condition was so worst that the display was no fixed properly the sim slot was not there and the flash light was not working... And now when i am telling them to fix my problem... Reply from them is... We are not responsible for this we don't know about this...
So it's...
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Motorola Mobility — poor service by service centre

 BaBa sanjeev on Apr 2, 2018
हमने अपना स्मार्ट फ़ोन (Moto g play)
7/3/2018 को motorola service center:
Agr-001-simran electronics cci 21-a nehru nagar near radha krishn mandir a g r a को फ़ोन में कुछ तकनीकी खराबी होने पर service के लिए दिया था । सर्विस सेंटर ने हमारे फ़ोन का मदरबोर्ड बदल दिया लेकिन जो प्रॉब्लम फ़ोन में थी वो दूर नही हुई।
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Motorola Mobility — mobile phone hanging problem with a warranty period but not a short out after 4 time visiting service center & provide a replacement

 Gautam Karmakar on Apr 1, 2018
I have purchased a mobile moto e4 plus though filpkart on 28/10/2017. But hand set after 15 days has problem automatically display blank.. I have visited your service center in dhanbad (Jharkhand) 4 times at but problem has been not shortout at a till date.. So plz look into this matter in serious basis. I have requested you please replace my hand set at any cost.. Either i have helping consumer office and filing case against you..
I have attached invoice copy.....
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Motorola — inconvenience caused my co. with no resolvement of the issue at the end

 Jhanvee Vora on Mar 31, 2018
I had purchased moto g5s plus in december, 2017 end. Around in february, i started facing charging problems and heating problems. My phone takes almost 10-12 mins to charge 1 % and it gets soo much heated that it feels like it will blast now. Even after 10 mins of normal usage, the phone gets heated and i can't even hold the phone then. I mailed the customer care of moto for this and they suggested to visit the service centre. I did so. After that too, i was facing with the same issues. I went to the service centre again just to have the same issues again. Since a month, i am coordinating with moto...
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Motorola Mobility — motorola moto g5 plus bill lost

 Seema Virmani on Mar 30, 2018
My bill for motorola g5splus has been lost which i had purchased from your amazon i had ordered that from number -[protected] name kartik from b-38 ganesh nagar near tilak nagar new delhi-18 my phone bil had been lost so. Kindly reply me as soon as possible if u want to contact i m available on this number-[protected]
Kindly see the images and videos that this mobile belongs to your amazon
My main problem is i want new bill of my mobile phone moto g5s plus...
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Motorola Mobility — missing options in mobile

 kanth.klk on Mar 24, 2018
I have a chromecast device in my home i could not able to connect the cast screen. Because in my motorola e4 plus smart phone there is no facility to most of the lower end models of motorola phone this facility is available. We have downloaded some of the application to display the cast screen but it was failed. Could you please register this as a complaint and do needful. I contacted the motorola team regarding this what they are informing me is this feature has been removed by google from android marshmallow version. Whereas moto phones which are running with nougat are also having...
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Motorola Mobility — not redeeming warranty giving excuse [Resolved]

 juhi1234 on Mar 19, 2018
I have purchased Motto G5 phone and it was my worst decision because after few months it's turbo charger stopped charging phone and then from last week the phone is getting off automatically and when I get to motto store to redeem my warranty they denied simply by giving illogical excuse that it can not be redeemed as phone got dipped in water which is not true at all. Moreover in Moto G5 feature they say phone have water repellant nano coating which protect if it accidentally get dipped in water. Don't know how they can cheat us like this. Please see the screenshot of features listed by Motto itself...
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Motorola Mobility — an unpleasant sound

 bonta on Mar 16, 2018
I have purchased moto e4 plus on january 12 2018 and onwards that i am facing a lots of problem. First of all my charger has been burst after using it for 15-20 days then started an awkward sound after every while. I took the set on customer service centre at srirampur, hooghly, west bengal. They assured me and said my problem has been resolved. Bt coming after from the centre i started facing the same problem of sound glitching.. The worst phone and also its customer service. Mtorola company should maintain some dignity of its reputation. Damn # company and its service...
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Motorola Mobility — warranty issues due to small scratches dents [Resolved]

 Sudheer Parauha on Mar 11, 2018
Hi all,

I have purchased moto z2 from flipkart on 14th oct 2017 and it's still under warranty. From 1 month i started facing sudden restart and battery issues.
1. Phone restarts suddenly.
2. Sometimes battery has 50+ percent and after restart it displays 2-3 % only.

Above are clearly battery issues.

When i visited customer care after small observation they told me your mobile is out of warranty due to very small negligible dents/scratches.

Mobile is working perfectly fine when battery is 50+ and it's having very minor scratches/dents....
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Motorola Mobility — moto g plus 4th gen service issue [Resolved]

 vinod4vin on Mar 7, 2018
Dear sir i have given my mobile phone on 19th jan for service issue but still it is not resolve, i have made call so many times to customer care and getting a single answer our snr will call back you but after some time no call or reply i am getting, no one is here to give answer that when i will get my mobile back, and it is about to two months what kind of service motorolla providing.
so u are requested to solve this issue...
thank u
moto service record is attached...
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Motorola Mobility — bought a new phone and its not working properly. [Resolved]

 Anusha.Y on Mar 6, 2018
I have bought moto e4plus on[protected]. I started facing issues like
1. Suddenly phone flickers and display goes off. I need to go to meta mode and switch it on again.
2. Censo doesnt work. While making a call, with my cheek touching the mobile screen, it goes on hold or loud speaker gets on.
3. Sim 1 slot network is not consistent. I all possible network sims like vodafone, jio, airtel but sam eproblem persists.
I went to a service center in marathallii. They reported that my sim2 slot is damaged and they will charge for all the services. I old sim2 slot is fine and...
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Motorola Mobility — repair part [Resolved]

 Amit Kumar's​ on Mar 6, 2018
I went to the nearest motorola service center to get to repair my motorola g4play, mobile display.
They ask me to change the screen display, which i was agreed and changed my display according to them. But as soon as i reached my home i found that my mobile vibration function is not working at all.
And when i called to the same customer service center, then they​ told me that your vibrate part was broken, that is why it is not working. But before changing the display it was working properly, so want to get mobile​ fully repaired....
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Motorola Mobility — moto g nd gen/complaint about service centre [Resolved]

 Srinivas Murti on Mar 3, 2018
I gave my moto g 2nd gen phone for repairing the charging socket in motorola service centre. Jetalpur road vadodara. They kept the phone 2-3 days and gave me back saying that the socket cannot be repaired, but actually they have changed the actual socket and circuit as well and now are asking for extra money for rerepairing the phone. Please guide me in this matter...
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Motorola Mobility — modem fault occurs every other month [Resolved]

 Tushar Taprial on Mar 2, 2018
It is not ques sir,
From past 9months i m struggling to operate this mobile phone. This is the 5th time i m planning to go to moto service centre
Charger, motherboard, charging jack has been replaced
And now battary issue, it drain in 2 to 3hrs. Like i m a fool who spent 16000rs on this product right.
I purchased this mobile around 12 aug 2017 and now if you people not going to take severe action againts this then i m going to file a case against you with all service centre docs.
Tushar taprial
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Motorola — motorola phone and service [Resolved]

 pallawi shinde on Feb 23, 2018
I purchased a motorola z play they gave me a defictaced product when i purchased a phone after 15 days the screen was blank i submitted a phone in service center i told them gave me an replacement but they don't they repair the same device and return me after one month it's work but after 4 month the problem of screen arise on the phone when i go there they told me it's a physical damage and pay them 11k on cash of display cost but now again the same thing happened with the phone and they again told me it's a physical damage your lcd is cracked now what i do the problem are from the staring and...
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