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Please dont take any NTTF courses.It is a request because I am a person suffuring due to NTTF.
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Hi friends Don't ever go to the NTTF Bangalore center there the principal is Nail Khmer is baldy As hole and he id don't no how to speak with the people he knows only Debar are Suspend.

Surest B he is a grand father of their family not to the NTTF he baldy F***ER he don't no how to speak with the students and Parents
we don't no how NTTF has joined him as a principal he is saying that he is Rudy but he don't no the meaning for that.
He can not show his capability in front his wife so he is showing infarct of the students and parents
First tell him to learn how to behave properly with parents even he got nice slapings from one of the Lady parents still he didn't changed it c how shame less fell he is.

Never Ever Join to NTTF Electronic City Bangalore..
NTTF is good but the management in the Bangalore NEC is worst then any thing

Warden :- he is working in NTTF only for taking the money from the Students and supporting them his name is Mrs.Radha Krishna he knows how to take the money and support the students in front of the Management and he knows how to eat and sleep only that much

Sorry to say he know how to supply the drugs etc... Think how he is then go for NTTF NEC
Hello my dear friends,
i am studying nttf but i don't get job still,
i am searching job i got job but they given salary is 4500, our studying all fees is 60, 0000
don't make nttf course do some thing diplom courses u get job immidiatly, if want more imformation please contact all nttf gay's who is studying nttf courses

Believe me it's true
nttf is one of the blady f***ing centre they will not place the all trainees in every year simply
they wiil say 100% ask the diploma in electronics trainees who is studying in nec bangalore.
i can say nttf is good institut ofcours it is strit but it is good and it is made for traniees. i proud to say that am studying in nttf center as per me its giving a lot of knowledge to the traniees .i have seen so many graduates who completed ther b.e, in electronics but the dont know the basic concepts. so i request my all friends that plz dont give this kind of comments on nttf its our duty to respect institut. NTTF ROCKERS WE PROUD TO BE AN NTTF HERE WE ARE GET ALL TYPES OF KNOWLEDGE
no jobs we will get, if we are getting training in tuticorin mainly computer engineering
dont join in nttf mainly (Cp08) in tuticorin computer Engineering course .All staffs are frauds especially one staff in sntc who is the course incharge of cp08.i dont want to mention his name also,
NTTF is not recognized by govt (NOT APPROVED BY AICTE), This Diploma degree is not considered as Equivalent Diploma. you will face many problems if you go for NTTF
during your higher education(you cant go for BE/BTech after NTTF). please it is my hunger request to all of you, not to go for NTTF...
That is just a side course not a Diploma course.
NTTF: NTTF will not provide 100% of jobs for all the students/Trainees of NTTF.
-> now a days in NTTF partialities going more
-> Most of the NTTF staffs are from TAMIL NADU because the main director is from TAMIL NADU
-> Every semester perticular subject staffs give their semester quetion paper to there students(partiality)


as i am suffering from that money, no job, and not able to go for higher study(because NTTF is not approved by AICTE / govt)
Friend please dont go for NTTF
that is not approved by AICTE, please do your Normal diploma or go for BE/BTech.

i took loan for NTTF suffering to give interest, one day thought to hang myself but by looking my parents left

Not join in NTTF if u join u wl get job but there will not be any growth to your carrier if got starting salary 8000 it wl increment upto 15000 in 3 years after that u wl not get any increment and u wl not be able to do higher studies..
Now most of the eligible staff in nttf gone nw the staff there dnt knw anything ...
nttf is one of the blady f***ing centre they will not place the all trainees in every year simply
hey my dear friends i'm a nttf student just passed out.from dtc center.i no u all r angry and its quite obvious...but think the todays world is more compitative evev your close friend will compeat with you...if we had studied sinciarly and had got good marks.with god communication skils means even you woud have got the job...i feel proud to say tat i'm NTTF GUY
Hi Friends, I am an old NTTF student, exactly batch of[protected]. I studied in bangalore E CIty. Placed in Infosys through campus interview. 99% of our batch were placed in well reputed companies.

Yes the degree and diploma is a mess, but i am proud that i studied in NTTF, not only i gained Technical knowledge also lot of personality improvement. There is no other institute offers such facilities my dear. Study hard make use of those lab time, u will be payed back.
Never ever join NTTF as a graduate engineer trainee (GET), it is actually a respectable position(similar to teaching staff).
They promise they will give you one year training but they will make you work like an attender doing all odd jobs.
After seeing this type of treatment i decided to quit after a few months before 1 yr period, to my shock i was charged damage fee of around 80, 000 rupees for just a few months, they told they will not give my original marks cards till i pay this fee, unfortunately i had to pay this amount after borrowing from my parents.
It was my fault partially because they had made us sign a three yr contract, but in the contract they never mentioned that GET's will be treated so badly, thinking that NTTF is such a respectable organisation and it will be very good for my career i signed the contract, infact i quit only after lots of humiliation.
Working as GET in this company has no future scope, do not blindly believe what the management tells, you can probably become a junior manager in training department in some company after 3 yrs with low pay.
If you want to become a lecturer in engg. college too you have to do M.Tech, experience in NTTF doesn't count.
If i had not signed that contract i could have sued NTTF and got back all my money, but law is on their side.
I curse the management of NTTF, i hereby curse the money which i have paid, NTTF will not be able to benefit from it, the management will suffer huge losses in the coming years.
I wish good luck to all the trainees in NTTF, you atleast have a good future, i also thank the staff in NTTF who treated me better than the managers. It is only the management of NTTF that i curse.
A teacher should be treated better, given better salary and respect, you will not get both of these if you join NTTF as a fresher.
Finally again this is a warning to all graduates, pls do not join NTTF as GET's, or you will end up jobless and careerless like me.
Nttf will give you a good practical training, and a certificate which can be put in a dust bin. by paying money which is almost equal to the money required to study b .tech from aicte approved colleage.

So if u want to go to NTTF...better you can approach a private company and work der for three year so that u will get good practical knowledge and u can earn a small amount of money

Think and decide...
As a student of NTTF from RNTC, am proud to be a part of this organisation but at the same time am worried about my future, as this institute is not yet been approved by the AICTE, my age is about 17 years, and day by day i read my news about NTTF. ya friends its a bit true that students passing from NTTF are not getting job anywhere else, and if getting the salary are not up to the mark. Its not minor but its a major one that we the student of NTTF have to face. As per my knowledge colleges in India can, t run without the approval of AICTE and in the prospectus book of NTTF it is also not mentioned that it is not approved with AICTE, this shows that the institution is simply hiding his feature its demerit.
My aim is not to spoil the name and frame of NTTF but to convey that it must have an AICTE approval. If NTTF is approved with AICTE I can tell it surely that it can defect the other colleges in India. that all i want to say...

we must be united and have to fight for it.
Never trust these F**********s(NTTF) I have studied in NEC campus these college.while joining they told me you can join in any B.E college in india as it is approved by AICTE and DOTE. But after completing the course i came to know i was fooled by these nttf. I got job after completing the course and i also gained valuable knowledge through nttf i agree to it. In the mean time they will detain the students who they don't like as well who have not performed well in semester exams.what is the use of getting it at the end of the day

NTTF is similiar to the other training centers like NIIT, DALLAS, APTECH etc... you will only get a training certificate.

Arul selvan the Associate director is smart enough to convince you in any sought of problem.
nttf is f***ing coll..., and accadimic inchager is too worste, waste of money f*** of nttf
I am the person from tamilnadu, who studied in NTTF, i am slow in studies and got 2 subject arrears in my 1st sem, so they debared me for 1 year, i wasted my one year. After compleation of my course now i am unable to atten any gov job and my higher studies too, i wasted nearly 3.5 lakhs and my age too. I humbly request you peoples beware of this Institute.. Dont waste your money like us...
never join this institution it's waste of time, money and moreover it is not recognised by GOVT of karnataka, andhra, tamilnadu etc.. You can't proceed for further education, Govt jobs ... Its just like a normal training institute like JETKING etc..

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