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[Resolved]  Octagon Builders & Promoters (P) Ltd — Non allotment of Plot as per terms of the company even after 3 & 1/2 years

I have booked a plot with Octagon Builders & Promotors (P) Ltd in their Santoor City_II project at Dehradun in Oct., 2006. I have paid Rs1, 25, 000/- the three installments at interval of two months in time. And as per terms and conditions of the company I have to pay the balance amount in 12 equal monthly installments on getting allotment of plot by the company. But the company has failed to allot the plot to me due to one or the other reason best known to them. The company's head office is at Noida. I am making so many quarries till date but all the time similar reply is being heard by me on phone that very shortly they are alloting the plot to me. I am a govt. employee. I have spent the money by cutting bread of my family. I could not understand what I should do to get the plot from the company. Kindly help me.
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Aug 13, 2020
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Hello All,

I have initiated the consumer court case against Octagon builders in Consumer Court, Saini Enclave, East Delhi.
It has been 9 months and have been through 6 hearings.

I hope that justice will see the light of day soon.

Sandeep Goyal
Goel y's reply, May 2, 2019
I have also paid a huge amount. I filed a case against them. What is their latest address?
Goel y's reply, May 2, 2019
Have you got any justice?
I had also booked a plot at Santour II. I have recently been called by Octagon for allotment of plot. Have you also been called?
I was called and have also been issued letter of allotment for a plot. Whats the status with you all?
As per them Dehradun Sentour city II is cancelled due to non availability of land.
I was also in Pain, ultimately last year they allotted me a plot but in Sentaur city Haridwar and that too at higher cost.
Is it the case with others too?
I have booked a plot in Santoor City Haridwar in Setember 2007. As per their commitment they will complete the work by March 2010.

But I have visited two times at site. But in last 1.5 years they have just finished entry gate and a small portion of road, although alloted plot location is very far away. There is no markings, no proper road work, sewer and electricty pole etc. started so far.

I fail to understand how they will finish in next 8-9 months. They are saying they are doing registration of plots also, but without proper marking and all these amenties, what they are promising to clients??

I wish to confirm, are they asking to deposit you also, another 15% extra for IDC & EDC i.e. internal development and external development charges, at the time regstration. It means they are incresing cost by another 15% for no reason.

Please check all these points before proceeding further, it is my advice to all.
dear Ravinder,
like you, i'm also in deep sh.t. But i'm trying to come out of it. I've filed a complaint in consumer court, Noida, case no. 350/2008 since Nov 08. Meanwhile i found out that Octagon doesn't posses title of the land at Santour phase II. They can allot you the plot, but can't get registered in your name till the time Octagon gets possession of the land. There are three so called " I M Smart" directors whom if you ask about the papers for title of the land, will intimate you that papers are lying with the other director who is out of the city.
Anyway to recover my money, i filed a complaint at Distt Consumer Forum, Noida. These guys are trying all the strategies to delay the proceedings of the case. Finally they are saying that i'm an investor and not a consumer so the case should be dismissed. Next date of hearing is 27/7/09. I beleive in Legal System of our country, i know its going to be delayed, but i'm determined to get justice from highest level. Any body wants further inputs, I'm approachable through e-mail. Good luck to you.
I have also booked in Santour City II. They called me & they have given the allotment letter too. I I visited the site last month.They have shown us the approval copy also.
dear ajay and mr amit kumar
i also booked 162 sqmt plot in santour haridwar, i have deposited round 2.5lakhs, i recvd allotment letter thru post long time back and was asked to come for agreement, their in that file i saw no further clause for delayed handing over of property in fact after a delay of 3 yrs all the matter was against customer so i didnt sign and got my file along to show my lawyer...i was approached by them after few months to come for agreementi said u register the plot in my name and i will pay entire sum lumpsum instead of instalments, then one of thier smart director saroj rawat called me and after reading my attitude to pay all full she said we are taking people in groups for registration who have paid in full and she shwoed the plots which they had marked for villas now being converted on map into plots .
i said i have allotment of a said marked plot with nocc/17-15...her reaction was thats old map and new plan has different allocation
i am amazed after alloting they can claim they have changed the map...further she said i[censored] want to get fast registration another group will be ready but first pay one lakh to hold a slot for me...i mean how bad these buggers can get, first they hold our hard earned miney for three years and they behave as if we are at thier merci, , , , lets form a forum of all o[censored]s and we wuld join hands with wing commander ajay to fught for our cause.
I had also booked a 200 Yds plot in Santour city-II. in the name of my son Vikas Ahuja. We Paid Rs. 2, 60, 000/- in three instalments. I visited MDDA ( Mussoorree- Dehradun Development Authrority Office ) in Dehradun. I was told that there is no such plan proposal for approval, in their record. I contacted back with Octagon Office and they agree that project is notcoming up. Now forthe last about three years, they are delaying the refund. Mr. Bali had promised refund in July 2nd week, then in August 1st week. Now, for the last 15 days, he seems to have vanished. his phone is switched off. Their officephone is unget. We have been cheated by this company and must lodge a complaint with Police. The scam would run into more than 200 crores.
Contact me, I will willing to joint hands with any body, for refund and to bring the culprits to book
M.L. Ahuja.
We had booked four plots in Santour City II Dehradun - Myself, my wife, my son-in-law and his father. Yes, there have been assurances only; but no progress.

Their [protected]@ never responded and later on Bali appeared on the scene apologizing and gave me his e-mail address. He too never responded to my e-mails. Later on when I visited his office, he was shocked, uncomfortable and very friendly. After lots of persuation and after discussing with his director, Bali had given in writing that the refund would be given by 16th August. Nothing changed thereafter except slowing down of my chasing and follow-up.

Bali has been smart. Most of the time, he would not respond and whenever he did, either he was at the project site in Haridwar or Indore or in nursing home due to food poisoning or attending to her sister after her heart bye-pass surgery... and if nothing else, attending to his duties as a senior responsible functionary of the Congress party. He has since resigned, thats why, his cell phone is switched off. And the director Agarwal says that the company is not in a position to refund the money for another two months or so. He is ready to give us options; but I am not convinced. Have been toying with the idea of moving to Consumer Court... if there is no alternative.

Would also like to know from Wg. Cdr. Amit about the status of his complaint.

Really a disgusting experience.
Dear affected customers of octagon santour ph II,

I've visited Octagon's office on 28 Aug 09 and met Mr. Ashish Seth who is now dealing with the project. Mr Arvind Bali is out of the scene now, possibly resigned out or fired. Mr Seth has shown me so called NOC as approval by the Forest Dept. When scrutinised, I found this so called NOC, a mere response of Forest Dept to information sought by one Mr Tarun Kumar of Dehradun, under RTI Act 2005 about the status of the land, which only says that Survey No (Khasra No) 441 to 458 under village 'Aamwala' is not a reserved Forest land under Forest orders mentioned above in this letter. However, this letter nowhere says that this land is clear for residential purpose and there is no objection by the Govt for the same. This letter as per me is an interpretation by the Octagon to convince its customer. And mind it, this letter is dated 03 Nov 07, then why it was not shown earlier? This looks like a desparate attempt of Octagon to fetch more money out of its clientele. For that Mr Seth is coining terms like 'Freezing amount' to be given for allotment of land in their Block-A area which is highly unethical and is an unfair trade practice. Now Octagon is exploiting its customers showing two sites- Block-A which has very little signs of development, and Block-B which is pure Jungle as of now. Obviously all customers would like to go for Block-A and thats where the company wants to dictate terms like 'Freezing amount', 'Registry as soon as possible' etc. I want to ask that we have already put on risk the 40% cost of plot and that too for more than 2 years, is that not sufficient as the base for allotment? Octagon is trying to milk out the customers, and the company has no fixed standards to adhere. People have taken allotment without paying any freezing amount to even more than a lakh rupees depending upon the milking capacity of Mr Ashish Seth ( thats what he is there for).

If anybody feels harased, pl go through CPA 1986( Consumer Protection Act 1986). Here's a small gist for all of you to know its power---

CONSUMERS NEED PROTECTION AGAINST :CONSUMERS NEED PROTECTION AGAINST Unfair trade practice, Restrictive trade practice, Defects and Deficiencies.

: UNFAIR TRADE PRACTICE Adopting unfair methods or deception to promote sale, use or supply of goods or services e.g. Misleading public about price (e.g. bargain price when it is not so). Charging above MRP printed. Misleading public about another’s goods or services. Falsely claiming a sponsorship, approval or affiliation. Offering misleading warranty or guarantee.

CONSUMERS NEED PROTECTION AGAINST :CONSUMERS NEED PROTECTION AGAINST RESTRICTIVE TRADE PRACTICE : Price fixing or output restraint re: delivery/flow of supplies to impose unjustified costs/restrictions on consumers. Collusive tendering; market fixing territorially among competing suppliers, depriving consumers of free choice, fair competition. Supplying only to particular distributors or on condition of sale only within a territory. Delaying in supplying goods/services leading to rise in price. Requiring a consumer to buy/hire any goods or services as a pre-condition for buying/hiring other goods or services.

CONSUMERS NEED PROTECTION AGAINST :CONSUMERS NEED PROTECTION AGAINST DEFECTS Any fault, imperfection or shortcoming in the quality, quantity, potency, purity or standard which is required to be maintained by or under any law for the time being in force or under any contract express or implied or as is claimed by the trader in any manner whatsoever in relation to any goods. DEFICIENCY Any fault, imperfection, shortcoming or inadequacy in the quality, nature and manner of performance which is required to be maintained by or under any law for the time being in force or has been undertaken to be performed by a person in pursuance of a contract or otherwise in relation to any service.

CONSUMER'S RIGHTS :CONSUMER'S RIGHTS Right to safety against hazardous goods and services Right to be informed about quality, quantity, purity, standard, price Right to choose from a variety at competitive prices Right to be heard Right to seek redressal Right to consumer education

FORUM & JURISDICTION :FORUM & JURISDICTION Consumer Disputes Redressal Forums (District Forum) Claims less than or equal Rs.20 lacs. Consumer Disputes Redressal Commissions (State Commission) Claim more than Rs.20 lacs & less than Rs.1 crore & appeals. National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (National Commission) Claim equal to Rs.1 crore & appeals


REQUISTIES OF A COMPLAINT :REQUISTIES OF A COMPLAINT Who can file a complaint Where to file a complaint How to file a complaint What constitutes a complaint? Procedure for filing the appeal

ESSENTIAL INFORMATION IN THE APPLICATION :ESSENTIAL INFORMATION IN THE APPLICATION Name and full address of complainant Name and full address of opposite party Description of goods and services Quality and quantity Price Date & proof of purchase Nature of deception Type of redressal prayed for

BENEFITS & RELIEFS :BENEFITS & RELIEFS Benefit Disposal within 90 days No adjournment shall ordinarily be granted - Speedy trial Relief Removal of defects in goods or deficiency in services. Replacement of defective goods. Refund against defective goods or deficient services. Compensation. Prohibition on sale of hazardous goods. /////‘DEAR FRIENDS, THE CASE CAN GO FOR A LONG TIME, BUT DEFINITELY EARLIER THAN ANY OTHER COURT.’/////
I had booked a plot in Santour City Haridwar in 2007 by depositing 50, 000 Rupees and paid the first installment of 95, 765. I have visited the site also and i must admit that it's an excellent location if we can wait for another 1 year it could be a different situation. since real estate industry is going through a slump we've no choice but to wait. i read in the newspaper that real estate will see a turnaround lets keep our fingers crossed. basically i had invested my hard earned money just to earn quick bucks within the time span of one year but i never knew what mess i was heading for ? exactly three months ago i went Ocatagon's head office and expressed my intentions of cancelling the application. i was asked to get a NOC letter from Samridhi Real Estate Company which i eventually brought but i was completely shocked and crestfallen when they told me that they will refund 51, 000 rupees out of 1, 45, 765 rupees. i am completely shocked by the treatment i got from Octagon and still waiting for the real estate scenario to change hope that i'll eventually get back my money bcoz wt they are saying if there is good premium in market they'll buy the plot from me i wonder some1 can help me? Mine is 160 sq yards plot. i request you to help me your valuable suggestions will be welcomed.

we are all getting together to form a group to complain together against thier unfair means for haridwar me on [protected]
even my 2.6 lakhs is with them...its high time we all get together
Wg. Cdr. Amit,

What happened on the 27th July in the Consumer Court? What next?
Mr. Grover,
Pl find details and next course of action in your email account. My no. is [protected].
Feel Free To Contact us we can definitely get the money recovered legally.

Thanks & Regards
Sudeep Bhandari, Senior Associate,

Advocates and Solicitors
Chamber No.403, Delhi High Court,
New Delhi-110003 (INDIA)
Email:- [protected]
Cel:- +91-[protected]
Off:- +[protected]
Hi All,

Same is the case with me. I booked 240 sq yard plot in Santour City Haridwar and we have already paid about Rs 6 lakhs agaist this amount (Including EMI's). Now we have stopped paying as their is no construction going on and company representatives are showing no interest in either completing or refunding the amount. I dont know where to go and compalaint for this. Neither administration is taking care of this. Please advice what we can do to get our whole money back.

You all should file recovery suits under Order-37 CPC in DELHI which is more effective and expeditious remedy for recovery of money rather than approaching to consumer courts, which takes lot of time.

Do also file criminal complaint in EOW (Delhi Police) since the Registered Office of the Company is in Delhi.

I also has visited that place with one of the broker Janta Buildtech Pvt Ltd. who is doing mass booking for this location and having his office at 68 Neeti khand -2 indirapuram ghazibad, that guy has shown many o[censored]s a dream that this project is good and so. as well as octagon if ne1 of you has booked this flat by this broker send the court notice to this guy also as he is also very much responsible for all the mess you people are facing.
Hello freinds, myself sushil goel, i also booked a plot in same project with area 160 square yards, but whenever i went to check the status of project but i got shock to see the status, i wonder if they are really developer or any robbers.It seems that my hard earned money about 2.41 lack is invested in wastage. Though the octagon builders always used to call me on mobile to convince me to do agreement. But on the working site there is not such even a mark of site and no development at all since last many years, even the entry gate is incomplete, road are not found in progress. this is disgusting the most bigger mistake of my life that i invested in such project. I read all ur conversation about same project, so please do guide me mobile number is [protected].

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