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[Resolved]  Popular Bajaj Bannerghatta — Pathetic Customer Service

Hi All,

I am shocked by the way Popular Motors, Bannerghatta road customer service manager and workers handled my paid service. THEY WERE VERY VERY RUDE AND ARROGANT. In stead apologising they started shuting at me and refused to give my bike.

Some Mr Dileep, the manager said : I had different plans and I just wanted to evade my service fee so was creating all this trouble. They called me up asking wther they shud replace my battery. I said yes,
When i came to collect my bike, they say battery is out of stock.I lost more than 8 hrs that day coz I stay in Indiranagar, and did not want to go back without collecting my bike.

To this they said, its my damn problem. I shud think from the workers perspective and they are not bound to think from a customer perspective.. Awesome .. the manager never apologised or any courtesy for not informing me. on the above, he says u better pay up ur service charge. to get ur bike or we cannot hand over ur bike.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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Hi Friends,

These similar things happens to most of the people who went on for their 2 wheeler service in Popular Bajaj Service centre, Bannerghatta Road.

I went for the first time for paid service those stupids charged me Rupees 4, 800 / - and the Bike is in very bad condition.

There is a guy, who is Stupid and F&%¤#"! who dosent know what the service is and I think they have stolen some parts of my Bike and the bike is in Bad shape.

Before giving to service it was good, and the hell serivice person say they didnt find any oil in my bike and the engine, Bore and clutchplate everything in trouble.

They said they have repaired the handle / fork-bend and charged some 800 bugs, but I enquired from some mechanic and found that they have not at all opened the Fork and simply they cheated me.

for any details pls contact me..
unsatisfied customer..
The guy's name is Prince... he is a big cheater.. Never belive what e says..
I gave my bike for first sevice and told him the problem with tight gear, and problem in the flow of petrol and ENgine vibration. They charged me RS 550 for oil change, ladies handle and Buzzer. But there was no action taken for the complaints I have told. They returned me the bike in same condition other than washing. NOw I face problem with bike I gets OFF because of the petrol problem in between the traffic and itz hectic and for Gods grace I have escaped from accident due to this problem.

This is the worst customer service center. The guys name who took my bike for service is Price...the cheater.

Popular Bajaj Loot money... SO guys plz avoid this dealer and service...
I faced the same problem...

My bike was better before these guys touched it...and they charged me Rs 2500 for something they call 10000 service...

After servicing i am facing problems with the battery, shockers :(

i really regret taking my bike to popular bajaj bannerghatta road...

I do agreed with all customers. Mechanics in Popular bajaj are worst mechanics. Even I am better than them. i know netter than them. When i gave my bike for 1st servicing they really screwed up my vehicle..
Do not give your bike for servicing here...I's a kindly request...
Me too had a same experience. After the service bike's condition is worst than before service. The hilarious part is that if you ask them why bike's condition is worst, they will reply "Sir, I hope you are educated and you understand that when we change 1 part it is new and it will not synchronize with the old parts, that is why it is creating so and so problem. So dont behave like uneducated." I was surprised by his trick and told him "yes I am uneducated if the condition is worst after service, you better make it right".
You all are right. My bajaj discover i used it in cochin, hyderabad and bangalore for the past 3 yrs and 9 months. There was no problem till i gave these for servicing. I think they have replaced many of its parts. Once the battery went down and the horns were making trouble. And now recently they say that i must change the silencer. Those rascals are eating away my money. I suppose i must complaint against those [censored]s. I suppose we must all do that.
I agree 100% with the complaint. NEVER go to Popular Bajaj, Bannerghatta Road. They fool you into a large amount of money (Rs 2000 for me, where I think Rs 800 would have been enough) citing a lot of problems in the bike needing spare parts or other kinds of repair work. And the worst part is, the bike is in worse condition after the service. The best thing is to go to a local bike repair guy and only go for service and minimal repair of parts, and if possible, get it done in your presence.
Dear sir,

HI iam lokesh one of your customer have bought a pulsar dtsi 150 cc wit lots of desires and faith on 9th 0f oct 2009, , , i have a issue wit my bike that the petrol been leaking near the fuel tap, , , i had put this 4 times to your servicestation, , , they have done 4 times saying it was loose, , but still is is not yet rectified, , , , , iam doubt that its a problem wit fuel tap or tank, , , but the petrol is been still leaking consistly, , , kindly let me know how effeciently u can help me, , , , , i was attended by mr Raghavendra one of your senior technition... the problem is i cant visit asoften rapidly to your servicestation saying the problem, , , , , kindly let me know wat action could u able to take on this, , , overall to say i have lost the hope the way how thay do service..
i thing u guys have my data base, , , , , , my no is [protected], , , ,

i have to get feed back from your side, , , i will b waiting for your call, , , ,
Minimum amount will never be less than 1000 Rs.
Better to avoid...
I purchased a pulsar 180 UG3 model(silver color) bike from Popular Bajaj(Jaya Nagar 7th Block) on Feb 6th, 2010.
initially there were some scratches on the petrol tank. when I enquired about that they promised me to change the tank with in a week's of time. but i had to struggle 3 to 4 times for this. Once the petrol tank was changed, the bike had 3 different shades in silver.
Like the petrol tank was in dark silver, the middle part was in light silver and the back had some shades of silver with blue.

so I asked the manager regarding this, he agreed that there are different shades and tried to change those, but he did not get the silver color body lineup.
So he requested me, regarding changing the color to red and he promised me that he would take care of this in documents like RC book, Insurance and invoice.

So even though I had no interest in changing my bike color, I had no Options Than to agree for change of color from silver to Red.
Finally I had my bike color changed to red but still in RC book and Insurance it is not change from silver to red.
And I am informed that I will get color change to red only on DRC(Duplicate RC book) and not in RC(Smart card).
Why should take an DRC after paying full cash for the bike.

* I had many prolems with the bike, could not explain as i am not a technical guy.
* I have paid cash to get a new bike not for a scrap one like this.
* This is really disgusting, I have to leave my work and be at the back this people.
* why should I change my bike color after paying full cash.
* Regarding this Issue I have travelled to show room many a times and informed manager, but no use.

call me @
This bajaj popular at bannerghtta, i given my bike on 28th of november & they told me that they will give it on 29th morning 10 o`clock. when i went there on 29th morning the bike was not ready so i told them i will come in evening to collect it, i didnt got the time to go on 29th evening so i got a call on 30th november around 10 am. they told that my bike is ready, and i told them already plz check once more that is there any problem or not they told me that there is no problem, when i went there at 12 o`clock to collect my bike they told me to wait for 5 min and they taken my half an hour after that when i checked my bike there was a lots of problem like near to accelator head lights switch cover is there that is full broken, when i asked them why is it like that they told me that you have to replace it put it new i told them not to replace just want how was when i brought it to ur service centre, in there mouth only one thing is there if anything happened to ur bike they only say u to replace that part they will never say u to that we will repair, after that when i checked my self starter was not working for that also they told me to replace the battery. Now my mind was going out of control. when i asked to manager that whats going on cant you say me it before that what things has to be replace. He just told me sir Sorry sir and replace your battery. How funny is it. That man is doing business or giving a service to his customer. So from now onwards i decided not to go any bajaj showroom to get a bad service..
plz plz my dear friends for your sake dont give your bike to bajaj popular, bannerghatta. i[censored] have so much of money then u r welcome to this service centre. Bad service But really a Good MOney

I am planning to take a bajaj pulsar 150 cc. Please suggest me from which bajaj show room in bangalore, I have to take.

Thanks in advance,

It does not end at this. They even buy theft goods and sell the same. My BIKE BOXER AT KA 05 KE 9886 WAS STOLEN 3 years back and recently I have learnt bajaj show room purchased this and sold to some one else. What a shame
Dear Friends,

Please Please Please be aware of Popular Bajaj Bannerghatta they are big cheaters, I just went for a small dent in my petrol tank they said they need to paint the tank but the color might not match with the bike and then he coated me saying everything will come upto 10, 000 rupees including full painting, fork bend, service etc. I wanted to claim the Insurance, the Insurance guy from same Bajaj alliance was literally scolding in badly saying that they are big cheaters and adviced me to give the bike to some other service center.

Once I gave my bike here for service and they charged me some 2000 just for service saying that they need to change so many Oils, chain tight etc infact they spoiled my front break and I had to fix it some were else.


I gave my bike for service here they 1st charged me 5000 rs, things that were earlire working in my bike were not working then, when I complained they asked me to keep my bike 1 more day so that they will fix what they ruined .

Next day they charged me 6800 rs fixing & addiing to the bill whet they broke/ruined.

they actually din even fix it properly which I came to know after few hours


Dear Sir/Madam,

I have seen lot of complaints in this blog about the popular bajaj did some one taken any action against them or just information about them

First thing got to know DON'T SERVICE YOUR BIKE at Bajaj Popular
Second why we have to service the bike when it was New (Its my Opinion)
Around 3yrs Back I Purchased Suzuki Access 125 Till date it was running Nice Smooth and Good in Mileage. I Never gone to the service centre they spoil the Bike smoothness. Just change the OIL and Brake Shoe(If Needed). Ill drive the vehicle daily around 80~100KM Per Day & Keep maintaining the vehicle and service only if Needed and my bike is still in good condition like Just brought.

Damned service, damned staff and manager, ###### up centre.

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