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 Sudesh N Panicker
Respected Sir,

I am very extremely sorry to write this complaint against our railway department.
On 29/10/08 I boarded Rajdhani Express (Holiday Special) 2432 fom Vadodara to Madgaon in compartment B7, it was very surprised that whether i am sitting in a Rajdhani or any of the passenger train where we dont care of such things. Some small cocroaches welcomed us, the blankets, bedsheets etc, was kept on the berth, again the berth was full of dust / dirt. Thereafter moved to the toilet the right side toilet was just like a transparent glass, the person who is inside doing his or her natural things is been viewed from Outside the door as the same was just fitted as a temporary slide. If you go inside the toilet you see the main switch board insde was in hanging condition, any time short ciruit was invited, thereafter garbage was lying between the two compartments openly, i saw the man cleaning the spoons and tray just dropping all the spoons in the wash basin and gave a shake it became wet thereafter he cleaned with his towel now it was ready to serve..The instruction display was just for show nothing was visible since the paint was slided from the sides.
I really got upset after paying a huge amount for travelling in INDIAN RAILWAy and what service we are getting, if the reply from the department is bcz of special train the care is not taken, then i wld like to suggest pls dont give such type of help atleast to the great Indian Passenger. Just to alert the department with very clear intention. I feel that i shld write first before any foreign passenger write the truth.

with regards,

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Indian Railways — Missbehaviour of Ticket controller



Today, i.e. 22/3/2009 I went at railways station Sangrur (Punjab) to left my mother at about 5:10 am who was going to Jakhal, I wanted a ticked from the attendant who was issuing tickets, I do no know his name, I demanded one ticked from him them he demanded denomination of 10 rupees when I tried to best in my pocket but I could unable to give denomination, then I gave him 50 rupees but he refused to issue a ticked with the condition of denomination of ten rupees. I very requested to him that I have no chain, please give me a ticked even you can receive 50 rupees from me, I will take return the balance amount after that, because I am not going on the train himself. But he refused to issue ticket and started talking with unparliamentarily language with me. After that I arranged the denomination with the help of other passenger and could able to get on my mother if I just half minute more late then train could be departeded . When I approached station master to complaint and demanded complaint book he also started misbehaved with me and refused to take my complaint, if I spent some time more there may be possible that my physical harassment was also done there. So I want to take some answer as following:-
1. Whether the employee has a right to abuse any person/ passenger.
2. Whether the any passenger be ignored to issue tickets if he/she has no chain of rupees.
3. Whether the station master has refused to give complaint book, who wants to complaint of any official although complaint may be wrong or right.
4. Whether the passenger has a right to file any complaint.
5. If the station master is ignored to complainant what further procedure at the same railway station.
6. Whether the any punishment is available if any employee is found for misbehave with the passenger or a complaint just treat to eye wash of complainant.
dear sir,
i am running a regd. consumer welfare organization consumer welfare mission in madhyapradesh.
shivpuri is a district that rail department given the facility a ticket reservation counter. only the person who sitting on the window having very rough and poor behavior with public we have received so many complaint about him. Public is very aggrieved and helpless.
he never return change 2 to 4 Rs to consumer he always said if you have change pay me otherwise left me.
he always quarrel person never inform the vacant seat position.
we pray on behalf the public survey and get the action
Dear Sir,
I am regular passenger of Indian Railway in all the region, because, I am as Marketing Executive. Last week, I was travelled from New Delhi to Chennai STATION THROUGH
Tamil Nadu Express.I would like to following complaints for
your reference.
1.Pantry -Tea wala selling Tea Rs5.00/- instead of Rs 4.00/-
dated on 21.12.2009
2.Pantry -Tea seller, filling (toilet washbasin) water to the Tea Tank using Mineral water bottle. I saw him and asked him.He told me that mind your business.
3. Tea and Coffee quality are very liquid.
4.This all sellers distrubing passenger sleeping time(10 p.m to morning 6.00p.m.I could not sleep freely due to hacking his sound like chaaie, chaiee, tea, t...ea.karam
5.Lunch and Night Dinner, the curd fully butter milk.
6. Why did not provide south Indian Meals?.
7.Passengers service are main motto. Here, the Pantrywala contactor thinking Business is main.So
what is the formulae keeping here view of passenger?
8.In day time many private vendors are selling and creating
trouble of Passengers?
9.what is the role of railway police duty?
10.Beggers trouble with our luggage.
11.No Gurantee security of Lady passengers in second Class?
12. Where is the supperintendent sitting inside train?
God only Knows

If you know send our email ID.
pnml_public@yahoo.co.in, chennai
The G.M. (OPS)
Internet Ticketing centre
State Entry Road
NEW DELHI -110055

Sub.: Refund of Partially Waitlisted E- Ticket Vide PNR No. [protected] (Class -3A) of dt. 07/07/2011 by Train no.; 12307 & Name :- HWH JU EXP. From DHN TO NGO for passenger
Mrs .M.D.BAKLIWAL (F-54) which not confirmed & already cancelled by us on dt. 06/07/2011 against Transaction I.D. [protected] dt. 14/06/2011.

Ref.: TDR NO. - EKT[protected] filled on dt. 08/07/2011 ; TDR Zone: NWR; Reason : Not travelled by paasenger using above E-Ticket.

Dear Sir
In reference to above, We would draw again your kind attention for necessary and true facts which will be very helpful for refund E-Ticket cancellation amount :-
That I have purchased above E-Ticket of dt.07/07/2011 on dt.14/06/2011 which has not confirmed till dt. 05./07/2011 and we have cancelled the same on dt.06/07/2011 (approx. 9a.m.) due to 100% doubt of confirmation .
That I had to go with my parents urgently to Jaipur to attend marraige, I have also purchased one another E-Ticket of dt. 07/07/2011 for my mother Mrs. M.D.Bakliwal (F-54) on dt. 04/07/2011 from DHN to JP vide PNR No. [protected] by HWH-JU EXP. No. 12307 against Transaction Id.: [protected] ( To take benefit for confirmation of ticket in Jaipur Quota), but this E-Ticket have not confimed till dt. 06/07/2011 and automatically cancelled.
That I had to travel surely with my parents, I have also purchased one ticket from Rly.Reservation Counter for my mother Mrs .M.D.Bakliwal (F-54) for Dhn to Jp of dt.07/07/2011 by HWH-JU EXP. No. 12307 vide Pnr no.[protected] on dt. 05/07/2011 which was also RLWL -14.
That actually I have travelled for Jaipur by Train no. 12307 HHW -JU EXP. On dt.07/07/2011 with my parents vide confirmed E-Ticket PNR No. [protected] named Mr M.P.BAKLIWAL (M-59) & MAYANK JAIN (M-19) in coach no.B2 Birth no.1&2 and WL Rly.Ticket Pnr no.[protected] namely Mrs. M.D.Bakliwal (F-54).
That during travelling and ticket checking, I came to know from the Ticket Examiner about uncancellation of E-Ticket namely Mrs. M.D.Bakliwal (F-54) was not confirmed till -time.
That this was matter of very strange that both (E-ticket & Rly.Ticket) namely Mrs. M.D.Bakliwal (F-54) were entered in Rly. chart in coloumn waitlisted as RLWL-1 of E-Ticket and RLWL-14 of Rly. Ticket.
That Is it possible to travel for nay passenger to hold 2 tickets for one journey on same date.As I have already cancelled E-Ticket of dt.07/07/2011 on dt.06/07/2011 (which could not be cancelled due to disturbance of server or any other fault) and I was travelling by Rly. Waitlisted ticket which has been taken on 05/07/2011(20:29 hrs.at Dhanbad) .
viii.That on my request to train Attendent of couch B-2 again & again to issue E.F.T. for any one
ticket either E-Ticket or Rly.ticket, Attendent was not ready to Co-operate me. Perhaps E- Ticket would not cancelled due to distubance of server or any other faults and there is no other way to file T.D.R. for cancellation of E-Ticket. But attenedent should issue E.F.T. For Rly-Ticket without any discussion and Co-operate with me to save my money of Rly-Ticket which was clearly double fare for a passenger i.e.Mrs. M.D.Bakliwal (F-54).
ix.That I am not carrying a laptop with me in Train, I could not file T.D.R. on time to know fact from Train Attendent about uncancellation of E-Ticket .But I had filed T.D.R. on 08/07/2011 after arrival at Jaipur .
x.That I had to travel up to Jaipur Jn. Only with my parents, but unavailability of confirm ticket up to Jaipur Jn., I have purchased E-Ticket in Ngo-Quota which was confimed for 2 berths and 1 berth RLWL-1. I was fully sure that 3rd berth RLWL-1 should be confirmed
positively. Still for safegaurd I have purchased another E-Ticket PNR No. [protected]
for Dhn to Jp. On dt.04/07/2011 and one Rly-Ticket PNR No.[protected] for Dhanbad to Jaipur on dt. 05/07/2011which was waitlisted Ticket RLWL- 14. But when both E-ticket have not been confirmed upto 06/07/2011 then i have cancelled E-Ticket (Nagaur Quota)
namely Mrs. M.D.BAKLIWAL ( F-54) on dt. 06/07/2011 and another E-Ticket PNR No.
[protected] automatically cancelled . That is why I had to tarvel with my mother Mrs.
M.D.Bakliwal (F-54) on waitlisted Rly-Ticket PNR No.[protected] on dt. 07/07/2011.
xi.That I have travelled upto Jaipur Jn. Only with holding one E-Ticket for 2 passenger upto
Nagaur and one WL Rly-Ticket for 1 paasenger upto Jaipur namely Mrs. M.D.Bakliwal (F-54) you may confirm the same from Rly chart with attendent for berth 1 &2 in coach
B-2 after Jaipur.

Above facts are sufficient to solve the matter to refund the amount either unused E-Ticket against T.D.R. filed or unused WL Rly-Ticket . This is clear as per Rly. Chart with attendent, Both tickets were unconfirmed and I had to tarvel with both unconfirmed ticket due to negligency of coach attendent (meaning attendent may help to issue Excess Fare Ticket for WL Rly-Ticket) .I have not only hope but full confidence that Rly. Authority will not charge double fare from passenger for one journey only. Photocopy of E-Ticket & Rly-Ticket is also attached herewith for your record and action please .

Now you are requested to kindly look into the matter seriously and help me to refund the amount at your earliest .

Thanking you.

Yours Faithfully.


Indian Railway — Misbehaviour and harshness by ticket distributors in railway counters

A lady with spectacles in ticket counter at Kanpur central railway station is famous just for his misbehavior and harshness.I think this is because there is no proper system to control monopoly of ticket distributors in Indian railway.There should be also a "lokpal provision" as we have in banks to meet customer satisfaction and curb corruption .
On[protected] I purchased a ticket from banda to kanpur and its cost was Rs22.00.I gave her 40 rupees as i did not have exchange and I saw that the people before me in queue have given enough exchange in multiples of 10 but that lady did not return me even a single paise and that ticket costs me Rs40.00.She was such harsh and rude in her behavior that she even refused to give Rs.10 to me.When I argued with her she said what can we do?
even i am surprised that how can Indian railway be so much careless.
sir i am tamilnadu thanjavur papanasam station master is not give respect with all cosumers so u will take action immediatly
I took ticket form itech city to Warangal and I catch metro train the metro train took to reach secendrabad more than hour, actual it should take only 20 minutes and I missed train and went to ticket counter and asked him to cancel the badly ideate told that it will not cancel here you go to itech city railway station and this is the useless answer and all railway department people do like this only and there behavior will not good at time of taking ticket they will ask change how can passenger will get change here we are not doing business, when we go to shop and purchase he will give change

cell no: [protected]
I travelled from New Delhi to Kanpur vide Train No.22812 in 2A on 21-10-12 and faced problem in catering services. details are as under:-
1. No Sugar free available.
2. Dinner provided is very poor quality and not eatable.
3. Teawala have no spoon to enable me to stirr the tea.

Look into the the same and try to remove the same and inform me in this after taking action.


MOBILE: [protected]

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