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[Resolved]  Real Estate — Sub: Unfair Practices of Mahagun India Pvt. Ltd.

Sub: Unfair Practices of Mahagun India Pvt. Ltd.


This is to bring to your kind notice that in the garb of a reputed builder in the NCR, the above mentioned group, much to the ignorance of its existing customers and future customers both in Ghaziabad and NOIDA are acting in total contradiction to their avowed slogan of “ We deliver what we commit” .In fact their team as a whole consisting of their various senior officials including one Mr. S.C. Sharma, in active connivance with some medium ranking officers of the local development authorities are delivering to these innocent customers flats in total contradiction to what has been actually committed to them. And needless to say such befooling and unfairness could not have happened without the active connivance of the local officers. Even if today a fair inquiry is initiated by an independent agency in this regard, the truth will most certainly come out and the duped customers can take these unscrupulous persons to task. Needless to say these innocent people are thus duped of their hard earned money deserve justice.

The residents of the other various projects of this Company are advised in their own interest to make proper inquiries at their own end in this respect and combine together so that proper legal action can be initiated against such unscrupulous elements.

As I am also one of the customers of their reputed project at NOIDA and have been duped of Approximately 12.00 lakhs of my hard earned money. I consider it my sacred duty to inform my fellow customers of such unfair and unethical practices on the part of this builder and combine together to initiate strictest possible action against them.

Complaint marked as Resolved Oct 15, 2018
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Imperia Structures Limited Customer Care's response Sep 14, 2018 not related to us ..
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I have booked a flat with Mahagun and would like to know how you have been duped. So that I and many others like me, can take necessary precautions. Thanks
I also have a flat in Mahagun. I am very interested to know your story. Please write it to me.
may i request you to share your experience with mahagun as even i'm one of their customers.
Mahagun is giving srprize and keeping silent for hidden charges at time of sale. When I was visited in their corporate office, they are not even in listening mode. Mahagun has given me surprize of 70000 iNR
Issues on crossing republik, ghaziabad:
1) The major issue being the coming up of DUMPING GROUND.
2) The delay in possesssion of flats for all phases.
3) All builders have changed the layout plan and increased the floors. (This might sound as a normal clause in agreement but when you actually see say 4 towers in the area which was supposed to have 2's disgusting and pathetic)
4) No clear information to the customers from builders...all of them are fooling the consumers and playing with their hard earned money...
True Mahagun is a big time fraud builder and I wish I cuodl rewind time and undo my decision of having booked my flat with Mahagun Mascot. We booked a 2 BHK flat in the year 2008 and we were duped by their over confidence that- we dont need to build a Sampel flat, our name is enough" and without even seeing a sample flat we booked ours. At the sales desk we were told that our flat will be east facing and will have 4 lifts in each tower- 2 pasenger and 2 service, there will be RO plant facility and possession, concept wall in the bedroom, will be given by March 2010, if not penalty will be paid effective July 2011. Well in chronological order - possession never happened on time, We were about to compalin about penalty when in September of 2011 penalty checks started to come in. and we were very happy that atleast if not possesssion teh penalty is coming on time. Little did we realise that the penalty was a very meagre amount and what we were losing out on was immense, monthly rent house loan EMI all wer continuosly increasing but the penalty's amount remained fixed. Each year after booking we religiously paid our 1.5 lakh each year towards club membership and parking. Mahagun very cheekily took all the money without even telling us that as the possession is delayed we had an option of paying the money later at possession time. By the way- even 5 months after possession there is club in sight! Anyways, one thing to be noted is that the penalty checks for each month used to be disptached only in the next month with a backdated check. And in the month of July as we received the penalty check for June, bang came teh Letter of Possession! We didnt know whether to be happy or sad, as we had prepared ourselves that possession will not happen for another year and planned accordingly. Nonetheless we gathered all possible money that we could and paid up all that their Possession letter had asked for. Once again we were never told that these charegs would be asked for at the time of possession. And all this went out from our pockets direct savings and and was never reflected in the home loan amount nor the actual cost of the house on paper. We were diligent in our actions and within 30 days as the letter of possession stated we arranged for all moneys and paid up Mahagun on time. We thought that was the end of it but that was not the case. We kept calling Mahagun and get an update on as to what was the status of the flat but no concrete replies. After much comminication we were asked to go for a site visit and "OK" the flat. When we went to the site the flat was in a mess, bags of cement and sand in the balconies, human excreta on the floor of the loo no flooring in the master bedroom etc etc. again we started another string of follow up to ready the flat. We were told by insiders that the more you create a ruckus the earlier your fllat will be ready, else how can it be that in the same tower one house is ready enough for "grah Pravesh" and another is not even ready for site inspection. Afetr much bickering we okayed teh fla with some minor issues like seepage, door locks being jam, etc so that we could get the house registered fast. For the paperwork of house being registered again, I happened to inquire about the stamp duty waiver for Woman owners, and the lawyer selling the stamp papers told me that i should buy stamp papers of Rs. 10, 000 less as the house was on a single woman owners name. Mahagun people continued to fight that why did I buy stamp papers of lesser value, when they were made to speak with the lawyer who ironically was their own appointed lawyer for registration puropses. Alas! the house got registered, and we took the keys to the house. But at every step Mahagun people kept lying, two timing us, Uptil the time we had not committed in money terms they were after us but as soon as they knew we are in their trap they treated as if we are soem beggars on their dorrs asking for a house. Especially their office staff at their Sector 63 office is pathetic. They have no concrete answers for delays and always carry a high nosed attitude about everything. They'll make you wait in their lobby even when the concerned person is doing nothing just to potray how bigthey are. When you walk in to their office and see the luxury cars ( audis, and porsche, etc ) of their owners - you feel being looted. Possession procedure is made so cumbersome that you will ok any state of the flat sign any bunch of documents and just "get done with it". Little do they realise that may be for them it is just another flat being delivered but for the owner it is a life time of savings that is getting converted into a dream come true that will happen most probably just once for him/her and never again. After having the house keys and seeing the house day in and day out we now realise that what sub standard materials have been used in the flat - right from the flat walls which are filled with sand and not cement, Paint work is shoddy and patchy, bath fittings are cheap and sub standard, tile work in the bathrooms is sub standard, god knows why there are false ceiilngs in the bathrooms making the ceiling so low that u cant even have a medium sized geyser fitten in. Not even a single wall in the house in straight and smooth as all walls have beams coming up in between which eat up the room area. In the kitchen the main plug point is provided right behing th egas stove area. apart from that there is no plug point in the kitchen slab area, how is oen to use the microwave, the oven, the mixer, the sandwich maker, the toaster- they never though we will have money to buy all that after they rob us of all our money paying their illegitimate demands. Our carpenter showed us that many of the vetrified tiles had no cement underneath - there was just hollow sound when you hamered them and they could break at the slightest of weight being put on them. Same thing for the walls, one nail and sand comes flowing down. The maintenance cost has started from the day of my registry, there is no provision for drinking water, only two lifts in each tower, no concept wall in bedroom, no choice of color in the so called concept wall in the drawing rooom. and when you look at the houses made by other builders- i happened to visit a relatives house in Panchsheel- Wellington- are so well made- atelast the walls are strong and not full of cement, bathrooms are aesthetically done, kitchen is ergonomically planned, plus there is slab and lower modular kitchen and built in wooden cupboards provided by the builder- are all of good quality. I was really impressed with their house and depressed looking at Mahagun. Overall buying a home experience with Mahagun was pathetic, I erally would not advise any body to go in to buy a house with them. They definetly DO NOT deliver what they promise. Invest your time in another buidler but not MAHAGUN. Yuor life 's savings are too precious to be played around by builders like them. Spare your self the pain and heartbreak avoid MAHAGUN!

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