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I had travelled from Chennai to Bangalore on Shama travels. The whole trip was a nightmare. It wasn't worth the money and time.

1.) The scheduled departure time of the bus was 10:15PM. The bus arrived at the bus station around 11:15PM. Instead of starting the bus, they were waiting for some last minute passengers. When other passengers started shouting, the bus started but only till around the bus station. It again stopped citing reason that they were waiting to get money for paying tolls on the way.

2.) The bus started at 11:45PM. But again stopped within 5 mins for filling Diesel. I don't understand how they can get a bus without looking at these details.

3.) Finally the bus left but not until it stopped at every major intersection to look for passengers. It was more like travelling on a "town bus".

4.) Even worse is when the bus stopped at Vaniyambadi for 40 mins just to look for any more passengers. Even shouts from other fellow passengers were not heeded by these people.

Overall this bus "service" should be stopped. There should be a place where we should be able to register complaints against these travels. And looks like this is not the first time this travels has done something like this. This seems to be a regular things.
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Aug 14, 2020
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Very bad bad bad bad experience I had while travelling in shama sardar yesterday from kodaikanal to Chennai... very worst bus in the world I think... our bus scheduled at 7:00 p.m... we reached the bus depot at 6:30 and enquired in the office they checked my ticket and told bus got break down so they cannot come to kodiakanal on time so we planned to take you 15 passengers in tavera leave u in vathalagundu... we all 15 passengers were there.. All got tensed.. were with kids(so embarrassing situation). The person in the office was irresponsible they treat passengers like something very bad like if they pay for us... and 4 guys went in bus and others went in tavera.. In between the ghat road the bus front tire got punctured.. Thank GOD the bus dint go out of control and the passenger got saved thankfully and in an half an hour they made some how and started and in an kilometre again the same tire got punctures.. No stepine any more. They don't have any link to get help in middle of the ghat road. That poor and worst fellow they are.they were asking help from pass by vehicles and all stupid fellows... all the passengers were on the road in the mid night till 1'0 clock... very bad... with hungry no food no nothing for the peoples... and by some car the other bus peoples alone went down and catches their bus...
every time this bus this kind of problem I think... pls pls pls I request u guys not to travel in this bus in urgent also... for that u can travel ordinary bus rather than using this SHAMASARDAR bus..
Looks like this child's parents should have given him some coloring books so he did not get board on the bus. I have to say this is a well written letter from someone that is just in the fourth grade. Did your parents help you with this?
If you are an adult, i bet if you missed the bus you would be complaining that they did not wait for you.
Shama Sardar, was the worst bus service i have ever seen. Yesterday Evening i bought the ticket for 600 Rs.saying 2+1 semi seelper, but i was 2+2. In the evening i compared my ticket with co-passengers, the ticket rate was not constant, it varies from 500, 540, 570, 575, 580, 600. Same as that the departure time also 10, 10.15, 10.30, 11, 11.30. Bus started from CMBT around 12, then fuel filling. The worst part the bus came to Hosur @ 7.30am and told us shift to another bus. We were really upset and angry shouted.
I don't know how take action against this travels. I have varied rates of tickets. Surely this travels should be banned.
I agree - I had a worst experience when I travelled between Chennai and Bangalore in Shama Sardar.

1. Awfully stinking interiors (I travelled in a so called sleeper coach) with people sleeping all around the asile.
2. No respect to time. If you are lucky, the delay will be limited to 1 hour. Thats a bare minimum delay. My scheduled departure was 10 p.m. the bus started at 12 a.m but headed straight to a petrol pump to kill another 30 minutes.
3. There is nothing called a fixed charge. I paid Rs750/- for a sleeper berth from Chennai and Bangalore (I booked via redbus) but my fellow passenger paid only Rs. 600 buying the tickets at CMBT (this varied across passengers/days as well).
4. Stops whereever the driver feels like. Poor condition of the bus adds more fuel to this frusturation. When I travelled, it broke down twice on the way.
5. Finally a 7 hours jouney took almost 9 hours and I reached Bangalore at 9 a.m.

If you dislike some one, please go ahead and book them a seat/berth in this super-duper travels. There is no better punishment!

Do you travel with them again: Are you kidding?
I too had a worst experience with Shama sardar travels. I was travelling from Hyderabad to chennai on 08.03.2009. Scheduled time at Nampally was 7:30 p.m. But it was 8:30 there when it got started. I booked through red bus and according to redbus pick up point is only Nampally. But actually i had a hyderabad darsan starting from NAmpally to afzal gunz, koti, dilsukh nagar, lb nagar etc etc. Ticket examiner was very strange. He took my ticket slip to verify and never returned. When i asked he said he needs to verify and he was all with red eyes at me. Finally he never returned my ticket back. One more fellow asked for his ticket back and ticket examiner was shouting at him saying that " Mai apni marji se karoonga". Finally, the ticket examiner took 30 minutes time in LB nagar to calculate the number of passengers boarded versus the amount paid/received. Finally it was his driver (who must be definitely less qualified) who helped him to tally. Then finally he said right right. then i thought ok we can go now. Then he took us to a petrol pump and there it took 30 minutes. Then finally he started on nagarjuna sagar road to chennai and near mall, bus engine got stopped suddenly on the high way and doors were also interlocked. I was panic for the two facts that any other vehicle may hit us or bus may catch fire and we cant escape. Finally, it got started and for that to start, one driver had to operate gear box and other with steering. Then, we started to go ahead and they stopped at a remote place for dinner. Then again in the middle of the night, bus got stopped and we all had to push. Internal bus body was also horrible. My seat was all hanging/ moving and i had a feeling that i may fell down.
After that some how we reached nellore and he took us to a reliance petorl outlet along the high way where canteen was also there. There again it took some time to start.
Then we were on to chennai and suddenly after naidupet/sullrupet, he took a diversion and started to go to satyavedu. we went via satyavedu and then again took the highway at gummidipoondi. There we lost 90 minutes because o[censored]nnecessary extra distance. This was done just to escape checkpost at Tada which these people do not have permit to go to chennai, I assume. First time in my life, i was on the roads of satyavedu for some time thanks to shama sardar travels. Then he again took the diversion and entered to redhills. He happily spent some time ther and he finally came back to high way. Then he did not take us to Koyambedu bustsand which he committed before and instead he left us at anna nagar. He committed to us to make us reach by 7:30 am and finally i was dropped at anna nagar at 10:30 pm. Imagine my situation where i was supposed to be in office by 9 am.
sorry it was 10:30 am not 10:30 p.m
shama gold class is class bus, [censored] them
you fool how can u complaint this travels this travels is the most and popular travels in chennai u fool u dont have brain i thing u luse rascal how dare you tell like that u give me your phone number
MOST DANGREOUS transport is (Shama Sardar Travels) Neelu Bus.
Last Sunday they carried 25 passenger in between the High way . Every body start sharing my seats.
Also Sleeping on ground. WORST management.

Becarefully with (Shama Sardar Travels) Neelu Bus.
The worst transport i have ever seen, lousy interior, they treat us like , . the seating arrangement given in for these transport buses are not true..
One of the worst travels I have ever travelled in my life...Not worth for money..No customer respect and they take no care on Customer satisfaction...Do not book tickets on online..I tried to book ticket on online which said single sleeper..But when I went there they said it is not single sleeper..And they were also not ready to refund the money..Stupid travels with stupid people...WOrst travels...
I too agree with all above coplaints about Shama Sardar Travels.First of all the drivers, conductor even the Manager of this Bus Service dont have manners about how to behave with passangers.
I have great experience when I was travelling back from Chennai to Bangalore.
There were so many travelles having Online Ticket waiting for the Bus. But Bording pass were not provided to anyone until bus came to the Station(Koyembedu). Finally when bus came all the passengers rushed inside the But, without knowing the Seat number, you can understand in a small gallary in the Bus around 40-50 people were standing.
The Conductor was shouting like anyting.
There was one person carrying family and small kids was requesting to the conductor to do the proper arrangement .The Conductor shouted on him and told first you get down from Bus then he will talk.And started saying burgeler worrd in Tamil like " Heyy...heyy etc: " He was behaving with people like that bus is carrying the people withourt charge.
If people from this travel think that they are only the Bus Service that is wrong. I will never travel in this Bus Service anywhere.
Yes!! It's exactly true.
Even i have travelled thru this service.
A totally Pathetic-service ever in the History of Bus-transport.
It's better to Die than use this servce.
Pls. don't use this service.
Really the bus service was too bad. I was traveled from madurai to chennai on Jan 17th 2010.
The travelers had allocated the seats 25 and 26 for four peoples. Those persons are couples. One of the couple was booked through redbus and another was booked through the travel office.
To manage the situation the driver had arranged the seats 23 and 24 to one of the couples which was already booked by another couple who were treated as too bad by the drivers, even there is no mistake in the third couple.
Without solving all those issue, the had started the bus and stopped on the way to mattuthavani around 30 mins.
The ticket charge is 700 and the bus condition is too bad even there is no glass in backside. They had covered with a cloth.

I too travelled by their bus on was a 1145pm bus. We were made to wait till 1215am and after boarding ..the bus again stopped for diesel and didnot start till 1250am. Then when passengers started shouting the driver informed us that he was following instrustions from the office. The bus had 2 vacant seat at that point of time and they suddenly a passenger boarded the bus at 0100am.
When we confronted the supervisor of the travels who was there, he just got down and asked the driver to start the bus.

I had paid Rs.889 and no blanket or water was provided which other bus services provide. Overall it was a horrifying experience and all passengers penalised for no fault of ours.

I would definitely not recommend this bus to anybody.
Chennai -Bangalore Nightmare

Terrible is the word for this sick travels.I reached half an hour before the schedule departure into their office only to see a smoke cloud around the place.The manager with absolutely no consumer respect was answering queries partially and smoking all over.No one checked tickets and it started as if it was a free to travel bus.The So -called VOLVO started at 11:45 and went directly to a fuel station in eyelids were closing with a sleep just around..and when i opened i was in a state of shock.The bus was parked at the same place in Koyembedu.The ticket checker was in and was checking tickets at 12, seemed like a midnight ghost party.Finally, the bus started and its stopped nearly at some 8-10 places (Ambur, Vaniyambadi, Poonamalle) and with some really really screwd up rash driving it reached Bengalooru at 7.The interior sucks, the staffs are worse and trust me the blankets are never dry cleaned.This travels draws people for a simple reason that its has the first booking counter in the Koyembedu terminal.The only bus i could think of worse than this is the SETC non ac bus.Never in my life i would take this travels
I am amazed at he way the bus operator had put some abusive replies to the complaints above.The bus operator appears to have some political mafia or police connections.Otherwise how is his permit being renewed.Do we have governence.They feel that there are enough desperate fools, so they can behave as they like the famous Auto drivers of Chennai
I traveled on their bus yesterday from Chennai to Bangalore. I had to do a last minute booking so chose the first one that came on redbus. An old rickety bus came at their office opposite Chennai Central calling for Bangalore passengers. When I boarded the bus, I saw that it's a sleeper bus and not the 2+2 semi-sleeper as printed on the ticket. The A/C was also not working properly. When I asked the person sitting at the office, he said this one is a pick up bus which will take us to Koyambedu and we will get on to another bus. I took a seat along with 9 other passengers. After leaving Central, they went to a petrol pump and filled up the tank. At this point one of the passenger who was talking with the conductor said that there is no other bus and this indeed is the bus which will go to Bangalore. We reached Koyambedu and that confirmed it. Instead of changing bus they were boarding other people. One lady and few other passengers raised her voice and said she wanted to change her bus. They were taking money for a Volvo service and giving us this . She was asked to wait for 15 minutes. Of course, nothing happened for the next 15 minutes. We were well on our way to Bangalore. Lies and more lies. On top of that, the driver as well as the conductor were rude to that lady. The lady had to endure more from them when she asked to be shifted to some seat where A/C worked properly.

Few students who boarded from Koyambedu were promised that they will be dropped near their college. Lies again. They were dropped at some other place far away from their college despite their protests. What the driver said in response is classic, "Aap north indian, main south indian, gun leke shoot kar do". There is a basic courtesy one demands while talking to people. Those who lack that are a bunch of [censored]s.

When the students left and few seats were empty, this 'A/C Volvo Service' became what it actually is. Local Bus Service. It was unbelievable to see them calling out people for Salem, Bangalore at local bus stops and otherwise.

I am avoiding this Bus Service (?) totally.




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