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in thangam serial rama character artist very very ugly please change the artist
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This is one of the worst serial I have ever watched.

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thangam was one of the worst serial in suntv. who is the man kaveri father. he is like a vallarasu vijayakanth.before he comes to shooting shop i think he drank two glass energy booster.he is acting more than money.better change that guy... this is a humble request to suntv and thangam director...
Thangam is one the worst serials in Sun TV I ever seen. With no knowledge on serial making I could have done a better job. The director is such an to frame the story with no logic. No way the story in this serial is any closer to the real life. It is waste of time watching this and Sun TV would sure go into bank ruptcy if they continue to provide opportunities to telecast such kinds of worst serials. it is a very humble request for suntv, please watch yourself just two episodes of this serial as sample before telecasting. I am sure you would like to kill the director for committing such a public nuisance in the name of directing a teleserial.

Thirumathi selvam should be renamed to Thiaga Selvam.. But that is OK when compared to Ramya Krishnan's useless serial (Thangam).

We should really give a pat on the shoulder of Thendral's director. This serial is having excellant story line with logical events. Apprecite the good work, keep it up.
Thangam is the most worst serial i've ever seen in my life. its got a stupid story. Ramya krishnan was pregnant some 6months back but still her stomach is flat and slim. her husband will not accompany her in any way. A stupid collector who has no other work other than to look after her family issues. Her father is the richest man in the town but with no house 2 live in and that too after the court announced equal share of his property 2 al his children. The director dosent know the daily continued story. Sun TV should kindly remove this or ban this serial immediately since it is their prime slot where we enjoy watchin tv during dinner. Humble request to sun tv to ban that serial as soon as possible. I expect quality from sun tv. No body watched thangam serial after that vetrimaran's kabaddi n his affair with that Rama. Sun tv's best as of now is Thendral and nadhaswaram and thirumathi selvam are equally good with good story line and continuity. Chellame and serial starting from 6.00pm are also doing good.
the thendral serial is very nice but nowadays it is going very worst dont give too much sadness to thulasi in all the sides she is facing very my street noone is like nowdays serial plzzz give anyones support to her plz change her sorrowlife.
Thangam serial is very boring and irritating. as if she can hide such issues from family. Director can utilise such good stars in better stories and utilise them in good chaRACTERS. Pl put an end to this story.
I dont know why in all these serials women suffer so much pain and sorrow and esp heroines--- always tholvi... no vetri at all...

pl try to be realistic
I've stopped watching thendral serial due to it its exagerrations.. i've moved to vijay tv super singer where u can hear some good songs rather hearing thulasi's azhugai and tamil mother's nasty wordings..
there is a limit to make people mad.. please change the story line.
yes even i have watched thangam its really worst i dont want the same story in telugu they r also remaking it ias aparanji when that serial aalso goes so mad like thangam then we will stop also that serial
if u really want to make stories good then we can guide u taking that serials
even serial would do better if that ramyakrishna's character get married to her cousin
Thangam serial is so so stupid. The worst serial that I have seen. Ramya Krishnan need to do something about it. VERY SILLY and doesn't make sense at all. Please grow up when you direct such dramas. Don't direct it for the sake of directing but have some logic in it. Please change and wake up.
To actually pass non-constructive comment on something, one needs equal knowledge of the one created that same thing. I sincerely would say the director of this serial should be supported and advised. Directors are merely the ones converting a story into images, that's a hard job!!! As a viewer our angle might differ from the director' angle which he thinks could be understood by the viewers.
To present a wonderful story to us in this modern age is really difficult as our present story writers are not interested in the story but the money as the demand for their stories by the increasing TV channels, news papers and magazine are there. These TV channels, News papers and Magazines should be equally blamed for the bad performance of our writers. Just to fill the gap in their time and paper slots these providers just pick any thing which comes in. Maybe these types of stories are cheaper and faster to obtain in the Tamil script writers market.
complaining will only make our own entertainment go bad, we should support these TV stations, new papers and magazine instead and hope our story writers stop wasting their time and ours with stories of no end, no beginning, no heat and no cold. There are stories being dragged for miles for NO reasons. All these must stop to improve our Tamil serials. Will our story writers wake up?

Sun Tv — Reg - Non Availability of service for 2.5 months

Dear Sir,
Iam P.Vinayakam having a Sun Direct DTH connection bearing smart card NO-r[protected]. They had changed their satellite for which they are required to a do a dish realignment. After a wait of about 2.5 months one person had come from Sun TV and set right the dish realignment. But after a period of about 2 days i was unable to get the service again. When i called them and asked for a technician to rectify the same i was not given a proper response. Further i was not given credit for the period during which the service was unavialable. I has also put up a topup just now for a sum of Rs.328 and any further delay will only bring losses to me. I request you to take up the mattter with Sun Direct and fix the issue immediately.The Phone number of Sun Direct is[protected]. If there is no response from their side within the next 24 hours i will be forced to take up the matter in the consumer court seeking damages. My mail id for correspondence is :

Thangam serial - sub collector KANGA so foolish it is disgrace for collector post
KANGA'S husband -Collector Selva is another fool. Why you ask these
persons to act like idoits. Please use your brain and show something
good. Collector's PA Vanthana unnecessary roll for this serial.
Send all these people home and do something better . Always VILLAN AND
Thangam - Vandana is an unnecessary character. Rasamma and the girl other 2 waste characters. I think the story was planned instantly and they are not able to move it. Collector's reason that he is going to die in near future is not fair enough as he has torchured Ganga in many ways. Why the hell he wants to make her cry all the time? Better stop this serial... WORST SERIAL..
complaint about videocon ac: the wing is ac broke within a month. then after raising complaint, one technician came to our house and took the wing for repair. but the person didnt return back with the replaced wing. we raised complaint so many times but people are telling that they have not taken the wing.

even now our ac is working only with 1 wing. so please help in that.
The way the Nadasawaram serial going is very pathetic. Our indian tradition is a good one and no one should spoil it . The stopping of marriage is a acceptable factor. But still Gopi is talking with Malar who is laready married and came out from him is not a good sign of our Indian custom. The way they have taken the serial cannot be acceped. This is why our marriage life is getting spoiled. I was the great of Mr. Thiruselvam but now . Please stop all these illegal love scenes in the serials. If you show all these kind of things in serila it is the chance for all married and unmarried people to get spolied. And by this way our culture will get spoiled. So please stop for God sake.
In Chellamey the villi is torturing very small child which was not able to see. Please make any changes and no more torture the small child. It was making us sad to watch the serial
One of the worst, bugging & irritating serial after Kolangal..I mean, I don't understand why this serial director wants to kill the viewers indirectly, he could take revenge directly slapping on our face instead. The serial is all about Ganga getting conceived - are we jobless?? what's the point?? there's a limit to torture the public..please
Overall the qualitty of Sun Serials is very low because

1) The language used is very harsh and the quality of dialog is very bad .Overall the intelligence of the viewers is brought to a very low level .

2) The story line reflects a very low planning and no sustance and intelligence .

3) The main reasons is because this serial is continuous over a year so the directors are looking only to prolong the series . If they can limit a serial for 6 months or less many thinks can be improved and the spin off effect will be more positive.

4) The cultural and language damage done is unbearable .The image of over crying and many more . The reason of reaching tergetted market audience shall not be an excuse if not avoidable then do not produce serial to fill the gap and instead come with game shows or others

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