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14th June 2010

Subject :- Defective Product

Respective Sir,
I wish to place before you the following matter in which defective TATA MANZA is provided to me by Tata motors.

I bought my TATA INDIGO MANZA – Aura – ABS – Safire. Registration No – MH – 02 – BP – 0703 (Petrol version) in December 2009 (based on satisfactory results from some of my previous TATA Cars used by my Family, friends & Employees).
Since the day I bought my new car I was happy as it was manufactured by “TATAS” - one of the most TRUSTED Brands in INDIA.
I want to bring your kind attention towards a big product Failure in Tata Indico Manza car manufactured by your company. Any car met with an FAILURE like this is a big product failure and when you are going to make history by launching many new models & projects I just want to bring your attention towards this so that you can rectify this error for one and all for a life time.
The reason for the break down is still a mystery. Even the workshop guys are not able to find the cause of the damage. They say reaching conclusion will take time.
Now to make the story short ....
My car TATA MANZA MH – 02 – BP – 0703 is hardly 6 months Old, and has been genuinely driven only mere 3000 kms, an average of 15 odd Km’s per day, on Wednesday the 9th of June 2010, My car was driven for the first time in rain actually a small drizzle that lasted hardly for 10 to 15 minutes, (every Mumbaitee is aware of the amount of rain that occurred on that day,) all of a sudden my car gave up, I called up at the Dealers Customer Care Centre, the Mechanics came in, tried a few options and finally towed the car to their workshop in kandivali, reaching there it was brought to my notice which was a big shock to me as the CRANK SHAFT Guide Bush was found Out of the CRANK CASE actually tearing the Crank case and Engine body and HOW is Unknown ?
Engine No – 7037767
Chasis No – LHO 2311
Year of Mfg - 2009
Now the Vehicle is in custody of the Dealer M/s WASAN MOTORS in Kandivali- Mumbai, and I am left in a mess as what Next?
The Work shop Staff at the Dealers end will submit their say after post-mortem by today afternoon i.e. 14th June, they say, As it is already 6 days have past, with no reply/assurance, please let me know if I should wait for their decision or should take up the matter to higher authorities of Tata motors.... and or with the consumer forum,
Please help...

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With regards to your last email, I have now recieved a reply from Cargo Motors.

The reply sent from Cargo Motors is utmost of dissatisfaction and Vague.

I expected that after Tata customer care forwarded the matter to Cargo Motors, this matter should be taken care of but I was wrong.

In my initial mail, I have complaint against Cargo Motors, but you have forwarded my query again to Cargo Motors to solve.

You have mentioned in your previous email that you have forwarded a copy of mail to your Chandigarh regional office and they will contact me, but no one has contacted me so far from Chandigarh.

Below is the reply from Cargo Motors, please read this ambivalent reply yourself::::

Dear Mr.Amit Chopra,

This is with reference to your mail on dated 07/06/2010 regarding your Indigo Manza. We regret the inconvenience caused to you

The said car was thoroughly checked and examined for the repoted concern and found ok which was also explain to you at same time.Vehicle was delivered to you after your satisfaction.

However, for any further assistance kindly feel free to contact the undersigned at given contact number –[protected].

Thanking you and assuring you our best services at all times.

Yours faithfully,

For Cargo Motors.,

Anjali Sharma

Customer Relation Manager.

Now I again request to Tata Customer Care to kindly behave professionally and solve this matter promptly.

Please go through my first mail again to get to know the problems again and read the above reply from Cargo motors.

Being a Tata Customer, I should now expect this matter to be solved asap.

Amit Chopra

--- On Wed, 30/6/10, customercare@tatamotors.com <customercare@tatamotors.com> wrote:

From: customercare@tatamotors.com <customercare@tatamotors.com>
Subject: CH01T6532
To: bdsteels@yahoo.com
Cc: cgmpcd.cargo@gmail.com
Date: Wednesday, 30 June, 2010, 4:35 AM

Thank you for writing to us.

We have noted the contents of your email dated 29.06.10. At the outset, we regret the inconvenience caused to you

With a copy of this email, we are intimating our Regional office, Chandigarh / Dealership to provide all necessary support and address the reported issues at the earliest.

In case of any further assistance and action plan regarding your grievances, please feel free to contact Mr. O S Thapar, General Manager – M/s. Cargo Motors on [protected].

Assuring you of our best services

Thanking you

For Tata Motors

Customer Care Team



From: B.D. STEELS [mailto:bdsteels@yahoo.com]
Sent: Tuesday, June 29, 2010 6:17 PM
Subject: Highly Disappointed

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to make an official complaint in regards to the problems I have faced after I have bought Tata Manza against one of your dealer, Cargo Motors, Jalandhar, Punjab .

I have bought Tata Manza on 30/03/2010 with Reg: CH01 T 6532, Chasis Number: MAT613031ALC06612 from Hind Motors, Chandigarh .

I have noticed couple of problems(mentioned below) in this brand new car but it was not dealt with the standards which I was expecting from Tata Motors Dealers.


1. There is very unusual noise from Steering Wheel when rotate while driving the car.

Mechanics from both Hind Motors, Chandigarh and Cargo Motors, Jalandhar could not understand the reason for this noise, so this problem is not fixed and left as it is.

2. Complaint to Tata Customer Service on[protected]

Complaint on this number regarding the steering wheel problem and then received a call back from Mr. Amarjit who advised me to take the car to Cargo Motors again.

After Cargo Motors, this time carefully inspected found that problem in the Steering main bolt/stud and needs to replace with new. Cargo Motors bought this new stud from Outside Market, fixed it and issued me a bill of Rs. 60 for that part which must be under warranty.

When asking them that it should be under warranty, Cargo Motors showed nastiest customer service and decided not to release the car, if Rs 60 is not paid.

I paid Rs. 60 to get my car but it was very disappointed experience I had with Tata Motors Dealer.

3. Air-condition not effective, due to 50gm less in Gas

When I complaint to Cargo Motors about Air-condition is not cooling effectively, Cargo Motors found that 50gm Gas in less and needs to be re-filled. This should have been checked before selling the car to me.

Cargo Motors have then filled the 50gm gas and issued me a bill of Rs. 125. I was jolted to see that charge and asked that this should be covered under warranty period. Cargo Motors showed no respect and asked me to pay this bill or not to release your car out from their premesis.

Again I paid Rs. 125 to get my car released from the bunch of (pardon my language).

In essence, I would never expect that level of customer service from one of your dealer.

I have Cars from other companies such as Hyundai, Maruti, Skoda with excellent after sales experience and I have bought Tata's car very first time, bearing in mind Tata's name and fame but I had such a horrific experience with Tata or its representative, which really puts me off to buy any further products from Tata or even recommending it to my friends and relatives.

I can still notice some problems in the car:

Steering became very hard after replacing the bolt/stud
Engine produces unusual noise at 4th gear
Driver side seat belt is not working properly and once strectched out and released, it doesnot go back to its position on its own.
Car's mileage/average is very low.

While currently facing and running with all these problems in the car, I would be afraid of going back to Cargo Motors, just in case they fix the problem and then charge me for fixing these problems and again posses my car for not paying the charges.

I would also like to share the comments from Cargo Motors about Tata, (please read in Hindi, if you can) " Yeh Tata ki Car hai, itne chhote chhote problems to honge hi".

Now this is image of Tata is in the minds of its representatives. Does Tata Motors deserves such a reputation ?

All these problems were noticed within after first few months when I bought the car.

Practically these problems must be tested and fixed before you sold the car in your show room.

But if not then after I found these problems these should be covered under the warranty period.

To be honest, I am not one of your happy and satisfied customer and it made me write this letter/complaint to you and expect your interference would be one of the solution.

I believe that you would certainly make some efforts to solve this matter and would demonstrate the standards which anyone would like to see from Tata Motors.

I would really be thankful to you and will be highly appreciated if you can take your car back and refund my money. I really won't get along with the services which I will recieve from Tata's dealer in my city, throughout the period I will own this car.

I will look forward to hear from you, please contact me on[protected] or if you contact after or on 30th June then please contact my father, Mr. Narinder Chopra on[protected], as I will be out of the station.

Yours Truly,

Amit Chopra

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TATA MANZA CAR — Defect in car steering & milometer system

I have purchase Manza Car in year Sept 2010.

When we drive the car, stearing height is designed in such a wrong way , that you cannot see speedometer properly & while running car , you cannot see the sped of car or at what speed you are running. This creat lot of disconfirt & control of car cannot be managed properly.

Due to this defect many accident can happen.

Please look in the matter & sovel this.

car tata manza — Complaint about my car and your staff

Dear sir,
I have given my car TATA MANZA "No. UP -78 CC 0909 to Society Moters at Panki due to cause of Exidental and machenical problem. My policy is cashless from Tata Moters. When I have given my car to Society Moters, The company responsible staf Mr.Sunil Tripathi did not give me any type of information and when I asked ,they said to me that you can take your car in one week.wehen I call him after one week they did'tgiveany type of satisfactory answer and done very rude behaviour and when I said to him that I can do your complain to your boss, they said to me , "you can do which you want to do." So I complion in your customer care help line (no. 1-[protected]) They said to me that you will give me time of 48 hours, We will take action. But they did't take any action.When I call again Gerenal Manager Mr. P.C.M. Tripathi he said to me, that the side body is damaged , Which is not available in company, But there is the work of dent paint only in my car. At 12.09.2011 when I went there to take my car, he done very rude behaviour to me and work manager Mr. Sunil Tripathi said to me that that your policy is not cashless you will have to do full payment and when I drive my car , the car was not completely repaired. There was some machenical fault in my car. When I talk him about this , he said to me that take your car next daybut when I went today, they did not do any work in my car. I will go today in works shop and full time seting in works shop At time 7.30pm then working Manager Mr. sunil Tripathi said to me your car is ready but I have take car and drive car then car is not proper complite bettry is not charge and the car was not washing and etc. problem in my car. So I am not satisfaid Sir I am a businessman and I have no other whicle. I am in mental tension.So I request you to take action quickly atherwise I will go to consumer forem.
Thanking You
Yours Sincerely
Saurabh Arun Srivastva
Mob: [protected]
My Policy No.[protected]
I purchase car new indica manza VX on 13 th Nov 2012 from Jaika Motors, Nagpur at the time of delivery micro sd card is not given so that my Navigation is not start I asked frequently in a showroom he is say tata can not be supplied when supply than given to you but he can not say how much time will be taken. If that micro sd card is available in a market than i will purchase please tell no one are responsible ans is given to me Mr. Irfan Hussain Manager also no comments. I will request you to Please provide that card as early as possible.

Kishor Khadilkar
Manager (Tech.)
GTPL, Nagpur

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