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Vadodara Traffic Police is misusing its Power to Harass Common Man. They are insane to catch hold of Innocent and staunch follower of Traffic Rulesand Regulations.
Today on traffic poilceman stopped me and asked to pay fine for not wearing seat belt, i was shocked as.........i was very well intact with Seat Belt..........when i agrued he asked for DL, then PUC........RC Book........when he find everything in place.........he again asked me to pay fine under act of 138 MV act, he wasted my half hour and keep on agruing with full guts that .........if we stop somebody he has to pay something .........i complained about this to his senior officer......he not only misbehaved with me but asked me to Pay fine or else to face dire consequences............his words was.........they have Target of Rs. 5000 per day for that particular road.........and they will collect money through hook or crook.
I just want to raise my voice against Atrocity of Vadodara Traffic Police.............Does our Police has lost all their Moral?????????
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Traffic Police — Traffic Police Breaking not Protecting

Common man still suffers in the run..

It was wednesday evening my two wheeler was picked up from Sohrab Hall, Pune. I went to the circuit house pune where my vehicle was kept, when i came to release my bike a guy not a policemen coz was not wearing any uniform asked me for 350 Rs 150 as fine and 200 Rs for towing later on said pay Rs 150 and take your bike. I agreed to pay 150 Rs but on looking my bike i found the Helmet Lock was broken as well as my Head light was also badly damaged i asked why it is so damaged the guy standing said it was already damaged but it was not earlier i argued with him he said speak to our police officer who has taken the picture i waited there for one and a half hour . During this duration a Lady Army Officer owing a Kinetic released her bike after speaking to the Person in room and 5 other people were allowed to take their bike when someone came and spoke to that guy but didnt pay a single penny and there were two people left me and a North Indian Guy.. Why the discrimination is there ..>Why still things live on the fingers of some people...Why me and common man is suffering still...Why my damage is not been paid to me. I want to lodge a complaint of the same. Pls guide me ...The damage to my vehicle costs more than Rs 500. Pls take a note it was me yesterday now it may be any one of you who will be there in the big line of suffering.
we also faced almost similar problem with Vadodara Trafic Police.

Comming from Vadodara railway station, at Kalaghoda, we wanted to take left turn. Normally there is always green signal for left turn. while taking turn there was almost change over to yellow light. we took half turn and we were two feet inside.

two cops were sitting inside and waiting to catch someone. their interest was not to control traffic but to catch and finish target.

i asked permission to that police to allow me to go as
i was amost at half turn.

he called me and asked me to pay fine.
since i was not wrong, i denied.

he wasted my 30 min and forcefully gave me court memo.




SANJAY JAIN, [protected]
police are to control traffic. they are allowing people to break rule and then catch.

Police should not be allowed to deposit licence.

police stops trucks and loading verticals in middle of road and jam traffic.

police collect openly from loading vehicals may be 20-50 rs.

there must be watch tower with camera.

traffic police on point should be responsible for any accident on that point.

many more... sanjay jain [protected]
I am Balkrishna Dave ...i many time face a problem by traffic police Baroda daughter is not well and me and my wife and my younger son go to hospital emergency for daughter at aksharchowk trafic police person is stop to me for seat bealt ...ask me give find rupees hundred and same time 5 chagda (disel big riksha past from there ) in that all riksha full pasanger at 25 to 30 passenger and no any trafic person not ask question to him...and i think in city not car drive above 50km so dont required seat belt in city...and also PUC means pollution under control but for but no body follow properly ...if your vehicle not pollute and are you have PUC certificate it is ok...but majorly we fill like in our traffic persons and rickshaw and taxi driver feel if he has PUC certificate he is write to kerosin use as a fuel and not a problem ...PUS it is our jurisdiction no one is know about the PUC actual norms if my vehicle health is not well i received PUC intimation certificate for 15day to 1month time for i manage the health for my vehicle so we manage the nature and control the pollution ... first aware the licensee r actual norms and then follow the rules...
There are many LCVs parked at microfine, GIDC, Makarpura, vadodara. Daily 2-3 accidents are occuring between the crossing and BOB. The traffic police should not allow the parking of huge vehicles on the ring road.
Today one traffic poilceman stopped me near kirtistambh and asked to pay fine for not wearing helmet, when i argued that he is also not having helmet than he should also pay fine then only i will pay the fine he asked for DL, then PUC, RC Book, when he find everything in place.he again asked me to pay fine for not wearing helmet, he wasted my half hour and keep on agruing with full guts that .If we stop somebody he has to pay something.
But is it so that the rules are only for common people and not for the police officers???
and then after some arguments he said that "they have Target of Rs. 5000 per day for that particular road...and they will collect money through hook or crook."
I believe that it has gone beyond the stage where just posting comments will solve this problem! unless the soft gujarati praja (especially youth) take a collective action ( physical) and send message to police officers about their actual duties, things will not change.

The Police in our country is far from being professional. Unfortunate that they are managed by the so called best brains in the country. I have seen these guys stopping scooterists at random and collecting fines. Dont understadn why it has to be random - People break law and they must act impartially against all. No helmets, using mobile while driving, three/four people on the two wheeler, Rash auto driving wrong side driving are all rampant in Baroda. Instead of tackling the menace they seem to selectively target people, harass for the documents ( this is RTO's job) and what not. The Temporary cops are still worst and are not capable of any thing at all.

The Sinage in the town is far from satisfactory. Roads and footpaths are another story. The Public traffic sense is antique. Baroda has a long way to go...
It is very shameful when we submit a complaint about our own guards, policemen. Here submitting complaint against vadodara police man (sardar pratibha, including his signature). When i turned my bike to the place near to the circle where he was sitting to ask for the help to get me know about an address, said me adopted a rule of wrong way when other vehicles were literally going in that way. when i asked what is unfair to me only he threatened me that else i will lead you to the police station. I was actually right that i had not broke rule but Policeman is misusing its Power to Harass Common Man...please consider this unfair and misuse of power and rights...just want to raise my voice against atrocity of that TP and department...
There is no rules for traffic in Vadodara
Traffic police should worked as a friend with people
On R.C. Dutt road there is no parking space for two wheeler. Parking is only for 4 Wheeler. Also trafic police daban khata taking the two wheeler from out side road also. Where no road only kaccha road from there they are taking the vehical only for to achieve target or to collect money
There is no control on daban truck. Whatever they are saying thats final. No huminity or no correctness
Only to harase the public
Near premiour chamber so many cars you will found. Thats only for sales purpose but no trafic is taking interest to move that why so
There is car parking but not for permanently vehicals / car
ON BPC road no parking facality and no rules for trafic While in small gali of ivery tarace trafic police rules worked its a very much surprising thing.
Also to catch the person who are doing driving at a very high speed at crossing and very dangerously on public road
And using cell phone while driving on 2 wheelers or 4 wheelers
I want to advice traffic people that first make the fecality of parking then force person to obey the rules

m d
At manjalpur near avdhoot fatak:
I go daily by this road and in evening during 6:15 to 6:30 pm after train goes fatak will open after 2 minutes.
People will go on wrong side and when fatak open its create huge traffic jam.
I marked this situation since one month there is not a single traffic police available at place.

Please see the situation and solve the problem if you really want to do your duty.

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