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 Sachin Gunwant

Through this mail I would like to draw your kind concern regarding poorest customer care service in India.
I am using so many different products of different companies and also talked with their customer care but my experience with whirlpool customer care is very pathetic. Each time I called up, a new customer care executive had picked the call and told me a new story regarding my complain actually heshe had not any information what was the last communicationcommitment done with customer.The same attitude is shown by service center (Impulz Home Care Services) executive, first of all she is very rude, she has no sense, how to talk with a customer who has lodge a complain for last four days and irritate from the fake commitments.

I had lodge a complain (DL[protected] ) for refrigerator on 16th May 2009. An engineer had visited same day, and commit that we take this to our workshop and will return this back by 18th May 2009. But when I called Impluz on 18th May 2009 they told me they have not tested yet so the refrigerator will be delivered by 19 th May 2009. Now on 19th May they are saying that they required one more day to test.

Now I want either my refrigerator get delivered by tomorrow afternoon or money back which I give as a visiting and service charge.

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This mail is in reference to the poorest costumer care service provided by Whirlpool. I had bought a Whirlpool Inverter on the 05/01/10 from QRS in Trivandrum. Since then began the nightmare of calling up the so called customer care service. From the time I bought the inverter, till date I have already faced problems with the machine at least five times. Being a patron of Whirlpool I had decided to go for this in spite of my friends warning me as this was newly launched product. Every time I have a problem I call up the customer care and they assure me that a person would come and fix the problem within next 24 hours, but it never happens. Finally after the third problem one person showed up and had a look at the machine and said he wouldn’t be able to help as he was not an engineer. I really don’t understand why the person was sent if he didn’t know anything about inverters. Isn’t the Service Center supposed to send qualified technicians to attend to guest complaints? Again on 19th of this month the inverter started giving me problems and on 20th I called up the customer care and as usual they assured me someone will come and rectify the same, it has been a week since then and till date nobody has bothered to call or come to rectify the inverter. If you can retrieve the records for the number of times I have called your customer care in Trivandrum you will actually be surprised. Now I am in Bangalore and my parents alone are at home (for whom I had bought this) and they find it difficult without an inverter as there are lot of power cuts in that area. False promises and assurances have become the tagline for your so called Customer Care Service. The people at the Customer Care Centre are least bothered about the problems of the client and either they keep on transferring the calls or put you on hold till you hang up.

I am in the process of settling down in Bangalore and had booked a couple of home appliances for my house but after this kind of service I have no faith in Whirlpool and most importantly the people hired by Whirlpool.
This is to inform you that on 26/07/08 I had purchased Whirlpool Washing Machine. The Model was Ebony Royal. It was one of the most high end models of whirlpool at that time. Since the D.O.P already 3 times the Circuit Board has been changed. Every time the service executive visited for service he was just least bothered about the primary job, instead of that he was more eager to push sell the "Iron Filter" for the same. Amongst the three time changes of the Circuit Board one time he changed the same with an old one. Even last time when he was asked to change the defected board with a seal pack new one, he refused & said that due to checking they used to open all the seal packs at their end so they can provide any seal pack item. The quality of the product is very poor & service is worst as I ever faced.
The serial No of the Model is: INB[protected]

Shirsendu Chakraborty
Mob: [protected]
This is to bring in your notice that I had lodged a complaint with serial no GB[protected] dtd 18th april-2010 & after N number of follow ups with your customer care the engineer (Mr.Manoj Khatri) visited at site on 20th April-2010. After visit he told that the sensors need to be replaced & the same will be replaced on 21st april-2010.But unfortunately he didn't turned up & I again got in touch with your customer care & was shocked to hear that my complaint has been closed without rectifying my problem. I fail to understand that without taking the signatures of mine with satisfaction code on the log register, how can he close the complaint. Is there any check on this ? pls confirm & depute some other engineer who will address my problem.

Your early response in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Whirlpool — Whirlpool Customer concern..

My Mobile Number: [protected]

Its with utmost regret and pain that am writing this note to you....

I had made an unfortunate decision of buying a Fridge bearing your brand.... a 3 door Proton...

The sequence of events mentioned below will be self explanatory as to why I feel that "I have made a wrong and unfortunate decision of buying one of your products"

I purchased the Fridge "3 door Proton" from Home Town, Thaltej, Ahmedabad...

It started making a huge noise like a generator from the 3rd month onwards

Called up your call center and raised the complaint...

Some one came within two days and rectified the issue....

After about 4 months, it was noticed that the vegetable tray cooling was very poor, leading to the formation of fungus on the vegetables kept in the compartment meant for vegetables.

Again I had raised the complaint on the same...

Some one came and checked and informed saying that switch inside the fridge was damaged and that it has to be replaced...

My point to him was, (a) No one has played with the switch inside the fridge for it to warrant a replacement within 6 months of purchase. (b) This fridge by itself must have been a faulty one, as, within a span of a few months from purchase, I have had to call your service center twice with a complaint....

So I requested him to provide a replacement of the Fridge and he told me that he is not the right person and that I would have to speak to his supervisor... So I took the supervisor's number and spoke to him.... The supervisor told me that I have to talk to his manager, for which I will have to call him back after about 2 hours... I called the supervisor back in exactly 2 hours... The supervisor put me on hold for about 15 min and then finally told me that he will call me back immediately after taking the Manager on a call conference... And when, even after 0ne hour, he did not call me back, I tried calling the supervisor back, but his number was switched off. Next day again I tried to talk to the supervisor, but he did not pick my call.

Again I made the next call to the call center and lodged the complaint stating the pain I had gone through...And also I had mentioned to the executive who attended the call to ensure that my call is recorded so that it can be played back to some one senior...

Nothing happened from your side and I called the call center again... Lodged the complaint again...

Some one called me up and said that he would get the needful done the next day (this was told to me after I again explained the concern in detail)...

The next day some lady spoke to me asking me to again explain the issue that I have... I told her, "I have already explained this 5-6 times and am tired of explaining this to every new person who is enquiring"....

Even to this day, My complaint and concern has still not been attended to by anyone from your company and I continue to Live with your Faulty Fridge, despite having spent all the money on this...

A company as reputed as yours should not be treating your customers in this fashion and also what's more paining is the way your local so called Managers have treated a customer....

Would also request you to pls listen to the call center interactions that I have had to understand why its been such a painful experience that I have undergone for the simple reason that I purchased a fridge having your Brand name...
Whirpool Washing Machine | Impulz Home Care Services Review

Please read this Whirpool Washing Machine | Impulz Home Care Services Review before you buy a Whirpool Washing Machine.

I own a Whirpool splash washing machine and it has worked ok for last 2 year. Well we hardly used it as my wife prefers getting her clothes cleaned by maid as the machine is too harsh on them and has torn a few.Only i have used it on rare occasions when the maid was absent.On 10th Oct2011 my Washing machine stopped taking in water.After trying everything i decided to contact Whirpool Service for support as it was under extended warranty contract till 2012 dec. I sent them a mail @ homecareconsumercell@whirpool.com on 13th Oct’2011 with complete details.I got a call from their center that the engineer will come to visit me soon and a satisfaction code which i was to provide incase i found the service met my expectations.

The engineer from their Authorized Service Center - Impulz Home Care Services, came the same evening and after fiddling around for 15 minutes left saying that he was not carrying parts for this model as it is now not produced by the company.I asked him, then why does whirpool sell extended contracts if it can not even keep parts aside for support? He had no answers.

The engineer came back the next day with a replacement part from another machine.It did not work.After he replaced the intake valve and motor from another model the machine kept filling water to High Level even when the dial was on Low Level.The motor and valve were not responding. He told me that the problem is partially fixed and i can now use the machine by opening and closing water from tap itself during wash.

Isn’t this crazy ? Why would i be buying Whirpool's Fully Automatic Machine if i had no work but to just sit there and watch water being drained and with every rinse fill it again to the correct level myself . I asked him to put back the original part back and close the machine.

I sent mails for service but got no response.After 3 days he was back with the correct part, which also did not work as the pressure valve also needed replacement.Of course he was not carrying it either.Promising me that he will get it fixed in next 2 days, he never showed up.I am since writing mails to their team and haven’t got a response.

If you are thinking of buying a good branded washing machine, then peace of mind is what you expect.One does not want issues arising out of poor quality.Even in case there is a problem, one believes that it will be dealt with a speedy professional response much in tune with the Brand image.Here, i have spent 11400/- on machine, a 2274/- on extended contract and am now running after these crooks to fix the issue and get done over with it.

Impulz Home Care Services Delhi has not responded and the machine is gathering dust. What to do??
I am looking for escalation emails @ Whirpool.If anyone has them please post them on this thread.

Thank you for taking your time to read my concern.

The Washing machine and warranty details are given below :
Date of Purchase:29/12/2008
Serial No. INBO84800495
Model No: 10437
The machine has 2 years extended warranty - Plan Start Date : 30/12/2010
App.Cat. SATT
Plan Code: 1023217

Updates :-

Oct29’11 - i am yet to hear from anyone for servicing my Whirpool Washing machine. The complaint was logged on 13th Oct ’11 and i am waiting for support since.i have sent my 9th Reminder to Whirpool India, Today by Email. I have also sent about 40 service requests through their website link - http://www.whirlpoolindia.com/Index.aspx?aspxerrorpath=/contactus.aspx

Oct'30th - No Response received yet ...

Oct31st - No Response ..so sent Reminder No.10 to Whirpool India and Submitted another Service Request through Whirpool India.The machine is gathering dust and i could not stop myself from calling Impulz Home Care Services.Mr.Rajender from Impulz told me that i was not contacted as the part for machine were not available and only today Whirpool has sent these part to Impulz. So i can expect an engineer in the evening..

I wonder ..why are customers not told that while great sales pitches are made for Selling Warranty Support.I have paid 2274/- and feel cheated.I would have never bought Whirpool if i was aware of their poor customer support ..

Mr.Rajender - Service Engineer from Impulz Home Care Services arrived and replaced the faulty parts with new one.Took him only 20 Minutes .Apparently the engineer who had visited me thrice earlier didn't know much about washing machines!I could not test the machine as there was no water supply though he ran the diagnostics test and told me it will work fine.Hope my ordeal is finally over.

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