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[Resolved]  Whirlpool — appalling customer service

This is the height of appaling customer service from WHIRLPOOL - We thought that escalating the issue to VP - customer service woul help, instead they all are working like a government body rather than an MNC...I would like to bring this to the attention of whirpool USA, but have no link to mail!!!
Check below series of mails.

Dear Mr.Kapoor,
We are sorry to say, but there is neither any revert to our mails nor is any action taken for bail out.

Appreciate a revert,

Thanks & regards,

Faiyaz. Manglorkarr.
(Director – Sigrun Realties Ltd)
Cell - [protected]


From: Faiyaz Manglorkarr [mailto:faiyaz.[protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, July 01, 2009 2:23 PM
To: '[protected]'; '[protected]'
Subject: RE: Complaint - AWAITING REVERT

Dear Mr. Kapoor,

We received a call on the 29th of July, 09 from whirlpool Delhi office to confirm whether the refrigerator was working fine, to which the problems of leakage was informed, & status of bailout was enquired at our end, to

Which no confirmation. We are yet awaiting a revert with regards to our bail out.

Will appreciate if we get a response to these mails.

Thanks & regards,

Faiyaz. Manglorkarr.
(Director – Sigrun Realties Ltd)
Cell - [protected]


From: Faiyaz Manglorkarr [mailto:faiyaz.[protected]]
Sent: Monday, June 29, 2009 1:01 PM
To: '[protected]'
Cc: '[protected]'
Subject: FW: Complaint - AWAITING REVERT

Dear Mr. Kapoor,

I had to call your Gurgaon office to get correct email addresses…
Am sure you will appreciate how frustrated your Mumbai team has got us, other than the difficulty & disgusting customer experience, & poor representation of brand whirpool.

I request you to go thru the entire chain mail in detail & respond.

Thanks & regards,
Faiyaz. Manglorkarr.
(Director – Sigrun Realties Ltd)
Cell - [protected]


From: Faiyaz Manglorkarr [mailto:faiyaz.[protected]]
Sent: Monday, June 29, 2009 12:31 PM
To: '[protected]'; '[protected]'
Subject: FW: Complaint - AWAITING REVERT

Dear Mr. Rajiv Kapoor,
We are compelled to continuously write to you without any revert at your end, not sure whether your ID given to us is correct or not.

To bring to your attention the disgusting & appalling customer response we have received from your highly efficient technical team with regards to our refrigerator bail out.

I did not want to blow this issue out of proportion & take names of people who do not even understand “C” of customer service & whose egos are far more important for them.

Mr. Ganesh parthasarthy & Pravin Pathak I believe are heading the service centers in Mumbai, & they surely know how to pamper their egos & PROTECT the errors in commitments of their front line…Amazing team

Work must say, if the HEADS practice & treat customers the way they do at whirlpool, the result can be seen at the front line.

I strongly believe that your American counterparts are wasting their time & money, visiting customers homes in India, doing surveys, feedbacks et al, (I had 2 such visits from your foreign delegates accompanied by

Indian Representatives in these 7years to understand that the refrigerator had a defect which was recognized by whirlpool).

Refer below point wise the CUSTOMER SERVICE received from ganesh & Pravin & the way they have politically corrected themselves, I guess Indians like these are responsible for where our country is headed
…No amount of corporitaztion, systems, FDI, policies will help grow India, with HODs like Ganesh.

Followed by series of repairs etc, finally BAILOUT recommended & accepted.

1) 20th Jun sat – We issue a Cheq – 16490 axis bank, for a bail out to another model of professional 405 liters.
2) We understand that getting a replacement of the compressor will be a waste for WHIRLPOOL as bail out will be arranged & we should get our new refrigerator within the following week. We choose to wait & in the meantime are advised to go to a dealer & select Model number etc of new purchase & inform service centre – (Pallavi at front line).
3) 22nd Jun Monday – We give the Model number & are assured by Pallavi that 25th Jun Thu we would get the delivery in the afternoon.
4) 25th Jun, Thu – passing the buck starts – We are NOW informed that the process is that Friday all requests for bailout are sent to HO cumulatively, for approval & that we cannot get the replacement before 29th Monday.
5) I obviously get irritated & furious & demand INTERIM arrangement & insist on speaking with someone RESPONSIBLE who understands & speaks customers service.
6) My MISTAKE – I ask for hierarchy & who reports to who for escalation – from Pravin Pathak & Elllevia. & THATS THE END OF BAIL OUT, TAKING OUR CALLS, & START OF EGO & UNDERSTANDING THE FRUSTRATION AS A PERSONAL ISSUE (DO WHIRLPOOL ENGINEERS & THEIR HODS GET TRAINED ON LINES OF YOUR CUSTOMER ORIENTED U.S. VISIONS????)The busiest people in whirlpool being Ganesh Parthasarthy & Pravin Pathak whose cell phones have NO RESPONSE AT ALL – wonder why they carry phones
7) 26th Jun – Friday - We get a call from pallavi – saying that 2 engineers will come to REPAIR the refrigerator & that bail out is rejected & cannot be done - & that “since we have approached Rajiv Kapoor at HO so wait for revert. – WOW NOW THAT’S WHAT YOU CALL – EGO!!!
8) All though I keep calling Pravin & Ganesh on their cell phones, but they either seem to be driving, or taking engineer meets – NOW THATS WHAT I WOULD CALL MAKING THE CUSTOMER FEEL IMPORTANT!!!
9) I call ellivia - & she informs me that “I HAVE APPROACHED RAJIV KAPOOR so I should wait & talk with him only, theres nothing that GANESH can do & he is BUSY & so is Pravin.
10) Finally, Gopal takes the call while Mr.Ganesh is driving & busy as usual – I Explain to him the entire misinformation, my reason of frustration (2kids at home, no refrigerator since 1 week, hope of getting the replacement done etc) & that more than a SERVICE issue it being taken in the EGO perspective etc, & I was told that 2 engineers will come & replace the compressor & bail out is not possible.

11) 27th Jun sat - Customer does not have the right to get irritated/angry as per whirlpool policy I believe – Friday no action taken!!! According to the engineer who came for replacement the compressor & water tray was getting replaced as WE had said NO to the bail out & insisted on the existing refrigerator being fixed (so why did I not ask for cheque to be returned??) – Is ganesh an ex-government servant ???– Surely knows how to be politically correct, delay the situation, neglect/avoid customers.

12) Finally the existing fridge is repaired with leakages happening – NO response to bailout, & from GANESH/PRAVIN.I believe HODS in whirpool have a lot to do that they cannot even speak with customers!!!

I am not sure if my mails are reaching the correct person as on 2 occasions I have been given 2 different IDs & no revert from yourself as well.

Mr. Kapoor we expect this to be resolved at your level atleast. As customers of whirlpool we surely have had a SPLENDID experience.

Look forward to some response from someone who is responsible.
Thanks & regards,
Faiyaz. Manglorkarr
(Director – Sigrun Realties Ltd)
Cell - [protected]
I have also posted the mails on your website “CONTACT US “ as no response from any decision makers.


From: Faiyaz Manglorkarr [mailto:faiyaz.[protected]]
Sent: Friday, June 26, 2009 6:30 PM
To: '[protected]'
Subject: FW: Complaint

Dear Mr.kapoor,

Response from your customer service team received in the eve is since we have raised this issue to you we should be awaiting a response from you itself & that a replacement of compressor will be done tomorrow & Mr.Ganesh & Pravin both are busy in a meeting….

Can we receive some response & action from someone responsible?

From: Faiyaz Manglorkarr [mailto:faiyaz.[protected]]
Sent: Friday, June 26, 2009 3:57 PM
To: '[protected]'
Cc: '[protected]'
Subject: FW: Complaint

Yesterday I was given an incorrect ID by your service area incharge Pravin Pathak who said he would be BUSY till 12pm as he has to take a meeting & after that he would try to revert with status of replacement for Sat & interim arrangement would be made today, I guess he is busy till now even to answer calls……Out of the world customer service!!!

From: Faiyaz Manglorkarr [mailto:faiyaz.[protected]]
Sent: Thursday, June 25, 2009 7:58 PM
To: '[protected]'
Cc: 'aly manglorkarr'
Subject: Complaint

Dear Mr. Rajiv kapoor,

We have purchased a refrigerator FF350 in 2002. I believe this is a model with manufacturing defect which eventually is confirmed by technicians at whirlpool & a visiting foreign delegate R & D team in 2003 to get feedback & understand the problems & defects.

We, in these 7 years have been calling for service from the AMC insurance that we had fortunately had taken in 04. All this is a good gesture including the bailout, from whirlpool, we appreciate.

Our problem starts here……..

13) We have issued a Cheq – 16490 axis bank, Sat -20th June, 09 for a bail out to another model of 405 liters

14) We were requested by the technician not to have the compressor replaced since we would get the new refrigerator replaced doorstep on Thu i.e. 25th Jun, 09.

15) We waited …………………………...

16) To learn that the approvals have to come from HO & that it happens only on Fridays cumulatively & that we will receive the bailout refrigerator only on Monday!!!

17) Have spoken with you front line to supervisor levels & they say they will TRY to have it done by Saturday - & since they have a meeting with their staff they will be able to confirm only after 12pm tomorrow for an interim arrangement!!! Customer centricity!!!

18) Irony - Somewhere customers are elated by management policies & down the line dissatisfied.

19) Will appreciate if we have a working refrigerator by 26th June 09 12pm – On priority – Am sure your team can empathies with a situation of no refrigerator in Mumbai city for a week with 2 infants at home!!!

Thanks & regards,
Faiyaz. Manglorkarr.
Board Line –[protected]
Resi: Aditi, flat # 5, seven Bungalows,
Andheri (W), Mumbai – 400053.
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Aug 14, 2020
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We have purchased a refrigerator model is 23 classic.I believe this is a model with manufacturing defect which eventually is confirmed by technicians at that one try is missing i told the shop owner.he told the refrigerator all are same.the top most try is not in the refrigerator.the same model i have see the refrigerator in that refrigerator the try is there.that why i have the complaint to.
the shop name is vinyi enterprises, highroad, chittoor, andhra pradesh.

customer details;
ashok puram,
top line,
andhra pradesh.

Whirlpool Fridge — Disgusting customer Service.

we have lodged a complaint vide complaint No. 11802 regarding a repair for the fridge on the customer care No. Within two days a Guy by name Ramakrishna from Seetal Electronics Services, Nallakunta, Hyderabad (Authrorised Services for Whirlpool India)visited and suggested that only the Defrost cap which has broken needs to be replaced and he has collected Rs.200 with a promise to replace the same within two days. he had issued a receipt vide No. 1323 dated[protected].

From that day this person has not called back nor is picking up the calls that we are making him daily. If this company cannot replace such a small spare part, I only doubt how long they will exist in the market.

I have relodged one more complaint today vide complaint No. 4643 ie.[protected]. I request the concerned authorities to immediately do the needful else I may be constrained to take appropriate action including approching of the consumer forum for such useless service.. I only ended up paying Rs.200 without actullay getting a resolution for the problem.

Hope this is reach the ears of the Whirlpool authorities.

Vijaya Srinivas
I am K J Joseph Kochuvadavana Mukkoor, my washing machine is not working.
model is I N B[protected]

Customer details
K J Joseph
Kochuvadavana House,
Palackathakidi P .O
[protected], [protected]

Whirlpool Fridge — useless service

the Manager
Service & customer care

Bought a new whirpool refigerator in the year 2009 and there is a leak in freezer door for which we had spend Rs 1065 on change of Timer and Bimetal on 24/8/2010 it is 6/10/2010 and again the same problem arise as the leak is still continuing . when we called customer care center which was adressed by Miss sonia we were informed that since 1 months has lapsed from the last servive again we have to pay Rs 285 or else the engineer would not work and only this which was to her concern was that we have to pay Rs 285 or else she would not escalate this issue to the service department . I think this is the most easiest way of earning money that month on month we would be paying money to whirpool. Please check this matter or else youd be loosing much of the market because of your unjustified policy.
Name : R.Sankar
Complain no KL[protected]

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