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[Resolved]  Wings Radio Cabs — Very Irresponsible

I have been travelling by this cab from last 4 weeks. They are very poor in service -
1. The time for which they commit never come out at that time.
2. Drivers are also not properly educated.
3. Many times the call center employees take wrong information
4. Meter shows different reading for same KM.
5. There is no way you can talk to their manager.

Due to these all problem I never recommend this cab to anybody. Its better if any opponent comes in front of them then and only then they will learn that how to treat the customer.

Be Carefull
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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Really Wings Radio cab is very very irresponsible. It happened twice with me that they have promised to come and didnt come. Once I had to take my baby to hospital and they didn't show up. It was really frustrating.

I would suggest nobody to go for this cab.
I use radio cab everyday. Everytime its a different story, sometimes the taxi does not come at all sometimes the taxi driver picks someone else instead of me. I have never seen such horrible services by any other vendors.

Since i am travelling from past 5 months in Radio cab everyday i think i have faced almost all possible problems-

-Major problem lies with callcentre, where people does not enter proper information
-Cab not in time or does not come at all
-Meter shows different reading for same distance
-2 cabs comes at the same time

Is there anybody who is looking into this?
Same experience.

-Very irresponsible.
-No ethics

It seems, Anthey recruited such kind of driversd these are betraying their own company.

The driver was driving with one hand throughout. He was continuously talking on his mobile and it was all personal and not related to his duty.

And from the conversation, I can make out that he is cheating his company. He is making a deal with someone else for Lonavala trip using that cab. He also sent sms to them as if Wings has sent. (WINGS --- look out--- u may reduce to bankruptcy )

(I still have the sms with the driver and cab details )

-- Though the sms sent to me shows my detail course of trip, he denies it and says he has not been told about that and does drama on mobile for sometime
-- Does not give bill

Thank God, some competitor has entered Pune. Hope they have standards
Really Wings Radio cab is very very irresponsible.

My Scenario:

Yesterday I requested a Wings cab at 7 PM & booked time 12 O'clock in the same night from Rly Station to Chanda nagar,

But I waited around 30 minute, & called around 100 times to wings office, but all time the number was busy. After long time one person picked up the phone and told me, the driver call you with in 5 minute, but no one called me.

Again I called after 15 minute; the person told me the system is very slow, so It will take more 30 minute. Finally I booked a risk and came to my room.

So please think, suppose a medical case happened in this situation, so what can you do at night time?

So I requested to all pune people for your safety proposes don’t trust the wings cab. It’s my own experienced.

I had booked a cab to go from Kothrud to Hinjewadi. Reporting time was 10:00 am, I got SMS of Driver details then i waited till 10:30am i gave call to Driver and he said i am at airport. I gave a call on[protected] and they said that Cab is punctured and we will send another CAB. No SMS till 10:50am. Again i gave call on 40100100, they kept me waited many times while talking and total call period was 4:35 min. Now i got new SMS and lastly CAB came at 11:16am on sharp time...:)
I am travelling with WINGS from last 8 weeks now, initially the service was good. however after few days i have started facing the same problems. frequently they started sending the SMS saying your cab will be delayed by 45 mins, today i have booked cab for 6.45pm, but not received any sms till 6.40 so i called their call center, there he said you will receive driver details in 5 mins and driver will be on time. after 10 mins i got sms saying your cab will be delayed by 30 mins and now it is 8pm and i am still in my office, till now i have not received any call or sms from them.
they are so irresponsible, pathetic cab service.
Wings Radio Cab is very very irresponsible. I have told wings people that I wont pay them due to delay in their part. If there is delay from our side they dont hesitate to charge the waiting time.
Wings Radio Cab Pune is run by bunch of fools who have no sense of responsibility and professionalism...

Booking reps dont even know how to speak...

Cab booked for 11:30 PM (confirmation received) is entered in the system as 11:45 PM. No driver details sent till 11:45 PM the customer is waiting at the airport without any clue of where the cab driver is... absolute disaster...

brainless bunch of fools should be kicked out of the business...
As I booked a cab on 22-Nov-12 11 PM from Mantra Majestica, Kale Padal Road, Sasane Nagar Pune to Pune Railway Station and ref no RWR1631444, required on 23-Nov-12 @ 9:30 AM.

I don’t get any sms for stating driver contact number. So I called customer care at 9:05 AM but hearing “All Representatives busy”. In last I able to contact them @ 9:15 AM.
I shocked to hear that there is no cab is available at the moment, when I told that I have already booked the cab yesterday and Ref RWR1631444 then he told that System is not working
So enable to see your booking but by the way not able to provide the cab because o[censored]navailability and sorry for that.

Here I book this cab because I am not able take my family to station due some office work and I was in the impression that cab will come on on 23-Nov-12 @ 9:30 AM. That my luck I enquired
It to customer care 10-15 minutes back otherwise my family train got missed.

Who would be the responsible this type of services. If we sometime late, you will charge the late payment, what would be in my case then ?

As per this bitter experience today will not suggest any of my colleagues and friends to take Wings services Any disaster might be happened any time like me.
I have been asking for the wings cab service daily, since last 6 months & nearly 30% time I had to use autoriksha ! The problems are :
1. Daily 15 / 20 minutes are wasted to contact booking persons . ( Today the phone is not reachable !)
2. Till today the no. of times cab came in time is only 10%. Sometimes, though booking is confirmed cab did not come at all !
3. As a daily traveler, I know exact ditance & very few drivers tell proper charges !
4. To avoid pollution I use the cab but many times 'a.c. is not working '!
5. There is no responsible person to note your complaints !
So pl. note " never rely on wings if you want to reach airport or attend any meeting in time".

I had booked by Wings Cab last night at 11:30. First they didn't send me the message regarding the driver details and phone number. The driver took me from the long route instead of the shorter one. I was going from Air port to Pimple Saudagar. He took me from University instead of khadki-Aundh route. This is totally unprofessional.
Very unprofessional and unethical. I had booked by Wings Cab last night at 11:30. First they didn't send me the message regarding the driver details and phone number. The driver took me from the long route instead of the shorter one. I was going from Air port to Pimple Saudagar. He took me from University instead of khadki-Aundh route. This is totally unprofessional.
Take matter in your own hands. Use Taxeeta app (on Android), and look for cabs in your vicinity. Contact them directly in a matter of minutes.
Wings Radio cab has a pathetic service as they are never able to show up on time even if the cab is booked well in advance (4 hrs before). I had started calling Wings radio cab everyday for going to office at 9.15 am. I had to call the cab because public transport is pathetic in Pune, and getting an auto is also difficult at that time from my area (Karvenagar). But I have found that each and everyday I had to call wings cab 15 mins before pick up time to hear that they do not have cab for another 40 minutes/1 hr/ 30 mins and that is the issue everyday. For them everyday I was getting late at office and they will ask me to keep buffer time for pick up. But if I book the cab too early and come even after 5 mins of scheduled pick up they will charge me for waiting charges but when they got late each and every day they are not ready to take a single penny lesser for their fault. They blindly say that they cannot give such service where customer will pay less due to the fault of the cab which always comes late. They never mention that they do not have cab at the time of booking but each and everyday the same problem keeps repeating. They have the worst and the most pathetic service. This should be addressed to immediately. This has happened even today i, e. 07.10.2013 where I was not provided a cab at 9.15 am from Karvenagar to Mehendale Garage and customer support said that they do not have any cab now and they can provide a cab 40 mins later and even after 50 mins of schedule pick up also there was no sms from wings cab for cab and driver details.
Do not opt for wings cab. Their drivers are pathetic. They eat tambacco while driving and very rude to the customers. I doubt, whether wings provide any trainings to their drivers.
This is to bring to your notice the unprofessional behavior that has been shown by your staff since the past few months.
I booked two cabs yesterday (3 Nov 2013) with pick up from Pimple Saudagar at 5:30 PM and drop at 1) Swar gate bus stop and 2) Pune railway station. I was told both my bookings are confirmed and that the cabs will reach the pickup destination on time.
At 5:20 PM, I get a call from Wings saying that the cab to Pune station will take another 25 mins to reach and that I should "look for another alternative" to reach my destination. With just 10 mins left for my scheduled pickup, HOW do you expect me to arrange for an alternative? Especially with yesterday being Diwali day!!
And to make matters worse, when I enquire about my other booking to Swar gate bus stop, I'm told that no cab has been booked for Swar Gate!!! When in the morning I got 2 smses, on both the numbers I had provided for the bookings confirming the same!
I have already had this "no show" experience in the past, and had warned the call center executive about it while making the booking. I had assumed you would have learnt from your past mistakes but...
I really think you should do a reality check and try to rectify all the inconvenience you are causing to passengers.
As for me, I'm NEVER ever going to avail your services anymore and will also warn all my friends against the same.
I think it's time for you guys to shut down!
Very true

Today (3rd Jun 2014) we booked for 2 cabs from Kothrud Depo to Seasons Mall, Magarpatta, Pune. We called at 11.15 AM and asked for 2 cabs to report by 11:45 AM.

Surprisingly and till 12:30 no cab was booked by them. We called 10 times and finally one cab came by 12:45 PM and 2nd by 1:15 PM

This is poorest of poor service by Wings Radio Cabs. We had heard of its good service before but this was most disappointing experience.

Won't use Wings Radio Cab again. With such service people will surely miss their exams, trains, flights, interview, etc.
Wings Cab sucks big time!! Terrible service !!! Do NOT use Wings Cab.

People at Wings Cab seem to be very unprofessional and irresponsible. I wanted to reach the Visa office on time for my visa related work. I was informed I would receive the driver's phone number 30 minutes before the journey. I did not receive any such information. I was already getting late. They didn't even bother to call me. I had to call them 4-5 times and yell at them. At one point, they also had the nerves to tell me to arrange for an alternate transport facility. I was mad at them to the core.

Wings Cab sucks big time!! Terrible service !!! Do NOT use Wings Cab.
HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE WITH THIS WINGS RADIO CAB SERVICE!!! i booked a cab 1 day prior to catch a train on the next day... I specifically told them while booking not to be late as i have a train... Also specified this coz last time they were 1 hr late... Same this time... They messaged me 1/2 hr prior that the cab would be 1/2 hr late... Wen i called again, a lady answered but was out of words, literally didn't speak anything... I literally said am i an to speak alone on the phone, still no answer, i had to cut and call again... 2 nd time again a lady answered and started apologizing, wen i said i wished to complain and speak to their executive, they said executive was not there... I said to give me a call back from the executive and to provide me a cab anyhow as they had put me in trouble at the last moment... I had no option to rush from pimpri to pune station, with heavy traffic... These people charge 100 rupees for cancellation n waiting charges seperate... But when their time come to serve they just give up irresponsibily... NO APOLOGY, NO OTHER ARRANGEMENTS, AND NO EXECUTIVE OR ANYONE TO LISTEN TO COMPLAINTS!!! Most irresponsible service... I[censored] have an important place to be, guys, don't rely on wings radio cabs... U'll surely b late or miss it!!! N my ratings is nog even zero, its in MINUS..!!!

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