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Bangalore North, Karnataka, India
Respected sir/madam,

After lot of chasing and struggle i got hands on fastag from icici and was very happy to use it to save time plus wanted to be part of something new which nhai is implementing, my happines was shortlived when i figured out i still had to wait and waste time at these two toll plazas 1) krishnagiri 2) vaniyambadi (Both towards chennai from bangalore)... Yes the fastag lanes are not working and at krishnagiri fastag lane was blocked by some load truck supposedly belonging to your project work, truck took good 2 to 3 minutes to move and give way! Truck driver was having a chat with toll booth operator while truck blocking the the lane at exit, then manual detection of fastag was done and i was let thru! Please look into this and help us in having smooth flow thru fastag lanes.

Thank you!

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On Pune Banglore Highway, Khed Shivapur Toll and Anewadi Toll have a dedicated lane for Fastag Vehicles but those are kept open for all types of Vehicles including NON-FASTAG. They don't even bother that they are denying our right to save time and petrol using Fastag on our vehicles. Workers at Toll Booth are very Rude and Mannerless. What the use of Fastag if it takes same or extra time than regular toll lanes?
Very bad service at Krishnagiri toll plaza . I got a fast tag local pass but every time when I cross I get debited with regular charges ..when I complained at plaza they themselves don't know the solution to solve it.. . This toll is India s busyest toll but service get here is very poor & bad
In ulundurpate (tamilnadu) tool is not following rule all going in fastag lane no use to buy, and fastag lane fastag sensor is not working, gate keeper don't know how to explain using bad communication and fastag is not working in ulundurpet tool. Waste to buy fastag, very poor service
There are 2 Fastag lanes at Gharaunda GT Road toll plaza but 1 lane was blocked and through the 2nd lane all vehicles were passing causing waste of time for those with Fastag. No responsible person was there to help. The local attendants need to be trained about not blocking the lanes.
Date 01/03/2017 @ 6.30 am
Not satisfactory
I was trying to get fastag from quite some time, some how I did not get. There was no stock and some time they told it will take 7 days and need to go to specific bank of ICICI.

But finally I got it yesterday and recharged. Still the happiness did not lost. I could not use in any of the tollgate after I got it in Tamil Nadu. The last 4 tollgates in Tamil Nadu the fastag is not working. The counter people are telling it is not working from last 1 year. To my surprise "PayTM" not available, Fastag not working and Credit card machine is not working. The counter person is asking for a change of Rs 2 and 5 also. I am in favor of digitalization, but if the public tollgate is not supporting then how can the vision of PM of India can come true? The tollgates are "Nanguner", Kayathar, Kapplur. These are between Madurai to Kanyakumari NHAI roads. Will the authorities take action to resolve this issue.

Very happy to use Fastag.. But in some places, the purpose is not achieved !! In the Thirumangalam and Kayathaaru toll plazas... The sensors are not there...And the lane allocated for Fast Tag is not being allocated for Fastag customers alone.. All vehicles are permitted there.. And they are manually accessing the Fastag card.. Which is really frustrating!! Please do the needful
I got fastag from icici and was very happy to use it to save time but i was surprised when i figured out i still had to wait and waste time on all the toll plaza between Vadodara and Navsari.

I was surprised to see an operator sitting in the dedicated fastag lane cabin to collect toll from non fastag vehicle.Instead of sitting in cabin they should stand at the start of lane and divert vehicles to other lane.

We have to keep waiting in fastag lane as the operator is busy collecting toll from general vehicles even though other lanes are empty.

I think we are fooled...
Initially I was very happy to hear that there won’t be anymore waiting at the toll plaza for paying toll. After a painful procedures any waiting time I finally got my fastag and my first trip turned out to be a bitter one and I feel that I had paid someone to trouble me. I was traveling from Tirupathi to Chennai via Thiruvallur and none of the toll plazas have fastag being operative though they have a very good notification a km ahead of the toll plaza about ETC lane and have the fast tag sign board on the dedicated lanes none of the toll collection agents know about this. They were so rude that they finally let me pass the toll only after collecting the toll fee in cash . At the beginning a few of my friends are very interested in getting their own fastag but after hearing my experience they were totally disappointed and left the idea of getting one.

Bellur toll in Bangalore Mangalore highway always blocked by barricades and patrolling person to be called by horn after waiting for a while if take other general lane, they make us take back to the dedicated lane. security along with other toll staff behave so rudely and use vulgar language. Besides they make us saying the machine is not scanning...SO PLZ DONT GO FOR FASTAG... simply cheating tool...besides they telling that they were not bothered about the complaints with Fastag...
I have been using fast tag for past few years but recently I moved to bangalore. In most parts of Karnataka the fast tag lane allows non fast tag vehicles. Between mangalore and chitradurga some places don’t have fast tag and in all the other toll gates, non fast tag vehicles are allowed and u have to stand in queue. Between mangalore bangalore highway, fast tag counters are separate but someone has to manually open the barricades and check the fast tag!!! How does this save anytime or manpower.
There should be a fine or double charge for non fast tag vehicles passing through this lane then people will stop using it and will save time for others. Also many people are not even aware of this facility they should be made aware so that more people will start using it
Issues with Fastag.
I bought fastag from Paytm and started using it recently. Without doubt, It is very useful and convenient. Really appreciate our Govt for this initiative.
Main drawback of this is, it is not useful at all toll gates. We buy this tag assuming only fastag vehicles will be allowed in the dedicated lane. But it is not the case in all toll gates.
While travelling from Bangalore to Coimbatore, this tag lane is open for all vehicles at Electronic city, ATTIBELLE and Krishnagiri toll gates. So we need to wait in the long queue equally as non-tag vehicles. Also finding the fastag lane is difficult due to lot of vehicles in the area. All other 5 tolls were properly maintained.

Since Govt has ordered mandatory tag for all new vehicles from Dec 2017, they should arrange strict rules to avoid non tag vehicles entering in to the tag lane. This is the only way we can make use of it effectively. I also do not see penalty/fine is imposed for those who enter on the tag lane.
And also presently we have only one lane in most of the tolls. It should be increased to 2 so that we can move fast and can really promote this as well.

Looking forward to see some action on this quickly.
I started to use sbi fastag from november 2017 .I had observed that some toll gates on kanpur to jhansi road are not following correct toll charges .They don't follow double journey or round trip and deduct full amount.No one is there to listen this on toll gate.i had to face a losses so many times. Toll gate officer doesn't respond on phone and suggest for cash to avoid such loss.Hence I had decided to stop using this card.Total loss 3000 rupees in two months .Very poor ...
On Gharaunda toll plaza on NH1, the FasTag lane does not work while going towards New Delhi. All vehicles are allowed to pass through the dedicated Fastag lane and the staff also does not care about it on complaining
Sonipat toll plaza has 3 fastag lanes and all 3 were crowded by non fastag vehicles. What is the point. Atleast 1 should be purely for fastag vehicles. The attendants should ensure that.
I got fastag from icici and was very happy to use it to save time but i was surprised when i figured out i still had to wait and waste time on all the toll plaza between rohtak and delhi..
Do we any provision to block the next charging on same day if we payed 2 way charges on first entry.

Last time @ aluva toll booth kerala they charge me 2 way charge first time and during returun again they deduct the single entry charge from my account, In this case we got the confirmation message after passing the toll both so people regret to go back,

Plaese take some action to resolve this and stop double charging.

Please provide multiple lanes for FASTAG users at all toll plazas in India. Or at least have 2 lanes for FASTAG users, one for commercial vehicles and one for passenger vehicles.
NH-4, Khadshivapur Toll Plaza, Pune and Satara Toll plaza are not maintaining dedicated line for FASTAG. Even non Fastag, cash vehicle are paying toll in FASTAG lane.
This is very frequent practice. Please look into this issue.
The fastag tag on Tatiawas toll collection booth on NH 52 is not working. Today they made me pay cash and also deducted the fastag money.

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