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t's been a frustrated customer service i ever experienced in recent times, last couple of weeks i lost my personal money, time and peace of mind due to your OLA Cab services. I need valid response and timely solution with my money Rs.500 back along with compensation for my follow up calls, time, peace of mind. I have attached my ICICI Bank transaction screen shot for your reference. Brief summary of my frustrated transaction summary: Note: Each and every time i called several time to customer care to reach your team and they will put me in hold for not less than 20 - 30 min every time and all the time i need to explain in detail about whole history of transactions. Date Mode of Contact Transaction Description 1-Oct-14 Call to Customer care Through my one my friend came to know OLA Cabs Introductory Offer, Installed OLA in my mobile added OLA Money of amt Rs.500 (Considering I will get the return of Rs.1000 OLA money credit on my account) but its not reflected and I called customer care and mentioned it will get credited in 24 hrs. (But my amount got debited from icici account ) 4-Oct-14 Call to Customer care Checked the App and it's not reflected my balance so called the customer again and they said it will take "48 hours" to credit back on account 10-Oct-14 Call to Customer care Again contacted after 10 days, as it's not credited on my account yet, given all my bank (icici bank) transaction id and other details and informed that OLA team will contact me with further details 14-Oct-14 Call to Customer care Waitied for the call but no from OLA team, so called back again but got the same response that I will receive the call in 24 hrs 15-Oct-14 Call to Customer care As usual no calls from OLA, followed up again and asked for the reason but this time OLA team mentioned that payment was not credited in OLA account and asked me to check with my bank. So I immediately called my bank and logged a complaint against that transaction 17-Oct-14 Call from ICICI Bank As per their SLA, with in 2 working days got a call from ICICIbank and informed that transaction made was successful and amount was credited in OLA account. 17-Oct-14 Call to Customer care Tried reaching the OLA number several times but no luck 20-Oct-14 Call to Customer care Reached OLA customer care and informed the same, as usual Customer care representative informed that they will get back to me in a day or two 30-Oct-14 Call to Customer care Asusal no follow up phones calls OLA, so called OLA number Today and explained the whole history of my transaction (Spoken to Mrs. Haripriya - Manager) as almost 7th time and she suggested me to sent these transaction in email along with my icici transaction screen shoot, so that OLA team will contact me in next 24 hours without fail 1-Nov-14 Even after two workings days, i didnt get a single mail from OLA Support even "thx received mail " also.. or anyservice call. Very Very POOR Customer Service. Afterthat i have to make a call, first the manager was not ready to talk with me. After 15-20 mins of debate with customer care rep only Manager came to phone line... Then again chking the whole history for 10 mins and asking for mob number to transfer the amt. But not ready to pay me compensation for mistake they done and the calls i made for more 10 times ... She was little harsh with me too and not ready to give contact details of her manager, saying "i cant" which was little harsh...

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[Nov 03, 2014] Ola Cabs / ANI Technologies customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
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With regard to the subject mentioned CRN 65130491, would like to inform you that the waiting charge, a laymen would understand is the time he/she has made the cab to wait before boarding it.

But what i understand from the conversation i had with the Call Center is that, it also en-composes, the wait that i as a customer and you as cab service provider wait in the pathetic traffic signals as well.

My logic totally defies this...why would i be charged for waiting in the traffic...the cab is stationary and not moving...why the charge then??????

CS response...AC and device will be On...Then switch it off...

Please understand, out of Rs 308/- i paid, Rs 138 is for travelling and Rs 169/- is for 69 minutes of wait in signals and traffic...who is responsible for the traffic...YOU or ME...

Also, please enlighten me what is Peak charges then...

Utterly disappointed with the service... Will never come back to you...shall make sure to enlighten others of your fabulous service as well...
Thanks for your service, i have always been your admirer and never missed opportunity to use/suggest to use. But today i had a bad experience with you. I booked Mini Cab from Tempo Chowk Wadgaon sheri to reach DLF akruti IT park (Quadron Business Park), Car was fine and driver too, I kept my Ola App active for current trip info, after 10 minutes of journey driver told me that his mobile device does not have enough battery and its getting switch off, after that i guess he had restarted his phone and kept it for charging. once i reached destination Ola App in my device and Driver device shown 25.3 Km of journey with total bill of 344 rs but driver complained me saying his Car meter is showing trip of 28 km so he made some call to Ola and your representative asked me to pay a bill of 376 Rs so i refused to pay and dial customer care, in discussion your representative manually calculated distance of 31Km with the help of Google maps and asked me to pay bill of 412 Rs to driver so i did that. So now i have invoice on my mail of 344 Rs and 376 Rs and i have paid bill of 412 Rs.

How customer care representative can manually calculate bill with Google map, there are 'N' number of ways to reach same destination?

Trip : CRN70433078
White Tata Indica MH 18 P 0457
Driver : Ravindra

So if Ola works this way i think its really a bad option to take next time. I would like to wish you all the best luck.
I booked ola cab and got cab confirmation message.

When cab details didn't arrived via mesage, i called ola cab almost 5-6 times before scheduled time. Ola service center keep confirming that cab is coming - two three drivers called and no one arrived. There was totally mess up and I missed my train.

Very poor service.

I want to escalate this to OLA management. Can you please share escalation matrix.
Worst support please find the below details.

these people are playing game with public, no response no proper updates.

Bakkvas company

Is OLA company closed or what. Plz update.
On Mar 30, 2015 5:35 PM, "Manjunath Javali" <[email protected]> wrote:
I didn't get reply from you people. This how I am getting support from OLA.
On Mar 26, 2015 2:48 PM, "Manjunath Javali" <[email protected]> wrote:
Hello team,
Is the OLA company is closed or what ?I didn't get reply .
Plz update me on the below query.
No thanks & regards
On Mar 24, 2015 1:47 PM, "Manjunath Javali" <[email protected]> wrote:
Hi Team,
CNR #69459696
On 22nd March I booked the cab for 23rd March 5:00AM time and its confirmed.customer support guy told that I will receive message n call before 30 min on 23 rd.
But on 23 we didn't receive any info.so I called to[protected] on 4:50 .on that time support REP is telling that because technical issue this happen .
After the call I revive can n driver details .I called to driver n shared the location details.he told that he will come within 15 min.
After 20 min when I called to driver he told that he is not coming & told to check with [protected] & disconnected.
Again I called to [protected] n for can around 5:35AM .
Before booking this can I asked to OLA phone support guy .that I have 400 OLA amount so this can be applicable for this ride or not.He told that we do not any option to check.
Please check the full trial mail .in this harish mail it's clearly mentioned that 400 rs I can use my ride.for this confusion I called n mail to u people & for confirmation from you only to use this 400rs for next time.
But for today ride again I paid 283rs .Before this I showed this mail to driver .no use.
Here 2 points
There is no proper support and information .
Chumma you people are telling that I have OLA money & after that again I have pay for it.
For today morning ride .you can see the mail n call details how much I struggled .this is how we are getting support from you.
I 'll never accept your sorry for inconvenience & apology .
I need justification clearly for all my queries.looking forward from you people.
On Mar 22, 2015 11:49 AM, "Manjunath Javali" <[email protected]> wrote:
[protected] Forwarded message[protected]
From: "Ola Support email" <[email protected]>
Date: Mar 13, 2015 10:48 AM
Subject: Re: Issue related to my ride <CRN 64108264>
To: <[email protected]>

Ola Munjunath,

Thank you for reverting back.

As we check with this email id [email protected] the amount Rs.400/- already credited to you are Ola account kindly request you to check the balance.

If there's anything else we can help you with, please feel free to contact us on[protected]please add your city code before the number). You can also drop us an email at [email protected]

Deepika G
Customer Support
On Thu, 12 Mar at 4:29 pm, Manjunath Javali <[email protected]> wrote:
Hi sindhuja,
Plz find the attachment .it's not credit .now only I checked and its latest attachment .requesting u to slove this ASAP.
On Mar 12, 2015 4:08 PM, "Ola Support email" <[email protected]> wrote:
Ola Munjunath,

Thanks for reverting back.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. We see that the Ola money has been already credited to your account, We request you to check and revert if any further clarifications required.

If there's anything else we can help you with, please feel free to contact us on[protected]please add your city code before the number). You can also drop us an email at [email protected]

Sindhuja K
Customer Support
On Wed, 11 Mar at 3:12 pm, Manjunath Javali <[email protected]> wrote:
Plz find attachment
On Mar 11, 2015 3:04 PM, "Manjunath Javali" <[email protected]> wrote:
Hi Team, thank you for your comment.but when I checked in plz money .it's saying zero balance .could you please let me know how can I use 400 rs.
On Mar 11, 2015 2:11 AM, "Ola Support email" <[email protected]> wrote:
Ola Munjunath,

Thank you for writing in.

We are extremely sorry about all the hassle you have gone through for the booking. We do not want any of our customers to face such inconvenience.

We shall give proper feedback to the driver and ensure that such bad experience never happens. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

We know that when a situation like this arises, it hampers the relationship between us. Team Ola regrets what happened and is working on everything possible to ensure situations like these are minimized.

What happened cannot be changed and we apologize for the mishap; however, we want to nurture our relationship and work on strengthening it. As a gesture, we will credited Rs.400/- to your Ola money account. You can use this amount on your next city taxi ride.

We look forward to serving you better on your next ride with us.

If there’s anything else we can help you with, please feel free to contact us on[protected]please add your city code before the number). You can also drop us an email at [email protected]

Harish Kumar K
Customer Support

The worst service i have faced lot of problems. I never recommended the worst cabs. Three times the cab drivers themselves cancelled the Trip at the last minute and i had faced lot trouble with my family. The Ola Mini cabs the worst Indicas . I think they got from Scrap sheds. So my personal recommendation is don't opt Ola. In fact i am very good customer earlier for Ola. Now a days the worst and bad condition cab.


I also faced the same issue
I do not know if you take action on this or not. However, This is really ridiculous when OLA behaves this way. We were at Brigade road, Bangalore, we wanted a drive back home and when we tried OLA cab app., , it was not working(app was not working, other apps. were working fine with the Internet and the issue seemed to be obvious with your app.) and we tried calling phone number for OLA cab, they kept saying use OLA app. We tried all our ways to make them understand that YOUR app. is not working. However, they seemed to be adamant not to listen to US. We were stranded for almost for 5 hours because of no positive answer from OLA. The people we called were like, -" book with app.(which was not working)(your issue)" and we were requested (as if it was our mistake) to book a cab for us as app. was not working. To my surprise, there was no help from any of the phone operator.. I want this thing to be escalated. OLA could reach me on [protected].
I had received 1 coupon for OLA Cab @ 300/- by other friend approx 2 month ago. Today dated 20.11.2015 I have used this coupon & ride with OLA cab from 11, Lala Lajpat Rai Sarani, Sreepally, Bhowanipore, Kolkata, West Bengal 700020 to Resarve Bank of India, 15 N.S. Road, Kolkata 700001, (OLA CAB Trsn ID. CRN[protected] when i had leave this ola cab, Cab Driver Mr. Shiva Sanam Lal told me that " Please pay Charge Rs. 129/- for 5.36 Km, i had asked this person "Why i can pay this money because i have used OLA Rs. 300/- free coupon, so why taken charges for this ride? he connected some other lady by phone & i had talk with her, she getting firing & she force me pay money Rs. 300/- for this ride. so i had paid Rs. 300/- in cash for ride to driver ( Mr. Shiva Sanam Lal) then he leaved this place. I am very very dissatisfied for OLA Cab Service. Ola is a very bad company & this company chit with me...

no money I received

When my friend added my refgeralreferral code in hhis phone i didn't receive any money help me
ola cab drivers are not good & they were asked first you drop location & they ware saying I am at another location & bahut time lagega..so it is not fair for reported cab company.
I have suffered a lot with Ola . The most unprofessional drivers I have ever seen, the most unprofessional behaviour of customer care . They just know how to send sorry emails. Totally Bakwas company in the name of professional cab services company . Their drivers cancel the booking during night if your drop doesn't lie on the way to their home . How irritating !!

When you call Customer care, they just sing their Sorry Song . On the top of it, this is the first service based company I have ever seen which doesn't have escalation matrix . Simply they are fooling customers and their customer service seems to be fake .
Charged the senior citizen passenger for whom I had booked the cab and deducted Ola Money too... When I called the call centre, they said they cannot do anything about this. Moreover, they do not have the number of the driver! How ridiculous!!! If Ola Cabs does not have the number, who would... Mind you, only CRN no. was received but no SMS came thru with cab and driver contact details.
I was supposed to take a cab to majestic for which i booked a cab from OLA- the worst cab service in the country. Because the driver abandoned the trip mid-way i missed my ongoing ride to the airport and had to take a cab to the airport for which i paid 1600 rupees
This issue is very serious and your attempts at its resolution is pathetic.
Not only was i charged 66 rupees for a distance of 100 metres WHICH I WANT back, I also want compensation for the entire cab fare of 1600 rupees (To the airport)

This is the second time in 3 rides that your drivers indulged in unprofessional behavior
I really think that this deserves full publicity, the nonsense that your drivers do !!

Dr Denver Steven Pinto
Department of Radiology
St Johns Medical College
Very Poor Customer Care Service. Every Time i called for any solution they did not provide any satisfactory solution and refer to there window office and i don't know why ola hire such illiterate and frustrated people for customer care.

Ola must need to improve Customer Care Service.
Ola customer support is very worst. They demand the customers to listen their version instead listening to the customer. We need to understand them but they didn't listen our issue.
My issue is described below. On 31st Dec 2016 I received a SMS stating below

"Take an Ola cab ride before Jan 1st 4AM, and get 50% OFF on three rides next week! Party responsibly and take an Ola wherever you're headed. Happy New Year!"

I took a ride on 31st at around 9pm. As per the SMS i am eligible for 50℅ off on my next three rides which are going to take in first week of Jan 2017. Now Ola saying that I will get either 50℅ or Rs.50/- whichever is less.
When I send the screenshot of my message they even does not go through the screenshot and simply giving a reply in the same way. I called customer support and I frustrated with their reply in posh English. But they don't want to refer the SMS screen shot which I send.
Whatever you said they simply saying that there is a condition and I will get either 50℅ or Rs.50/- whichever is less. I asked them to refer my SMS and also said there is no ceiling of 50/-, no "conditions apply" words and not asked me to refer any link for conditions to refer as they said.

It seems Ola earning money by misleading the people. Instead of earning money like this they can ask donation s from people.so many kind people are there to donate.
Hi Team,

I am going to share worst experience by Ola to you, reason you guys cause you guys are not taking the responsibility for customer support. you are making customer to leave your service cause of your drivers and new rules.
Customer is not expressible for your rules and regulation why they have to suffer, jus tell us the reason. we know you are not going to revert back on this but i am taking my responsibility and letting you know about your service.
Auto No:KRN[protected] Vinod Kumar
I have booked my trip from Kormangla 1st Block to Ejipura 9th A cross.
but in drivers map it was showing NGV signal thus he was not ready to go after that anywhere i have asked him to check in my phone what i have requested for and told him to please call to CC and check with them and please drop me to given location cause it happened before also and drivers had checked with CC and dropped us to given location but driver Mr. Vinod was not ready to do that he was behind his incentive and telling he cant check with them cause you guys will say him to to drop on given loction but after that you will blame to driver he have not followed the route. this is your drive's service. i have requested him( Sir my home is far from here please drop me till the location but he told book another cab or auto and go i cant leave my incentive), i have told i will write mail to your team but he is not at all listening and told "Sir jo bhi karna hai ker lo, kuck nahi hota".
Sir its not about my money its about the humanity which you guys are not aware of just think it was night 9:30PM then it was OK i can take another cab and go but if it was mid night and your drivers will do like that then what customer will face but doesn't matter for you guys let it be.
You are getting your salary cause of us and you guys are making us to suffer. I know you guys are surely aware of UBER facility they will be present at given location without any location guidance and they will drop also on given location without any drama. we do not have to worry about the location it there responsibility to drop on given location. but why will you guys care about it. you guys make entry and make all the AUTO driver register with you without any verification of background.
Let them make suffer your customer make them to write a email or comment in the mid night cause this is the worst experience and feeling sleepy without sharing this to you. but this a comment i have read other comment other will read this comment but i think you guys don't have time to read and revert for any of the comment.
But Thank U.
Will not do mistake again in future.
Good Bye Ola.. We can pay lil bit more but i can go my destination safely.

Kulddep Singh
[email protected]

Prime sedan bill but mini cab provided, forcefull charging from ola money and still they defend their bill is correct. For public here is the screenshots. I was liking Ola most before, yesterday I realised how they cheat Customer.

Inhuman, Insane, unimaginable act by OLA driver :

I had booked an OLA out Station cab Prime play since my wife and her sister had to travel back to Mumbai and along with their babies (one 4 months ols and one 2 years). They came down with small luggage and their children and the driver simply denied duty stating luggage isses which was totally inhuman since the luggage was small and could fir in the boot space provided to Etios. On top the driver cancelled the trip leaving my family helpless since we had scheduled this ride. OLA simply charged me cancellation fee of 150 even when the cancellation was from the driver. OLA needs to set clear rules before putting up services which they cannot honour.
We had travelled with same amount of luggage rather more luggage from Mumbai to Pune via OLA Prime only, So it was clear that the Driver was inhuman and did not had any courtesy and simply cancelled the booking when my family was about to board the cab, he quarreled and fought with my family.
We had to face a lot of trouble in finding another cab and in the process my family suffered a lot especially the small babies.

OLA management has to take a due note of this.Is this the way you serve your old customers?

CRN : [protected]
Car : Prime Play Etios
Driver : Udaram Meghwal
Journer: Pune to Mumbai
I am not sure why I was asked to send you an email where I have already discussed this on call and My Ola app, my friends Ola app will not show something different then your app.
The issue I had with outstation ride was I booked it for Lonavala 1 day round trip on 2/9/2017 11:00 am.
So ideally my trip should end by 3/9/2017 11: am.

Due to some accident on the road there was traffic on the way which delayed our cab by 40mins.

So I reached mumbai by 11:40 am, I had already raised this concern with driver in very first place that we will not reach on time can we close the ride in between. He informed me that no we cannot.
So I called your team by 11: 10 am asking for help if you have the call records and recording you can check the same. Your team informed me that this is not possible and I have already been charged for whole next day which means 4+4=8k. I asked them why is it so they told me this is the policy we follow.

I called again asking can we use that cab if I am paying can we rome around with that cab for next 24 hrs as well as. They said no you cannot use the cab as you have already reached mumbai and once you are inside the city you cannot rome inside city neither you can go outstation again. If you do so you will be charged extra.

So I asked them to escalate the call, they told me I will get a call back in next 10 mins from supervisor but I did not got and I have to follow up for next 2 3 hours to finally get the supervisor on call.
The supervisor I got on call was named as Dolly, I told her the same story and also informed him that if this is your policy of charging it for the whole next day where is that mentioned, I also showed him some FAQ's which I found on your app and site regarding outstation. no where in terms and FAQ's it is mentioned you will be charged for the whole next day and neither it was written that you cannot use the cab once you reach the city from where you have booked. (See the attached images of the same).

So she asked me to close the ride with driver after 3 4 hours of struggle and a very strange answer that may be you can get charged only for an hour check that by closing the ride. I asked her one simple question that how can you say this line if you are an supervisor and you your self is not aware of the process? you can check the call recordings of the same.

No the situation is I have closed the ride and have got charged 2 times for just exceeding 40mins, that to was misguided by your cab driver as well as your team. I am not at all happy paying the amount for next day where it was not my mistake I started on time but traffic blocked us, we would have stopped the ride in between and would have come by our own means if this would have informed before or mentioned somewhere in your app.

The only line you have in your app in red is you will be charged extra. but how much extra??

Other fact which made the situation worse for me is even after paying I cannot use the cab, this was ###...

You guys really need to work on your policies and also your supervisor needs training on the product.

If you check my records with mobile number [protected] you will come to know how often I use OLA but this situation has stopped me from using it and an loosing faith in your services.

I am expecting a refund of the amount I was charged extra.

After uncountable followup some one from the team called me and said yes we will resolve ur issue in 24hrs.

And u will not belive they blocked my account. Which had my ola money added for my daily use. This are bunch of coward people in support. Who knows there services suck...

If any one has raised any complain against them please contact me we will drag them to court..

My number is [protected]
Hi Indian citizens stop using the ola from today then ola management will come in right way to customers

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