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Regent Insignia, #414, 3rd Floor, 4th Block, 17th Main, 100 Feet Road, Koramangala
Bangalore District
India - 560034

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+91 80 6735 0900  [Regd Office]

+91 80 6735 0904  [Regd Office]

Additional info
Registered Office
Regent Insignia, #414, 3rd Floor, 4th Block, 17th Main, 100 Feet Road, Koramangala, Bengaluru 560034
Tel: +91 80 6735 0900
Fax: +91 80 6735 0904

Maruthi Infotech Center, A Block - 5th Floor, Challaghatta, Bengaluru 560071
Tel: +91 80 4665 5300

Customer satisfaction rating
Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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Ola Cabs / Ani Technologies — scheduled cab cancellation

 Rupa001 on May 25, 2018
Its not regarding a particular incident but a repeated one. As a Ola customer I book a Cab, wait for the cab to arrive . the cab driver reach the point, calls and ask for a location and then cancels the ride .

If the driver do not want to serve please let ask them to cancel as soon as they receive a request. Making the customers wait for a long time doesn't make any sense.

If a customer cancels the cab, its charged 25Rs . Dont the OLA should refund Rs 25 if the driver cancels it.

Whenever there is an urgent requirement for Cab, its never available.
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Ola Cabs / Ani Technologies — driver cancelled the cab

 Navu k on May 25, 2018
I booked a OLA cab today. This was my worst experience with them.
Problem I faced:
I booked cab on date 25 May 2018 at 9:00 AM. I called him to know about how much time he will take to come at my pick up location? He said he is on his way. I called him again after 10 minutes, he misbehaved with me and told him that why I am calling him again.
After then he called me and asked about my location and I shared right information with him. He again called I shared the right way to reached at my destination but he did not come and cancelled the ride.
After 30 minutes he cancelled...
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Ola Cabs / Ani Technologies — very irritating customer service

 Prolific Papers Delhi on May 24, 2018
Dear Concern,
firstly I booked the ola cab a day ago for outstation ride round trip, then driver came approx 45 min. prior to the timing I booked.
I came on my pick up point then he asked directly for cash when I refused to give he cancelled the cab.
Ola gave me another cab but that was fully in bad condition whose front mirror was cracked, AC was not working, no tab, no wifi and seat covers were torn ed.
Still I reached at my first destination by hook and requested driver to repair the AC ASAP.
After an hr when I finished my work I asked driver to come as my...
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Ola Cabs / Ani Technologies — driver took us wrong route and he charged more than what it has shown in app

 ashagandhi on May 24, 2018
Hi team,

I am ashalatha singu today morning i booked the auto from koramangala to command hospital the driver is very rude and he took us in wrong route which is new to me it was showing 87 rs but he charged 130 rs and he is very rude with me and my mother. I want my money back which i paid extra otherwise i will take action against you people. I am very serious about this because he is speaking very rude and he know only kannada he want me to speak kannada how can i know kannada for other state people.

Ashalatha singu
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Ola Cabs / Ani Technologies — mcd charges paid separately with penalty

 nitin.yatish on May 24, 2018
Driver was not having the mcd and jumped the toll plaza. Suddenly caught by toll officers and penalised with 600 rupees. He was not having cash hence requested me to do the payment.
After getting confirmation from ola executive i have done the payment and th3 agent assured that it will be refunded back. Now ola is not returning the amount saying no payment is made at mcd toll.
Moreover i have the toll receipt as well. I have contacted a lawyer and will be sending legal notice to the ola registered office. I have the proofs with me.

I will not recommend ola to any of...
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Ola — ola credit charged for 8 hours when i could only use that for 3 hours due to driver's fault.

 Tanusri Sengupta Mrs India Worldwide 2018 Finalist on May 24, 2018
Inspite of putting complaint for the car booking number crn [protected] for 4 times via phone, via email from
May 3, 2018, why are you not able to solve the issue?
Ihired the cab for 8 hours. After dropping me at a place,
When | called up the driver to pick me up again, he told me
That his car got locked from outside and was unable to stop
The trip or pick me up. I had to hire another cab with high fare
To pickup my small kid from the bus stop wherel found him
Crying all alone as i got late because of your careless driver.
Who is responsible...
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Ola Cabs / Ani Technologies — difference in fare shown before booking and fare collected

 Ipsita Swain on May 24, 2018
While i booked auto the destination was within 4km and the fare was 30rs.in spite of repeated reminders the driver took the long route without any specific reason. We have to pay the double fare i. E 60rs which should not be the case. The apps which providing services to customers should take care of this type of issue. Because of driver's fault customer should not suffer. We are late because of the long route which was not at all required and also charged more than the actual.in ola app there is no platform to write mail regarding your concern....
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Ola Cabs / Ani Technologies — driver cancelled the ride again

 Shipra Bajaj on May 23, 2018
Today, in peak office hours, I booked an Ola cab from home to work, and contacted the driver when he was 3 mins away. He asked me for directions to my home and said he's coming. Suddenly I see the ride being cancelled from his end ! I kept calling him and he kept cutting my calls. What sort of a behavior is this? Expect Ola to take action against him. His contact number is [protected]....
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Ola Cabs / Ani Technologies — driver took cash payment even after paying through ola money

 Amrutha Kiran on May 22, 2018
Myself amrutha bt booked an ola auto yesterday from my place in which my mom had to travel and i paid the bill through ola money. And even i informed the driver through cal i paid in ola money. But when my mom got down in the location as she was unaware of prepayment he collected the same bill amount from mom. I hope you will look into it and return back my money. It is very unfair and i am disappointed with this kind of driver
Auto details...
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Ola Cabs / Ani Technologies — overcharged and bad service.

 Natasha Kazi on May 22, 2018
I am complaining cause constantly ola showed no rides for share ride for exact 1 hour from jogeshwari, mumbai or any near by location for that matter, on[protected]. Not even ola auto was available. I had to travel by train to dadar and then book my ride. Also i had purchased share pass for 24 km and still they did not apply the said amount for my ride and overcharged me. Also none of their customer numbers work or respond. Bad service. Very disappointed....
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Ola Cabs / Ani Technologies — penal charge for booking of ola cab

 Rajib Kairal on May 22, 2018
It is unfortunate to inform you that 03 rides have been booked on 10th march, 2018 at 08.37 am, 08.45 am and 08.49 am from behela to alipore mint but above 03 (Three) rides have been cancelled immediately as drivers of the cabs are far away from my residence. It is seen that 02 (Two) rides have been penalized of rs. 50/- each.

It is requested to remove the penalties against my account so that i can avail your cab again.

Rajib kairal...
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Ola Cabs / Ani Technologies — unethical behaviour of driver

 Risheek Sharma on May 22, 2018
I have never seen such a absurd services in my life, i feel i would pass a message to close the services of ola i have booked ola recently and its pre booked at last minute they cancelled the ride and i missed my train do you people give my train fare back u wont... Is this a service if you people dont know to make the business shut the bussiness....
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Ola Cabs / Ani Technologies — ola auto driver aggressive and harassment behaviour

 Ashwathy James on May 22, 2018
I received otp late, as ola servers were down. This was informed to the driver. And driver started the ride. Shortly after, revived otp which was communicated to the driver. At the end of the ride. The complete fare of ride was deducted from ola money. However driver charged extra 10 rs. When explained to the driver alongwith invoice that the complete fare has been deducted. Driver resorted to publicly shouting at the cutomer and being extremely aggressive displaying signs of physical abuse. The driver verbally also abused customer. Who was at no fault.

This driver should not be...
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Ola Cabs / Ani Technologies — osn: 1006342793. over smart driver (name: bhola halder)

 Tax Easy on May 21, 2018
Dear sir / ma'am,
I booked a seat in ola share today around 10:50am, i got seat in the car (Wb05-3948). At the time of booking, car was somewhere in salt lake, i called the driver and confirmed my booking. He told me he is on the way and coming soon. I said fine. But even after 10 mins he was almost in the same location, then all of a sudden he starts the trip and i called him to confirm that whether he has arrived. He said yes. But when i checked out my pickup location there was no car. And the driver was unnecessarily telling lies.
I have no issues if he denies the duty initially....
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Ola Cabs / Ani Technologies — fare charged

 Prarthana Poojary on May 21, 2018
Why is it that you charge extra amount always and then after raising the concern i get the reversal of extra money charged as a voucher and not in the ola money as you used to offer previously..?
This is too bad that you charge high initially and then give the extra chargee back after raising complaint in form of vouchers.

We don't want some extra vouchers... Instead could you please take the fare shown in the beginning and not charge extra and then provide vouchers of the ectra money shared....
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Ola Cabs / Ani Technologies — driver related issue of ola

 Karishma Pathak on May 20, 2018
I have booked ola cab on 16th of may... He asked me to cancel the ride.. But i didn't cancelled the ride.. He come on the location as shown by my app.. Then i called him... He answered that he is already at the location and nd is not want to interact with me on phn.. He asked me to find him on location... He said it is not a part of his duty to call customer for communication about location.. At d end time goes up.. Nd my ride has been automatically cancelled.. I penalty of 25 lieved on me on my next ride... Plz do the needful......
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Ola Cabs / Ani Technologies — worst ola service in indore

 chinmaya tiware on May 20, 2018
Our bill was rs77 and we have paid rs100.
In indore, rickshaw driver don't use gps, actually they don't know to use gps.
Ride is getting cancelled because drivers are not coming to pick up point and purposely cancelling the ride.
They asked us for destination instead of looking it in gps and most of the driver don't know the destination.
Very poor service of ola in indore.
Highly disappointed!!...
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Ola Cabs / Ani Technologies — ill behaviour by driver

 Soumen5 on May 20, 2018
We went to a school. The fare was 114/-. The school was well inside a crpf camp anerigog, guwahati, assam. Our work was only for 2 mins. There was no vehicle service inside the camp. We told the driver to wait for 2 mins. We were back within 2 mins. But on the return journey the driver dropped us half way and charged 200/- for return journey alone. On rejecting his demands he started abusing us. Even called us beggars. I dont know what kind of service ola is providing. I have never encountered such ill behaviour from a driver....
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Ola Cabs / Ani Technologies — cheater driver

 Shilpi Bhatnagar on May 20, 2018
We booked ola auto on 13/05/2018 from our place to yashwantpur railway station bangalore.

Auto driver details:
Name: naveena c
Mobile: +91- [protected]

We missed one bag (Luggage) in auto as driver came late for pickup and we were in hurry to catch our train.
Once we realized that we missed our bag in auto we called the driver.
Driver acknowledged that bag is with him and he will surely return it by tomorrow.

From the day of journey i am calling to the driver to return us our bag but he is not returning the bag.
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Ola — driver behavior issues

 Sunita Dixit on May 19, 2018
Driver was not co-operative. Spoke very badly and rudely. He was driving very badly. Very unprofessionally. Didn't drop at right location. Driver name is sanjay sawant. Car no is mh04hy 4743. Silver wagon r. I was dropped at wrong destination. When i told him about he spoke in a very weird way. I would thank to ola company and ola executive if they consider my problem and if they talk to driver....
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