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rbibank new dehli ., New Dehli, India
Dear sir rbibank officer!!
My a win prize tax hold over months ago new dehli rbibank
I convertion bank charge pay 18500 inr pay transfer date 24 july 2018 and second payment pay tax cod 12800 inr date 16 october 2018. Totel i payment tow bill 31300 inr. My totel amount blocks rbibank new dehli i have problem over
I a poor person!!
Over demand money tax cod 25000 charge rbibank i haf payment i pay tax cod 12800
Last payment 12200 i not pay
I poor person i not pay!

The my funds tax hold rbibank new dehli. Please sir inquiry and help!
A email id proof give rbibank. I am
I available mail and request the side rbi officer new dehli not respons a havy problem my money hold and my win funds hold please check sir the true or fake!! I money pay 31300 inr. The bank boucher i save photo copy tow bill payment

Won prize nokia and sumsung cuple prize 200000 gbp british pond
The company verification cod wich is (S_091md 1522)

Please sir inquiry rbi new dehli

A over month hold my prize i charge pay rbibank 31300 inr. I a havy problem the money a intrest money i pay bank charge i a big loss my blocks rbibank new dehli

Please help and regard my matter
Complaint marked as Resolved 2019-05-18 21:30:51
Reserve bank new dehli pending my funds 200000 GBP I bank charge pay tow bill 31300 A over month ago I am loan money pay bank charge 31300 Not respons over month ago heve problem my loss continue loan money pay please inquiry sir rbibank new dehli Totel contact mobail number suich off only a email id reserve bank on I continue mail sent not respons please help I continue loss a loan money pay 31300 tow bill My name. Md shamim Ahmad The my win funds proof paper rbibank I request inquiry. My funds transfer my bank account I am bank fee pay Thanks please reply my email id [email protected]

Complaint Status

[Apr 25, 2019] Reserve Bank of India [RBI] customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
Updated by Shamim Shamim Ahmad Oct 21, 2019
Kindly take action immediately now.

Didn't cearfully my problem pending continued my file my don't vailus my complaints file only pending I'm big problem.

I'm already bank fee paid 31300 inr one year ago pending my cash amount I'm poor man and pending my wininnig prize rbibank complaints board . Head officer Mr sameer Singh didn't cearfully extra demand money.
I'm don't is money I'm already bank fee paid 31300 rbibank officer SBI bank account sent totel bank fee.

Please kindly solved my problem immediately now ans checking my file name. Shamim shamim Ahmad my file already resolved reserve bank complaints board 18 may 2019 but didn't slution didn't solved my problem over month resolved my file pending don't follow you sir ?

Please take my file and solved immediately my file
My double losses sir
Sistem don't sutybul your side
Please contact officer you Mr sameer Singh reservebank complaints board
Kindly help me officer ?
I'm big problem continued pending only my matter.

God bless

Consumer complaints name: shamim shamim Ahmad
Updated by Shamim Shamim Ahmad Oct 21, 2019
Sreeman mahuday:

Please mera file solve kre sir
Jyada month se pending me hai my file name shamim shamim Ahmad . Mera wininnig fund transfer kre mere bank account 200000 GBP won Nokia company the mera sahi hai and hum ne es fund ka totel bank fee already paid kar dya hun mai 31300 rupes one year pehle after mai reserve bank complaints board pe complaints kiya 25 April 2019 ko pehle rbibank
Updated by Shamim Shamim Ahmad Feb 28, 2020
Pending my file not solved my matter only resolve my
Updated by Shamim Shamim Ahmad Jun 29, 2020
It's website true or fake.
My resolved file pending
Take action complaints board please immediately solve my matter now you officer

I only request sending why pending my resolved file
Updated by Shamim Shamim Ahmad Jun 29, 2020
It's website true or fake.
My resolved file pending
Take action complaints board please immediately solve my matter now you officer

I only request sending why pending my resolved file
Pending only poor sistem reserve bank complaints board
I request please solve my matter please ..i available request sending comments and reply messag.

Consumer ..shamim shamim Ahmad

My winning prize pending reserve bank complaints board.200000 GBP

My bank fee pending rbibank officer 31300

Please finally discus my matter solve you officer
Resolved file my pending complaints board unfortunately it's movement not better situation reserve bank complaints board uncearefuly my matter resolved pending !!

I fill it's website true or fake.

Immediately take action now

Jai hind
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Didn't respons the fake side
My resolved matter pending
Only money demand the few matter not solve I information
After I pay not accept rong DESEGEN only and contect mobail number give or email id give. I contact problem
I am only comments you not repssituation the right side or fake website I fill !!
Please immediately solve my problem
Please reply report I reserve bank complaints 25, 4, 19
Name. Shamim shamim Ahmad
My maney pending 31300
I bank charge pay
Have problem rbibank
I bank charge sent a over month ago officer not respons the rbibank sistem I bank charge pay rbibank not respons
Please inquiry my problem
I a loan bank charge pay my loss continue please help !!
's reply, Jun 21, 2019
Please sir transfer my funds after me immediately pay Totel GST fee please support my problem
My matter please resolved I waiting sir my funds hold rbibank tax cod me payment pay bank charge 31300.
Please follow my matter
My funds transfer my bank account a havy trouble
Over month I pay bank charge 31300 not respons
I totel decoments detaile earlier sent rbibank new dehli my bank account and available details sent earlier
My file Nokia won prize 200000 GBP and my name md shamim Ahmad.India

I am reserve bank complain bord 3 complain sent earlier
Please resolved a speed my matter I am wait !!
Tow days my number contact tow person reserve bank compliant bord officer name sameer singh mobail [protected]
Secend person mr sidhharath mobail [protected]. I am feel person the right ya fake person please inquiry sir
Please supporting my matter and regarding my matter
Reserve bank complaints bord
Dear sir !!
I request sir first immediately my funds transfer my local city bank account please you copret my problem sir
My over month rbi bank new Dehli my pending funds only due payment 12200 inr tax cod I request after immediately transfer due pement 12200 inr
I request first transfer my funds,
This Times having trouble money I am !!

Mai aap se request karta hun ke mera funds transfer kare mai tax cod 12200 immediately aap ke bank account me laga dun ga
Mere stithi sahi nahi jo tax cod payment kar nahi pa raha aap mere stithi ko Samghe dear sir mere samassya ka hal nekale pehle mera funds mere bank account me transfer kre mai immediately aap ka tax cod kar dun ga. 12200 !

Hamre pe bharosa kre mai aap ka 12200 rupes payment aap ke bank me laga du ga

Please hamare stethee pe dheyan de sir
transfer kre mera funds

Prea costamer. Md shamim Ahmad
Dear sir
Reserve bank compliant bord. !!

Mai aap se anurodh karta hun ke mere samassya ko Hal kare.
Atah : mai aap ka sada abhari rahun ga !!
Please immediately transfer my funds my bank account not delay transfer my funds

After I promise bank char pay 12, 200 inr please dear resolved my problem I request dear sir

This time I am having problem money the bank charge pay 12, 200 inr tax cod
Please you regard my problem the bank charge
I immediately after I am pay 12, 200 inr tax cod payment
First please please transfer my funds my bank account Nokia won prize 200000 GBP British pound
Please immediately transfer my funds my bank account I am a right man tax cod payment after I pay not you feel dear sir immediately follow my matter
you Sir ?

Thanks : reserve bank complain bord

Consumer : md shamim Ahmad
Dear sir.

My funds transfer situation reply message my device mobail number
I available sent RBI complian boar no transfer my funds please resolved dear sir my problem a speed .

I am bank charge pay 31300 inr a loan payment pay RBI fee
And monthly I pay 500 inr. The loan man pay .
I request please sent a message date and time transfer my funds
Please speed resolved my problem you sir

I. continue problem the hacker my said I not know the mobail number coming a mobail number date 28, 5, 2019. Mobail [protected]. The person right ya rong I not know RBI complaint bord officer please check mobail number !

Please dear contact number give you sir RBI complaint boar or my mobail number message reply situation funds transfer my account date and time .
A sefty and regard my funds transfer my bank account
Please mobail number messageuse rreply situation a sefty mobail number message please help dear sir
I required reply RBI complaint bord message my mobail number date and time transfer funds I continue harassment not speed resolved
Complaints bord only resolved mark I not know situation immediately transfer please help a message reply my mobail number

I a right person not feel you sir after due tax fee pay 12200 inr. Please immediately transfer my funds my bank account my local city or reply situation transfer my mobail number message reply sent now sir RBI compliant bord !!
I highly requirest you sir not delay transfer my funds. Immediately resolved my problem !

Ataah : mai aap ka sada abhari rahun ga !!

Dhanewaad prea MAHUDAY !!!
Please reply report no reply my compliant report
Attention : dear sir my email a person active and demand money GST charge 22800 inr decline transfer my funds my local bank account please inquiry the mobail number [protected] please check number the right person rbibank complaints board person I confuse I not know person true or fake person !!

Please mere samassya ko hall kre MHUDAY rbibank camplent board officer
Mai cash payment dene ke stithime nahi hun kerpeya hamre stithi ko Samghe GSt payment 22800 dene ke stithi me nahi hun kerpeya immediately transfer kre mera funds mere bank local account.
Attah: mai aap ka sada abhari rahun ga

Namaskar !!!
Dear sir !!
Please reply report. Other person demand money GST charge. I am feel. 22800 INR.
I request rbibank compliant bord. Please reply report the people demand money I hrasment continue. my funds transfer heavy trouble. Please contact my email please now today Harry.
KIYA mai yeh ummid rkhku rbibank compliant board de MONY demand. Impossible I am cash money pay 22800 gst charge. a heavy amount impossible I pay cash. Pehle mera funds transfer kre mai GST immediately transfer kar Du GA.GST charge 22800
Dear MHUDAY kerpeya mera funds transfer kre Mai after GST charge pay kar du ga. Ya mere funds se less kar le GST charge 22800 .
Cash payment hum se nahi ho paye gaa

Immediately transfer kare not delay today transfer kre mera funds now officer .

MAI aap sada abhari rahun ga dear sir.

Mera pehle ka pement 31300 kiya rbibank ko bank charge. Jo KE loan payment kiya hai per month 500 Mughe intrast Dena par raha mughe loss ho raha kerpeya mere samassya ka Hall kre mera funds transfer immediately today I request officer

Attention dear sir !!
Nahi to majbooran mughe PM PARDHAN MONTRY sree nrendar modi ji se sampark me jana ho gaa . Mughe jeyada din se presan Kiya ja raha rbibank officer sistem mughe loss jyada ho raha hai ???
's reply, Jun 21, 2019
Please transfer my funds
After immediately transfer GST fee winner md shamim Ahmad
My nickname shamim shamim Ahmad
I am totel decoments sent few days ago bank account and adhaar card and election card photo scene copy sent rbibank complaints bord officer email id mr Siddharth good officer my file handles
But resen the GST fee arreng delay I request officer after immediately me pay totel gst fee please transfer my funds officer
Dear sir big officer RBI complaints board. I request the mr Siddharth my matter handles
RBI complaints board the matter my resolved hold the charge problem 10600 inr l am arreng problem please Totel money after pay the banking charge. after total immediately pay 24hr.
My funds please transfer first I request not dear mand fill I after immediately pay banking fee 24hr.please solved you my problem immediately sir funds my transfer please !!

My email id. [protected]@gmail.com

Please reply situation my funds transfer immediately nextday
m sha 134's reply, Jun 24, 2019
The person me not know name sumit yadav fake people my complaints sid comment I feel the people sumit yadav please check sir

Dear officer please my funds transfer kre mai after gst fee totel pay kar dun ga
10600 inr gst fee this arreng heavy problem please follow my problem sir

Consumer.Md shamim Ahmad

My nickname. Shamim shamim Ahmad
Today i sumit yadav name so iam not able to give 11500 conversion charges i am belong from poor family so i wish please cut conversion charges from my winning prize and remaining money send to me kavita sharma is calling me from rbi
Thank yu
Sumit uadav's reply, Jun 17, 2019
It from cocacola company uk
Dear sir ?

I am gst fee arreng problem 10600 inr.

I request rbibank complian bord officer please transfer my wininnig prize my bank account me after totel gst fee pay

My prize transfer please
After immediately pay totel gst fee

10600 gst fee arreng me heavy problem please follow you sir me after immediately pay please arreng officer my matter
The a person my compliant side comments date 17, 6, 2019. Person name. Sumit yadav. I am. not know person sumit yadav the fake person comments
please check and inquiry I feel person my side comments claim fake the person sumit yadav.

Consumer . Md shamim Ahmad
My nickname. shamim shamim Ahmad !!!
Please my resolved matter solved you Sir
My funds transfer kre
After totel GST fee pay kar dun ga
Please solved you my matter over month pending my wininng prize

Please help follow my matter immediately sir !!

m sha 134's reply, Jun 29, 2019
I request sir please transfer my funds my bank account the my resolved matter pending sir
I am after bank fee pay immediately kar dun ga please a right man this time arreng problem the bank fee please transfer my funds dear sir reserve bank complaints borad officer please follow my matter
I am heavy problem and hrasment only my resolved matter but pending my RESOLVED.
Reserve bank complaints board a poor service not reply situation my Sid only I comments I over comments please reply situation .
I continue information please transfer my funds.
I after immediately bank fee pay please help reserve bank compliant board officer ?

Thanks. Me faithful rbibank compliant board officer ?

Consumer name .md shamim Ahmad
Nick name . Shamim shamim Ahmad
m sha 134's reply, Jun 30, 2019
Please earlier payment details sent comments 31300 inr bank transfer name and condidate name and Mobail number rbibank person sent earlier pay tow bill 31300. Please check rbibank complaints board the email proof sending payment 31300 inr
Email id _
[email protected] )
Please inquiry sir the email sending tow bill convention fee 18500 and tax cod fee 12800 totel 31300 inr over month ago pay money
Please check sie !!
Please inquiry the person fake claims my wininng prize.
My winning Filel and draft no
big chitter hand the claim my funds
name. benoykumarchatter jee )

My Filel no _ ( RBI 250 Filel_
Draft . [protected]_0001_
[protected]++++8974 )

The Filel no and draft no
My email sending rbibank compliant board head officer name sameer Singh. sending the Filel and draft no date 22, 05, 2019 _
Please sir check the person big chitter name. benoykumarchatterjee /
I not know the person my wininng prize Filel no draft no sending the rbibank compliant board date 29. 06.2019
Please inquiry the person ( benoykumarchatterjee )

I hrasment the person I not know please inquiry now sir rbibank compliant board

Thanks !! Iam faithfully rbibank complaints board

Winner.md shamim Ahmad
My nickname shamim shamim Ahmad

Please sir my resolved matter you solved sir

Mera wininnig prize transfer kre immediately please
Mai after due payment pay kar dun gaa please officer mere problem ko Samghe mera matter resolved one month over ago but pending please transfer my funds my bank account now immediately nextday
Haicker heavy problem my number my email the matter please follow and immediately my bank account credit my wininng prize !!
m sha 134's reply, Jun 30, 2019
Please transfer my wininng funds
After immediately bank fee pay please support sir I continue hrasment please transfer my wininng funds my bank account
Don't solving my matter
My resolved matter pending 50 days ago but pending
My complaints name shamim shamim Ahmad ( resolved) file pending please immediately solving my matter now
The website fake
Don't respons
Am only comments ???
[email protected]'s reply, Jul 22, 2019
Please solving immediately my matter heavy trouble the complaints board my resolved file pending
File name shamim shamim Ahmad. a still my matter
Resolved my file pending
Now solved please big officer am heavy problem pending resolved my file
Name .shamim shamim Ahmad ???? Already is resolved my file.
Please refund my money 31300 INR

Shamim Shamim Ahmad's [Complaint's author] reply, Oct 30, 2019
Forgery my money.
refund my money 31300 don't my capital money kindly take action
Refund my money
Shamim Shamim Ahmad's [Complaint's author] reply, Feb 28, 2020
Earlier I'm totally bank fee paid
क्या england golf fraud हे हे तो हम सब को मिळकर इसे औरो को लुटने से रोकना चाहीये मुझे भी masseg आया था 1, 840000 का डिलिव्हरी बोलता हे 12, 900 सेंड करणे कॅश ऑन डिलिव्हरी करो ना लुटरे साले हमरा नुम्बर लंडन कैसे चला गया ये सब दिल्ली वालो का प्लान हे बोलते हे लंडन एअरपोर्ट से दिल्ली एअरपोर्ट आ रहा हे एअरपोर्ट क्या एक ही देश मे हे क्या हम खुद्द आयगे आपके पास हमारे शहरं के एअरपोर्ट आयो मेरा कॉमेंट फेल होणं चाहीये हा ना दोसतो

My winning prize not transfer not action rbibank pending only pending my matters ok. Refund my money 31300 bank fee I pay already...
Immediately now
Nor I over comments
Serious follow my problem dear..

Shamim shamim Ahmad
Shamim Shamim Ahmad's [Complaint's author] reply, May 23, 2020
Not serious rbibank not fevers my matter winning prize pending my file loos action rbibank my winning prize true or fake I moment confused. Only my not vailus I not people I fool your side comments only my winning found inquire it's true or fake...
Or refund my money 31300 rupes. Why's waste time and days losses only immediately take action a slutions my matter you. I seriously please solve my problem

Shamim shamim Ahmad..
I request please solve my file ..why reason pending my resolved file I unknown only loss my ..I'm totally bank fee paid 31300 rbibank..not serious officer not regard my matters only pending please reason reply now
My loss I bank fee paid 31300 INR..
Immediately take action complaints bord please immediately solve my file please please why ignore mymmatters please reasons reply you sir..
Shamim Shamim Ahmad's [Complaint's author] reply, Jun 8, 2020
Immediately mere samassya ko Hal kre please please please
Shell oil company uk online transfer complete my winning price

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