[Resolved] Sphere Services — sphere services gujarat fraud company asking for money

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Surat Gujrat, India
 Shu23 on Aug 11, 2018
Sphere services fraud company asking for money. Firstly they didn't tell about detail work. And made online agreement which is looking also fake. Now they are continuously sending messages for asking money and telling otherwise they will take legal action against me. Please take necessary action against these fraudulent so called companies making business by harassing students.

sphere services gujarat fraud company asking for money
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2018
Company called me by 9904407004 this number Nd asked to mark this complain as resolved. Then send the take screenshot of the resolved complain and send it to email- Anticc.care@gmail.com
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Kya ap logo n payment kiya h kya
Aacharya Anil Khatri's reply, Sep 1, 2018
No abhi nhi plz hlp
Mohdahmad503's reply, Sep 25, 2018
Ha, Bhai maine Rs 7750/- ka payment Date 24/09/18 ko Payment kiya hai
Mukesh 12345's reply, Sep 29, 2018
Call me plzzz i am discus about that 8052301272
sir can you please contact me i am also stucked into this
[protected] please asap
same process mere sath bhi hau hai kya karana hai bataiye

Please help me i am also facing the same issue
Vishalkus's reply, Sep 6, 2018
Plz give your no
Ky kre plz koi hlp krdo
Mukesh 12345's reply, Sep 29, 2018
Call me plzzz i am discus about that 8052301272
mer sth bhi howa h sir kaya karana h bbatawo aap sir fsa diya baker me
hlp koi nhi karega jake cort me kes karde bh i sida
Sabhi mil ke case karte hai
enko bahut shiink hai na case karne ka
es baar hum case karte hai
bahut ho gaya enka
mein aaj he FIR karwa ke sphere services ko mail karunga.
Rajat Kumar 00025's reply, Sep 19, 2018
Yes sir. Aap ek whatsapp group banao. Sabhi mil kar inhe sabak sikha sakte hai...
how did this complaint got resolved.
Plz dont scared from this.. these people and whole team of sphere company are totally fake.. I also facing the same issue now days but I am not ignore them I am calling, mail, msgs them continues and asking their company address website and all.. they ignoring my calls msgs.. I also reported in cyber crime cell... Plz all people report in cyber crime cell, and also share their contact from which they try to contact.. they have to pay penalty for making us fool.. and wasting our time... Plz raise ur voice against it..
I am sharing all their contact here
[protected] manager
[protected] Manoj Sharma advocate
[protected] Ritu Shah
[protected] Pooja Patel
(Ritu Shah and Pooja Patel both are one girl) mention herself with both names..
And yes when she called me first time she told me their company name Sphere Services, Surat Gujarat
Now I again ask her.. now she tell iOS services, Maharashtra
Now u think people how big fraud they all are...
Plz raise ur voice against them not for u but for the some innocent people who really need money and stuck their trap.. plz
When I asking them company's address and website.. they send me following this..
People have full right asking about company.. and when I called manager and asking address he said have ask before the job.. I said yes.. one member of ur company had told me dt she will send me address via mail but she didn't..
Manager said.. so what now this is not our responsibility..
I said ok but now tell me ur address n website.. he said ok and cut the call .. but didn't send me.. I again called him but he ignoring my calls now..

I am a student and i was looking for a part time data entry job. I applied online and got a call regarding data entry job without any investment. When i inquired about the work they told me i need to send my aadhar card photo and accept thier terms and condition for the job. I wanted a jib so i did so. But after getting the file they had sent me i found that there were many grammatical and spelling mistakes in the file and also the text was poorly visible. The text was in Cursive font which made it more problamatic. Before the job they had told me that i would be getting assistance . When i tried to contact them, the didn't gave a proper reply. Hence i stopped the work because they had told me that if the work will not be 90% correct, i won't get paid. Then i inquired about this company online and i got to know that it's a fraud company and even if you submit the work, they tell that it is not 90% accurate and as you have not completed the work, be ready to face legal actions. Now they are threatning me of legal action. I feel trapped now. My life has turned to be a torture. Somebody please help me. Please...
Shon Roi's reply, Sep 19, 2018
Mr. Rajat Kumar plz give me ur contact no. Or mail I'd..
After ur complaining company will call u to mark as resolved...just bcz they don't want to break their trap.. DONT MARK RESOLVED ur complaint... They are not thinking about to solve out your problem only just want to hide the black face of the company..
I also consulted my lawyer he told me that all the agreement address everything is fake...
No need to be scared... Company have to pay the penalty to making fool people.. and all the team will go jail soon...process has been start... Good luck sphere company.. have fun with ur team in jail...
The height of fraudness...
When first time a girl named RITU SHAH called me for offer the online data entry job from home... Told me their company's name SPHERE SERVICES from SURAT GUJARAT
after some day she ignoring my msgs in wtsap after seen, and her no. Was always be invalid infact dt no.is active in wtsap but Neva connected for call...
After that I wtsap in the same no. From my friend's no. So she quickly replied her ... I asked her about the job and about the company... She told her name POOJA PATEL from MAHARASHTRA and company name IOS SERVICES... and before she gave me other information... And both information with the same no. Same voice same girl...
Think people how much fraud they are...
I have lots of evidence against all the team that clearly show dt all are fake...
Same no. But different information...
1.Ritu Shah, Sphere Services, Surat, Gujarat

2. Pooja Patel, iOS services, Maharashtra
How is it possible???

Sir pls help otherwise i will go to labour court and consumer court for a leagle action if u said that i will do...
When we students are in desperate need of money, we go through online to seek some part time job. So that we can earn some money for our Living!! But these sphere companies people are fooling us and trying to take the money away from us onLy!!
Even I was the part of this job. I did ExactLy what he asked for.. then I submitted the work. After submitting the correction part looks really silly. When accuracy depends on words, these sphere people see accuracy only in pages😅, if there's one mistake in page then accuracy is decreased by 10% literally!!
It's totaLly fraud company, and even iam Gett'n mails, messages regarding that they'll take some Legal action if I don't pay or don't respond to their messages or calls.
Even iam stuck in this.
Now We all have to take legal action against Sphere services...
Plz complain the Cyber crime cell
Plz don't Mark resolve the complaint bcoz infact share this in all social media.. aware the people...
Share their all contacts, name, mail IDs and all...
Don't be afraid of these people. They are all fake. Don't be afraid while talking to them. For any help mail me at rajatkumar00025@gamil.com...
I'll help you...
Gujarat, Surat ka all Fake from filling job is now exposed, anyone who has received threatening calls, email messages from fake from filling job Gujarat, Surat do not need to panic anymore.
I have all the evidence that how many scams, frauds,
Do not pay money it's a totally fake

Ni£££££££##i, owner of this game's mastermind surat, has been running the cyber scam ka racket for many years, in the name of this fake fake company, fake advocate, fake lawyer, fake stamp, fake agreement, fake notice, fake case The needy, the unemployed, the poor people first enters into their net in the name of online data entry, form filling job, captcha filling job, home based job, and then creates a fake address, fake website, fake names, then good, offers easy job, good salary, income and a helpline no. Make available and say, if there is a problem, call it, then it takes their signature, photo, current location (gps tracking) of online applications and then a fake agreement (which has some conditions like 90% accuracy, fix time Period to complete work, 4800 consolation charge, 4800 penalty if work is not completed with the following conditions), which builds on an old counterfeit stamp, then provides online work only, then the wrong report of the work done by the people Sometimes, the work provided by them is very wrong and intriguing, which is easily Not only, or sometimes their provided application is not available, and when coming to the helpline or at the job, no. But when no one gives a reply on the call, and when the given time period is complete, by sending the mail, text massage, call threatening call to the company as a lawyer, in which many sections, IPC streams, works are written or ( Adding penalties + legal charge + GST ​​is written to pay the amount of[protected] and start threatening those trapped in their net, if you do not pay, you will do many cases, send court notice at home, 50000 will have to be filled properly, in this way this lawyer becomes the legal department of company daily massa ge, call, mail, and then torture till people give up money by scared or disturbed, and many times they start blackmail again and later a lawyer minhaz m. Let us send notice / letter in favor of Patel (2203/2016)
If someone complains to the online complaint website, then they also threaten to remove the complaint.
It is said that the loss of the company is due to you. Overall, these people run a cyber-fraud gang and their gangster Nit£#£££##ni, when they get more complaints on one company, they start another company.
I have got all the evidence against them in the last 2-- 3 years, all fake companies created by this Ni£££h k££££i are trapped in the net and who gave the rupees, and who have not given them and are also receiving threatening calls from them. If anyone else is there, then send me the fake shot of your message, email their email, send me the screen shot of their messages and send me the recording of threatened calls from them on And no one fears.
They are all fake, their other companies who have closed it and those who have blackmailed you in the name of any other company which has data entry jobs, captcha filling jobs, form filling jobs, then they can also tell me your problem. I have information available
I have information about this whole racket.
I am writing these names of their fake companies who are not afraid of people who have given money or are being tortured right now
Rise infotech
Flarial enterprise
Wifinity corporation
Spectrum technology
Sphere services
Keydus technologies
Stone technology
Crosoft technology
Asvegis technology
digi class service
aclema enterprise
Stepway services
inospire service
Lectrema technology
Evoston technology
Ino service
KD Technology
DG Technology
DG Service
DI Service
Uni Service
S.c servic
Truecept infotech
Crosoft technology
Mod Technology
Gleam Technologies

There are also many companies, these people start a second when a company closes.
Their actual location is telling of an rise infotech shop, it may change their location, but now all of them have been identified.
Therefore, there is nothing to be afraid of friends who have been blackmailed in the name of these companies till date, please contact the nearest police station.
Their actual location has also been tracked, they do a computer service and repair and sale business.
The shop runs and simultaneously operates fake companies from book.
The stamp of the agreement you have received has been purchased in the name of a huge person, he is also forged.

So do not be afraid to panic, they are operating from infotech name in Surat by a private shop.
You can complain to the nearest police station, commissioner office, Surat Commissioner Office, Surat Consumer Court, Office of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, MCA, you will be fully assisted by the people.

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