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Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India
 Jay Shaha

Greeting of the Day!!!
We are delighted to offer you an appointment in our organization and we are enclosing the Offer Letter for the same.
We request you provide these documents within 10 days so that your request could be submitted to UAE Embassy for VISA processing.
Documents for VISA processing
Passport Authenticity Report
Educational Authenticity Report
Criminal Background Report
Professional Clearance Report
NOC from Indian Govt.
VISA Type:-
Based on your eligibility and salary you would be eligible for

We have also forwarded your profile to authorized Indian legal consultant who can produce these documents within required time. You are requested to contact them at earliest so that VISA Processing could be expedite.Contact details can be obtained through below URL.

Further, we’ve been promised that this legal consultant will be able to provide requested documents within said time. However, it is not mendate to get the verification done by Referred agency; you may hire your own legal consultant or any local legal advisor who deals in these matters provided you should furnish these requested documents within stipulated time.
Note: Any Amount you spend on your background verification to any legal consultant will be Reimbursable to you by Tech Start LLC upon joining.

Enclosed: Offer Letter (PDF)

We congratulate you for becoming the part of Tech Start LLC.
Please sign the duplicate copy of this Offer Letter (copy enclosed) and send back a copy of it as a token of your acceptance.

We wish you all the best and hope to see you become a part of Tech Start LLC.

Astral Brown
Executive-Human Resouce
From the desk of Alexa Robert-HRD-Head
TechStart LLC team
PHONE +[protected]

Dear Applicant,

Congratulations on your selection with Tech Start LLC.

Verified Background (Unisel) is an approved legal partner of Tech Start, we verify the applicants for abroad companies.

To gain Clearance Certificate Report and Non Objection Certificates from administration body, you are requested to provide below stated copies so we can manner for authentication.

Please note this is a necessary prerequisite keeping in vision the current growth in fraudulent activities by overseas citizens entering UAE.


Please send across the following documents for us to start the process on immediate basis.

* Scan Copy of Academic Documentation (School, Degree, Post-Graduation, Diploma etc)
* Scan Copy of All Appointment and Relieving Letters or Salary Slip
* Scan Copy of Passport (First and Last Page)
* Scanned Recent Photograph
* Two References (Name, Address and Phone Numbers)
* Identity Proof (PAN)
* Criminal Declaration Form

Please find attached the Criminal Declaration Form and Applicant Detail File, you need to fill these particulars and provide back to us.

PAYMENT: You can pay your verification fee through (NEFT/IMPS/Cheque/Demand Draft/Cash Deposit) directly as below.


Account Name : Unisel Verification
Account Number : [protected]
BANK NAME : Central Bank of India
IFSC Code : CBIN0283165

AMOUNT: 9, 825.00 INR +Service Tax 1475.00 INR= Total Amount – 11300.00 INR

Please provide a scan print of payment proof so invoice can be shared with you for reimbursement.

Unisel Verification: 25 A.P Sen Road, Chaarbagh, Lucknow UP.

Please write us back in case of any query.

With regards,
Unisel Verification Team.
Direct | +[protected]
[protected] |

Dear Applicant,

We would like to inform you still we didn’t receive your documents along with the payment receipt. Please forward your all the documents as mention in the previous email & also do the payment which is needed for the process.

Unisel Verification: 25 A.P Sen Road, Chaarbagh, Lucknow UP.

Please write us back in case of any query.

With regards,
Unisel Verification Team.
Direct | +[protected]
[protected] |

Updated by Jay Shaha, May 22, 2017
First i got a call from the number +[protected], a lady was on the line. She said she is calling from tech start, uk. You have applied for the UAE engineer job. She speaks is completely in uk accent.
She asked for the telephonic interview and it went on for 13 minutes. She said we will get back to you for further process if you are cleared. Again i got the call from same number after a gap of a week, then she took the technical round of interview. It went for some 10-15 minutes. Then she said if you are selected, you will get the email, no more calls you will get and thank you for your time. Good luck.

After a week i got an email as a pre-offer letter as below,
Now I am getting calls from [protected] to submit documents and pay fees
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Mr rajeevmel85.

How anyone can attend interview in embassy on holidays. Pls share your appointement details of embassy.
It is looking like the positive comments are from the fake persons of the fake company...
Dear All,
I am Raj Murugan Swami. My appointment has been fixed for the coming 12th June for the delhi Embassy. I think all the things are right because i have also received the agreement from the Unisel all the terms are mention over there. But for my confidence if anybody has the appointment in same date please meet with us.
sunny1265's reply, Jun 5, 2017
Dear Raj Murugan,
Can you share the agreement copy with us.So that it will be helpful for others who are in a confusion to take the appointment.It will be helpful for us.Please do kindly share the copy.

Anil Reddy
Dear Anil Reddy,
Yeah actually i dont have problem to share the agreement with you. But these are the confidential things.
Its also not shareable to anyone. My neighbour Saravanan is advocate i have verified from him, he told me this is from the lucknow court & all the terms are valid.

Rajamurugan Swami
Email- [protected]

if any one receive the appointment for the 12th June kindly contact me through the mail.
sunny1265's reply, Jun 5, 2017
The mail id you provided is not reachable, can i get your contact number.

Anil Reddy
plz remove a.
its [protected]
Hi all,

Please call on this number o[censored]ae embassy of delhi [protected] they are saying that there is no company call tech start llc and on documents have been given by unisel verification.
You all can call and get confirmed

Dont become fool by these guys people who saying they got appointments or contracts or attended embassy interview they are deceiveing you

They got nothing
Dear RajaMurugan Swami,

I am Ratnakar. I have also got the appointment at the same date for the 12th June for the Embassy. And I have also received the agreement . Brother I have share my contact details at your email. Once when you will be free please check the mail & call me.
I don’t know why people are posting bad comment. I am getting best reply from both end employer & also from the Unisel. Aman sir is always available for the help.

Ratnakar Saxena
vasim tamboli's reply, Jun 6, 2017
Mr ratnakar which embassy your talking about i have confirmed over there. If its true please share your contact details. I will love if i would be proven wrong.
Guys please dont get fool by such comments.
Be smart
Tilak N Gowda's reply, Jun 6, 2017
Mr.Ratnakar ping me your contact details which helps us and others who are in confusion with this matter, that helps us a lot from your side.

Thanks and Regards,
Mr. Ratnakar,

Can you please send your contact number.

No one can give you proof its better for guys who already given the money to them to take their money back or some body go to lucknow and verify their identity by nearest police station
and the all these documents cannot be verified in 10 days in any means

so be smart
I loged a complaint few days back and today I got the reply.Please find the attachment..

Anil Reddy


We would like to inform you that we have received your pre-submission of legal background. We are preparing all legal things and will submit your VISA processing request to embassy. We request you to Co-ordinate with legal consultant for appointment in embassy.

Further, as per UAE Labour law bank guarantee need to be submitted per employee. Therefore, we request you to submit Visa Application form with requisite information, along with the Bank Guarantee. Although candidates Bank Guarantee would be borne by TECH START LLC. However, as candidate may or may not join our company so formally candidate will have to pay 50% (AED 1500) of bank guarantee (AED 3000) which is for security purpose and would be refundable upon joining. As huge amount is being spent on hiring process and if candidate does not join our company embassy does not refund money.

We would like to clarify that You just need to bear 50 % (AED 1500) of Bank guarantee which is reimbursable. However, VISA processing fee would be borne by us.

We would request you provide the Visa Application form by June 05, 2017 along with Bank guarantee so that your appointment could be fixed with UAE consulate and we request to be in touch with legal consultant for appointment date. Failing to provide form by given date will cause termination of your candidature.

Firms that are subject to the labour law shall pay the bank guarantee before the Employee’s recruitment as follows:

1. Firm classified under category “2-A”: three thousand dirhams per employee at a
maximum of one million and half dirhams.
2. Firm classified under category “2-B”: three thousand dirhams per employee at a
maximum of three million dirhams.
3. Firm classified under category “2-C”: three thousand dirhams per employee at a
maximum of five million dirhams.
1- Firm classified under category “3”: three thousand dirhams per employee at a
maximum of ten million dirhams.

Note: This is mandate process as in past we have faced monetary loss as candidates did not join due to some personal reason. Therefore we would like to clarify its mandate; without guarantee we will not be able to process your request.

Note: You need to pay bank guarantee amount in favor of legal consultant ask the bank details for same.

Legal Consultant: You are requested to co-ordinate with the candidates and provide all necessary documentation within the stipulated time and help with appointment date with embassy.

Applicant: You need to contact Indian Legal consultant in order to proceed.

Enclosure: 1.Visa Application Form 2. Employment Visa Expense

Wish you All The Best.
Warm Regards
Astral Brown
Executive-Human Resouce
From the desk of Alexa Robert-HRD-Head
TechStart LLC team
PHONE +[protected]
Please dont waste your time and money for this fake company, they will try and lure more money. First 11300 and now 26000. They said at first visa processing fee is not needed but now they are asking half. What kind of logic is this. I tried searching their office in google earth. There is such address but company doesnt exist. Please dont fall in the trap.
Ratnakar Saxena's reply, Jun 7, 2017
Have you enquired about the company. I am sure you didnt. Because i was also confused when i saw the negative comments. But as per my investigation i found all the things are correct and employer is also supportive. So please dont misguide the people without any enquiry.

Vishal R Mistry's reply, Jun 7, 2017
Mr. Ratnakar

Please you don't misguide the people with wrong statement. If you are right then provide any proof to support your comment.

Dear All,
Only those people are complaining about the company who dont have idea about the company . i checked about this company this is exist since 2000. without any proper inspection dont believe on the negative comment.
After check all information & i am also receiving positive reply from the both end i feel proud to becomes a part of this big organisation. May be few people have compromising document so they are posted the bad comments. So feel confidence & move for the further process.

Ratnakar Saxena
rohan8191's reply, Jun 7, 2017
How can u get positive reply from both end???The company is not responding the mail and call to other people and u r getting the response...greatt man ...guys its a trap dont listen to this MR.WHATEVER...
has any one visited their office or can tell met the location for it
Ratnakar Saxena's reply, Jun 7, 2017
My brother is living in kanpur. He Visit the Unisel company at lucknow. He got transparent discussion with the Aman & Vikash Sir. After getting surety from him i complete the process.

Address: 25 A.P Sen Road, Chaarbagh, Lucknow UP.
Dear Guys,

This is a Fake racket please don, t believe this company and waste money and all useless comments.
There is no Registerd comapny named Tech Start LLC.
i[censored] have still doubt please check the below link you will get to know,

Dear Ratnakar Saxena

You says that you checked about this company & this is exist since 2000.

I want to know that from where you had checked the company

rohan8191's reply, Jun 7, 2017
Bro usne website pe hi dekha hoga...jaha hum sab ne dekha sale log paiso ke chakkar mein hum sab ko chu*** bana rahe hai saale...
Rohan & rahul saying truth. it is trap all comment posted by consultant he is alert by this conversation & want to make fool by putting statement like somebody can believe pay money. If once said visa fees will paid by employer then why such reputed company & consultant chasing for small amount.
Hi all,

First of all no one is sharing their contact detail how are giving positive comments onlys the negative comments given for the company people are sharing their contacts, this is because this people cant provide the proof of this fake company, so guys dont listen to this positive comments people they will just fool us, and please make others also alert and be smart.
The ones posting the positive comments belong to this fake company itself with different names to make others fools again.
Ratnakar says about fake documents. If its a fake document then why would people already spend 11300 rs which i have already done.
Why dont you guys post a pic of company who have personally visited these both companies(Techstart & Unicel).

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