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Airtel Customer Care

Bharti Airtel Ltd

20, Sarakki Main Road, JP Nagar 1st Phase
Bangalore District
India - 560078

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts

Phone:Airtel Customer Care Toll Free Number: 1800-103-4444
 Airtel Toll Free Number: 198
 Airtel BlackBerry Service Number: 7070
 +91 96 63 395551
Airtel Money Transactions Code: *400# have a limit of Rs 5,000 per transaction.
Unsubscribe the Airtel VAS Services SMS Code: 155223.

Airtel Head Office Contact Details:
Address: Bharti Crescent, 1, Nelson Mandela Road, Vasant Kunj, Phase II,
New Delhi – 110 070, India
Contact Number: +91 11 46666100, +91 11 42666500
Fax: +91 11 4166-6137

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Airtel Complaints & Reviews

Airtel - Data smart pack for 2GB @ Rs. 475 deactivated

 imthepanda on Apr 24, 2014
Hi, I purchased a 3G smart pack for 2GB data for Rs. 475 on 22nd April, 2014 to go along with my postpaid connection no. 9566040555. Within a day's time 3G got disconnected right after the usage of 22.35 mb approximately (data derived from the bandwidth counter app). I called up airtel on the 24th of April, 2014 to check on what happened to data pack and all that they could say is that the 2GB pack has been completely used. so i requested for a data sheet for the usage in that case since there was no way that it could've got used in a day's time despite my bandwidth monitor app, monitoring....
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Airtel - Airtel money cash load not done

 Sumit Jedhe on Apr 24, 2014
Hello, my name is Sumit Jedhe. My mobile/airtelmoney number is 8087371659. I loaded cash in my airtel money account on 9th April with an amount of 1000 rupees online on my debit card. I got the message from my bank that the amount has been debited but the cash was not loaded. I called customer care where I was said that the amount will be loaded or it will be reverted back to my bank account. Now it has been about 15 days but the cash is not loaded nor it has been reverted back. I even mailed and I mail almost daily but nobody even bothers to contact me. I provided all the required details of the...
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Airtel - deduction amount

 jaleel786 on Apr 23, 2014
i am using airtel prepaid no 8125530786 since airtel has deducted 45rs from my main account.i called to customer care executive he told that i used internet .already i have data pack but they deducted from my main account.then he told that we cant do any thing.this is not a first time till now airtel has deducted 250rs and they cant give any proper reason .always airtel cheating their refund my all amount airtel deducted from main balance.other wise i leave airtel network.already i send a sms to mnp.i decided to migrate other network with regards, . jahed. 8125530786....
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Airtel - Overcharging with vague reasons

 milindpatil04 on Apr 23, 2014
Complaint-1: Overcharging bill with vague explanation. I was using internet services for last 2 months, and deactivated it on 17th April 2014 15:21(as per SMS another same SMS 15:32). I being a very particular person, didnt want to be charged for Internet rentals for next billing cycle (cut out date 19th APR 2014), as I didnt know how long it will take to deactivate so gave the request before the cut out date. And the vagueness (precise word pathetic ) of your service is I have been charged for usage from 12.00 AM of 17 th april 2014. On top of that the person who handled the deactivation request...
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Airtel Digital TV - Malpractice of Airtel Digital TV of charging Late Payment Fees for Reactivation on PrePaid DTH service

 ArindamAB on Apr 22, 2014
Hi, I had purchased Airtel Digital TV on 11th March 2014 and My Customer ID is 3014164036. My 1st recharge had got over on 10th April 2014 and as I Out of Town, I had to wait to get back to town to recharge it. Post getting back in town, I called Airtel Digital TV customer care on 22nd April 2014 regarding recharging my account. Upon which I was told that in addition to the due recharge amount, I will also have to pay Late payment fee of Rs. 20. I find this Late payment fee of Rs. 20 as being unlawfully levied to me (and million other customers like me) on below ground: It...
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Airtel 4G LTE - No 4G Service available but received a full month bill for April-14

 aloksah01 on Apr 22, 2014
Hi, I have 4g-Airtel connection (8585827607). My billing duration is from 20th march to 19th April. I was receiving 4g network intermittently in the march so I filed a complain but didn't receive any response. Then I requested for cancellation of my connection. After 5-6 request they suspended my connection. Now I have received full bill for this month. In April I didn't receive 4G network. Please suggest me how to file a complain in consumer court. Regards, Alok +91-9874377886...
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Airtel - Migration from Corporate to Personal

 Vidya Laxman on Apr 22, 2014
My number was getting migrated from Corporate to Personal around a week ago and suddenly - my number was deactivated. Without my knowledge Airtel has not only deactivated and my business colleagues and family started getting a message this number doesn't exist. This has caused a lot of collateral damage and has affected my business. On top of it - I was traveling to a foreign country and put in lot of requests to couple of people- the so called SPOC - Sangeetha - but no response at all. I also did post on FB around 4 days ago and got a message back saying they will look into it and get it resolved...
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Airtel - DND is not activated into my airtel postpaid number after lodge 6 times complaint to airtel customer care

 ianiruddha on Apr 22, 2014
DND is not activated into my airtel postpaid number after lodge 6 times complaint to airtel customer care and also sending activation sms but the service is not activated. Getting so much ads and phone calls from various agency and marketing agencies. Getting so much frustrated. I am a service man working on a private company, and as you can understand that in most of private organization not allowed to pick any phone calls or busy with youy mobile. I am dissatisfied with your service. I hope to hear back from you about this incident. I can be reached by phone @ +919903958381 at any time or by...
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Airtel Haryana - activated service and won't deactivate it

 Nanha Bacha on Apr 21, 2014
I am being charged Rs.5 since several months
for a service I dont need. There is no way I
can deactivate. Any attempt to deactivate
through SMS gives an 'INVALID' response.
please stop the service immediately and
reverse the charges. There is no validation
code seen below most of the time; this is a
cheating fradulent service. 8529210045...
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Airtel - my AIRTEL Application is very unfriendly for sending Service Requests

 asrinivasanib on Apr 20, 2014
I am using micromax116 Canvas HD phone and my Airtel app therein. It is next to impossible to submit a service request through the application for the following reason. Once choosing the SR option the user gets a screen of three items viz., mail id, subject and description. Once I fill up the first email id column and go to subject box the SUBMIT CANCEL buttons vanishes and gets overlapped by the keyboard. Though a touch phone the screen could not be scrolled up eilther to get these buttons back. After filing up the service request or complaint the position is the same an id could not get those...
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Airtel - Airtel fools the customers for more money

 shaan97 on Apr 20, 2014
I have purchased the dongle of airtel and after one month I have disconnected, but their customer care executive Ms.Suryakala called me requesting me to change it to prepaid as airtel does not want to lose its customer. The case is not they want to loose the customerbut they wont get the chance to loot the customer. Ms.Suryakala of Airtel gave me false promises that my one month bill be waived if i migrate to prepaid. beliveing her words I went to one of the Airtel showroom to convert, to my surprise they took the backlong amount of 666/- and convertied it to prepaid, now they are sending me...
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Airtel - no reply from customer care

 rubys on Apr 19, 2014
i have taken postpaid connection of railway cug no.7727067171 from kota airtel office shopping centre, but bill for the month is not received on my registered email, and the broadband plan of Rs 49 is not started yet, when contacted to airtel employee he gave golmol what can i do....
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Airtel - Number portability from vodafone to Airtel

 Gokul nath on Apr 19, 2014
I was send sms for number portability from vodafone to airtel. I paid extra amount to vodafone (there is no outstanding also unbilled amount in my account). When I check with vodafone everything cleared from my side they said need to contact airtel. When I called airtel, they replied it's waiting for address verification. On 11th Apr 2014 I got order number for number portability. But still not there is no response from airtel. I got sms from airtel, saying that i need to contact 8754570379. but when i called no one response.. My order ID: 156916779 my no:9176377787 unique porting code is VT186894....
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Airtel - Deduction of main balance even when 3G data pack is active

 Stepen Raj on Apr 18, 2014
Airtel is a real cheater. I have 3g balance of 55 mb but this cheating network charged me rs. 154 from main balance and my main balance becomes zero...

So i called 198 to report but the useless customer care executive told me that i used large data download. I asked that stupid again why amount was charged even i have 55 mb 3g balance.
He is dumb and told me that he will transfer call to his senior officer. He put the call on hold for more than 5 minutes and finally he disconnected the call also without telling any details

Hello cheating airtel are you listening...
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Airtel - Postpaid Service Not Reflecting in Airtel My App (Mobile Application)

 vijaylinks on Apr 18, 2014
My Name is Vijay. I have recently updated my Airtel Mobile No 9994280932 from Prepaid to Postpaid. I am using Airtel MY App downloaded into my smartphone. Previously when my number was prepaid, i use to check balance and validity for my number using Airtel My App and it was working fine. After i updated my number from Airtel Prepaid to Airtel Postpaid, Airtel My App is not showing my postpaid details such as Outstanding Amount, Due Date, Data Usage, etc. I have placed several requests in customer care but no body has resolved my issue. I am very disappointed with Airtel services relating to this...
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Airtel / Postpaid Mobile Bill - Fraudulent online transaction

 ganapathy.B on Apr 18, 2014
Dear Sir/Madam,

I Ganapathy.B & my ICICI bank credit card No.
4375510031035006 is hacking some unknown Person fraudulent online transaction
done on 08.01.2014 in my credit card account. I have received an sms at 08:04
PM stating that there is a transaction of Flip Kart worth of Rs, 31, 500%.when I
was immediately call to customer care officer & informed to them & am
Not done this transaction & kindly block my credit card & stop the
transaction immediately like that i inform to customer care officer .Finally
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Airtel - misleading customers

 drsanjay13 on Apr 18, 2014
I m using airtel prepaid connection n my mobile no. is 9096388413.Some days back airtel executive called me n told me about postpaid plan.I liked the plan so i decided to convert my and my brothers prepaid connection to postpaid n to buy a third new sim for my mother, according to the plan intercalling on these no.s will be free. Some customer executive visited my home n collected the recquired documents on 12/4/2013 n told me the new no. 7755900678 wil be activated in a day while other two no.s will be converted in 2-3 days. My brothers no. 9766177295 got converted to postpaid on 15th but...
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Airtel Prepaid - Fraudly deduct amount for my airtel no- 9892088963

 manojkumar sinha on Apr 18, 2014
Very horrible experience from Airtel prepaid mobile services, they deducted Rs 50 for 1 min local call. When i call customer care they told me that i have made a ISD and due to this Rs 50 has been deducted. When i asked for which country they are charging Rs 50 then they simply told they don't have any idea. Also how a local call can be transferred to ISD call where as it was received by correct person. Always they try to cut amount if balance is more than Rs 50. Its very horrible to recharge Airtel number any more....
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Airtel Broadband Services - Issue getting a New connection

 Naga Suman on Apr 18, 2014
Me and my landlord have requested for a new connection from Airtel broadband on 11-Mar-2014(Tuesday). The representative came to my house and collected the documents and security deposit of Rs 500/-. He promised me that i will get the connection by Friday. this did not happen though, so i called him on Sunday 16-Mar-2014, then he told me that there is a problem with new connection in my lane for which he requires to setup extra box and he promised me that it would take couple of days more. I believed his words and waited till 23-Mar-2014. this time he told me that his executive was already working...
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Airtel - Excessive Deductions

 KuldipJayaswal on Apr 18, 2014
I activated 2GB 3G data pack on 20th March but was not getting details of data used in Internet sessions. I wrote to stating the issue and was informed about options to dial *123*11# & *123*44# Toll free) to check the 3G balance and validity. The data pack expired on 12pm of 16th. I used Internet post that and was charged at the rate of 3p/10KB. As I was in the dark about my 3G pack validity and available data, Rs. 1038 was deducted from my account. I wrote an email stating the hefty deduction and was told that deductions are charged at 3p/10KB. I did not pay for usage...
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